(515-04-06) A Morning Home
Summary: Sir Maelgwn and Lady Cerys come home to Tisbury, but they find out about each other presence just in the morning. Maelgwn introduce Cerys to their guest lady Erylys too.
Date: 515-04-06
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Tisbury Village

The feeling of nature greets the senses of those entering these parts. The scent of timber and pine is prevalent in the air. A soft layer of mist seems to trail along certain parts of the ground, occasionally caressing the feet of the would be traveler or steed. There's always a cool crispy sensation when one wanders here. The trees and grass hold luscious greens and gentle browns that compliment the powerful sensation of otherworldly connections. Flickering lights may occasionally appear in peripheral sight like pixies who watch and hide. The songs of wolves howling come from variable directions, always out of sight but always the feeling of proximity. The Manor is simplistic in its architectural design. The building itself seems constructed from timber and the triangular shaped roof appears made from mixtures of various hay, grass, and other materials. There is a simple agricultural setup on the west side of the building while the east side appears to have a small pond, large enough for five or six people to slip into. The pond itself is occasionally illuminated by the sun's rays, almost as if it were intended to be there. At night, the moon's light casts a pale glow upon the waters, making the surface sparkle with the reflection of the glittering orbs in the sky. Behind the manor, one will find a ceremonial area, complete with stone altar for various sacrifices to Pagan Gods as well as other more comfortable patches of grass and earth where some could sit and watch the sky or woodlands.

Its lovely day in the lands Tisbury, and Sir Maelgwn has returned home from his time away- over two years of his being on the front and defending the lands for their lord, Earl Robert. He is outside in the courtyard of the manor, practicing his sword work.

Maelgwn's swings are powerful and sure, his blade glinting in the light as he works with some young man squired to the house. "Move your feet! Don't stand in one place. Your feet are the most important part of a duel. As long as you can move, you can fight."

The charming beauty - lady Cerys de Tisbury, steps out of the mansion. She stretches. The young woman is still in her nightdress. It's quite a proper white linen dress. Nobody would be able to see through it. So, everything is alright. Her hair is just a mess. She obviously opened her eyes a few seconds ago. Cerys inhales some fresh air and that is when she noticed Maelgwn. Her eyes grow wide and her feet carries her toward the man, "How long did I sleep? Is that really you, Maelgwn? I could expected many changes in Tisbury while I was gone, but that I will find you…" A warm and huge smile grows in her freckled features.

Maelgwn looks over as Cerys appears and gives a laugh, before he's thumped in the side by the squire's blunted blade. He looks at the squire, who grins and laughs a bit. Maelgwn looks at the boy, "Go on, go rub down the horses." he says, before he turns to Cerys again and walks to his cousin. "It is I, Cerys- back from the front, for now, at least.

Cerys moves to hug her cousin, if he allows, of course. Then she would tiptoe to ruffle the man's hair too, before her eyes wander to follow the squire. She is thoughtful for few moments and then nods, "I hope you came back for a long visit. We could use strong knights and experienced hunters to fight some of the crazy wolves, which attack our village. We lost Hadyn, and Gods know where Uwain is. Father is still quite strong, but… You know, he has to deal with all the countings and everything. Or you could go to Sarum with me. I am serving to Earl's wife. It's heartbreaking to be there all by myself without anyone from Tisbury. You shall consider some sort of position in Sarum!" She pokes him gently and then rubs her head, tangling her brightly red curls.

"We'll see how things go in terms of where I end up, Cerys." Maelgwn begins, nodding his head. "It is up to the Earl- however, I have put myself forward to be one of the Earl's Lawmen." he states simply, eyebrow raising when his hair is tosseled. "I am glad to hear you work well in a position that will bring honor to the family."

"That is our duty to bring honor to our family," Cerys states simply and her eyes wander back to the squire, "I disturbed you two. Go on. I would love to see what kind of a teacher are you!" She moves to settle down under one of the nearest trees. Her hand starst to play with the fresh grass of the spring, "One day I will learn how to use weapon too, but for know I prefer to watch!" She smiles.

