(515-04-04) A Meeting in the Forest
Summary: Erion has his second meeting with Eibhlin in the forest and there is shared music and food.
Date: 515-04-04
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Erion checked his Play of 14, he rolled 19.

Its an early spring afternoon and the sun is hanging high over the forest. Birds flutter through the trees. darting here and there. A pure white rouncy is tethered and grazing nearby and the handsome figure of Sir Erion de Woodford sits on a fallen log an elegant wooden harp in his lap. Every now and then light filters into the clearing from the trees shining down on him. A soft breeze blows a cool wind as the knight clad in traveling clothes of his normal blue and grey colors plays a song that he cannot seem to get quite right. He toys with discordant notes and finally lets out a soft sigh his fingers giving the harp a break as he stares out into the treeline now.

Eibhlin was out looking for forest sprites! More like looking for her sister who was rumored to have disappeared into the surrounding woods. She had feared that Vesper might be taken by a fae, as she slept, and so being a good sister, she is but of course going to check on her. The breeze ruffles her hair and she closes her eyes, the basket of goodies in her fingers is clasped as she walks further along the road, looking for any sign that a person might be about. It was clear she did not intend on seeing Erion this day but the vision he provides was not unwelcomed. She stood a moment just watching him sit there as he played and though his playing was not quite right she was still vaguly entranced.

Eibhlin checked her dex of 12, she rolled 11.

Erion slowly lifts his head and spots Eibhlin. He tilts his head to the side and offers her a dazzling smile just as the sun peeks through the trees once again. It bathes him in light and the effect is rather striking. "Lady Eibhlin?" He calls out to her rising to his feet harp held carefully in hand. "What brings you out here? Hopefully my lackluster performance just then did not bother you too much? I'm afraid my talents are failing me today." He studies her a moment his expression gentle and his smile warm.

Eibhlin gestures to her picnic basket "I was on my way to feed a friend who found herself without home recently but it can wait.. She would not wish me getting lost in the woods trying to find her after all." she comments as she smiles to him. "perhaps all you need is a nice accumpment if my voice is willing to answer the challenge." she teases as she moves a little closer to a nearby tree, she admires him. How could she not, her eyes softly bask over him as if she had never seen anyone quite like him before.

Eibhlin checked her flirting of 5, she rolled 11.
Erion checked his Flirting of 14, he rolled 6.

Erion nods at the reply a small and gentle smile playing on his lips once more now. "Perhaps you are right My lady." He lets his gaze roam over her a moment lingering before it locks with her own eyes. "Beauty such as yours is often used as inspiration this is true. Maybe thats all I need to perform better. We shall have to see yes?" He notes her lingering gaze with a charming grin and retakes his seat on the log. "Sing for me Lady Eibhlin?" He implores of her with a beseeching look. "Sing for me and I shall try to make a song worthy of your beauty and inspiration." The harp is lifted again and positioned in anticipation.

Eibhlin checked her singing of 15, she rolled 14.

Eibhlin shakes her head, meekly, "my sister is more lovely then I…" she says to Erion. She blushes as he asks her to sing, and so she will try. Her voice is on target tonight starting a bit soft and shakenly, she was a shy timid woman. Her eyes close and her voice gains confidence and passion as she sings a nice soft Christian tune of Amazing Grace. It was a simple pious tune, one would know from attending Mass afterall.

Erion checked his Play of 14, he rolled 12.

Erion watches as she begins to sing, his eyes widen in delight. His fingers begin to play the strings of his harp to create the tune that matches the song. He plays well, not quite as well as she sings but the tune matches her voice nicely and he manages to achive a harmony of sorts. He still doesn't look away though, he studies her as she sings letting his fingers dance across the strings until the songs end where it tapers off until only the final note is ringing out into the forest.

Eibhlin kept her eyes closed, so she did not see him looking at her. A way to cope with her shyness perhaps, her voice ringing out gently and over the the trees - echoing through the wind. She sighs then smiles when she is done "why … could I had not done that good when it was my turn to compete.." she asks herself before bitting her lips tightly and drawing a little blood. Her eyes open and she looks to Erion as she suckles upon her bleeding lip thoughtfully quiet.

Erion rises as the song finishes. The harp is shifted into one hand and he approches Eibhlin coming to stand before her just as she opens her eyes. He smiles gently. "As I said at out last meeting, my luck is much the same. However I would not trade the chance to enjoy such a lovely soung with you for the honor of winning a dozen performances." He watches her as she suckles on her bleeding lip and the sudden impulse to steal a kiss seems to arise within him. His eyes lift locking with hers for a moment now as he wars for control of himself.

