(515-04-02) Morag's Oration
Summary: Morag finds herself orating against a Christian purist.
Date: April 2, 515
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Morag checked her orate of 13, she rolled 1.
Joachim makes a check for Famous Lady Orate at 19, he rolled 17.

When occasion calls for Morag to speak, she takes a position on the street, leaning on a staff bedecked with flowers. "I pray you, good people, hear me!" she calls out, "No more should we heed those who wish to speak ill between those who worship old ways and new. I call upon us all, under our good King Arthur's banner, to stand against our enemies in unity, and call for the persecution of goddess worshippers or those who follow Christ no more."

The Christian woman that Morag finds herself against has been studying the faith for years. As she takes her place, she draws in a breath. "What further prood do you need of the troubles that pure paganism causes than to look across the border from Cholderton to the hated Saxons that raid our lands, murder our people, and claim their faith drives them to their divine right to attack us? Or those heathens of the Irish, who befuddle and bewilder all with their actions, and are even further drug to Satan than to God. We must rally to our faith, for our faith is our shield against the Godless heathens on all sides that wish to bring us to ruin and destruction. Look around you - our Houses stand divided on grounds of religion. Only united, can we stand against the heathens."

Morag's calls for tolerance go unheeded, as the crowd - for the most part - shifts to the other woman's way of thinking, calling out a hurrah. Saddened, Morag inclines her head toward the other woman, and moves to depart.

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