(515-04-02) Enfys Performance Round 1
Summary: Enfys performs in the 1st round of the Spring Pageant
Date: April 2, 515
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Enfys makes a check for Enfys' play at 16, she rolled 9.
Yorrick makes a check for Young Lady Play at 15, he rolled 16.

Enfys insisted on being in the tournament. With her being dangerously pregnant, Yorrick wasn't about to let her out of his sight as he escorts her to the performance stage for the Spring Pageant. She's not the only one that's pregnant, as her competition, a young Lady from Orcheston, is already on stage, her hand settled on her stomach. "You were blessed too!" she says to Enfys with a slight giggle. "May God bless you and your little bairn." she offers as she moves to settle in for her song.

Hey, it's a matter of pride for Enfys to take part in the pageant! It's what little she /can/ do! And so, as she finds herself helped to the stage, she hears the other's laughing comment, she smiles to the other lady, "That we have been. Congratulations to you as well." Huge is she, and getting bigger every day it seems! But, with her double-recorder in hand instead of her lute or harp which is getting harder and harder to play with her expanding belly, she settles in a chair that she requested, nodding towards the other young lady to play first. Listening, she does well to not wince or let any emotion play upon her face until it's her turn.

The young Lady is doing well at first, but soon, there's an obvious pitchiness to her tone, and her fingers don't set as well on her Lute, perhaps a little swollen with the pregnancy. As she reaches the end of her song, she lowers her head and turns her attention to Enfys so that she may play her song.

As the song comes to an end, Enfys offers the other young lady a warm smile, one of encouragement even if she didn't quite manage to play the song without obvious mistakes. Lifting her double recorder to her lips, she takes a deep breath, and begins to play a rather playful little song. The double harmonics ring out soft and true as her nimble fingers fly over the holes as the song continues. When the last notes ring out, they're held for a few seconds before finally the double recorder is lowered with a bow of her head.

Tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVAANqQci2M

When Enfys' song comes to a close, it's obvious who has won the performance, as the young Lady comes over to the blonde and catches her hands. "That was truly beautiful. I wish you the best of luck in your future rounds and with your birth." With that, she waddles off stage as Yorrick comes up and affectionately kisses his wife. "Alright, so you do much better when I'm not interrupting you." he teases her, leaning in to speak with her before offering his hand to her.

The smile warms further as the young lady catches her hand, a squeeze given to the grasp, "And best of luck to you as well, with both your music and your little one." There's a certain solidarity to be shown between the two pregnant musicians! Enfys turns then to her husband's steps as he joins her there, his words both spoken aloud and in whisper to make her blush as he helsp her to her feet so she might walk down the stairs. "I do, don't I?" She says alound then. "I hope the second round is quick, so I can play again.. before we leave for Cholderton."

"I'm sure you will.. if not, well, we may just have to miss it." Yorrick responds as he helps her to her feet, his hand remaining in hers as he leads her off so they may continue their adventure around the pageant.

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