(515-04-05) A Wedding Hunt
Summary: The hunt celebrating the wedding of Nerys and Bastien
Date: 04/05/515
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It was a quiet ceremony for Bastien and Nerys - attended only by the heads of house, Bastien's mother, and a few select others. Having happened earlier in the afternoon to give the newly wedded couple at least a little time together, the idea for the different type of reception was Nerys'. A hunt would help bond the new couple in blood or something, not that Bastien knows the first thing about a hunt. However, with one of the Earl's huntsmen hired to assist with the hunt, at least there was a little assistance.

Just don't tell Braelynn that it's her older brother, who took the job to assist with Enfys and left her in the care of Morfyd while Yorrick made the trip down with the hunting dogs. The ginger huntsman waits for the wedding party to arrive at the edge of the Camelot forest, keeping his hunters on their leads.

Bastien himself is dressed in light armor, looking rather uncomfortable with a spear, but his sword is at his side as it usually is as he waits for his new wife to join him on horseback as he approaches the chosen start for the hunt.

Braelynn arrives in her own set of green leather armor. It looks fairly new, and she is carrying a bow, and has a quiver of arrows that rests on her back just over her left shoulder. She makes her way to her brother and elbows him in the ribs lightly before giving him a lopsided grin.

Talfryn has joined the hunt, dressed in typical hunting wear appropriate for the heir of a manor. Armor, his sword at his hip, and a hunting spear as he gives a salute towards Bastien and Nerys. "What-ho!" he offers, "Well-met and glad tidings on the news of your wedding! I am Sir Talfryn de Idmiston." he says, as he dismounts to remove a medium-sized keg from the back of his horse, putting it into the hands of whatever servant might be around. "Brought a bit of drink to celebrate, a gift, on the occasion of your happy day!" he says with a grin, and a bow before he remounts, and lifts his spear. "From Private Idmiston stocks, of course."

Bastien doesn't have to wait long for Nerys to appear, looking comfortable atop her horse as she guides the animal over towards him, "So this should be exciting." She observes, her spear held in one hand, the end resting lightly against her toes. To those that have turned out for the hunt she glances, giving a brief nod before responding to Talfryn's gift, "Thank you for the gift, I'm sure that it'll be well received by everyone."

One of those that may be a bit more familiar with a spear would be Iago. The Woodborough knight is dressed for a hunt as well, and keeping his spear with him. "Congratulations," he offers to the couple this is all for the honor of, before he looks around again. There's a nod to Talfryn, before he looks around, offering a smile and a nod as he sees Braelynn.

The lord of the manor is readily recognisable: huge, hulking, clad in the black and white of his house, and with scars, beard and a receding hairline to help to ensure that he's even harder to confuse with anyone else. Still, Custennin's mood seems rather at odds with his looming presence, the giant doing his best to radiate good cheer rather than menace. For the time being, however, he is quite consciously attempting to keep Bastien and Nerys at centre-stage.

"Exciting, you say. When I get mauled by a bear, remind me of that if I live." Bastien says to Nerys, a lopsided grin offers as he taps spears with her and gives his wife's hand an affectionate squeeze. One of the squires takes the cask that Talfryn offers, "We will make sure that this is part of the feast tonight." he offers before moving to go put the wine with the rest of the party. Bastien gives Custennin a small grin, his large cousin is the standard stock for Falt, while the young knight is a bit on the runty side.

Yorrick smirks, and returns Braelynn's nudge. "Erylys was supposed to handle this, but I think she's got a spring fever or something." he mutters good-naturedly, as he gives the new couple a bow of his head. "Let's see if yer weddin' luck rubs off on what we're looking for." the Cholderton knight offers as he moves to set his dogs loose and moves towards his own mount.

Bastien makes a check for Yorrick Hunting at 16, he rolled 18.

