(515-04-09) Bryn v Rose, Performance Round 2
Summary: Bryn v Rose, Performance Round 2
Date: April 09, 515
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bryn rose 

Bryn checked her play of 7, she rolled 4.
Rose checked her singing of 8, she rolled 5.

Rose steps up on stage, her smile for Bryn and a little wave as she atleast knows of the other lady. She then takes a deep breath and looks out into the crowd till she finds her husband and does what she did before. She sings to him, but this of spring and growing things, with ahint of things to come, growing love that flowers like the forest and beauty in all things. She is not bad, but it seems emotion might carry the day once more. A tiny blush when she is done and with a hand to her lower back, she carefully makes her way off the stage.

Round two! Bryn looks a little more comfortable this time around, but it's possible that the nerves were important. When she moves up onto the stage, her fingers settling on the harp, the sounds that are produced are sweet. But there is a little less perfection in them than there was the first time around. After her own song is done she turns, giving Rose a bright smile, moving back off the stage, murmuring quietly when she reaches her, "Your song was gorgeous."

Rose blushes softly, "Thank you Lady Bryn, your playing is wonderful, I have no clue how they decide who wins and doesn't.." She would stay and talk for awhile.

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