(515-04-09) Sisterly Singing
Summary: Lydia v Enfys, Performance, Round 2
Date: April 9, 515
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The second round of the Ladies performance has set up some strange matchups. Among the strangest of those is sister against sister in the form of the two oldest Horton women facing off. Yorrick escorts Enfys in, helping her to the stage before he goes to take a seat, the redhead ordering an ale, while Joachim walks in with Lydia, securing them a table before she goes to take the stage herself, the head of Newton ordering them a meal. They'll celebrate successes or failures.

Lydia checked her singing of 6, she rolled 16.
Enfys checked her singing of 15, she rolled 1.

With a brief squeeze to Joachim's shoulder, Lydia moves to take the stage. Some of the crowd murmuring lowers in volume, and once she feels ready, she starts to sing. It's a lullabye, something simple and sweet, but her voice is just a bit too alto for such a high song, and it quavers a little at the end. Not really the kind of song to stir the crowd.

Nervous has Enfys been since it was announced that she would be going against her own sister. It's a discussion she had with her own husband. A warm smile is given in Lydia's direction when she's called up to go first, teeth to worry her bottom lip alittle as she holds Yorrick's hand. Her face somehow does not show any winces when Lydia doesn't quite do as well as she knows her sister could do on it. Rising to her feet once Lydia exits the stage, she waits to give her a quick hug, one very pregnant sister to the other before being guided forwards to take the stage herself.

Eyes close, a breath is taken to compose herself, to shove the nerves aside. Giving it her all, she begins to sing a familiar song about spring coming to town, the animals and flowers, the lovers. Her voice is sweetly tuned, perfect for singing acapella without any instrument this afternoon.

Song Lyrics: http://www.luminarium.org/medlit/medlyric/lenten.php

The crowd clearly favors the blind songstress, but it's a coming together of two sisters. It should be a tender moment, right? Even if Enfys wins.

Lydia doesn't seem to mind her lack of success, and she's truly captivated by Enfys' song. Leaning against Joachim as she listens, she lays her head on his shoulder and despite the fact that Enfys can't see it, she's smiling.

The song is drawn to a close, Enfys smiling even if she cannot see the audience before her. A bow of her head is given to all that listened before she turns slightly, reaching a hand out for Yorrick who waits for her at the stairs to guide her back down the stairs again. When the the judge names her the winner, she blushes.

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