(515-04-05) Releasing Wolves Then on to Tisbury
Summary: Maelgwn and Erylys head into the woods to release the wolves, then continue on to Tisbury where they meet his sister, Talaith.
Date: April 5, 515
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Morning would eventually come- Maelgwn waking with his arms wrapped around the smaller Erylys- the chill of the early spring bringing their sleeping forms close together. He doesn't move, not an inch- just holding the petite Erylys in strong arms as the dawn comes with its warming rays.

At some point, fingers unlace, if only to allow bodies to move closer together. Curled up against him, spooned with her back against his chest, she sleeps soundly, wrapped in his warmth even after the fire had likely died down to just coals. She doesn't wake immediately, which likely says something about how safe she feels - otherwise, she tends to sleep lightly when out in the woods for good reason. But, with the sun rising, at some point those rays will fall upon her face, and begin to drag her from slumber, causing her to eventually stretch and sigh.

How quiet and how still Maelgwn is until Erylys has woken, stretched- pulling those big, strong arms back as he rolls to the side to sit and flex his shoulders- the loud popping of bones followed by a quiet grunt of release. "Good Morning." he offers to Erylys quietly, with an easy smile. "Did you sleep well?"

By the time Erylys begins to move, to separate herself from him upon the bedroll, there's a bloom of color upon her cheeks. Rolling to sit up, a hand to brush her hair back from her face, she turns her gaze upon the large man who questions. With an equally easy smile, she half purrs, voice husky from just waking, "Better than I have in a while. You?" Certainly not an occurrence she's got familiarity with - waking in such a way.

"Most excellently." Maelgwn returns, with a nod of his head as he moves to his feet, stretching a bit more fully. "Didn't even notice the fire getting low." he remarks as he moves over to his saddle bag and pulls a brew-pot out. Some dried sage removed from his pack. "I'll get us a brew going." he offers simply as he goes to that nearby stream to fill the pot, and put it on a flat stone near the coals of the fire. He adds a bit of tinder, and a little more wood to get a brew-fire going.

"Good to hear.. and I didn't either." Erylys answers, as to feeling the chill from the fire dying down. A nod is given as he goes about setting the brew up, and turns then to begin breaking the camp - the lean-to taken down and packed up neatly, one bedrolls rolled up and stored near the saddles. Taking out a brush from her pack, she makes quick work with her hair, braiding it, and tying up the end so it's once more presentable, her movements quick and efficient. The wolves have been watchful, a few slipping to the stream when he goes to take a drink of water before returning to sit and wait. The reason soon apparant as she pulls out a few hunks of meat from a pack that got tied up to hand to each of them for their own breakfast.

The water would begin to boil before long, the dried sage tossed into the hot water to let it steep and make that peppery sort of morning brew that would help wake the pair up all the more. "We should be able to reach Tisbury today if we leave soon." he notes, "Or we can take our time and get in much later in the evening." he says, "I'm rather used to waking and marching- so, we go at your pace."

Washing her hands at the stream, Erylys returns to stand near him, to watch the pot of water boil. Listening, she tilts her head, a smile to appear, "I'm good with taking it easy? Perhaps you might show me some of the sights to be seen in this part of Salisbury? I've traveled this way a time or two, but never… leisurely?"

"Well, I do recall there being a few standing stones nearby." Maelgwn begins, "I think I have an idea." he offers with a smile, "A few places that I've always liked- good thinking spots." he offers with a nod of his head. A couple of metal cups come out of his pack- and he pours the morning brew out. The dried sage has soaked and sits at the bottom of the cups. It has a spicy, savory kind of scent. "Sage tea." he explains, "Good for the body and mind."

"Oh?" This intrigues Erylys, and once the cups are pulled out, she steps forwards to hold them so he can pour the brew within. Once the pot is set down, she hands his own over to him. "It smells good. My father likes this when it's cold.." She's not had it in a while herself.

"I try to have it every morning. It seems to help wake me up a bit." Maelgwn says, "And is very healthful. Keeps bad air away." he says with a quiet smile, as he pours for both cups- then sets the brew kettle down not far from the fire. "It grows wild just about everywhere, so, its not hard to find." he says with a smile, taking a slow deep breath- inhaling the scent of his tea.

Holding her cup between her palms, Erylys takes a deep inhale of the scent of the brew as he talks. "I had forgotten it.." Been some time indeed since she had some. "Thank you.." For the memories that sharing a cup seems to bring up - home and her father, those early morning training sessions with him.

"Its nothing, really." Maelgwn replies with a quiet smile, nodding his head as he takes a sip of the rapidly cooling liquid. "But, you're welcome." he offers simply, as he raises his cup in quiet salute to Erylys and her memories. "If I recall correctly, there's a glade perhaps forty minutes ride from here as the crow flies- a fairy place, to be sure. An old stone is there in the center of it all."

