(515-04-03) Crafty Negotiation
Summary: Lisbeth works on some knitting and apparently does well enough for Braelynn and Eilla to negotiate for it.
Date: April 3, 515
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Eilla is watching the serving up the Idmiston brew, the good ciders her family is known for, the Lady herself of course has a glass of the bubbly in her fingers and a warm smile on her lips.

Coming into the Boar's Beard, Lisbeth is carrying a small bag around her waist as she moves to claim one of the tables for her and hopefully a friend she promised to meet. As she sits down, instead of scrolls or books she takes out, the young woman removes a pair of yarn needles and some colorful yarn as she starts to knit, working on a colorful little tunic as she hums to herself.

Critical Success!
Lisbeth checked her craft of 12, she rolled 12.

Braelynn enters the Boar's Beard and gives a cheerful wave to the serving girl as she does. They know her here. For some reason, out of all of Sarum, this is where Braelynn has chosen as her favorite reading spot. One table in the back near the fire, in particular, but today she doesn't make her way toward that table. Her eyes sweep the room for someone in particular. Upon seeing Lisbeth she moves over to her and leans in to kiss her on the cheek as she greets her, "Lisbeth! Here you are!"

Eilla smiles as she watches the serving girls and she notes who seems to be a regular, she moves over to the other women though she pauses not wanting to interrupt "That looks like it is turning out splended if I say so, are you to enter it into the contest?" she asks the one knitting

Lisbeth checked her courtesy of 10, she rolled 18.

Fortunately for Braelynn, Lisbeth has already claimed the table, but left her favorite spot empty. Greeting her friend, Lisbeth kisses the air next to Braelynn after the kiss on the cheek and smiles. "Do join me, Braelynn. I didn't feel up to scribing today, so.." She holds up the little tunic she's knitting. "..it's a little late for the craft show, alas." she admits with a small laugh as she glances towards Eilla. "Do you recognize her?" she asks curiously. "I fear I have been rather sheltered in my life in Chalke and never have had the chance to explore the county until recently."

Shaking her head, the young lady giggles. "I was just mentioning that I think I was too late for the contest, unfortunately. Maybe next year." she offers, before she offers, "I'm Lisbeth, and this is Braelynn." She doesn't use proper titles and names, and if she thinks about that later, she may very well wash her own mouth out with soap at the slip up of the casual greeting.

Braelynn slips into her seat and gives Eilla a bright smile and dips her head politely as she indicates another chair at their table. "Please, join us!" She waves to the serving girl and calls out to her, "Pear ale and bread and cheese for us, please!" The serving girl gives Braelynn a nod and goes to fetch it. Braelynn leans in and says to Lisbeth, "Guess what?" It's not so quiet that Eilla can't hear, but it's obviously a secret of some sort, though not one that truly requires secrecy.

Eilla laughs a little to Braelynn and she nods her head to her, "aye, I am Lady Eilla de Idmission one of the head brewers here, overseeing everything delightfully intoxicating." says the woman "Thank you for the invite to join you" she dose indeed sit near Braelyn with a grin.

"What?" Lisbeth asks as she glances towards Braelynn, confusion furrowing her brow. Secret? There's a secret. A polite smile is offered to Eilla as she's extended the offer to join them at the table, and she continues her knitting but leans in to listen to what Braelynn says to her.

Braelynn grins and leans back and says teasingly, "Nevermind. You don't need to know." She then gives Eilla a grin, "Lady Braelynn de Cholderton here, and this is Lady Lisbeth de Chalke. We can't boast anything as wonderful as overseeing the brewing here, but we can boast that we taste it quite regularly and it is delicious!"

Eilla laughs a little "you two act like sisters." she smiles sweetly before she shakes her head a bit watching the servers and the customers "I am sure you have other talents to boast, look at that pretty tunic, how much are you selling it for?"

There's a frown and Lisbeth gives Braelynn's leg a light kick under the table as she takes the ale and draws from it, closing her eyes as she savours the taste. "This is quite good." she says with a sigh as she considers. "I.. was well, making it just to make it. I'm sure there's a mother to be around here somewhere that would enjoy it?" she asks as she returns to her needles and sticks her tongue out at Braelynn. "Teasing me like that."

Braelynn jumps as she is kicked and lets out a loud "Owww!" as though Lisbeth has broken her leg. She leans down to rub it and looks at Eilla. "I hope she doesn't treat her sisters the way she treats me." A flash of a smile is given to Lisbeth and she blinks innocently. It is then that the serving girl arrives with a large plate of bread and cheese. She looks toward the tunic and raises a brow, "So, my dear Lis, are you making tunics for all of your future little ones?" Again, that very sweet and innocent (and teasing) smile.