Braelynn moves over to the couple, giving Iago a nod and a bright smile as she approaches the couple. "Sir Bastien, Sir Nerys! Congratulations!" She gives them a bright, and quite genuine smile. It is then that she sees Custennin and her head dips in a polite nod to him as well. She calls over to Iago teasingly "Are you the entertainment for the hunt, Sir Iago? I remember your singing as being quite pleasant!" Then her attention turns back to the couple, and Bastien in particular. "I wish you both the very happiest of times in your marriage. May Falt manor be bursting with babies to keep baby Eirien soon!" She then turns back toward her brother as he loosens those slobbering hounds she is so fond of complaining about.

"You'll be fine, just don't throw yourself into their mouths." Nerys informs Bastien, smirking very faintly before she turns towards Braelynn, "Thank you, Lady Braelynn. Although I'm not quite sure I'm ready for the last part…"

Bastien rolls 1d20 and gets (14) for a total of: 14

Pausing as he hears Braelynn's words, offering her a grin, Iago laughs. "Ah, if I was wondering if you might have had a bit too much to drink that evening, Lady Braelynn, I now know that it surely must have been so," he replies, with a grin, as he moves over to his own horse to be ready for this hunt, looking quite relaxed for now.

"Drink well, be happy." Talfryn says with a nod of his head as he checks his blade and his spear. "So then! Shall we? What's the quarry we hunt anyways?" he wonders, as he looks towards those hounds- a half-grin on the pagan knight's face as he waits for the hunt to get underway.

Braelynn moves close to Falt manor and retrieves the reins from her own horse, walking close to the gathering with the small cream colored mare. She mounts and Spurs the horse as she approaches Iago on horseback. "I admit that I might have had a bit of ale that night, but I was far from not being able to detect good tune from bad."

"There's only one mouth I plan to throw myself into." Bastien says with a wink towards Nerys before he gives Barelynn a smile. "Thank you for staying for the wedding." he offers to the redhead healer, before the braying of the dogs attracts his attention.

"Looks like we're hunting deer." Yorrick announces as he turns his horse to head into the woods, taking to a swift gallop to lead the party properly into Camelot Forest.

Bastien lets out a breath, looking unsure of himself, but as Nerys joins the part, he follows in line, the young knight setting his mouth into a thin and determined line to at least impress his new wife.

Bastien makes a check for Yorrick Hunting at 16, he rolled 5.
Bastien makes a check for Deer Avoidance at 12, he rolled 13.
Critical Success!
Bastien checked his hunting of 2, he rolled 2.
Nerys checked her hunting of 10, she rolled 17.
Iago checked his hunting of 11, he rolled 3.
Talfryn checked his hunting of 10, he rolled 15.
Critical Success!
Bastien checked his folklore of 4, he rolled 4.
Custennin checked his hunting of 10, he rolled 11.
Braelynn checked her hunting of 2, she rolled 15.
Bastien makes a check for Yorrick Folklore at 2, he rolled 1.
Iago checked his folklore of 2, he rolled 15.
Braelynn checked her folklore of 2, she rolled 15.
Critical Fail!
Custennin checked his folklore of 2, he rolled 20.

As Yorrick leads the group deeper into the forest, Bastien pulls on his reins slightly, a frown crossing his features as the knight gestures towards the tracks. "…I've seen these." he says, actually dismounting as he kneels down to brush aside some leaves. Nerys knows that Bastien doesn't know much about hunting, but he adds, "I've seen these tracks in a book." Gesturing the hunt leader over, the two knights converse for a moment before there's an agreement.

"This isn't a deer." Bastien says as he moves back towards his horse to mount back up, carefully taking to the saddle now. "..it's a Yale." he comments quietly, gesturing a little. "And there's more than one. We're near."

Yorrick nods his agreement, as he turns the dog towards the new path.

Talfryn checked his folklore of 2, he rolled 9.
Custennin checked his folklore of 2, he rolled 16.
Braelynn checked her folklore of 2, she rolled 14.
Iago checked his folklore of 2, he rolled 8.

Braelynn hasn't a clue what she is doing, but she follows the crowd along good naturedly. She is sporting her new hunting clothes and new bow. She hasn't a clue what a Yale is either, and she doesn't seem to mind.

Nerys checked her folklore of 2, she rolled 17.

