(515-04-02) Braelynn's Witty Fail
Summary: Braelynn participates in the first round in the battle of wits and does not fare well.
Date: 04/02/515
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NPC by Lisbeth

It is late in the day when Braelynn arrives in the tavern that is being used for the Ladies Pageant. She has been convinced to enter the contests. Braelynn is shy, and around crowds she seems to forget to breathe, much less speak. Yet she does show up, and upon arriving she awaits her turn at the contest of wits. Her hands clasp in front of her tightly to keep her from fidgetting as she waits.

For the record, it was not Lisbeth that convinced her to enter. The young woman is here, however, with her scrolls and books, sitting at a table she had held for her friend, while she works on a few logs. When she notices Braelynn, one of her rare smiles is offered up, and she mouths gently, "Good luck!"

Then her opponent comes out. It's one of the women that Braelynn has often seen around court as one of the orators for debates and training diction. The older woman offers a smile to Braelynn and offers, "I did not know that our scribe in training was into oration as well? My, well I do hope you are as talented with your mouth as you are with your fingers." she offers with a small smile as she takes her position, allowing Braelynn to speak first before she does.

Braelynn checked her orate of 3, she rolled 11.
Lisbeth makes a check for Notable Lady Orate at 17, she rolled 4.

Braelynn blinks as the woman appears. She looks around and bites her lower lip. Braelynn has a known history of fleeing in crowds, but she does manage to stay, though her words come out pitifully flat. "Being witty is not always equal to being well spoken. Particularly when surrounded by…" She glances out at the crowd and swallows nervously, "a crowd." Braelynn is obviously in over her head with this competition and she gives the lady a curtsey.

Lisbeth gives a little wince as she hears Brealynn's stumble. But she keeps her eyes on her books as she tries not to sympathize. She knows how hard it can to be to speak in public. The lady frowns a little. This is the level of competition this offers? The Lady clasps her hand. "The very definition of oration is your ability to hold the attention of the crowd with the strength of your voice and your presence, instead of…" she walks around Braelynn, and flicks her red hair. "…flouncing around on the stage to presenting yourself to be witty, when instead, your words and actions fall as short as your stature." she says about the small woman as she returns her attention to the crowd. "If this were a contest of beauty, surely you would have won, Lady Braelynn, but instead of victory, the bitter realization you must recognize is that your words are better kept to paper, than being spoken."

Braelynn's face flushes and she turns on the woman, narrowing her eyes, though the pale green is shiny with the threat of tears. Braelynn says angrily, "Well, at least I'm not mean!" With that she turns toward the crowd and stomps off, flopping into a chair near Lisbeth to brood for a bit. She looks at Lisbeth and says seriously, "She's just plain rude!"

The lady lifts her nose, and shakes her head dismissively. "If you cannot handle even the smallest prod at your appearance, then court may not be for you." she says as she moves off stage, clearly the victor of the match. Lisbeth frowns as Braelynn takes a seat, and slides over the wine. "That's court for you." she says quietly. "Rumors mixed with falsehoods, and you're left to try to figure out the truths and who will turn on you and who won't." The young lady reaches and gives Braelynn's hand a small pat, but looks serious. "If you are to be a mover and shaker in the Earl's court, you're going to have to be thicker skinned, Braelynn." she offers quietly, lifting her chin slightly. "You cannot allow those words to wound you so."

"You have to start to learn sometime, Brae." Lisbeth offers reassuringly. "I plan to join the court myself someday, and I'm already using my time in the halls of Chalke to prepare myself, and I need to be prepared for such words, especially if I plan to remain unmarried." she teases a little and grins. "And misplace her position on them all." she adds as the young lady pours Braelynn some wine. "Now drink with me. I can appreciate a friendly face."

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