(515-04-02) Spring Pageant - Eibhlin's Performance
Summary: Eibhlin pairs against another famous singer, Aine de Broad
Date: April 2, 515
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"Today is one more marvelous day of the young spring!" The herald announces to the crowd gathered in the Boar's Beard, "Today is one more day when charming and talented ladies will honor us with their singing!" Some of the gawkers start to clap, some whistle, while others just calmly observe two other figures on the stage. "Today's competition will be started by two famous ladies," The herald continues after a brief pause. He gestures toward these two other figures on the stage. "The first one is lady Aine de Broad, known to all of us by her beautiful voice! The other is lady Eibhlin de Newton equally good at singing and known for her charming voice. It will be hard for judges to decide, right?" The man bows to the cheering crowd before moving to take the arm of Eibhlin, if allowed, and lead her from the stage to wait for her turn. Ib the meantime, lady Aine de Broad prepares for her performance.

Eibhlin politely claps for the lady she is to be paired against, she looks a little nervous, twirling her cross in her fingers. The chain spun slightly woven round her pale fingers as she tries to ward off her nerves. The Newton lady joins the arm of the announcer and she gives him a shy small smile, moving to stand where she is placed to wait.

Cerys makes a check for Famous Lady at 19, she rolled 12.

"You will do great," The herald encourages the young lady Eibhlin, while walking from the stage and moving to stand on the side of it.

Aine's golden-kissed skin contrasts with her ice-like eyes and black eyeliner. Her tawny hair is trimmed close along the sides, where the top and back stands raised which gives an almost mane-like appearance. Her thick hair has a great deal of volume, smooth and bushy in appearance, her hair is left to fall naturally in the back to roughly her mid-back in length. Worn across the collar and upper chest, this woman has a decorative collar of silver wire and beads bordered at the top and bottom by dipping, rounded curves. This continues across the upper back as well so it is securely in place. Centered in the front only is a downward facing triangle resting between the breasts.

Light black silks attach to the collar piece on either side flanking the central triangle. Dipping down to expose a cleavage line that descends to just above the naval, it is here the two pieces join as one and expands out into a loose, billowy gown which wraps around the body, though leaves only the arms, shoulders, back, and the sandal-clad feet expose. All of the silken material of the gown is black in color.

Despite the fact that her appearance is a bit less modest than a lady should look like, Aine steps forward with self-confidence and pride. She folds her arms in front of herself, inhales some air and starts:
About a maid I'll sing this song sing rickety tickety tin
… who did not have her family long
Not only did she do them wrong.
She did everyone of them in.
Them in. She did every one of them in…

Aine's song is long and maybe a little bit tiring, but it's funny and as a talented performance she perfectly flirts with each men who gawks at her, and she does even wink to the ladies and Eibhlin too. At the end the woman offers a deep curtsy as a thank-you for the applause. Then she gracefully leaves the stage. She moves by the lady Eibhlin an offers, "Good luck, dear!"

Eibhlin checked her singing of 15, she rolled 18.

Eibhlin nervously steps onto the stage, her eyes flickering slightly and she clasps the cross in her tiny fingers. It was clear that the chestnut haired woman was generally shy and softer spoken, and the great performance that proceeded her own has her starting off a bit shakily. The woman could probally sing well if she was not so nervous! Paired with the fact that she was singing about her lost brother. The song breaks sevral times with a trembling in her throat, as she begins to cry..

Halfway through the tale of her brothers bravery she breaks down and then flushes "sorry".. she says unable to finish her song, she runs off the stage and is not seen again.

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