(515-04-02) Battle of Wits: Eibhlin vs Nia
Summary: A very close battle of wits by two ladies and followed up by the charm and wit of a certain Woodford knight.
Date: 515-04-02
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NPC played by Erion

The lady Eibhlin has come to the tavern which has been being used for the tournament, her breath is drawn and she shakily holds a cross on a chain woven through her fingers. A quiet prayer and she moves to the stage to face off with the other woman as they prepare for a small contest of complments and wit. "You are looking lovely today, like the sundew kissed meadows fresh and sweet." she tells the lady her eyes flash as she holds herself upright delivering the compliment with a certain flare of meaningfulness.

Eibhlin checked her orate of 10, she rolled 13.
Erion makes a check for Experienced Orate at 15, he rolled 19.

Lady Nia is one of the more experienced competitors in the ladies pageant that is being hosted. Not the best, or most famous but still rather talented. Short of stature but with a decent presence to her she is well dressed in a dark green dress with her ginger colored hair pulled into a tight braid that falls down her back to her waist. She is currently awaiting her opponet to the wittiness contest with a cool and determined air to her. The Lady Nia holds herself up to her full four foot eleven inches of height with digity and no small amount of haughtiness. She stands waiting on the stage as the lady Eibhlin arrives. The compliment is met with a look of surprise and Lady Nia responds in kind her voice kept to a sincere and sweet tone that she cannot quite pull off. Instead she sounds rather fake, like she would rather insult than compliment."Why thank you but surely I am no match for your own beauty and…skill." Though she sounds like it pains her to say this.

Standing in the crowds of the tavern among those come to watch the competition Erion is positioned near the front. Dressed in an elegant outfit of pale blue and grey he holds himself up to his full height with regal grace that seems almost effortless. The sunlight catches in his golden hair making him look if possible even more fetching. His blue eyes intently study the crowds as he waits for the contest to begin. As he looks thier way a group of women giggle and then swoon a bit as he offers them a gentle smile before his looks to the competition as it gets ready to begin once more. His blue gaze fixes on the two women pitted against each other with curiousity, a hint of excitement in that bright blue gaze. He listens and Eibhlin's compliment is met with a soft smile of approval however the Lady Nia's response has him shaking his head lightly. He looks to Eibhlin and focuses his gaze on her now sending a look of encouragement her way. "Once more and with feeling My Lady! I'm betting you can win this." He calls out in an eloquent tone offering her a dazzling smile after he does so.

Eibhlin checked her orate of 10, she rolled 6.

Eibhlin attempts again her words soft and almost silvery flow from her lips. "Me?" she asks back and she shakes her chestnut hair, feeling good about herself as the cross dangles from her fingers. "No, A simple lady such as myself would never compare to such a rose. Tell me dear lady did you come this evening for some wine? Perhaps I can have the servants fetch you some for you look as if it would be of use." she smiles and she guestures leaning down to pay for the said wine.

Erion makes a check for Experienced Orate at 15, he rolled 8.

Lady Nia seems to get her bearings as Erion cheers for her opponet. Her determination turns into skill and she tilts her head regarding Eibhlin with a gentle expression. "Ah but there are no mirrors to show the truth of the beauty that stands before me now. I did not come for wine but instead to show you the respect such a priceless gem as yourself deserves." Her tone comes off much more sincere this time, charming even.

From his place in the crowd Erion watches the two go back and forth with a gentle smile. His eyes study them both with interest as he awaits to see who won this one.

The judges look to talk amongst themselves for a little bit, then they announce "By a close call Lady Nia is our winner in today's competition, both ladies did very well however. Thank you both for coming out.

Eibhlin smiles and nods to her competitor and she turns to leave the stage politely giving a small incline of her head to the other woman "Peace be with you." she offers as she moves to get her own drink

While the judges talk Erion goes to speak with a server. By the time the winner is annouced and the ladies are leaving the stage the server is bringing them both a cup of one of the better wines availible. Erion is propped against a nearby wall watching as the server offers a cup to both Lady Nia and Lady Eibhlin. "The gentleman over there would like to thank you two for the wonderful performance. These drinks are on him." She gestures to Erion where he is propped and if the women look his way he simply smiles and bows his head politely.

Eibhlin looks to Erion and she smiles slightly to him, "Thank you Ser." she says politely, her eyes look over the winner and she smiles a bit with a small grin. "I am sure your next round will be one of greatness." she grins before she looks to the knight that offered the drink and she moves to sit near but not directly with him.

"You are most welcome, my Lady." Comes the polite reply from Erion to Eibhlin. Lady Nia accepts the drink and with a nod to Eibhlin she goes to sit with a group of ladies and chat with them. Erion watches the lady Eibhlin settle near his spot and he smiles warmly. "You did very well My Lady. It was a delight to watch you both. I am Sir Erion de Woodford, its a pleasure to meet you."

Eibhlin tilts her head and she smiles faintly "I have heard of Woodford of course, it is a pleasure to meet you as well, I am afraid I didnt do well enough to proceed this or the singing - but my sister-in-law has been upholding Newton honor at the very least." she chuckles. "Thank you for your kind words."

Erion smiles gently. "If its any consolation My Lady I never seem to win in performance contests either. I do fine outside of them and yet when time comes to compete my luck and skill fail me." He chuckles lightly. "I would love to hear you sing sometime though. I play the harp myself but this contest is for ladies and not knights and so I sit and watch rather than compete." He inclines his head. "You are most welcome my Lady, kind words are well deserved in this case I think. You held your ground and performed with grace, digity and skill. You may not have offically won but I think it was a victory all the same." His words comes smoothly and in a charming tone, his gaze locks with hers and he looks quite sincere as well.

Critical Success!
Erion checked his Orate of 14, he rolled 14.

Eibhlin checked her Chaste of 16, she rolled 3.

Eibhlin looks to him and she blushes faintly at his words - she nods her head slightly and a small smile flickers against her lips. "You speak with a silvered tongue Ser." she laughs deeply "Perhaps the Lords should take wits as a competition, it may be just as engaging as the Ladies." she laughs and she tucks the cross from her hand into her pocket as she gets a grip more fully round her glass

Erion's smile is rather dazzling now and a soft laugh leaves his lips. "Perhaps they should. I admit I would find it enjoyable if they did." He rises. "However I should be on my way for now. It was a delight to speak with you Lady Eibhlin. I do hope we have the chance to speak again soon. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day." He bows politely to her and with another bright smile turns and starts to take his leave.

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