(515-04-03) A Crafty Stroll
Summary: Joachim and Lydia have a stroll and a short talk.
Date: April 3, 515
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Springtime in Sarum, and Lydia has found that the best thing she can do for her constitution while pregnant is take walks, and as the sun is setting, the town is alive with the remnants of the day's pageantry. It's a beautiful view, and nothing makes Lydia happier than taking her stroll on the arm of her husband.

As they walk through the craft fair, Joachim is torn between looking at the arts and his lovely wife, his hand moving to cover hers on his arm as he grins towards her. "I have not had a chance to see what you made for the fair, but you are doing so very well in the pageant." he says with a hint of encouragement. "I still think you were the prettiest, by far."

Lydia lets out a chuff of a laugh as they walk. "The cloak is on display, along with the frayed edge that lost me the victory. But for that, it's not too badly made. We can go toward the craft displays if you like." She adds lightly, "I rather think I was thought as being too fat." There's a patpat of her belly.

Critical Fail!
Joachim checked his flirting of 3, he rolled 20.

"It's not fat.. it's.. it's…" the words are lost on Joachim as he frowns, squeezing her hand, not sure of some reassuring thing he can say to make his wife feel better. Instead he nods numbly. "Sure, the crafts sound good." he says with a grin. "Do you think they have some meats cooking? I am getting rather hungry."

Lydia snickers. "You're awful." she tells him, and then ooh's. "That would be lovely if so. I'm starving. I could stand to gain even more weight and become practically corpulent, don't you think?" Now she's just taunting him, albeit playfully.

Joachim blushes a little as he realizes that he has very much dug himself a hole. "I had wondered what my foot would taste like." he says, more than a little flustered as he lifts his wife's hand to kiss her knuckles briefly. "I heard a caller speaking earlier of a hospital that was being created here. Though I'm not sure we can offer much to it, I would like to try, at least." He's always had such a generous heart.

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