"Quite alright, Cerys. We've been going at it since early morning- the boy needs some rest." Maelgwn says, "Anyways, I could use a break." he says, as he looks to his cousin. "I heard of your win in the pageant. Congratulations." he begins, "What else has been going on at home? I saw my sister Tal's earned her spurs."

Cerys checked her modest of 7, she rolled 13.

Cerys checked her proud of 13, she rolled 8.

"If you say so," Cerys pats the ground beside her offering to the man to sit down under that same tree. She leans against it. "Thank you. I knew I will win, to be honest. I am aware of my beauty since a very early age. How you think I got all the cookies from the kitchen secretly?" She laughs and grows thoughtful for a bit. She sighs once, then twice. Her eyes wander to the squire boy again before she looks back at her cousin, "Yes. Your sister is great. However, our family had to suffer a huge loss just before winter. Hadyn was murdered and Uwain was announced as an heir. However, nobody knows where he is now. You know, he always was a strange boy with all his fae stories. Though, I feel worried. I didn't see him whole winter. Luthais is growing fast. He is quite a handsome boy and very eager to fight. If father would allow, he would go to any battle eve right now. Mathias is just Mathias. He is reading more than doing his duty as a knight, but he prepare sboys for knighthood just perfectly." The young woman tugs one leaf of the grass gently, "The winter was not very successful to us. However, we managed to survive and our common people are quite happy. However, we will have to be careful for this year not to spend too much. Galienesse? I don't know where she is either. That is all what I can tell you. Better tell me how are you? How were your days away from home?"

Slowly, Maelgwn sits- quietly absorbing all the information that is being brought to him. "Unfortunate, but when the Gods call, one answers." the religious knight responds, "Perhaps Uwain will show up soon. I can't imagine having learned of such responsibility, and the reasons why- its all a bit much." he says, with a quiet nod of his head. Listening closer still as he's brought up to speed. "We will live as we have in the past- letting the forest provide." he says softly, "I am well, glad to be home from war." he states, "All I need say is that home is better than away."

"Of course, I am sure that you missed your sisters dearly and they missed you too!" Cerys leans to poke gently her cousin with her shoulder, "We shall arrange some sort of a family meeting someday. We could just sit by the fire and talk like when we were little. Our parents could tell us stories about the times of suffer and glory. I miss those stories, you know." She sits back straight, "I am really happy you came home in one piece."

"I have no need for stories these days." Maelgwn says, as he's bumped again. "I've seen the reality of war, Cerys. Its not like the stories you hear as a child. When you have good men die around you, its not so much glorious- just tragic. However, duty is what carries you through such times. Duty, and honor." he admits quietly, "We could certainly take dinner near the fire, though and drink beer and enjoy eachother's company."

Cerys' smile fades and she lowers her look to the ground. She rubs her finger there into the grass, "I didn't mean that we have to listen about the stories of war. I am no longer a child. What I meant were the stories of the past of our ancestors. Their loves and… Ah… I am sorry. I sound silly," she sighs and agrees, "Yes. We definitely shall meet for a dinner. You should ask your sisters when they would be free."

"I'm not sure I care to hear the stories of my ancestors again." Maelgwn notes, looking to Cerys quietly. "Its not the happiest story, as you may recall." he reminds his cousin of his Grandfather's story. "However, I do understand the scenes of nostalgia of childhood when things were easier, and we had less responsibility."

The blush creeps on Cerys' cheeks, when she is reminded of the history of her cousin's family line. She does not make any comments at that and just nods one more time, "Yes. Maybe you are right. The responsibilities made me so sensitive! Feh!" She dusts her skirts as if trying to dust away all this childish wishes to hear stories of the past.

"When you should hear if you got the position in Court?" She changes the subject.

