(515-04-02) Cordelia's Shame
Summary: Cordelia does not fare well during the Ladies Pageant.
Date: 4/2/515
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Lady Cordelia de Pitton was having another bad day. One of those days which starts off bad as soon as you toss yourself out of bed and proceed to stub your toe! She had fared poorly in the prior contest; against the other damsels of the court she proved to be neither glowing with ethereal beauty nor blessed with natural grace.

Cordelia checked her orate of 15, she rolled 3.

She thought she may have better luck in the other contests which relied on something other than physical symmetry. The Pitton lady stared down her older opponent, in what was called the 'Wittiest' contest. "Why are you wearing your manor's drapes? Surely it wears them better."

Amalthea makes a check for Notable Lady Orate at 17, she rolled 6.

The woman, one Agnes from far away, meets Cordelia's stare with cornflower blue eyes, calculating and sweet all at once. "The better to prove that looks do not equate with intelligence, nor must one stoop to belittling a person based solely upon their garb. You, my dear, have all the brainpower of these 'drapes' and some day you shall find yourself… and wish you hadn't."

Cordelia opens her mouth to retort, but the sudden rise of voices lifting from the crowd watching indicates they had already chosen the winner… and it wasn't her.

First round of the performance contest, and Cordelia was mystified by her opponent. The woman had to have met the age requirement, but looked no older than twelve! She did not let her stare linger too long - that would be rude - but the conflicted expression she wore said it all.

Cordelia checked her singing of 12, she rolled 16.

When it is her turn to sing, she starts off well enough… then her voice cracks when she attempts to hit a high note. It would have been wise if she had treated her throat to some water first! She wilts and turns beet red as she finishes the sonnet. Another mistake she didn't have to make.

Amalthea makes a check for Young Lady Singing at 10, she rolled 5.

The woman - clearly meeting the age requirements but having the cherubic looks of a youth - steps up with a sweet countenance. She even dips a respectful curtsy to her elder as she slips by Cordelia. When she sings, it's an innocent ballad of a mother's love for her child, in a clear, high falsetto filled with feeling. She finishes to much applause, ducking her pretty tawny curls while a pleased and embarrassed flush creeps up her young cheeks.

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