(515-04-05) A Pagan in a Cathedral
Summary: Cerys entering a Cathedral leads to her meeting a surprisingly nice Roman Christian knight.
Date: 515-04-05
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Its late in the afternoon and Erion sits in a back pew of the Cathedral. The handsome golden haired knight is dressed in a blue tunic with pale grey pants and boots and a matching belt where his sword and dagger are secured. He appears to be praying quietly his head lightly bowed and his hands clasped before him. Blue eyes are closed for the moment as he looses himself in his prayers. Light from the windows shines down on him creating a rather striking image to behold. There is little noise at the moment any priests that might normally be around are simply attending to thier duties letting the young knight pray in peace.

A young damsel steps into the Cathedral of the Blessed Mary. She is suffering from the curse of the ginger. It's her hair what catches the attention of the gawkers first of all. Her curls are thick, long and brightly red, tangling like the tongues of fire. Some of the lost locks are layfully falling on Cerys' freckled features. She puffs it in order to make it fall to the other side, but the it's not helpful. The curl just continues tickling the tip of her tiny nose.
She walks into the Cathedral for the first time in her life. This may be revealed not just by her careful steps. She also has that look of a cautious, but deadly curious kitten, who wishes to explore unknown territory. Though, most importantly, she is obviously where she shouldn't be. Two beautiful long feathers of some kind of a black bird are sticking from her hair as some sort of decoration. Also, even if her black dress seems to be very simple, the outer one is a very dark gray, also made of linen, with beaded bracelets at the wrists. It is also decorated with two bronze pendants hanging from bronze chains, a narrow belt of leather straps and bronze discs. She also has many wooden bracelets and a few more feathers hanging from her belt. Pagan.
The ginger moves straight through the middle of the Cathedral toward the altar. Her eyes scan allthe decorations and carvings.

His prayers finished Erion slowly lifts his head. Blue eyes open to the sight of the red haired woman passing his pew and heading up the middle of the Cathedral towards the altar. For a moment he simply watches her noting the feathers and the fact that her appearance is that of a Pagan. The priests shoot her wary glances and one looks almost like he wants to say something. After a moment Erion rises from his seat and quietly walks up towards the altar following the woman with her vibrant red curls. He walks up beside her keeping a polite distance but standing close enough to speak quietly. A curious glance is sent her way along with a gentle smile. "Is this your first time here My Lady? I don't believe I have seen you before?" He turns to face her fully and offers a polite and graceful bow. "I am Sir Erion de Woodford, its a pleasure to meet you." His words are spoken with a refined and polite tone, sincere and gentle without any hint of negativity. He simply appears curious as to why she is here but he doesn't seem inclined to pry too much either.

Cerys was so devoted to the examination of a new place, that she did not even notice how a stranger approach her. Though she stops once the man's words reach her ear. The young lady turns to look at him and a broad smile brightens up in her freckled features. "Good day, sir!" She greats the man as if they would meet in the street. Her voice is soft, but loud. "Yeah. This is my first time. Usually, I am super busy with many duties. However, I was always so curious to peek inside. It's nice!" She looks around and points at one of the carvings on the wood, "Nice work, but we could do it better in Tisbury. I wonder, why they didn't ask our help? We have best carpenters ever!"

Erion's smile is gentle and warm and he regards Cerys with a nod of understanding. "Well then welcome." His gaze follows where she points and he studies the carving with a smile. "Tisbury? I have heard good things about your carpenters yes. I would be delighted to see what wonders they are capable of creating." One of the priests is watching them in disapproval and Erion glances his way breifly before looking back to Cerys. "As for why they did not ask for help from Tisbury…I suspect it is Christian pride. Most of those who follow the Roman Christian faith are…less than tolerant and accepting of those that do not follow thier faith. Its sad but true. I think much could be learned from developing better ties with others instead of alienating them for a disagreement of beliefs. But then I am very laid back…or so I've been told, and thats not always a good thing in Roman Christian faith." He smiles gently and it looks like the priest eavesdropping nearby is about to butt in now.