The salute is returned, the brew to be savored by the young huntress quietly for a moment. When he speaks of the glade, she turns towards the direction pointed towards, and a smile appears, "Sounds like a beautiful place to see." A pause, and she wonders, "Should we see if the wolves would like it there, or do you think of another place better to release them?" Curious is Erylys.

"I'm sure they'll let us know where is best for them. From here on out the forests get thicker and thicker." Maelgwn replies, taking another sip of his brew. "It should be a better life for them, regardless. Here, they can be safe." he notes simply, with a quiet nod of his head. "They know what is best."

Erylys smiles, "I wasn't sure, is all… they may be a little confused at first." A glance to the wolves, "Well, not Luna and Nox. Grim and Somber may need a little reinforcement, but will stay with Luna and Nox." Such interesting names, hmm?

The large man chuckles, a deep and rolling sound as he finishes his tea- tossing the wet herbs that remain in the dregs into the fire, where they sputter and release some fragrant smoke. "I haven't been to that glade for years. I hope I remember the way." he says, "There should be a small trail break in the woods not far from here- a deer trail. Should lead right to it."

Erylys finishes off her tea, dumping the wet herbs, and making quick work - once she has his and the kettle, to rinse them in the stream so they can be packed up again. "We could spend noon there.. eat a meal, see what the wolves think of the area." Eager is she by the idea, and her excitement gets noticed by the wolves who start to rise and prepare to follow them once they are ready to ride again.

"That would be lovely." Maelgwn says with a nod of his head as he stirs the fire out and scatters the deadfall back into the woods- leaving little trace of their camp once he's finished. He re-saddles his horse, and gets it prepared to ride out- smiling over to Erylys. "I think you'll like it. Its clearly ancient, the stone. An oak grows around it."

The last remnants of the camp is taken care of, and soon her mare is saddled again, the couple of packs and her weapons once more strapped into place. Mounting her horse, she takes up the reins, offering a smile towards the larger knight, "Sounds beautiful. Can't wait to see it." With a soft whistle given to the wolves, the group moves out, her horse riding alongside his as long as she might until they reach the trail and must fall into single file.

Remounted and now riding, Maelgwn leads to the trail- ducking low over a branch as he leads the pack plus Erylys down the winding deer path through the sun-dappled woods. Perhaps fifteen minutes of riding on top of the forty or so it took to get to the trail itself.

The forest grows darker for a moment- like dusk, before the trail opens to light and a clearing. Maelgwn dismounts before his horse enters the clearing, tying the creature up at the entrance to this place. He removes his boots, even, out of reverence for the glade with its ancient stone, surrounded by an equally ancient oak tree. The stones that lay on the ground are covered in a thick moss, and although it is daylight there seems no harshness to how the glade is lit. All is soft, and clear here. A spring bubbles up from under the standing stone, flowing along channels where roots sit just over-top. It is a peaceful place, seeming distant from the rest of the world. A sacred spot, to be certain.

Erylys falls quiet, relaxed in the silence that comes naturally as they ride once they move into the woods. Alert still, she does look about as they ride, her gaze returning to his form in front of her as he leads the way. Once within the woods, the wolves follow silently to the sides, slipping around the brush and trees, a certain excitement perhaps picked up easily as they study the various scents that come to them.

As they reach the end of the trail and he pulls his horse to a stop, she does as well,s oon to follow suit by sliding off her mare's back and tying her to a bush with enough slack so she might nibble on leaves. When she notices that he removes his boots, she does the same, leaving hers near his, along with any weapons beyond the knife at her belt. Standing there at the edge of the glade, she allows her gaze to take in the view, quiet until finally there comes a smile as she turns to him, "It's beautiful here.."

Maelgwn is quiet once they enter- just letting the calm of the place fall over both man and woman. He looks over to her when she speaks- smiling in return. "Yes. When I was young, I would come here to think. Its not so far from Tisbury, honestly." he admits, "But far enough that it feels like a different world. Somewhere you can get lost in yourself." he says, "I don't know if rituals still happen here." he admits, "But some places don't need rituals to maintain them- they are, simply, beautiful."

Erylys nods quietly, "I could see how this place would be perfect for both getting away.. and thinking." Toes curl into the grass that grows here, the young huntress still remaining on the edge of the glade, as if not wishing to disturb the quiet peacefulness of the place with her presence just yet. "It is a place I would have escaped to often if I'd been here." She can see why he likes it.

AS for the wolves? They move into the glade, their usual wariness oddly missing. While Grim and Somber head for the stream, Luna and Nox begin to play, growling and pouncing one another, rolling in the grass.