"Hopefully, I will hear soon if I am worthy of that position." Maelgwn says, "The Earl likely has many knights who want such a position. I can only hope that he sees me as a proper candidate." he says with a quiet smile. "But, I don't know, exactly, when the Earl will get back to me. I find the idea of helping the people of Salisbury find Justice to be very rewarding."

"You definitely suit well for such a position. I will pray to our Gods for your success. I am sure they will be happy to see one of us taking care of the Justice of Salisbury."

"We can only hope. I do not pretend to know the mind of being beyond myself." Maelgwn replies, always a deeply religious man. "I am unsure I'm suited to it or not, but I do hope the Earl thinks so." he says, with a quiet smile towards his cousin. "We have a guest, by the way. The Earl's hunter-woman, Erylys de Berwick St. James. As you may recall, I squired in their house."

"Oh? She is here in Tisbury? I would love to meet her before I will have to go back to Sarum!" Suddenly a very strange smile curls her lips up, "What is she doing here, Maelgwn? Is she someone special you met and wuld like to introduce to your parents?"

"We came to release wolves nearby." Maelgwn replies simply, "As for her meeting my parents- if they're here, they can meet." he returns, quietly. "She won't be here too long- she only has a week to visit." he says with a little smile. "You'll be able to meet her, though, she's likely walking through some of the forests near here."

Cerys and Maelgwn are sitting under the tree. It's quite a beautiful weather and the fresh grass of spring is so soft. Cerys is still in her white linen nightgown and her hair are just a mess of tangled curls. "Oooh… So, it's purely work related? Because I thought maybe she is the one, you know!" Cerys giggles, "What you also could miss is a wave of marriages and babies around Sarum. I thought you may join that too, you know!"

"We will see, Cerys, we will see." Maelgwn says, seeming rather evasive on the subject. He sits with Cerys under a tree, just looking out into the forests that surround the lands. "How about you, then? Surely Sarum's most lovely lady has suitors unending."

Night passed well enough for Erylys, and waking early, dresses herself in her normal pants and clean tunic, her face washed, hair brushed and rebraided. Escaping to the hall, a few questions likely alerts her to the fact tha Maelgwn was seen awake and headed outside. Grabbing a bit of bread and cheese to nibble on, the huntress heads outside as well. She takes her time, talking to a few servants that she comes across in an easy manner, even checking on her mare in the stables before she might finally spy the large knight at the tree. Turning to head in that direction, she does slow once realizing he's talking with someone, not yet seeing exactly /who/ it is.

"HA HA!" Cerys bursts in laugh, "I am not even sure that someone else beside you know that I won the competition of the prettiest lady in Salisbury to be honest. I have no suitors at all. What is worse, I have no friends. Arta is working hard to keep her manor running and I am just working for the Earl's wife. I am not sure what am I doing wrong. I used to find friends so easily here!" Since there are many people running there and there in the mornings, Cerys does not notice Erylys yet. Especially, when she has no idea how a friend of her cousin should look like.

"Well, it will come." Maelgwn offers, "Or, you'll just be married off for political reasons." he teases, looking over to notice Erylys, "Ah! Lady Erylys, good morning!" he says, giving a wave to the guest. "Have you met my cousin, Lady Cerys?" he wonders, as he stands to greet the guest. "I hope the morning is finding you well?"

The last of the bread and cheese snagged from the kitchen soon disappears, leaving Erylys empty of hand. When noticed, and the greeting is called out, a smile appears upon her lips and she finally continues on to the tree where Maelgwn and Cerys were seated this morning. "A good morning to both of you." A dip of her head is given though she turns to Cerys, "I do not think I have had the pleasure to actully speak to you, milady, though I have heard your name recently around the castle. You won the pageant for the prettiest ladies, yes? I heard your name as well… a handmaiden to the Countess?" Seems fairly well informed! Turning to Maelgwn, there's a warmth in her smile given to the large knight, "IT is finding me quite well so far, yes, thank you."

