(515-04-06) A Ritual of Thanks
Summary: Maelgwn and Erylys make a sacrifice to the Goddess in thanks.
Date: April 6, 515
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Maelgwn carries the kid goat in one hand- and a sharp, ritual dagger in the other as he moves towards the ritual stone that sits in the woods behind the manor house. Of course, he's invited Erylys to join him in this ritual- a chance to thank the Gods and Goddesses who have smiled on this whole endeavor. "Its just behind the manor, a few dozen yards or so." he says over to Erylys.

Erylys walks with him, offering to help with the goat or anything for that matter, as the two head towards the ritual stone set beyond the manor. "Lead the way, and I shall follow." She states in return, still looking about the place, curious bout it all. As they get closer to the ritual area that the belongs to the family, quieter does she grow, and yet it's a respectful tone to it. She'll follow his lead, whether to approach with shoes on, or without.

As before, he removes his shoes- perhaps a quirk of his when entering a holy place. To be in touch with the holy ground with bare flesh, nothing between him and the sacred space. He moves forward then, smiling over to Erylys. "Can you help me hold the goat?" he wonders of her quietly as he lifts the creature to sit on the back of the stone- where the circular cut out sits- running to the ground, long stained with blood. "Before we give the goat, we should say our thanks."

Like he, her boots are removed, toes to curl into the moss and grass that is found here. A moment to accept the sacred spot before moving forwards, following in his footsteps. When asked for help, she nods, stepping to one side to help hold the flailing kid goat once it's laid atop the stone, her grip firm to keep it there, "I agree." She says with a bob of her head.

"To the unknowable and unfathomable Lords and Ladies of all lands, who's power and fearsome majesty overwhelms the senses of mere mortal men and women. I give my thanks that you sent again your messenger in the form of a white wolf to again take my life in a new, exciting direction. I thank you for reuniting me with Erylys, to write a new chapter in my life of friendship and perhaps even more. I thank you for the chance to repay the hunter of the forest who saved my life in my youth, and I thank you for all the good in my life, and hope you see fit for it to continue." He nods his head, and raises the knife- calmly keeping the goat's head still. He waits for Erylys to say anything she wishes to say.

Listening to his words, Erylys actually blushes a little, but them offers that warm smile across the goat she helps hold there as he lifts the knife over the struggling animal's form, "To the Gods and Goddesses, I wish to say thank you for bringing a friend back into my life, to see where things may go. I wish to say thank you for the short time I was given with the pack, and all that they taught me over the months we were together. I hope you will keep an eye on them, and allow them happiness here on Tisbury lands.." A quiet bob of her head is given, "I thank you for all the good, and even the bad that might have come for the lessons they provided me.."

"We thank you." Maelgwn states again, before he quickly and without any hesitation slits the goat's throat- ensuring it dies quickly and without much pain. Blood flows from the animal down the circle, to meet the ground below. To soak into the ground. The creature is held tightly, to ensure it wasn't wasted. He keeps the goat in place until the blood stops to flow- it doesn't take particularly long.

Erylys echoes his words softly, "We thank you." And then the deed is done, the knife cutting deep and easily into the goat's throat, the bubble of red to spread down the circle carved within the stone, adding it's offering to those that stain it already. The struggles of the small goat slow, soon going still, though still held there until the final drop of blood has been spent.

"Now, we'll make a fire, and burn the offering." Maelgwn says- luckily, this was a planned ceremony and the small, goat-sized pyre was ready for the animal's body. Its not far from the stone, in a place other burnt offerings have been made before. He lays the goat on the pyre, and sets it alight with flint and steel. A bit of lamp oil had been put on the tinder to ensure it would light quickly and easily. After the fire has been lit, he steps back and smiles. "So, it is done."

Another nod is given as he speaks of burning the goat's body, Erylys to help him lay it out on the waiting pyre nearby. A last brush of her fingers against the top of the kid's head is given before she steps back to watch as the fire is lit easily. "And so it is done, our prayers and thanks traveling to those who migth hear them through the blood soaked ground, and the smoke rising to the sky."

Now, Maelgwn is quiet as he stands next to Erylys, watching the offering as it rises into the sky, burning away the body of the animal. He brushes his hand against Erylys' hand- an offer to simply stand in quiet together, hands held to watch as this ritual completes.

Erylys falls silent, comfortable enough to watch the goat catch fire, it's small body burning and leaving smoke to rise above. When he shifts closer, his hand to brush hers, fingers are caught, hand is held. In time, she may well shift a half step closer, to allow her shoulder to brush against his bicep as they watch the offering burn.

Comfortable silences are unique between two people- Maelgwn often a silent man. In this quiet, he holds Erylys' hand in his own as their prayers rise up in the form of smoke. The closeness is comfortable. The quiet is comfortable. The moment of togetherness in faith is something he's not experienced with many- but is enjoyed deeply.

Once the fire has gotten fierce, and the body and even the bones have begun to burn to ashes, he smiles over to Erylys quietly. "I'm glad we met again, Erylys." he says, his basso voice sweet. "It has been a good few days."

There are those might think it odd that Erylys can be comfortable in silence. That she doesn't need to fill it up with conversation as so many of the Ladies in court might. But when taught from an early age that noise could be an unwanted and unneeded distraction, especially on a hunt, you learn that silence can be a good thing!

When he finally speaks up, she turns her head, tilting it to meet his gaze, and her smile reappears, "I am glad as well, Maelgwn." So very happy that things aligned to allow them to run into one another, to have things fall into place. "That it has. I dare to wish I had longer to stay before having to return back to Sarum, but.. " Here's hoping his luck holds for the position sought in the Earl's court!

"I will come to visit." Maelgwn says simply, "And, I may have reason to be in Sarum often, soon. We will see." he says, "Although, I found the thing the Earl asked me to take care of rather odd. Two ladies arguing over who owned a particular style of knitting, or something. A petty thing, certainly not worthy of the Earl's time. In the end, I called them guilty of wasting the Earl's time with petty arguments that wasted resources. They were each fined to pay eachother, and the Earl." he says, with a bit of a quiet smile. "I can only hope the Earl sees that my thought was on justice, and the value of his resources."

Turning to him as he speaks of the situation that the Earl requested of him, Erylys considers it carefully, "Hmm.. I guess it might depend on certain factors, but.. yes.. does seem a little wasteful of the Earl's time and resources." AT least, her opinion seems to mirror his own in that regards.

scene fades…

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