(515-04-01) Unbroken Bonds
Summary: Eibhlin sneaks out to see her older sister, Vesper, and the two bond even further.
Date: 515-04-01
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The messages may have traveled from sympathetic stable hands. One never knows how far the network stretches. Either way, Eibhlin, having asked, was told where to find Vesper. This clearing, not so far off of Newton lands, there was an abandoned shack. Truly, a shack is all it can be called, made of wood that has seen better days. Still, coming into the warmer days of Spring, the once-Newton has made of this one-room shanty a decent home. A battered pot boils water over the cheerful hearth, spring flowers make the place fragrant, and fresh grasses in the corner make a pallet for the young woman to sleep upon. She's not sleeping at the moment, though. Instead, Vesper sits upon them, with mortar and pestle in hand, grinding some noxious smelling herb. The door to the shack stands open to receive the sunshine, and any visitors.

Eibhlin looks to the shack and she frowns "My sister has gone away, only the sprites remain." she mmms a bit as she looks about, a basket in her arms. There are fruits, and a bit of seasoned jerky within the basket, along with bread and wine of course. Some comforts perhaps one might not get out here roughing it. "Vesper?" she calls as she moves close to the shack.

Inside on her pallet of grass, Vesper's dark head perks. Woven through with flowers, her hair has probably seen cleaner days, but the woman really does resemble more the wood nymph her sister names. She unfolds in a single leap, all excitement and bright, growing smiles. "Eibhlin!" She'd know her sister's beautiful voice anywhere. "Oh, Evy! You came! I wasn't sure if you would." Vesper dashes across the clearing towards Eibhlin, in her serviceable, plain gown, arms thrown wide.

Eibhlin laughs as she hugs her sister and her arms enfold about her. "Oh Vesper".. there are tears in her eyes "I miss you so much". She whispers. "I brought you some things, and… a new dress…" she says as she hugs her sibling closely a long moment that almost seems like she wont let the other girl go, but she will eventually. "Are you okay?" she asks "Your filthy… I did not think to bring soap.."

Vesper's own grasp around Eibhlin is just as bruising, just as warm and welcoming. "Evy! I'm okay, I promise. It was a hard winter, but with the sun, it's much easier." Her nose wrinkles down at her old gown, but her grin is irrepressible. "I do /try/ to stay clean, but it's not easy. Most of my time is spent foraging for food and medical supplies. Thank goodness I took my bow and quiver with me, else I would have starved. But," she looks at her beloved sister wistfully, "I certainly won't turn down a new dress. You are too good to me, Evy. Will you get in trouble?"

Eibhlin shakes her head "no as far as father is concerned I was tithing." she looks her sister over with soft affection in her orbs. "Why didnt you want Tal? He would had been a good match for you." she whispers softly - broaching the subject sweetly and gently to her sister.

Vesper's smile dims only a little, and she tugs her sister towards the shack that she now calls home. "Come inside, in case anyone happens to be passing through. I would not for the world let anyone see you, if it will get you into trouble. Let your secret remain that way. As for Talfryn…" She chuckles lightly, a melodic sound, shaking her lovely head. "In the end, he wanted to do what any marriage would have done. I don't want to change. I don't want to be shackled. This," she gestures to the hut, "may seem hard, may even seem terrible, but it's freedom." The word is a happy sigh from the carefree lass. "Besides, Bryn is perfect for Talfryn. She's docile as I will never be."

Eibhlin mmms a little "Well, so long as your happy, maybe you will meet a nice stableboy here in the woods, or an exotic fae". she laughs as she looks to her sister. "I will need to find a match soon, and I loathe to ask Lydia to match me." she admits and wrinkles her nose. There was no concealment in her features for the feelings she had when speaking about their brothers now wife distaste was heavy in the timid woman's voice. Finding her way inside she sits on the ground before her sister and she tries not to get her own dress too dirty

"Happy enough," Vesper replies, waving a hand about the interior of the small shack and all of its bright, cheerful flowers. The young woman settles close beside her sister, loathe to be too far away, given all the distance they've had recently. "I've only met Lydia a couple of times, but she seemed a bit of a stick. You can see why 'Chim likes her," Vesper winks, laughing playfully. "What has she done to you? Tell me, and we'll devise some way to keep her from being such a prat. You don't deserve anything but sweetness."

