(515-04-04) Knight on the Town
Summary: Bradwyn meets the smith to discuss some new spear heads.
Date: April 4, 515
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Visiting Sarum, Bradwyn has a long list to see to, and one item brings him to a local smith. Ducking down, more out of habit than anything else, the six foot tall knight of idmiston enters the smithy proper as his striking blue eyesscans the area and finds the owner, "You are the smith Ottis correct?" in a calm, polite tone.

Ottis can befound easily enough as he's currently pooring liquid metal into a mold that is used for Arrow heads. Ottis has to be very careful to not over fill them as he's focus'd as you can see sweat on his brow from both the hot liquid being pour'd as well as his concentration.
When The knight enters Ottis has managed to fill the last mold and sets the cherry rest cruible down as he move to a water barrel and dunks his head quickly and wipes the running watter off his face. Then with a grin Ottis turns back to the knight and nods. "Aye I be Ottis, how might I be able to help you sir knight?"

Bradwyn nods respectfully and says, "Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston, SIr bradwyn is enough. I was on a hunt last year with a rather tempermental beast and feel a boar spear might be of some good if I ever try it again. I trust this would be a simple enough task for you, as I've heard talk of your skill when asking around Sarum."

Ottis smiles softly. "Aye Sir bradwyn, tis a simple matter to make. How soon will ya be need'n it?" as he moves around the mold so that it's not jarred allowing for the metal to cool so that his arrow heads will be easier to hone and sharpen. "How far down the shaft do you wish the guard? as some like them a bit closer to the spear tip, others a bit further back as its all a matter of prefrence."

Bradwyn nods and says, "As soon as you are able I'll be in Sarum for a bit handling other purchases, tracking the right sellers down, that sort of thing. As to the guard can be a bit closer to the spearhead, to better fit my proportions. I want to be sure that when I land a blow the beast stays at a distance from my horse and myself."

Ottis nods his head. "Aye.. Im sure you do.. " as Ottis grins brightly. "Never met a knight yet who wanted to be up close and personal with a charging boar…." as he teases just a bit. "Besides you in luck once I get these arrow heads cooled I can get started, shouldn't take me more than a few days, which includes the casting of the spear head and guard.. then I can sharpen and assemble everything, do you have a length in mind of the shaft? best between six and eight feet in length, though I can go longer should you wish to do so while on your mount."

Bradwyn nods and says, "I'd say eight, it should be a nice middle ground for my height on horseback or off. I tend to favor horseback, but if thrown off by a panicked animal I don't want it to be too ungainly."

Ottis nods his head "Understandable. " as he moves to where there are some standard spears already made, a few have heads that are extremely simple as if they put an oversized Arrow head on them and then you see one that is a X shaped spear head, giving it four razor sharp edges for inflicting a log of damage and the ends are hooked back so that once you impale someone with them they do more damage when you jerk them back out. "so what kind of tip would you like on your Boar spear? those leaning up along the wall are just a few examples, of what im able to make."

Bradwyn walks over at the options and says, "Standard boar sperar head should be fine." gesturing to the large broad-bladed head.

Ottis smiles and nods. "Now for the shaft, Oak is a good hard wood to use but I also have some cherry and Maple, if you've a prefrence." as he explain. " you wouldn't wish to use a softer wood for fear of breaking more easily. "

Bradwyn nods and says, "I want sturdy and solid, the more durable the better."

Ottis says, "sir knight all will be sturdy and solid and quite durable, though some prefer a wow factor if you will, I have a feeling cherry will be best in this case, more so when I apply a good laqure on it to make it shine as you'll have the finest boar spear around."

Bradwyn waves dismissively and says, "I am not one for show, my size is enough for that. I favor the functional over the appearance of my equipment."