"A Yale?" Talfryn says, "Is it good eating?" he asks next, with a grin, "This is for a feast, after all, no?" he wonders as he hefts his spear. "Either way, we hunt, no?"

"…an heraldic device?", Custennin asks quietly, glancing around to see if anyone else seems to think they know what Bastien is talking about. Then he raises his voice a little. "By no means *everything* in Camelot Forest should be hunted for food. But this is your hunt, and will be your feast. If something unusual has crossed your path today, it might be appropriate to pursue it."

Not knowing what a Yale is either, Iago makes sure to keep his spear ready for whatever that might be happening. A brief grin is offered to Talfryn's words, but aside from that, he seems focused.

Bastien rolls 1d6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5

With Yorrick taking over from Bastien, leading the group through the woods - they come across a small clearing and pond. At the edge of the pond, two large creatures are drinking from the water. Red with white stripes along the large horse-like body, it has a long tail with white phalanges, that match its coat, neck and underbelly. A brown head holds a pair of blue eyes, while two twisted horns stand from the creature’s head, antlers turned in different and wild directions, as a third creature watches over the first two, obviously the male of the group.

Having come across this mythical creature, Bastien glances towards Nerys, leaving the decision to her if they should hunt these beasts, which look as if they would feed them well, or search for something else.

Nerys watches the creatures for a moment, taking that time to think about it before she nods, pointing towards one of them. Not the one doing the watching, but one of the others that are drinking from the pond.

"Golly, look at those horns…." Talfryn says quietly as he comes up on horseback. "What's the plan?" he asks of the others there, his voice low as he steadies his spear. "They look rather stout." he remarks, as he takes a slow and careful breath. "Three of them and six of us… Seven, with the hunt-master. We should go two and two, no?"

Bastien nods his agreement with his wife. "Nerys and I will take on the one to the left at the pond." he says quietly, allowing the others to pick their targets and teams. "Divide, we can go at them two against one.. who wants the other two?"

Holding back the urge to let out a whistle as he sees the creatures, Iago smiles a little, before he looks between the others again. As he hears the discussion, he offers a brief grin. "Two and two sounds like an excellent idea." Considering the animals for a few moments, he grins. "Who are going for which ones, then?"

"I say the big one." Talfryn notes, nodding towards the 'watcher' of the other two. "Who joins me?" he wonders, with a bit of a grin, "Always liked a challenge." he continues, with a quiet nod.

"If others desire the glory, then as the host I can hold back and let two tackle each beast," Custennin offers quietly. "If my services are wanted, then I shall tackle the male."

Talfryn nods to Custennin, "Then it’s you and I." he says with a grin, "Let’s make meat pies of that fantastic beast." he notes quietly.

Braelynn points to one of the beasts near the tree line and looks at Iago. We could aim for that one, if you'd like."

Nerys glances at the others, waiting to see who is going for what. She doesn't leap forward, even when it seems that things have been decided, "When everyone is ready.."

Iago nods to Braelynn offering her a brief grin. "Sounds like an excellent plan," he offers, words kept quiet for now. "Ready…" he offers to the rest of the group.

Nodding his head as Nerys sets the agreement, Bastien settles his spear into position for the charge. "Tallyho." he offers, and spurring his horse, he charges the horse forward towards the female yale with his wife, looking to catch the creature off-guard with a surprise attack and run it through quickly.

Critical Success!
Bastien checked his spear of 6, he rolled 6.

"Aye. Set spurs and what ho." Talfryn says as he, spurs ahead and begins the attack! Spear glinting in the light as he goes to attack!