"I think they like it here, too." Maelgwn notes of the wolves, smiling over towards Erylys. "Aye. I imagine I'll spend some more time here now that I'm back home, except when duty requires I go elsewhere." he says softly, looking to the standing stone- covered in moss, its impossible to see the whirls carved into the thing. A green plinth surrounded by that Welsh Oak, and the soft babbling of the spring. He stands in the green carpet of moss and short grasses, in the circle itself- coming to rest on the dry-side of the tree, and sit. Should Erylys come close and look into the spring she would see sacrifices- bones of small animals, a green dagger of copper, small things a young man might leave behind- toys and other such items of importance to a youth.

Erylys eventually follows, to cross the glade after he finds a seat there next to the stone. Laughing as she watches the wolves, she nods, "They do. They are relaxed here. I think they know they are in a safe place." A pause, and she sighs, "I have not seen Luna quite so relaxed since she was a pup." That the white wolf plays says a lot about the woods they are in. As she grows closer to him, turning away from the wolves, her gaze falls upon the stream, and those small offerings that might be spied within it's waters. Crouching, she touches the cool water, drawing fingers to her lips to wet them, tongue to lick over them to gather the sweetness of the liquid left behind. "Do many come here still, that you know of?"

"No, not many at all. The path was made by animals- honestly, I'm not sure many even know of this spot." Maelgwn says with a soft smile. "I've spent hours and hours here without another soul ever coming even into earshot." he explains, "You're the first person other than myself I've ever seen here."

Erylys ohs softly, rising back to her feet once he speaks. Stepping closer to him, she leans in, and if allowed, offers a kiss to his cheek, "Then thank you for honoring me so by bringing me here. It is a place that should not be forgotten. " And is one that won't be now that she's been there.

Maelgwn smiles quietly, pausing when his cheek is kissed- looking into her blue eyes with his dark, almost black eyes. "It seems to have done well on its own." Maelgwn offers quietly, "However, I'm glad to have shared it with you. More of us should be aware of the sacred places, we can't forget them." he agrees softly, still looking into Erylys eyes, smiling softly. "I'm glad you like this place. Its always been special to me."

"Agreed. It is a place that should be shared, at least with family, especially down the line." Erylys murmurs after drawing back from kissing his cheek. "I could spend days here, I think, though I know we will eventually have to leave it." The idea of spending the afternoon though, appeals even greater to her. To the playful wolves, she chuckles, "I think they like it here as well." Grim and Somber have joined in the play with Luna and Nox, the four wolves pouncing and rolling, chasing one another about the clearing with near silent growls and yips.

"I know that game is near by, perhaps they would like to make it their home." Maelgwn offers with a smile, nodding quietly. "Yes, one day, perhaps I'll share it with my wife, or children." he says with a little grin. "And maybe they will see Luna, and her pack." he says, as he takes a slow breath of the clean forest air. "It is a good place." he says with a little smile. "Made better with good company." he offers, reaching over to offer his hand to the woman as if to take her hand in his.

Amusement remains upon her face as she watches the antics of the wolves for a moment more before turning to once more look to him. "Perhaps they will. If nothing, it will give me a place to come and perhaps see them, if they do remain near." Who knows if the four will not seek a home deeper in the woods, though those areas might well already be claimed by other packs. As to his words, she does blush a little, and with the offer of his hand, she steps closer to him once again, to lay her hand in his to be drawn closer still if he wishes. "A very good place."

And draw her closer he does- one hand holding her's, as his other hand slides around the small of her back and he stares into those blue eyes. "And very good company." he reiterates, as he looks down at the petite Erylys. Throwing caution to the wind he tries for a kiss- to press lips to lips in a gentle motion. He does not hold her tightly, she could easily escape should she wish.

A step or two is taken, further closing the distance that might lie between. Erylys doesn't pull away, but instead, her head tilts just so, keeping watch upon his face, holding his gaze. "I would agree.." She murmurs, the quick lick of her lips given before he dares to try for the kiss. A kiss that is welcomed by she, her own lips to part beneath the press of his, the subtle invitation given to take it deeper yet, should he wish.

And deeper still, diving head-first into Erylys that kiss deepens, a passionate thing as one hand entwines fingers to squeeze with such fondness, his other large arm wrapped around her middle as he pulls her so much closer- that desire to almost crush their bodies together- to be close and lose himself in Erylys' kiss, in Erylys' eyes. To lose himself in Erylys.

He is not alone in diving into the kiss, for the moment his arm tightens to draw her in against him, her own slides up along his chest to half curl about his shoulder as she rises to her tiptoes to better press herself against him. Lips part further, a quiet hunger born of desire and pleasure to be tasted within the kiss shared with him in that moment, there within the midst of that sacred glade. Everything is tuned out except for him - the taste of his lips,t he scent of his body, the feel of him. Lost is a very good description. A soft sound soon muffles against his lips, the low moan of pleasure given as the kiss continues.

