(515-04-02) Rose vs Jemina - Round 1 Performance
Summary: Rose sings, Jemina cries, Wilhelm watches.
Date: April 2, 515
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Rose checked her singing of 8, she rolled 7.
Wilhelm makes a check for Young Singer at 10, he rolled 18.

Rose really hopes that Wilhelm is watching, since this is his fault that she is out in public and /singing/, but after he caught her singing while she worked with her herbs, he would let her do nothing else but get on stage. So it is to him, that her eyes fix on, and then she takes a deep breath before moving to sing a lovely song about love and honor, and the romantic passion that everyone whispers about. She is almost as good as she can be, so it comes off with heat and feeling.

With the blossom of the flowers in the gardens of Sarum, it makes a perfect backdrop for the singing competition between Rose and Lady Jemina de Chitterne. Wilhelm is part of the small group of on-lookers that is watching the competition, and cheering on his newly-wedded wife quietly.

Jemina hears the lovely tones of her opponent, and she draws in a nervous breath. Her own betrothal had recently been cancelled, and with the sadness she feels, the notes of Rose's song strike home and deep, and her own song ends up sad and pitchy as she ends it early, before she covers her face in her hands, and leaves the stage in a hurry, saddened and upset at her failure.

Wilhelm watches the woman leave with a frown, but his attention turns to Rose and a warm smile blossoms. He knew she would do well in the competition, and seeing her advance only proves it as he makes his way through the crowd to greet Rose. "That was great!" he says encouragingly, happy to see his wife come slowly from her shell.

Rose steps down to takes Wilhelm's hand but she watches the other lady run off and she sighs gently, "She wasn't that bad, I think my song upset her though.." Rose says softly, and its clear that such upsets her as she turns her body into Wil's for a hug and a soft worrying of her lower lip, "Maybe we should go and check on her?"

Returning Rose's hug, Wilhelm settles his hand on her starting to grow belly with their child as he considers. "If you want?" he asks her. "If she is distraught, I worry that she may lash out towards you for aggrieving her anger." the young knight offers as he searches out her eyes.

Rose frowns softly as she looks up at her husband and then she sighs softly, "I guess you are correct, but I want to send someone after her, if nothing else someone to talk to.." She peeks around the crowd as she let's him hold her with a hand to her stomach and hopefully to her back, as that has already started to hurt, "Ah, I see one of the other battlefield healers, maybe Lord Dari will go and check on her.." Maybe there is some matchmaking there as well.

Wilhelm checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 8.

There's a hint of amusement as Rose plays matchmaker and he kisses her cheek. "I see that being with child has done nothing to slow down your want to introduce potential loves." he teases her playfully as he laces his fingers with hers. "Come, let's take a walk down to the craft section - what did our house contribute to the show this year?" he asks curiously. "I noticed I still had my saddle, so it wasn't that." There's a teasing lit in his voice as they walk off.

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