Talfryn checked his spear of 10, he rolled 2.
Nerys checked her spear of 6, she rolled 5.
Bastien makes a check for NB Yale Dex at 10, he rolled 19.
Bastien makes a check for NB Yale Dex at 10, he rolled 5.
Bastien makes a check for TC Yale Dex at 10, he rolled 11.
Iago checked his Spear of 15, he rolled 7.
Bastien rolls 10d6 and gets (1 4 2 1 6 5 2 1 1 6) for a total of: 29
Talfryn rolls 4d6 and gets (4 3 4 6) for a total of: 17
Nerys rolls 4d6 and gets (2 3 6 4) for a total of: 15
Braelynn checked her bow of 10, she rolled 9.
Critical Success!
Bastien makes a check for IB Yale Dex at 10, he rolled 10.
Custennin checked his spear of 6, he rolled 16.
Bastien makes a check for IB Yale Dex at 10, he rolled 14.
Iago rolls 4d6 and gets (3 3 4 3) for a total of: 13
Talfryn rolls 1d6 and gets (2) for a total of: 2
Nerys rolls 1d6 and gets (2) for a total of: 2

Nerys and Bastien strike hard and true. Catching the Yale in the side, they slam into it hard enough to actually knock the beast over onto the ground. Braelynn's arrow starts to fly true, but with their yale moving in shock, it jumps aside of the arrow, only to get hit by Iago's charge - that's when they discover, these creatures have really thick hides. Custennin's charge falls short, however, Talfryn is able to strike in, his spear digging into the large male's chest as the yale braes in anger, turning his attention to the attack.

Custennin checked his spear of 6, he rolled 15.
Talfryn checked his spear of 10, he rolled 8.
Bastien makes a check for TC Yale Gore at 12, he rolled 6.
Iago checked his Spear of 15, he rolled 10.
Critical Success!
Bastien makes a check for TC Yale Gore at 12, he rolled 12.
Braelynn checked her bow of 10, she rolled 11.
Bastien makes a check for IB Yale Gore at 12, he rolled 13.
Bastien makes a check for IB Yale Dex at 10, he rolled 15.
Iago rolls 4d6 and gets (3 5 1 1) for a total of: 10
Bastien rolls 5d6 and gets (4 5 3 4 2) for a total of: 18
Bastien rolls 5d6 and gets (5 6 2 2 2) for a total of: 17
Nerys checked her spear of 6, she rolled 18.
Bastien checked his spear of 6, he rolled 11.
Bastien rolls 10d6 and gets (5 2 1 6 6 6 6 4 1 1) for a total of: 38

[Misc Globals:] <OOC> Bastien says, "Check horse. >.>"

"Aha!" Talfryn shouts, as he shifts his horse- spear raised and ready, as he pulls it from the creature's thick hide. "Come now! Hit it hard, hit it good!" he says over to Custennin, "Let’s make this wedding one to be remembered!" he says, as he shifts his body and watches in amazement as the creature's horns begin to swivel! "Zounds!" he exclaims, that moment of distraction more than enough for the creature's horn to take Talfryn by surprise and dismount him completely- sending him to the ground with a heavy thud- he's right out.

After getting the beast down, Nerys' horse dances just a little to one side as she takes another shot with the spear. This time either her aim was off, or the motions of the horse were enough to distract her as her spear ends up hitting air instead of furry hide.

Realizing that things are going from unusual to potentially deadly - and that he's the host for this - Custennin is already somewhat distracted by the time that he attempts to engage the mysterious creatures. Perhaps it's no surprise that the huge man is not at his best when perched atop a horse barely larger than he is, but when Talfryn goes down, he drops his spear, unslings the shield he had brought along in case of stray Dorset raiders, and tugs free his sword.

Focused on the creature he's up against, Iago jabs his spear into the creature once more. "Solid creature," he mutters, as he draws back a bit, frowning as he pulls back once more. "You're a strong one…" he offers to the animal.

The arrow, looking rather pitiful and small in comparison to the much larger spears flying at the yales, misses - again. It seems that Braelynn is much better at healing than she is at hunting, which at this moment is a good thing. She is distracted as Talfryn hits the ground and she turns in the saddle to glance at him. It seems she is suddenly much less interested in killing things with her new bow and is now concerned primarily with not celebrating this wedding with death.

"Sword!" Bastien barks to Nerys, switching to his blade, following the example of Custennin as the smaller knight takes out his own sword as the spear falls to the side. "Rally to Sir Talfryn!" he calls out, as the yales, realizing that one of their own is down, they start to pull away as well.