Cerys was parting her lips to answer to her cousin, but he notices the guest. So, Cerys follows the man's lead. She stands up too, dusting her skirt a bit. Then she looks at the other woman and gives her a wide smile, "Oh! I thought nobody noticed. You seem to be very well inform, lad-…" Cerys makes a pause, "Sir…" Another pause and an embarrassed gaze is sent to Maelgwn. However, it quickly finds Erylys again, "I heard of you a lot too. I know that you are the best huntress in Salisbury and a good friend of Maelgwn. A friend of Maelgwn is a friend of mine. Welcome to Tisbury and I hope you will enjoy your stay. If you will need anything - let me know."

"Lady." Maelgwn offers to Cerys. "She has a position of importance, but is not a Knight." he explains simply, "A wonderful hunter, though." he agrees with a smile, nodding quietly. "So! We have an entire day ahead of ourselves." he remarks to both Cerys and Erylys- "Should we plan to do anything, or just be lazy?" he says with a little grin.

Erylys dips her head again in a quick nod as Maelgwn supplies the title, "Please, call me Erylys, if you would?" The offer is made before she grins, "I do hold the title of Master Huntsman withint the Earl's Court." Pleased by that, but who wouldn't be? When the question arrises, she ohs and hmms, "Did you speak of the wolves yet?" She makes to make sure that the four will be safe and known to those important!

"Lady Erylys. Erylys. Then you shall call me Cerys," the redhead smiles broadly, "I heard that according to the Roman Christians, laziness is a sin. So, we shall be lazy for now! Sometimes it's fun to be sinful!" The young woman nods at Erylys' words, "He mentioned the wolves to me. I know that you both will take care of the situation, just be very very careful not to kill a wolf-cub. It's a very bad sign followed by many hardships upon the killer. I still remember poor Aidan. He lived there," Cerys points at one of the houses of common people, "He accidently killed one and everything started with the death of his youngest daughter. Then their house burned together with their only son. His wife died from a high fever. The man had some pigs and a cow, but some sort of disease took their lifes too. Good people welcomed Aidan into their home, but soon his life was taken by the Gods too. Be careful."

"They were mentioned." Maelgwn says, "I will ensure their safety." he continues, "One of them, Cerys, is a white wolf. A sacred being." he explains simply, "Like the one who save my life in my youth." he continues, "The village should be informed of their presence- that they are not wholly wild." he says simply, "To not be frightened by them should they show themselves. However, we did release them some distance away- so, I can only hope they'll find happiness in the wild forests where they belong. They are no longer cub, but still, they must be protected."

Listening to what befell the poor man who killed a wolf at Tisbury, Erylys slowly shakes her head, a note of pity for the man's misfortunes upon her face, "I was sent to Steeple Langford at the end of the summer. They had a rogue pack of wolves that had started coming up to the village and killing livestock. They feared the pack might kill a child." When a pack goes rogue like that, one has to cull them. "The four were but pups in the den, and I was given leave to take them. Raised them over autumn and winter, and had been trying to figure out what to do with them when I ran into Maelgwn again. It was.. fate.. I'd like to think." That warm smile is back, "Luna is the white one, Nox is black, then two grey-brown are Grim and Somber. They are the ones that would likely come up to a hunter right now to play or get food. Nox is wary of strangers, but not as much as Luna is. I think they'll be okay." She obviously loves the wolves, and will miss them, but happy to know that they will have the best chance for survival here on Tisbury lands.

"Oh, I misunderstood you there. I thought you took the huntress because some of the wolves went mad and you were ready to easy their hardship by taking their lifes away," Cerys nods, "I will personally make sure to inform each person in our village not to be afraid, Maelgwn, and not to disturb you two. Actually, I will go change my clothes right now. I have to meet my father and then I will talk to the people." She turns to Erylys, "It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to have a longer conversation with you later. Do not be worried of your wolves. Our Gods will watch over their souls." Then if allowed Cerys will offer another hug to her cousin, "I am glad you are back," and she will wander back to the mansion.

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