Eibhlin shakes her head a bit, and she sighs "nothing really to me, but she is quite the little spoiled princess if you ask me." she chuckles and leans her head against Vespers shoulder. "Chim has sworn off any other attempts at marrying his family who knows what will happen however with the Ladies Tournament activity's.. Maybe someone will take notice of the Newton wallflower." she teases her more free spirited sister.

Vesper's nose wrinkles again, as if the unpleasantness of Lydia's behavior came with a strong, rank scent. "It's not even a strong alliance," she offers up to Eibhlin, soothingly. "Horton hardly has as glorious a history as Newton. You, my darling sister, are a far better catch than she could have ever hoped to be. Prettier, too," she adds, her grin wicked, very Vesper-like. "If you went to town more, you'd quite quickly snare the heart of some dashing knight, I've no doubt. If that is truly your wish. But you do not have to wed to be happy, Evy. You know that, right?"

Eibhlin tilts her head as she looks to Vesper, and perhaps it is their fathers voice she would find echoed back at her, for Eibhlin blinks. "I…don't?" she whispers "is it not my duty with you gone to provide an alliance with a strong house? After all its not like Chim has done such". She frowns and wipes her eyes "and our brother is dead." she whispers her voice cracking, "would I not be right in finding happiness in a match?" she asks her older sibling.

Vesper reaches out to stroke her sister's chestnut head softly, cradling her protectively. "Only if you think you /would/ find happiness in a match, Evy. Does God not wish us to be happy? Why would we have a benevolent and forgiving God who wished us ill? Your duty should be to your family, certainly, but also to God, and I cannot countenance a God who would wish upon us unhappiness. I wish nothing but your happiness, Evy. If you think a man would make you happy, then I shall do my best to find a good one for you, if 'Chim will not."

Eibhlin does not know what to think. But she is quiet for a long time, she smiles softly to her sister "I trust you - more then Lydia, she barely knows me." she hugs her sister close. "Do you need anything here?" she asks as she looks into Vespers orbs her own studying hers softly

"If she knew you, she would cherish you as much as I do," Vesper tells Eibhlin, dropping into a serious tone for once, her voice no less mellifluous for the solemnity of it. "I will do all I can for you, Evy, and only bring what you know for a fact will not be missed. I do not want your safety put in danger, love. Promise me that?"

Eibhlin sighs a little, "that will be hard to promise sister." she says quietly - lovingly. "I worry about you being out here with the Pagans, and whatever else roams these woods." she says softly "I know if it were me I would had died shortly after arriving." she laughs softly at her incapability at survival. "I will come visit you as much as I can". She leans in to hug her once again

Vesper returns the hug, breathing her sister in deeply before releasing her. "I would have come with you, and taken care of you. I have some exciting news, though. I met a wonderful Lady, Lady Braelynn, and she mentioned being in need of someone with midwifery skills, so fear not for me. I may have a job, and be able to afford at least a little better than this, soon." Vesper gives Eibhlin a bright, cheery smile. "So you see, life does not end without marriage." She pushes to her feet. "Nor without our brutish kinsmen. Come visit only when it's safe, Evy. I mean it."

Eibhlin laughs and she nods as she stands she looks to Vesper once again "I hope you are well sister, you deserve better then to be someones servant girl." she considers and she sighs softly "be careful, let me know where you are so I might find you ok?"

"I will send to you through the stable folk, if they are willing," Vesper replies, her grin wicked. "And if it is safe enough. I love you, and do not forget it," she tells Eibhlin, giving her sister one last fierce squeeze. "Now go, before you are missed. You still have tithes to collect before the dark comes. Else I might be tempted to keep you with me forever!" she teases gently.

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