Nerys drops her spear, and reaches for her sword to draw it as she twists the reins on her horse. If she were the cursing type she might be cursing right about now, as it is she just looks grim, and determined as she aims herself in the direction of the fallen knight.

Critical Success!
Bastien checked his sword of 14, he rolled 14.
Bastien makes a check for NB Yale Gore at 12, he rolled 9.
Bastien rolls 10d6 and gets (4 6 1 1 2 1 1 5 2 5) for a total of: 28
Custennin checked his sword of 15, he rolled 5.
Bastien makes a check for Cut Yale Gore at 12, he rolled 16.
Custennin rolls 6d6 and gets (1 5 4 3 2 4) for a total of: 19
Iago checked his spear of 15, he rolled 8.
Bastien makes a check for Iago Yale Gore at 12, he rolled 11.
Bastien rolls 5d6 and gets (1 1 3 1 4) for a total of: 10
Braelynn checked her bow of 10, she rolled 2.
Bastien makes a check for Brae Yale DEX at 10, he rolled 7.

More than a little glad of his decision to change tactics, Custennin succeeds in avoiding being skewered by *either* of the Yale's independently-mobile and distressingly-nimble horns, and instead manages to counter with a moderately sold thump of his own. "Be off with you!", he shouts at it. "I have a wounded guest to attend to!"

The pitiful little arrow misses yet again. Though this is not so surprising, considering the fact that Braelynn is more concerned with the injured man at this point, than she is with the hunt. She shoots an apologetic glance toward Iago and turns her horse toward Talfryn, nudging the horse toward him. As the horse moves she is already unhooking a small satchel that is buckled to her saddle.

Talfryn is down and out, speared through by that horn- blissfully unaware of how the rest of this unexpected battle is going.

Not dropping his spear like the others, after all, it's his best weapon, Iago tries driving it at the creatures once more. But this time, it's Yale's horn that hits him, although it ends up clanging off the armor, but driving the Woodborough back a bit. "Strong…" he mutters, preparing to move forward once again. "If you want to run away, run another direction," he warns it.

With his sword out, Bastien drives Custennin's point home by driving his blade into the downed female's chest, killing it. Drawing out his blade, the knight looks towards the yales, wiping the blade on his trouser leg, which seems to be enough to give the remaining yales pause and with the actions of Custennin, the male leads off the remaining wounded female. After all, it is spring.. and there is still plenty of time for rut.

Warily watching the remaining beasts effect their escape, Custennin shakes his head. "I understand now why I have seen a reference to a yale in heraldry, as a symbol of steadfast defence. I had no idea what one might look like or *do*, till now." Looking to Talfrynn and Braelynn, he frowns worriedly. "I think that a litter might be in order. We can use horse-blankets and cloaks to rig one between mounts. His and mine, perhaps. I can walk, for our return."

Braelynn is small, and her white mare is dwarfed by the charger the knights surrounding her are riding. She slips from the saddle and lands on her feet, though it is not with the practiced confidence of a knight. She kneels next to him and begins to search for the offending wound.

Braelynn checked her firstaid of 16, she rolled 19.
Braelynn checked her profession of 15, she rolled 8.
Braelynn rolls 2d3 and gets (2 1) for a total of: 3

Braelynn's skills doesn't manage to do much, but she at least cleans the wound and wraps it to stop the bleeding. She shakes her head and sighs. " It's the best I can do."

Talfryn rolls 1d6 and gets (4) for a total of: 4

"We'll get him - and the prize - back to the manor. I think that we have enough to be going on with, unless the lord and lady of the day wish to seek more game?" Custennin looks to Bastien and Nerys. "I'll accompany our guest back to Falt, in any case."

"I think that we are done with the hunting." Nerys replies, glancing over towards Bastien to double-check with him, then she slides her sword back away. "If you and the Lady Braelyn will assist him back, the rest of us will deal with the catch?"

Bastien nods. "I think it is time to bring this to a close." he agrees with his wife, sliding his own sword away. "Nerys and I will stay with the huntsman to deal with the catch. You can take my horse back, Custennin, I will ride with Nerys." he offers.