When Maelgwn breathes now, that kiss barely broken- his lips brushing Erylys'- its Erylys he breathes. Memorizing that scent, the feel. His grip around the small of her back loosens ever so slightly as he whispers there across her lips. "I can not ignore you. You are the ocean, and I'm drowning. Forgive me my forwardness.." he states, so quietly- fingertips brushing along the swell of Erylys' rear as he pulls back just enough to rest his forehead against her's.

Trembling now within his embrace, Erylys is lost to the moment, senses surely overwhelmed by he - all in the most pleasurable of ways. When finally that kiss is broken, she's left panting, her breath warm agaist his lips, his words to bring further color to her cheeks. "You are not alone in drowning then, Maelgwn." She finally manages to answer, starting to give a brief shake of her head before his forehead comes to touch her own, "No need to ask for forgiveness.. " Truth be known, she desired the kiss as surely as he did!

Maelgwn closes his eyes quietly, smiling then at her words. "Well, then let me ask forgiveness for not going further." he teases, with a little grin- "Its funny, how the Gods touch our lives." he says, now turning his head to look towards Luna. "Twice now, has a White Wolf brought me new life, and bright tidings." he smiles, turning back- that hand which isn't held tight with fingers entwined- sliding up along the side of Erylys' body before cupping her cheek. His fingers are rough, thick, strong- a fighting man's hand. And yet, with such supreme gentleness do they touch now as he leans in to share another deep, sweet kiss.

"That is fine as well, Maelgwn. To have your kiss, to be so close… is enough for me right now?" Pagan she might be, but one might realize there are lines that she has yet to have crossed with any before. Following his gaze to where Luna now lays, she smiles quietly at his words, "I am surprised I did not remember the story until seeing you again, but I do believe she has now graced me with the same luck." Shivering a little as his broad hand slides up along her back, she turns to nuzzle her hand into his touch when it caresses his cheek, turning back in time to seek his lips in the kiss that soon comes once more between.

That kiss, those lips- intoxicating closeness. Although, in reality, it is not more than a minute- for Maelgwn an eternity outside of reality. Again, though, that kiss must break- diving into Erylys' ocean as long as he is able before again surfacing for a sweet breath. "I am touched the divine find me so worthy. I must ever endeavor to be worthy of the kindnesses they have heaped upon me." He says, as he smiles then, falling into quiet as he lets his hand fall from her cheek to find her other hand and entwine fingers together again. Happy to be close, and hold hands as he just gazes into those blue eyes.

Seconds, minutes, imagined hours. Time really has no meaning the kiss comes between. Fingers brush against his shoulder, to tease at the nape of his neck as she leans into him once more, body pressed against his as close as clothing and armor allows. Once more, she's left breathless when the kiss is broken, lips licked to gather the taste of his mouth to be savored, "Likewise.." The word comes in a husky tone, her smile to answer his as finally they draw apart only enough to allow the lacing of the other hands together. "Such blessings… there will be much to be thankful for when we give thanks to the Gods and Goddess." Speaking of the ritual he mentioned performing.

"Yes. I will purchase a kid goat." Maelgwn says, "To ensure the divine know our thankfulness in this blessing." he say with a little smile, just resting himself close to Erylys- forehead to forehead as his eyes slide closed and he enjoys again his quiet time, without the aloneness.

"I'll help.. if you do not mind?" She has some coins of her own, nd would like to share in the cost. Erylys cannot help the smile that lingers, for surely nothing will wipe it off her lips today! Eventually, she releases his hands, if only so she might step closer, her arms to wrap about his sides, to hug him while her cheek is laid against his chest. Of course, the wolves are curious, and Grim comes up to catch the back of her tunic and offer it a tug - someone wants to play!

When embraced, Maelgwn returns in kind- both arms surrounding Erylys like a fortress, hugging her close. He's not in armor, and she can hear his heart thumping away in his chest. He chuckles as Grim comes up to tug on Erylys, looking over her shoulder with some ease- chuckling at the wolf as he makes that playful tug.

Relaxed is Erylys as she leans into him, enjoying the embrace. When she feels the tug upon the back of her tunic, it would seem she knows /exactly/ who it is, "Grriiiimmm!" Laughter bubbles forth, and as she slowly draws away from him, she dares to roll her eyes at the wolf's antics, who has now danced back, tail wagging, waiting for her to come play, "He's the most playful of the four…" In case he hasn't noticed! A wink is given, and then she moves fast, turning about to try and catch the grey-brown wolf who darts away before she can even touch him. She'll give him a chase around the glade, at least for a short time before shaking her head, "No more.. no more.. I give!" And then she falls over into the grass, laying there on her back practically spread eagle, allowing Grim to pounce her and lick her face, "Heeeey!"

This playfulness Maelgwn watches, laughing quietly as the playfulness happens there in the glade. He goes to sit again, just watching as the wolf pounces and licks Erylys- looking towards the other three wolves- watching their reactions to the game being played. Here, he keeps his distance- content to watch.

