(515-04-02) Pretty for Glory or Marriage?
Summary: Breaca's first round oration against a young lady draws out some insults.
Date: April 2, 515
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The Cony has cleared out a small area for a platform for the competition for wittiest. Among those that has signed up for the competition are the young ladies, one of which ended up drawing Braeca in the first round. Standing on stage in a pretty dress as she awaits her opponent, pacing back and forth as she goes over her argument in her mind.

Breaca is a very serious woman. The competition does sound good, but it takes a lot of time which she could use for learning or helping ROwan's mother to take care of their manor. So, when she enters, she has no smile in her features. She moves toward the stage in firm and full of self-confidence steps. Her dress is quite simple because there are more important matters whcih could use coins than a beautiful gown. She is dressed up. That's enough.

The young woman stands up on a stage and fixes her eyes on the pacing opponent.

Gareth makes a check for Young Lady Orate at 10, he rolled 15.
Breaca checked her Orate of 13, she rolled 5.

The young lady looks to Breaca as she approaches and offers a curtesy. However, as she notices the dress, she considers for a moment, before she goes into her oration. "…a young woman should be allowed a finance for a wardrobe, because that wardrobe is an extension of her home, and we should always look our best when representing our homes, don't you think?" And that's about it for her whole argument.

Breaca snorts, "The leader who flares up with gold and silver, while his people dream of a tiny piece of bread is not a good leader and he does not represent his family well. The leader who wears rags, when his people suffer and the leader who first dresses up his people in gold and silver is the one worth of respect. Of course, if you understand what I mean…" She snorts again, obviously, considering the other lady way less intelligent.

"Yes.. well.. maybe at your house! But our peasants support us!" the young lady snorts haughtingly, but she's hurt by Breaca's words and starts to storm off the stage, apparently leaving the older woman as the winner as the young lady gives one last snort. "No wonder you can't get married!" she says, drawing boos at the low blow.

Breaca's eyebrow raises up at the other woman's sudden outburst. Amusement flashes in her features and forms a tiny smile, "That is all what she can think of? Marriage? Seriously?" Her gaze wanders from where the opponent disappears to the other people, "Marriage is a chain on the lady's neck, stating that she depends on her husband. While actually, we, ladies, keep our home stable. And not because our husbands are famous knights! We can do everything and reach a lot on our own. That is why I am not married. I am not a mare for breeding." She rolls her eyes and offers a tiny curtsy to the audience.

This draws applause from the ladies present - though a few of the men are glaring daggers at the young woman who dares to speak out against them. That might be a problem later.

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