Custennin inclines his head, then offers a half-bow. "I suspect that we shall be moving at walking pace, but a mount might be helpful should any trouble arise. Thank you. Now… let us see about rigging that litter, and we can get our guest back under shelter…"

Watching as the creatures heads off, Iago looks a bit thoughtful before he moves over to help the others. He keeps quiet as he does, though.

Braelynn moves to follow Custennin and Talfryn back to Falt manor. She follows at a bit of a distance so she can keep a close eye on him in case the bleeding starts again. She calls over her shoulder, unaware of who is staying and who is going, "I hope that meat tastes delicious." She begins to hook the pack back to her saddle and she secures the bow as well.

As the others leave, Yorrick offers to take the trophy Yale back to the manor home - leaving Bastien and Nerys to ride off to celebrate the wedding and the feast later.

Having stayed quiet on the return towards Falt, Iago lets out a breath as the wounded is taken inside. Remaining standing by his horse, he lets out a bit of a breath as he looks around again. "I've never seen any creatures like those… Yale, was it," he says, finally.

As she approaches the manor house, Braelynn stops next to Iago and dismounts. She walks closer and says thoughtfully, "I hope that what happened in that hunt is not a foreboding of what their marriage will contain." She hands her reigns over to a stable boy and moves closer to Iago. She then says, I'm sorry I wasn't much help taking down the yale we were attacking." She reaches down to smooth the skirts she is usually wearing, as though she has forgotten that she is wearing the new hunting leathers she had made for herself over winter. This causes her to clasp her hands in front of her to stop her from making this involuntary gesture.

"Isn't marriage in itself meant to be a hard fight, somehow?" Iago offers a bit quietly, before he offers a smile. "I'm sure they will be well." A brief pause as he hears the rest, before he reaches out to place a hand on her shoulder, almost without thinking about the gesture. "Don't worry about it. You were there when it was needed for a good man to survive, that's the most important thing." A brief pause, and a grin. "But I must admit I wish we would have managed to take it down. It would have been one marvelous trophy, wouldn't it?"

Braelynn chuckles and says, "I'd like to think that if I ever do marry it will not be a hard fight. I should hope that it will be pleasant, and that my husband would be an agreeable sort." She gives him a smile and says, "It is lucky I was there though, at least I could stabilize him so he could be moved." She doesn't seem to mind the hand on her shoulder, and her smile widens slightly as she hears his words, "It would have been, yes. I'd have let you have it, though. I've no interest in hanging the head of dead things on my wall."

Iago considers those words a little thoughtfully. "Ah, maybe it's just how I imagine such matters," he replies to the part about marriage, before he raises an eyebrow. "*If* you ever do marry? What makes you think a pretty lady such as yourself would not end up married?" A brief grin at the mention of hanging the head of dead things on the wall. "Well, that one would be too special not to."

Braelynn seems to consider this question for quite some time before she answers, and when she does her answer is quite plain and honest. "I don't flirt. Well, I have attempted it once or twice, and most of the time I just seem awkward. I also expect that for most they want a woman who can speak prettily and flatter them, and not ask the questions that make them uncomfortable. That is not my nature, and as a result I expect I have had very little interest from the opposite sex, Sir Iago. It seems they all want to be my friend, but the want someone else entirely when it comes to romance." She gives him a smile and adds, almost as an afterthought, "And perhaps I am ok with that! A husband would certainly take away time from my studies."

Iago nods a little as he hears that. "Ah…" he replies, before he glances around a little. "That might have something to do with it. Or maybe those who does not mind that nature happens to be those men that are not the most comfortable with such a thing as marriage?" A brief pause as he shrugs a little, "Or maybe I'm just not making sense. Please forgive me…"

Braelynn smiles warmly at him and says, "It doesn't matter, Sir Iago. I am quite content with life exactly as it is. I should be perfectly happy if I never marry, or if I do." She slides her arm into his and says, "Shall we go inside and get ready for the feast? I think we could all use some freshening up before it is served."