Fastforwards to Tisbury

Leaving the wolves behind was not, perhaps, the easiest thing- they clearly considered Erylys the hairless, tall, funny-lookin' part of the pack they loved so much! Some time was needed for goodbyes- and Maelgwn was quiet and patient when that time came. He even would speak again to Luna, more quiet thanks given to the white wolf at reintroducing him to an old friend.

Once that bit of business has finished, its towards Tisbury proper the pair ride- coming to the Manor without much fanfare. "And here we are, Tisbury." he says, looking over towards Erylys with a quiet smile. "I don't recall your having visited before- please, enjoy our hospitality until you are required to return to Sarum." The actual invite has to be given, after all.

It does take a while to get the wolves to understand - or at least Grim and Somber - that they are to 'stay' there. That it is 'home' now. Luna catches on far quicker than the other two, and Nox follows Luna. By the time they finally do leave the glade with a pile of extra meat that she brought for just that reason, the wolves are starting to really explore the area, likely making their marks here and there to name it theirs!

"Thank you." The quiet words are offered as they make their way towards Tisbury, a glance given to the glade before it disappears for that last look of the wolves. She will be strong! She won't cry! Okay, there might be a sniffle or two from Erylys! As they reach Tisbury, she looks around, taking in the village as they ride through towards the manor. "I haven't ever been here, no… I like it." With the proper invitation given, she dips her head, "I thank you for the hospitality."

"Of course, its our pleasure." Maelgwn says with a little smile. "They'll be happy there." he says, with a nod, "I'm sure of it." he adds, as he dismounts and the stablehand comes forward to take his horse. "Good to see you again, Sir Maegwn! Welcome home!" The stablehand says, as he waits for Erylys to dismount so he can take care of her horse as well.

"Let me give you the tour, one of the peasants nearby should have a goat we can buy." he adds, then, "But I am thinking, perhaps, we should make the sacrifice when the moon is high."

"I know they will be. Just let people know in case Grim or Somber tries to play with people, but I'm hoping that soon enough, they'll learn… to be wild again." The two grey-brown wolves were always the more playful of the four with Luna being the wariest. Slipping from her mare's back, she offers the stablehand a smile and word of thanks as he leads her horse off into the stables.

"A high moon would make for a good time to do the sacrifice." Erylys agrees with another nod of her head, "But can't hurt to speak to one of the peasants and get a goat set aside?"

Taking the coins- including those given by Erylys in the journey- Maelgwn flags down the stablehand as he begins to take the horses. "Do me a favor, and please pick up a kid goat from someone in the village." he says. Its a small village- just a few families, mostly loggers and carpenters given Tisbury's woods. "We'd like to make a sacrifice." he explains- the stablehand nodding, "Of course, Sir Maelgwn." he says, pocketing the coin and returning to his chores.

"That should be taken care of." Maelgwn says with a smile, "Its not the most impressive manor, but it is home." he says with a grin, "Our forests almost abut the Manor, its built from strong oaks from the forest." he says, giving a wave towards the house itself. "We have a spring-fed pond, just next to the house- we keep the waters clean, of course and often bathe within." he says with a smile, "The sacred grove is not far from here, behind the house and in the forest."

Again, there's a quiet word of thanks given to the stablehand once the extra duty is asked of him before Erylys turns to study the manor, listening as he speaks of his home. "It's a beautiful home. Old.. one can feel the years here. The faith." As the pond and path to the grove are pointed out, she smiles further, "A bath might be nice later." She half teases, of course, quick to add, "No more having to fight you to take one, hmm?" Don't they have to drag most younger boys into a bath at least once a week, if it's not summer and they can be conned into going swimming?

"I'm not particularly good at swimming- luckily, the pond is not so deep as to require it." Well, at least not for a man of Maelgwn's size. "I like it these days- but, your opinion of bathing changes when you've been on a battlefield." he says with a laugh, "Its cool water, but brisk. A little sage tea after a brisk bath and there's little better in the world." he says, still grinning. "Best to let me know when you decide to bathe- It be a shame were I to catch a peek." he teases back.

"I've always liked it here, it is an old home. We Tisbury have been here for as long as anyone can remember."

"I can do it as need be. Nothing fancy." Erylys states as far as swimming goes. "We didn't have many swimming holes back in Berwick. Nothing so deep that one couldn't manage to get out of." As he might remember. But then, he's far bigger than she! A chuckle comes, her gaze cast to the side, offering him that teasing knowing look, "But what if I wanted you to have a peek? Or get one for myself?" Cue an innocent look given then. Or an attempt of one!

Maelgwn nods, grinning as she gives him that look. "In that case, I'll let you know if you let me know." he offers, with a wink and a laugh. "But, we've ridden long- lets head inside and get a drink." he says, "I'm sure we have some beer, or wine. Perhaps something other than trail food to eat." he says with an easy smile, "I'm glad you're here with me, Erylys. Somehow, coming home is easier when you bring someone with you."