Lisbeth checked her intrigue of 9, she rolled 9.

Eilla laughs a little at the ladies and she shakes her head a bit "I was going to ask for Gwen's but with her recently having twins I would need…. two, and there is only one like this." she says quietly

"Oh, I'm not pregnant or even married, Braelynn." Lisbeth says, her lips in a thin line as she works. "But I heard that the Earl was arranging a match for his new scribe, so I'm preparing for the inevitable redhead littles I'll have to call niece or nephew." she offers in a rather flat tone that makes her sound dead serious about the idea. "I'm sorry Eilla, it seems that this may have been a one time fluke?" There's a little smile at that.

Eilla checked her orate of 5, she rolled 18.

Braelynn picks up a piece of bread, and tears off a small bite sized hunk. She pops it in her mouth while grinning at Lisbeth. She then turns her attention to Eilla and says, quite seriously. "Don't listen to her. I'm not getting married." Then she turns her attention back to Lisbeth and smiles sweetly, "If he does arrange a marriage then it's highly likely he'll be without a scribe again. I plan to make sure he realizes this. In fact, I plan to make sure he communicates this to my dear cousin, in case he has it in his head to arrange another marriage for me."

Lisbeth checked her modest of 13, she rolled 12.

Any comment that Lisbeth was about to make is lost as Braelynn makes that announcement. "I guess I won't be alone in the duty before marriage, then." she says with a glance to her knitting. "My duties to king, county, and manor come before my own - as steward of my house, it is my duty to remain vigilant towards those needs." she offers with a little shrug as she continues to knit. "You can give this to your sister in law, Braelynn. I'll try to make a second one, but at least one of them should look like a hunter, if I recall right?"

Though the offer of free drinks for a month for the tunic is a strong offer. The young woman considers her work, lifting it up to study it before she looks to Braelynn. "What do you think?"

Braelynn seems to consider for a moment and she says, "I say you let our new friend have it, in exchange for free ale for both of us for a month." Truth be told, it's the pear ale, that's Braelynn's weakness, and she rarely drinks much of it. She glances to Eilla, "If you would be ammenable to that." She smiles brightly at Lisbeth and says, "Then you can make my new neices matching ones. Something in Cholderton colors."

Eilla shakes her head a little "not for you both no, I am sorry that I simply can not do, not without a matching one myself." she says as she watches Braelynn now turning to face her a bit more

"How about this…" Lisbeth is a little bit more practical thinking as she considers Braelynn and returns her attention to Eilla. "What if you offer a keg of your pear ale's vintage in return for the tunic. That way I do not have to remind the barkeep of our agreement, plus, I can share the ale as I see fit. Does that sound fitting?" she asks as he takes out her knitting tools to finish closing off her tunic. "And I will make you a matching one, after I complete the ones for the twins."

Braelynn grins at Eilla and says simply, "I like her." She glances to Lisbeth and points to Eilla and says, "I like her." Braelynn certainly doesn't need more ale, as some have already observed when they've come upon her reading in this very tavern. She pops another piece of bread in her mouth and leaves it to the other two women to discuss terms. It's not her concern after all. It is neither her ale, nor her tunic.

Eilla tilts her head and she nods then "sure that sounds fair, for that quality then for Gwen's twins." she nods her head "That is fair."

Finishing up the first tunic, she makes a little tie in the knot that is her own little signature and then Lisbeth folds the tunic up properly and presents it to Eilla. "I'll start work on the second one, and we'll have the exchange then." she says with a smile. The young woman gives Brae a winning smile, having reached an agreement.

It is just about that time that the serving girl drops off the three pear ales that Braelynn ordered. She pushes one toward each of the other women and lifts her as she says, "It's a deal. Shall we toast and drink to it?"

Eilla laughs as she takes the tunic and she nods her head "indeed!" she says as she lifts her glass and raises it up to click against the other womens. "Which house are you from M'lady?" she asks Lis.

Lifting her mug, Lisbeth favors both women with a smile. "To new deals and friendships." she offers, clattering her mug against Braelynn's first, before Eilla's. "I am from the House Chalke." she offers. "Near the Dorset border." there's a little frown. "The recent war took away some of my family, and now I find myself having to represent the House at the Court."

Braelynn takes a healthy gulp of the ale, and places it back on the table. She picks up a bite sized piece of cheese and nibbles on that while her new friends talk. She glances around the tavern and then back at the table and gives a happy little sigh. Life is good here in Sarum today.

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