"If you are really curious about the works of our people, you could pay a visit to Tisbury someday…" Her voice grows more quiet and she rubs her arm a bit shyly. Maybe because she starts to feel the looks of the priests around? The ginger starts to move toward the altar, though. Her steps are careful and slow. She briefly peeks at Erion as if making sure that he is following. Damsel continues in a quiet voice, "So, you are Roman Christian? What is the difference between Roman and British Christians? Well, one I definitely know. British Christians hates us less," she giggles quietly. Her left hand keeps rubbing the elbow of the right one. Cerys gaze wanders to her wrist, where five wooden bracelets carved by Tisbury carvers are. Carpenters or carvers, people of Tisbury know how to take care of the wood. Cerys removes one of her bracelets and turns to Erion. She extands it to him, "Here you are," she offers a shy smile, "That is our work. It fits well to both men and women. You should keep it…" There are may various battles carved into the thick wooden bracelet. Each scene is separated by the floral ornaments.

"I would be quite glad to visit your family's lands sometime my Lady. I will have to arrange a time to visit Tisbury soon then." Erion replies following in step beside Cerys as she approches the altar. He nods once at the question. "Yes, the Woodfords are Roman Christians." He pauses and blinks before fixing Cerys with a gentle yet imploring look. "Not all Roman Christians hate pagans my Lady. I do not hate you nor your people and I can only ask that I be given a fair chance to prove my desire to treat you with the respect and kindness you deserve." He falls silent a moment and then she offers him her bracelet. He takes it in careful hands and studies the carvings with open awe and admiration. He lifts his gaze to Cerys as she says he should keep it. "That is very kind of you my Lady. I will have to find something suitable to give you in return." He sends her a rather dazzling smile and slides the bracelet carefully onto his left wrist. He meets her eyes now as he speaks. "Its beautiful, but the one who gifted it is even more beautiful if I may say so."

Erion checked his Flirting of 14, he rolled 10.

"Let me know, when you will decide to pay a visist, sir Erion. I would excuse myself from my duties to the Earl's wife to go with you. Even if my family's hospitality is quite well, we are not used to have visitors from Roman Christian families. People might feel uncomfortable or at least mildly surprised. While I may be your chance to get comfortable room for your rest." She chuckles and the blush creeps on her cheeks, "I am lady Cerys de Tisbury, if I forgot to say my name. The daughter of the head of the house. So, my father trusts me and everything…"
Though, the moment Erion takes the braclet from her hands, Cerys turns her look away super quickly. Her hair blow in the air and depending on how far away Erion was standing, his features could be brushed by the red curls. "If you manage to prove that Roman Christians may treat us with all respect, it will be more than enough," is her answer at the man's consider of equally nice present. Then she dears to look back at her companion just to meet his eyes and hear the compliment, "Oooh…" The blush on her cheeks grows from pinkish to crimson.
"Why this?" she turns to point at the cross and make the most horrible change of the topic to escape the flirting, "Why this is used as the symbol of your religion?"

Erion nods in understanding smiling softly once again. "I will let you know then and we can go visit your family lands together." The blushing is met with a gentle smile and his eyes linger on those flushed cheeks a moment. When Cerys changes the topic so abruptly he chuckles softly and simply goes with it turning to study the cross. "Its a fairly long story that involves the son of our God. He was crucified on a cross in order to save humanity from our sins. He was killed but returned from the dead three days later to ascend to his fathers side. The cross is our symbol becuase it represents the ultimate struggle of Jesus and his sacrifice…beacuse he died for us we all have a chance to be redeemed. Thats what we are taught anyway." He pauses a moment before trying to answer her earlier question. "The pope is said to be the closest being to God on earth in Roman Christian faith. He unifies all Roman Christians and serves as the voice of the Lord's will. The difference between us and British Christians is that British Christians look more to local religious leaders than the Pope."