"Deal." Erylys is quick to say, the smile gracing her lips warming further with a certain impishness that comes to play. But with mention of food an drink within, she ohs, "Sounds perfect, in truth." If she's worried about meeting his family, it doesn't show. More importantly, she seems intrigued and delighted to meet others that might be around. "I'm glad then, to help make it a little easier for you."

"I'm sure someone is around- I have two sisters that typically hang around. And, of course, my cousins." Maelgwn says as he guides Erylys into the manor proper, holding the door for her. "Now that spring has come there is fresh tree-nuts, some fruit, as well. Fresh meat, of course, and eggs from nesting birds." he says with a little smile, "Birch beers should be available, as well." That sweet drink made from birch sap that is often popular. "Is there anything in particular you'd like?"

Erylys steps within the manor as he holds the door open, listening to his comments. "I look forwards to meeting your family." As for food and drink, she laughs, "Surprise me? Whatever you might have, sounds good to me?" Not a very picky person is she. "There's not much I have ever found that I particularly dislike."

"Very good, then." Maelgwn says with a quiet smile as he guides Erylys into the main hall area of the house where guests are typically entertained. "I'll be right back then," he says, "PLease, have a seat." he offers before disappearing into the kitchen. He returns with bread, and cheese that he sets down on the table not far from where Erylys has been invited to sit. "Something hot and the drinks will be along shortly." he explains, "Some cheese, or bread? Freshly baked." he says, with a smile.

Erylys doesn't take a seat immediately, but instead, looks around the area, studying any artwork, tapestries, or even weapons or shields that might be hung up. By the time he returns, she's finally taken a seat, but soon rises in case he might need help with anything, "Thank you.. and that sounds perfect. Bread with cheese." The aroma is enough to make her stomach growl just a little - nothing better than fresh bread, is there?

Maelgwn cuts the bread and cheese into slices, smiling still towards Erylys as the bit of food is laid out. The bread is still warm, smelling quite delicious. The cheese is a hard cheese, likely made from goat's milk- there isn't a lot of grazing land for cattle in a forested region. "Please, help yourself." he says, with a nod.

Its not long before the kitchen servant comes in with a plate of hot food- pork sausages that seem well browned, laverbread of seaweed from the coast (a likely trade), and a leek and cabbage soup in a pair of clay bowls, with bread floating on top- cheese has been melted there. A good meal for after traveling. "Ah, and something more filling, lovely."

"Thank you, Maelgwn." Erylys says once he cuts bread and cheese for them to share. Reaching out for a slice, a bit of cheese is added, the bread folded, and a bite taken from it. "Ymmm." Delicious! Before another bite is taken, further selections are delivered to the table from the kitchen, these that make her stomach rumble a little more at the choices soon laid out, "Oh, this is great." If it's unknown to her, she still tries it, laughing as she glances towards him, "I can hear how happy being home makes you…" That tone of voice caught.

"Its nice to be home." Maelgwn returns simply, giving a quiet smile to Erylys as he cuts a bit of sausage to add to bread and cheese- the birch beer delivered not long after. Its sweetness is offset by dandelion and burdock, and the fermentation of such a sweet thing leaves it highly alcoholic- the perfect drink for cold spring nights. It is a traditional drink- not the fancy grape wines that have become popular with the gentry. "I'm glad you're enjoying it. We do not have the fanciest foods, but we do live rather far from the cultural center." he says with a grin, "And it sure beats the food in a war camp."

A knife has been left for Erylys, of course, along with spoons for the soup. "I admit, I do like being here, even if it is sometimes difficult to maintain the courage to return. I only hope my siblings make an appearance. I'm rather apt for them to meet you."

Likewise, the sausage is cut and added to her bread and cheese, the flavor of the herbs mixed with the meat to be savored. Every manor has their own unique blend that they favor, so it's always interseting to see what you may end up with. Or so she's found in what little she's traveled! s for the birch beer, she sighs happily after the first sip, "This is.. perfect." A bit of a shrug is given, shoulders lifting upwards, "Don't need the fancy foods. Simple honest food is all I want, though.." She chuckles, "I wil admit there is a place in Sarum that makes these sweet rolls that are like anything I've ever had before. " A quiet laugh given, "But I can see how this is leagues better than what might be served in a war camp. Especially one that's been set up for a while." When provisions might be running low.

Erylys picks up her spoon then, to dip into the soup, several bites to be taken as she ilstens, gaze turned to watch his face, keeping eye contact as able, "Why… would you need courage to return home?" The quesiton is quietly spoken, a certain note of curiosity to show.

"Aye. I'm glad to have gotten away from it for the moment, at least." Maelgwn says with a smile. "I know that, eventually, I will be called again to serve, and I will go as is my duty. For now, though, I enjoy these blessings of home and good company."