Ottis can't help but grin when you say that. "I understand but why not have a bit of both yes? as the spear will be very functional and it doesn't hurt that it'll also look good. Granted after lots of use it'll be scuffed up and what not unless you treat it again. I give nothing but good quality weapons and I feel why not make them look good while Im at it, since it costs the same no matter how you go. "

Bradwyn says, "Flashiness can be a boost, but personally I feel the work speaks for itself. Cloaks, surcoats, maybe even shields are for showign off one's colors or coat of arms, the rest I see little reason. If your work is as good as I've been led to believe the spear enduring use and keeping a boar at bay speaks far more of your skill than coloration, or additions."

Ottis bow's his head a bit. "aye but I enjoy making sure my clients get the best quality work I can provide and as for the flashiness of the spear, why Im not going to be doing anything special to it just what I would do for any weapon. Think of it as a bonus for my choosing cherry wood on your behalf for the shaft. It'll serve you well and look good doing it. " he moves to the door leading to the back and pulls out a small jug, and two cups where he fills one with a bright red wine, then looks at you. "would you care for a drink.. Smithy work is thirsty work and Im sure its the same for a knight.. especialy one who's been on the road a while."
Ottis speaks plainly and honestly and watches you for your reaction to see if he should fill up the other cup or not, but as your here he'd feel disappointed if he didn't at least offer the drink.

Bradwyn nods and says, "Thank you." accepting the offer as he continues, "If it means that much to you and doesn't disrupt the functionality go ahead."

Ottis fills the other cup with the wine. Now its not the best vintage as no smith can afford such but its still quite good and refreshing. Ottis hands you the cup and smiles. "Well then It'll be my honor to craft you the best Boar spear im able. I also hope it'll bring you many successful kills, and meat for your table." as Ottis sips/drains half his cup, before casting a glance at the still hot arrow heads.

Bradwyn nods and says, "My thanks and if it performs as well as you imply, if asked I'll be sure to direct any who ask where they can go as well."

Ottis smiles even brighter. "that is the best advertisement any one could ask for, as Im sure most of the other knights in the realm have smiths they prefer but it never hurts when my work can be seen and used and enjoyed and other decide to give me a try. As I do my best to be fair and honest with those who seek my services. "

Bradwyn nods and says, "One of skill should be recognized for that skill regardless. Likewise those who claim skill and lacks it should have it made known as well." His tone is calm and casual, more of a statement not a threat or warning.

Ottis nods, and then chuckles a bit. "Hence why I make very little claims." as his smiles.

Bradwyn nods and says, "Safer option." simply as he sips the wine and makes a non-commital shrug. He certainly doesn't like it, but he doesn't seem to dislike it either.

Ottis grins and nods, downing the rest of his wine. "I would hope so as I'd not wish to make claims and be unable to back them up. It'd be a bad way to get my business going. "

Bradwyn nods and takes another sip of wine and says, "Indeed. Such can be said for any field as well, even knights and nobles. A man can go on about how beautiful his daughter is, but once she meets her betrothed there is an expectation, and if not met it can ruin a match."

Ottis hmm's "I had not concidered that, but I can see where that would be a problem. Though being not married, yet. I will have to deal with that at some point Im sure. " as he grins softly.

Bradwyn nods and says, "As I understand it the smallfolk don't worry over arranged marriages anyway. I wasfortunately to be arranged to a true beauty."

Ottis smiles and nods. "Well you are indeed blessed Sir Brandyn. I know of an apothacary who's interested in blades for her work as well, so Im hoping that word will spread in a good way of my skill so that anyone who requires good blades , or weapons in General will start seeking me out. "

Bradwyn nods and says, "If I require more and your work proves as good as I've heard I'll be sure to come to you first in the future." he then downs the rest of the cup, which is the vast majority of it as he onyl took a few sips. There is a bit of effort to swallow but not too great due to his size. He does make a face as though not enjoying the experience and offers the cup back, "I shall leave you to your work. Send word for me when the work is done." as he turns to depart unless delayed or stopped.

Ottis checked his craft of 15, he rolled 3.

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