Erion checked his Chaste of 16, he rolled 12.

Eibhlin tilts her head a little and she licks her lips lightly, "you honor me by thinking so." she says softly. Unaware of the emotions he was struggling with the Newton lady smiles softly at him. "Would you…like some of this food?" she asks "I best be sharing it with someone before it goes bad." she says quietly to him.

"The honor is mine, that you would grace me with your presence to begin with." After a moment Erion smiles gently and takes a slow step back. "I would be delighted to, but only if you will eat it with me. I don't think I can eat it all myself anyway, besides it is much better to share yes?" He chuckles softly and turns going to carefully return his harp to the saddle bag of his horse before turning to face Eibhlin once again.

Eibhlin nods her head "indeed, it is simple wine and cheese and bread, things my brother would not miss being in the pantry." she says and she opens up the basket. He might note that the basket had small soaps and first aid material within it as well, but she leaves them be as she gets the food out to share.

Erion nods and he does note the medical supplies and soaps but he makes no comment. He retakes his seat on the log and accepts his portion of the food with a grateful smile and softly spoken words. "Thank you my Lady, you are very kind to me. It is most appreciated." He takes a nibble of cheese and a bite of bread relaxing as he watches his surroundings but his eyes still keep coming back to her.

Eibhlin smiles a little "well I am sure you get well fed at home." she laughs "and I am sure I will find my friend another day, to give her more food and neccities." she says to him. "What are you doing out here alone with your harp anyway?" she asks as she takes a bite of her cheese and she smiles to him, the bleeding on her lips has stopped now.

Eibhlin checked her chaste of 16, she rolled 3

Erion laughs once he finishes his mouthful of food. "True enough. Though I don't like spending any more time at home than I have to of late." He sighs softly and offers her a smile. "I hope you find your friend soon and that she is well." The question has him tilting his head and then he smiles once more. "I was coming back from seeing a friend of mine. That and trying to stay as far from Woodford as I can until I get my mind straight again."

Eibhlin looks to him "Why is that?" she wonders "has your family been as difficult as My own?" she wonders her eyes move down the path she came, and she looks in the way he came from "Fratinizing with the Pagans?" she teases him - her voice gentle. "my cousin just married into a Pagon house Idmision I believe."

"I'm not certain if its my family or me that is being difficult to be honest." Erion replies with a soft smile and a thoughtful look. "My uncle is serving as the current head of house while my brother and twin sister are away. I am the heir until further notice and it makes me uneasy. My brother has been gone awhile and I've heard no word…I worry." He looks troubled despite how he tries to conceal it. The jest lightens his mood however and he offers back in a light hearted tone. "Fratinizing? You make it sound so…sordid my lady. I assure you it was nothing of the sort." He chuckles and then turns a bit more serious. "If you wish someone to listen to whatever troubles you face, I will do so gladly and without judgment."

Eibhlin shakes her head, "we lost our older brother…" she says softly "the next oldest like yourself was not completely ready to become heir, he has married and starts a family of his own soon, my older sister, she is in these woods somewhere. Disowned for flirting overly with the stablehands.." she whispers "please tell no one that you caught me running her supplies, my brother would not understand." she says softly worried.

Erion listens calmly and with a look of understanding. He nods. "I will not tell anyone Lady Eibhlin, you have my word. In fact if there is anything I could do to help you or you sister, please ask and I will do my best to aid you. I cannot help thinking and worrying for my own sister…my twin sister. I know how trying it is to be seperated from family." He smiles a gentle smiles of reassurance.

Eibhlin nods her head "Thank you Ser." she finishes her cheese and stands "I should go, before they realize I have been gone for so long. She reaches out to touch his cheek lightly "do not run so far away, you never know how long Christ has in store for them. Forgive and renew your bonds with your family my friend, I know it is hard.

Erion finishes his own food and smiles grateful to her for her words. The soft touch to his cheek is a pleasant surprise and he bows his head. "Thank you for the food and for the company My Lady. Take care and I hope things get better for you as well my Lady Eibhlin." He lifts his gaze and rises bowing respectfully to her as she goes to leave.

Eibhlin looks to him with a smile, and she withdraws her fingers, she turns then taking her basket and moving back along the path to the Newton lands

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