"As for courage to come home…" Maelgwn lowers his voice slightly. "My grandfather murdered the heir, you see. People tend to believe such behavior runs in one's family. The main branch of Tisbury does not trust well my branch of the family. It is understood, but, it doesn't make the returning any easier. Still, my sisters and I work to prove that the actions of one man who lived and died before we were born does not mean that we are traitors born."

"I can only imagine. Duty is duty, I know that much. I hear it from my brothers all the time, but.." Not a duty she wanted in particular. "I enjoy my positioin in the Earl's court. It allows a certain freedom." Especially for an unmarried lady. Erylys chuckles, "It's given me a chance to meet others as well. During the summer tourney, I led several hunts for visiting dignitaries that were staying with the Earl." Most interesting times.

The question is asked, and while she wouldn't push for him to answer if he didn't feel like it, when he does given her the information, she ohs softly, "I see." No sense of censure shown on her face for what was done in the past, "I guess I could see how such would strain relations, especially if they are not so easy to forgive what one man did well in the past. You would think… well.. that you and your siblings have more than proven yourself by now?"

"Old thoughts die hardest." Maelgwn says, "The words spoken by our forefathers hammer on the iron of young minds. It is still fresh in the minds of our fathers and mothers- it would be impossible for them not to impart this to their children." The large, scarred man says, "However, each of us do what we can to prove that we are worthy of the name Tisbury, my siblings and I care deeply to be trusted again by our cousins. It will come." he says, "We will prove these old thoughts wrong." That bit finished, he turns again to smile to Erylys.

"Ah, yes. Yours is a very important position in the court. Most enjoy a good hunt. If done with respect, even I enjoy it."

Reaching out once she's put her spoon down, Erylys allows her fingertips to brush against his wrist, a light caress to show support and comfort. "Then hopefully, your cousins realize that you and your siblings are strong important members of your family, with nothing to do with the past. Old deeds eventually have to pass with those that remember them more than the younger generation?" The touch lingers, but soon drawn away again. "It will come, sooner than later." At least, she has faith it will.

"I show my respect to the animals we hunt. Those that come with, may not understand all that I do, but.." There's another quick smile, "One of the other huntsmen, Sir Yorrick, is pagan. Cholderton. He keeps the old ways as well." A fondness in her voice hints at friendship with the other hunter, but nothing more. "The best hunt recently was a boar hunt we took several on. A strong beast. Killed my horse. Hurt a few of the others before we could bring it down. Paid it the proper respect."

"They will. I will make certain of it." Maelgwn states simply, turning his hand to give a squeeze to Erylys' when her hand comes close. "I will do Tisbury proud." he says, with that deep voice full of confidence.

"I am glad to hear you respect those you hunt. Their spirits should always be honored." The Pagan knight says, nodding quietly. "I've seen some who do not honor that, who think the beasts simple sport. As long as it is done with respect, its a good hunt. It is good the Earl keeps those who understand that in his employ. It ensures a healthy land, and happy spirits."

Maelgwn and Erylys sit in the main-hall of the manor, enjoying a bit of a meal: birch beer, fresh bread, cheeses, sausages. Far better than the food Maelgwn has grown used to a the front. However, now, the giant of a man is home and back from years at war. Seasons and seasons of guarding Salisbury.

The pair seem to be speaking quietly- enjoying each other's company as they share the simple fare from the kitchen.

"I'm certain you will." Erylys answers, reaching for the birch beer before her for a sip once the squeeze to her hand is given. A nod of her head is given as well, the smile to linger upon her lips as she looks upon the scarred knight.

"Father taught me, as did some of the priests back home to always honor those you hunt. What we are given is blessed by the Goddess and Gods, after all." The young lady answers as she picks up a bit of cheese, pausing before eating to say, "I agree. The Earl is a good man, understanding. I've been proud to work for him in Sarum. I was not sure how I would like it, but was intent on giving it a year before seeking a position elsewhere if it had not worked out." And so far, so good.

"I hope to be able to say the same." Maelgwn says with a smile, taking a long pull on the birch beer. Its refreshing, and the high alcohol content is certainly making the chill of early spring all the warmer. More bread, more cheese, another bit of sausage is eaten as he listens closely to Erylys, "Should he decide me worthy of the post I'd applied for. It may, or may not, come to be." he says with a quiet chuckle.

Into the main hall comes Talaith, a spring to her step and a smile on her lips. She is coming from the kitchens having procured a mug of beer for herself minus food. She puases when she spots her brother sitting and talking with a woman she has not met yet. She approches and gives Maelgwn a happy grin of greeting. "Brother dear! Its so good to see you…but whatever happened to a warning me before bringing lady friends home? I mean I'm not objecting but I didn't even have a chance to interrogate her first." Her tone is teasing and playful and she laughs brightly after she is done offering a little curtsey to thier visitor. "Hello my Lady. I am Sir Talaith de Tisbury, its a pleasure to meet you and to have you as our guest."

