(515-04-04) Sibling Bonding
Summary: Joachim and Eibhlin finally discuss a good number of things.
Date: April 4, 515
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Eibhlin is sitting outside the house working on a woodcarving, just another little thing she as been learning. The woman has been awfully quiet since her loss in the singing pageant. The young newton just quietly soaking up the sun as her knife carves the wood piece into shape.

As he prepares to take Lydia into town for the next rounds of her challenges, Joachim steps into the courtyard. Noticing Eibhlin, the knight makes his way over to her to take a seat next to her on the bench. "Hullo, Eib." he greets gently. "I heard your doll did really well in the craft show." he offers as an opening.

Eibhlin tilts her head and she nods "third I think, not overly bad for a skill I just picked up." she says as she looks to the wooden block in her hands. Her eyes stay fixated upon it so many emotions to deal with - She sighs softly and trembles slightly. "I will try to do better at the next task." she says nipping her lips softly

"There is no reason to be down on yourself, Eib. You know.." Joachim smiles as he considers his sister. "I lost my first joust, pretty badly. To, of all people, my wife's brother, Sir Niclas Horton. And no, I did not lose on purpose. I wanted to win very badly. Though I had only known Lydia for a short time, I had hoped to show her that I could carry her favor, and instead, I ended up on my arse. I didn't compete in anything else."

Eibhlin lifts her eyes, and she nods her head to her brother, before she looks down at her fingers. "I was trying to sing a song for our brother, and it… just fell apart." she frowns a bit and she dusts her hands free of the shavings.

"Gwion's death weighed heavily on me too, Eib." Joachim offers with a sigh. "Our house has suffered much loss and heartbreak, but we have leveled it with new love and relationships with other houses." he points out. "We will only be stronger in the end for it."

Eibhlin looks to him angerly a moment "no, all your marriage has done is take another brother away, and the Horton house is so much lesser then our own. But. I am glad you are happy." she says quietly to him. Her eyes close "and I lost my sister too, I feel… so alone."

Eibhlin checked her craft of 8, she rolled 13.

Eibhlin carves into her block of wood a little bit too much and the creation she had been making becomes a bit twisted. There is beauty somewhere in the piece if she were to tap it out but her hands have stilled and her eyes are quite sad as she attempts for the first time really talk to Joachim since the loss of Gwion.

"How, praytell, do you see Horton as a weak house?" Joachim asks, decided to start at the top and work his way down. "Are you now an expert on house glory and valour? I did my research into Horton. Their father served with valour in Terrabil at our father's side, and has also served well in Dorset, far outside of their lands. The defense of the northern border is perhaps more important than the southern border. So, do explain your anger on this."

Eibhlin says, "you deserved better then joining to a house just grabbing for glory Joachim, the Newton branch is strong and vast, the Horton house while they did some valorous things is small and not really much of an alliance." She shakes her head "what is done is done, "you are gone, Vesper is gone, Gwion is gone.""

"Small, yes, but their father did great things, and their house is on the grow. And in the last several years, we have withdrawn on ourselves. Their growth joins our own and opens our doors fully to the understanding of the rest of the world, Eibhlin." Joachim says simply, the knight allowing Eibhlin to let her anger out without correction - yet. "Gwion was lost. .. the other.. chose to leave." He won't even acknowledge Vesper by name.

Eibhlin shakes her head. "I was not ready to loose you all." she says quietly, blinking her eyes and wiping off a tear that falls. "She did not choose to leave, she…was just misguided in her own sadness." she offers with a sigh. "Both of us needed you, still do you know."

"She was offered a choice, she made it." Joachim doesn't give any leeway on this as the knight frowns, folding his hands in front of him. "You are angry and sad right now. And I'm going to let you work your way through this. I do not want you making the same rash decisions that have cost this house as much as it has. And you still have your younger brothers and sisters that have not yet come of age."

Eibhlin shakes her head a little "I will not make any rash decisions, you know me better then that." She smiles a bit at the mention of her younger siblings, and she nods her head, "do not think I do not love you Jo. I am just not very happy with the paths that have split through our family."