Iago nods again, unable t hold back a smile. "As long as you are happy, that's the important part, isn't it?" A brief pause as she slides her arm into his, before he nods, "Going inside and getting ready seems to be a good idea now, yes."

Braelynn's smile continues as they walk inside. It would seem spring has brought a much more pleasant frame of mind to the red-headed Cholderton healer. She glances up at him and asks curiously, "And you, Sir Iago? Are you happy? Since that is the important part, you know." She lets her free hand rest lightly on his arm as they walk, her other arm entwined with his. "I do know of a few ladies that might suit you."

Walking along, Iago comes to a brief stop at that question, looking away for a few moments. "I… don't know," he admits, after a few moments, before he pauses at that last comment. "To be honest, the big question is if I suit them. I mean, I'm not exactly what people would call good husband material…"

Caught off-guard by the sudden stop, Braelynn stops with the knight and she turns to look at him. Her brow furrows and she narrows her eyes as she studies him. "Why in the world would you not suit them, Sir Iago? You seem pleasant enough and you're handsome. Any lady would be lucky to draw your eye." She is sincere when she says this. The hand on his arm pats lightly, "You shouldn't worry, Sir Iago. You'll see. When you find her she will most definitely find you to be husband material."

"Let's see… I tend to drink too much, not be careful enough and a few… other things," Iago replies, before he sighs a little. "I just don't think I would be a good husband to anyone…"

Her head tilts and she asks curiously, "What other things?" Braelynn really should know better than to ask these questions, but it seems that she doesn't. She does let her arm slide from his as both of her arms cross over her chest and she awaits an answer.

Iago grimaces momentarily, as he looks around. "It's just that…" he begins, going silent again as he tries to figure out just how to answer this question. "One of my older brothers was killed a few years back. Since then I've…" Going silent again, he sighs. "I'm not sure if this is something we should discuss right now," he says, finally.

Braelynn nods, and says quietly, "My older brother Llwyd was killed not so very long ago. I didn't take it well." She gives him a smile, but there is a darkness in her eyes. It's a time that she doesn't care to think about. "When you are ready to talk about it, know that I am here. I might understand."

Iago nods a little as he hears that, reaching over to offer her a pat on the shoulder again. "I'm sorry to hear about your brother," he replies, before he offers her a smile. "When I'm ready, I will remember."

Braelynn nods, but there is something of her good mood that has vanished. The memory of that time, not just her brother's death but the other things surrounding it clinging to her like a wet, dark blanket. "They wouldn't want us to be miserable though. I tell myself that every morning. Llwyd would have wanted me to live every day to the fullest. I try, but I'm not like him. He was a free spirit. I am the opposite." She gives him a smile and says, "I think too much, or that's what I've been told. I plan, and consider options. I'm apparently not spontaneous enough." She says these as though she is repeating someone else's words. "I often find that by the time I am ready to act it is certainly too late to do so."

Iago offers a brief smile again now. "I think your brother sounds like a good person. Maybe a bit like myself." A brief pause, before he offers her a smile. "There's nothing wrong with not being spontaneous. Some people are, some are not."

"Perhaps that is so, but I suspect that it is a hindrance more often than not." She smiles and glances up at him, saying thoughtfully, "I think you are a good man, Sir Iago, whatever imagined failings you might have, and I am honored to consider you a friend." Her smile widens and she blushes slightly as she looks up at him, then she turns away rather quickly and says, "I must go… I need to change before the feast. These clothes will simply not do."

"Thank you," Iago replies, offering her another smile. "Hearing you say that means a lot to me." Nodding as he hears the rest of what's said. "I will see you at the feast, then. I should go get ready as well."

Braelynn hesitates slightly, and before she goes she leans up on her tip toes to give Iago a brief kiss on the cheek. She flushes even redder, and then she moves rather quickly to disappear inside the family's solar, where she has been staying since coming to help with the birth of the newest Falt heir.

That was not what Iago expected at all. He remains standing where he is, both at the actual kiss on his cheek, and as Braelynn runs off, just watching the door as it closes. Standing there for a few moments longer, he slowly moves on down the hall.

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