"I will be certain to put in a good word with the Earl.. and say a prayer that you be blessed by the Goddess." Erylys says with a bit of a grin, one that grows a little more as his sister appears and proceeds to tease him so. Laughing as she looks from brother to sister, she soon offers, "Lady Erylys de Berwick St. James." Talaith may recall her brother did his squiring there at that manor. "I thank you for your hospitality and welcome, Sir Talaith."

"Aha! Yes, this is Lady Erylys de Berwick St. James- you recall I squired in her house some years ago under Sir Dyaeron." Maelgwn says, as he stands to give another introduction, and wrap his sister in a massive hug. "Its good to see you again- knighted and free of your time as a squire." he says, releasing that hug as he grins. "You can believe me in saying she is of a good family who also follows the Old Ways."

As Maelgwn rises Talaith bounces forward and meets him halfway to hug. She squeezes him tightly her smile bright and then she steps back nodding. "Its wonderful to have you home brother. And its nice to finally be knighted as well. I'm hoping for a chance to prove my skills soon." She glances to Erylys with a warm smile. "I believe you brother and I am glad you brought her to visit. Though I'm a tiny bit disappointed I didn't get the chance to make another Christian blush and crash into a tree." Is she teasing again? Its hard to say but the look of mischief and amusement in her gaze is somewhat telling.

Watching siblings greet one another has Erylys smiling, unable to help herself. Been there when she's seen her own brothers! Rising from her chair, she does offer a hand to Talaith to shake in the way of knights. It is to be said, she's not outfitted in dress, but in leather pants and tunic the colors of the woods, her hair tightly braided down her back. "Between my brothers, and my cousins.. you'd have to work hard on getting me to blush or be so shocked to run into a tree.." A glance to Maelgwn is given before she adds, "Your brother had a hand in that as well when he was at Berwick. He, my siblings, and my cousins made sure to tease me plenty here and there along the way." Not from the mainline of the House is she.

"Hah! How was I supposed to know she'd react that way to being told she had lovely hair. It was the most unusual yellow-gold." Maelgwn says, with a shrug as he steps back from his sister. "What can I say, there were moments when I missed teasing this one." Maelgwn offers, tossling Talaith's hair with a huge hand. "As for getting into the action, Tal, I'm sure it won't

Talaith reaches out to shake Erylys's hand in the knightly fashion. Her grip is firm and steady and as she withdraws her hand her brother ruffles her hair. The already wild curls fluff out even more and she laughs softly. "My brother does have a talent for surprising people. I think its a good thing though myself. And don't worry brother, I will try not to get shipped off or married until you are good and sick of my presence." She winks playfully at Maelgwn.

Likewise, Erylys' grip is firm, the young lady strong in her own rights, even if not a knight herself. "A pleasure to meet you, Sir Talaith. I recall Maelgwn speaking of his sister, but I'm glad to finally get the chance to meet you in person." Laughing as the banter continues, she smiles and soon seeks her seat again, and the food still sitting there. "Are you long home yourself?" She wonders of Talaith then.

"So, sometime in the next hour?" Maelgwn retorts, "Ah, I'm not so surprising." he says, "Just a simple knight, really." he shakes his head, "But, in all seriousness, Tal- I mean the battlefield. Your first time will be very different from what you expect." he says, "Your training will carry you through it, but be sure not to hunger too much for Glory- it will come if you fight well, and act wisely on the battlefield." he offers, "Perhaps, though, we will be called up together- in which case, you'll stick close to me." he say with a quiet smile. He, too, moves to sit- and take his beer and drink deeply.

"As am I glad to meet you Lady Erylys. And yes I should be here a while…unless something changes." She looks to her brother with a look of feigned shock. "An hour? I would be slacking horriblly in that case. Surely I can break my old record of twenty minutes?" She laughs and then sobers at the mention of a battlefield. She nods. "I'll be careful and as nice as glory is its not worth a pointless risk of my head from being reckless. Fight smart and live so you can keep enjoying life. Thats my motto."

Erylys listens, chuckling at times as she digs back into her food. A healthy appitiete does this one have. Her gaze slides from one sibling to the other as they talk, the serious turn of the conversation to draw brows slightly, quiet nod given at both their words. "I will certainly keep you both in my thoughts whenever you are called up. You'll have to keep an eye out for my brothers.." She'll supply their names which the player should likely think of eventually! "My youngest should gain his spurs after the next winter." That bit for Talaith.

"Aye, of course. I'd watch out for any Berwick I fought with- its the least I could do." The large man says, with a quiet smile as he, too, returns to food and drink. He moves now to the soup, working through bread and cheese both. "It is good to be home." he says, finally, smiling quietly.

Scene fades..

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