(515-04-02) Bryn's Delightful Concerte!
Summary: Bryn is surprised by how well she plays against an Experienced Singer.
Date: April 2, 515
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Riley de Fisherton is a young woman, no more than twenty-five, that is just starting to make a name for herself with her voice. Arriving at the small stage in Sarum that has been set up for the spring pageant, she smoothes her pleats as she climbs up onto the stage, to wait for Lady Bryn, the lady taking a small sip of wine to keep her voice moist.

Unlike her competitor, Bryn is not singing. She hustles towards the stage where the competition is being held, looking just a little uncertain and flustered by the entire thing. Someone is second-guessing the wisdom of entering. That someone would be Bryn.

As Bryn arrives, Riley offers a smile and a light curtesy. While she carries no instrument, it makes for an interesting challenge - an instrument against a voice. She smile demurely towards Bryn and offers her the stage. "If you would like to go first?" she offers her quietly.

Bryn flushes just a little as she offers the woman a smile in return, "If you wish." She replies quietly, then hesitates for just a moment before she begins to head towards the main part of the stage, trying to remember where she might have hidden her courage.

Riley watches with a little smile, trying to offer a little encouragement to the woman, but in the end, they are competitors. "May be the best performer win." she offers with a smile.

Critical Success!
Bryn checked her play of 7, she rolled 7.
Gareth makes a check for Experienced Lady Singing at 15, he rolled 9.

Bryn smiles a bit more at Riley, the expression still a little nervous however. Then she settles in, looks out over those present, and begins to play her harp. As soon as her fingers touch the strings that nervousness melts away and the sound that falls from the strings is a pleasant melody, slow and sedate, but captivating.

The music is so enchanting that Riley cannot help it. Her own words start to weave into the song, the accompaniment causing the pair of ladies to give the crowd a very nice concert. However, by the end, even Riley knows that she has been bettered. "Thank you for the wonderful tune to lend my voice to." she offers with a light blush and a curtesy. "You are very talented. I hope I get to sing to your playing again another time." And with that, she moves to leave the stage, defeated.

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