Cerys' smile fades and she has quite serious look in her freckled features, listening to the man's story, "I am so sorry to hear that Jesus had to suffer so much because of the since of others…" She then turns her look away from the cross back to Erion. Damsel raises her hand and touches her own red cheek with the back of her hand as if trying to cool the cheek down, "So, you can live your life as a very sinful person, because you always have a chance to plead forgiveness for your sins and you will always be redeemed at the end?" She blinks, clearly not understanding the logic at least for now, "How do you even know if you commited a sin or not? Sometimes one action may be considered a sin by ones, and not a sin by others. Also, who helps to your God to look over all the believers? There are so many people, he can't be alone. Does he have a wife and children?"

Erion smiles gently and chuckles softly. "One might think that you could sin freely but thats not the case. Our religious teachings tell us that we must try to follow the example set for us as well by Jesus. To be above sin and to strive to be good people, while god may forgive our mistakes if we ask we are taught that sinning itself is a bad thing. As for sins that does vary but normally the sins follow fairly simple rules and there are seven sins that are considered deadly, lust, wrath, pride, envy, greed, gluttony, and sloth. Mainly we are taught to treat people with respect and kindness but we are also told to spred our faith to others so sometimes our teaches overlap or conflict…it might be confusing to someone who did not grow up with it and I'm not really the best person to explain it." He smiles gently.

"Oooh…" Cerys drawls. Her look briefly comes back to the cross, but then her eyes meet Erion's. The redness of her cheeks slowly fades. It may be noticed how it grows just reddish, then pinkish, and then her cheeks are quite pale again, just decorated with thousands of freckles, "It explains a lot, sir Erion. Your faith asks you to convert others. Though, I see that as a sin. Forcing others to leave their Gods behind because you all believe that your God is above others is not a nice thing to do…" She looks down at her shoes, "But you are very sweet. I am sorry that I ask so much of your faith. I do not want to offend you with my questions and thoughts. Do you live in Sarum?" She looks up at the man, changing the subject again. This time a warm smile dances on her lips.

Erion offers her a gentle smile of reassurance, his tone is polite and gentle as he offers his reply. "My lady Cerys you have done nothing at all to give offense. I'm quite glad for the chance to speak with you. And just so you know I am rather…uncertain on the matter converting others myself. I firmly believe that people should follow the path that suits them best." He returns that warm smile with one of his own. "Unfortunately no I do not, I make regular trips here but as heir my uncle and acting head of house insists, I live at Woodford. Perhaps you could visit us sometime? You offered to let me visit your home…the least I could do is return the favor."

"You are a very good person, sir Erion. I am glad that I decided to peek inside the beautiful building. Otehrwise I wouldn't have met you!" The redhead bites her lip for a moment. Her gaze wanders toward the exit, "I would be more than happy to visit your home. However, Earl's wife keeps me quite busy. Though, I am sure I will be able to find some time." She offers a curtsy to the man, "But I believe I shall go now. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you. I spend a lot of my time in Sarum. So, when you are here… Well…" Once again she bites her lip, ponders a few moments before adding, "Keep an eye for me?" That is when she smiles so brightly, that a tiny dimple appears on her right cheek.

"I am also very glad you decided to come here Lady Cerys. It has been an absolute delight speaking with you." Erion's smile is quite dazzling, bright and making his already handsome features light up even more. He bows at the waist in return to her curtsey and nods. "I will keep my eyes open while I'm here. Hopefully we will meet again soon my lady…until then." He reaches a hand out to gently take her hand in his, the lightest of kisses is placed to her knuckles before he releases the hand once more and offers her another dazzling smile. "Take care my lady. I hope the rest of your day is a pleasant one."

Cerys' eyes grow in surprise, when the man decides to place a peck to her knuckles. She lets out a weird soft giggle and her cheeks bloom in crimson roses again, "Thank you, sir Erion. May your God watch over you." And then she turns away to move out of the Cathedral in quite a hurry. However, just before slipping out through the door, she gives one more brief look and a warm smile to the man.

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