"Our family is fractured, only if you want it to be." Joachim says this quite firmly as the knight turns to look at Eibhlin. "You have to decide if you want this to fracture our House further, Eibhlin, or if you will use these loses to pull us closer. I do not find anything that suggests that Lydia has been untrustworthy to either you or her. And if there is, you need to tell me what it is right now so I can address it. So, other than being sad that I can no longer devote the attention to you that I used as your older brother, what grudge do you hold against my wife, other than her name? What harm has she caused you?"

Eibhlin scoffs "harm? you mean other then prying the only big brother I had left away? Nothing." she snaps a little at him as she disregards her doll and she looks to him fiercely.. and it is clear it didnt matter if he married the princess herself that his younger sister would still be angry. It was all to fast moving for her - shortly after the others death. "Just like…. you don't want to loose me to some wayward knight." she throws his words back to him as he spoke them at the wedding. "I wish we could just have a good laugh together.. do you think we can?" she asks him trying hard to move past her jealosy and desires to hold onto him forever.

Rising to his feet Joachim frowns. "Your anger is because she married into our house and she makes me happy?" His cheeks turn red with anger. "Of all the selfish, self-centered, spoiled things I have ever heard, Eibhlin, that one has to top them all! It's almost as bad as Vesper admitting that she is a morally loose woman and would perfer a stranger's bed to the marriage one!" his anger is boiling now. "You're acting like a child, Eibhlin, and you are now nearly twenty-two years of age. You are old enough to marry. You are old enough to be arranged. I will not force you into anything, if you fall in love, that is your choice. But God help me, do not blame me for wanting to love my wife, arranged or not, because she pleases me! Not only in conversation, but she challenges me, she loves me back, and there's nothing we will not do for the other, including her carrying our child. So ready or not, Eibhlin, she is going to make you an Aunt, and you will have no choice but to accept her!"

Eibhlin shakes her head "no, you are not listening, I am happy she make you happy I truly am, I just wish it could had been at another time." she says softly her eyes flashing. And then the rest of his words fall upon her and she closes her eyes a moment, a breath is taken and her own anger nullifys. "A child?" she asks "well that is wonderful." and there was no trace of anything but joy for her brother then. "The lord has blessed you." she sighs and she shakes her head - "do not be angry that I wanted to hold you just a little longer, just wanted the pain to recede before loosing you to a wife. I am very happy you love her."

"Gwion passed with no heir. What if I had been taken in the same way and you had been left as the lone heir. You would have had to marry to secure your place and you may not have had a chance to find any joy. Lydia came into my life just as I needed her to, Eibhlin. If you cannot see that, then.. I do not know what else to say. She's due sometime in the summer." he says with a sigh before he shakes his head. "I have already had to watch the death and loss of one sister because of her rash words and brash actions, Eibhlin. Do not follow her tread. My heart will hurt, but I will honor my father's wishes." he says simply as he starts to walk away, hands balling to his side to bring his temper under control.

Eibhlin reaches for her brothers arm touching it lightly "I will accept her, because she makes you happy brother.. I just needed you around for a bit longer.." she admits "Loosing family is hard." she lets him go then. "I would like to be there to help with the birthing."

"I am the heir.. and until father recovers, head of the house, Eibhlin. I am not going anywhere." Joachim responds, a frown on his features. "But I have my duties to tend to, and one of those is family. You need to accept that. As for you - you now fill in the role I once held. I need you to help make relations and ties with other houses. With your words, your deeds, your actions. I have faith in you, but it is important that you act properly at this task."

Eibhlin nods her head, "with your teachings I am sure to thrive at it brother." she says - looking a little better because she was able to release all her anger..

"Good. Now I need to head to Sarum, Lydia is still in the competition for wit and performance. I hope you will at least come and speak to her and offer her an encouragement." Joachim suggests. "Considering your anger for her, I believe it would go a long way to learning about your new sister and soothing your thoughts on the matter."

Eibhlin nods her head "I need to do my competition for wit as well…" she says quietly as she dusts her dress off, willing to leave the prior conversation dead.

"Then I will see you in Sarum so that we may cheer you on. Just because I'm married does not mean my love for you is less, Eibhlin. It just means you have new family to extend your heart to." Joachim points out as he finally makes his way off.

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