(515-03-02) Unexpected Roommates
Summary: All it takes is one worrisome suspiscion for Braelynn to announce she's moving in with the newly married, and very pregnant, Enfys and Yorrick.
Date: March 2, 515
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Winter has slowly given away to warmer weather that has started melting the snows. IT means more people are getting out to travel, even if roads are muddy from the thaw. Freedom from the same four walls! Though, life within the walls of Sarum have been nearly normal, at least for the most part.

Within the small cottage, Enfys has been fussing with a few things here and there. Nesting has set in, and she wants things just so. Doesn't help that she's gotten quite so large, or that she isn't sure /what/ she wants. It's not like she can help make the baby's clothing or booties or swaddling. So, she settles for standing in the doorway to the second bedroom, as if she could see within, rearranging what needs to be set up at some point in her mind. "Did you check with the furniture maker about the craddle and when it is to be finished?" She asks of Yorrick once more over her shoulder before finally turning to walk slowly yet confidantly across the floor towards one of the chairs to lower herself upon, a hand resting upon the swell of her belly.

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<OOC> Enfys chuckles, "Then yes, she's twice as big as she should be for as far along as she is. Either she's got twins, or one VERY big baby in there. :P"

Ever since Enfys convinced Yorrick not to march with the armies of Salisbury on Dorset, the knight has been keeping busy with his work throughout the winter. There's been few trips outside the walls, as he used some of the early spring thaw to get a jump on the hunting season. He's making sure that their small stock of food is properly set as the knight chuckles. "Yes, love, for the fourth time, he promises it will be ready before our child arrives." he says as he comes from the back, wiping off his hands to settle them on her very pregnant belly and kisses her forehead. "You're carrying high. Must be a boy." he says with a small smirk in his voice as he pulls away. "Can I get you anything, my beloved Imp?"

*knock* *knock* The sound can be heard on the door of the huntsman's cabin. She doesn't wait for anyone to answer, however. She opens the door and calls out loudly, "It's Braelynn. I'm coming in! I hope you're both clothed!" With that, she enters the cabin. She pulls the cloak from her shoulders and hangs it near the door, glancing around to see how well her brother and his new wife have been settling in.

"Good.. good.. I just.. hope it comes before the baby. " Enfys fusses just a little before he comes over, his hands upon her belly and kiss to her forehead to calm the sudden spat of nerves she has. "You think?" She asks, somewhat hopeful, though she'll be happy no matter the sex of the child as long as it's healthy. As the knock comes to the door, she half turns her head towards it, the better to hear whom it might be, though with the announcement, she smiles and with Yorrick's help, rises to her feet to offer greeting to his sister, "Braelynn! Come in, come in.." Laughter easily heard in her voice, "We're clothed and safe." She's able to say that without blushing these days. Barely.

"And if I was cock deep in her, you would probably only offer advice anyway." Yorrick says flatly, though with a hint of humor after his wife, always willing to tease what little of her chasteness she has left in their relationship as he lets Enfys greet Braelynn first before giving his sister a kiss to the cheek. "I hope winter in Cholderton wasn't too bad for you and Arta?" he asks with a hint of worry.

Braelynn swats at Yorrick's arm and chides him playfully, "Now brother. You know I'm unmarried and completely innocents. Comments like that are entirely inappropriate in my company." She is, however, mostly teasing, though it does make her blush to hear him say it. She moves to Enfys and kisses her on the cheek, stepping back to eye the belly. She glances at her brother, and then at Enfys again. The belly- it's much larger than it should be. She asks, "You've been married about 6 months now?"

Kisses to cheeks is given, Enfys shaking her head at Yorrick's answer to Brae. Yes, she /does/ blush with that comment! "He's horrible, isn't he?" She asks of Brae before tilting hre head, missing the way she's being studied by the healer. "Aye.. about that, yes. Autumn celebration.." Towards the end of September. "Why?"

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There's a playful owch at the swat, and he just smirks at the two women as Yorrick considers what his sister's saying and might be suggesting. "We only knew each other a month before that. And no, she did not let me take her anytime earlier than our wedding night." he says with a faint frowns. While she may have converted, Yorrick protects his wife's virtue regardless.

Braelynn gives her brother a worried glance, and she moves closer to Enfys. Her voice is quiet, and soothing as she says, "Enfys, dear sister… I will think no less of you based on your answer. But the safety of you and your child rest on the answer…" She sighs and shoots a glance at her brother before she asks, "Were you with another before Yorrick? I won't judge you… you both know that I am certainly a victim to my own lusts at times." She holds a hand up to Yorrick in a silent motion to let her speak.

Confusion will soon mar the expression upon Efnys' face when she picks up on the various tones in their voices. To Yorrick's comment, she smiles softly, cheeks blooming with a blush, "And you were respectful of that wish.." Of waiting, that is. And yet, when Braelynn questions further, she draws herself up, slowly giving her head a single shake, "No, I was not. I was a maid until my wedding night with your brother, this I swear on gods both old and new. My virgin's blood stained the sheets the next morning." There is no doubt she's telling the truth on this.

Enfys can probably feel the anger and upset broiling within her husband at his sister's suggestion. Yorrick holds his tongue as requested, but the idea that his beloved wife would.. have had another - and worse, he was the father to someone else's child strikes hard to the young knight as his hands clutch to his side, balling into tight fists, and there's little relief even at Enfys's reminder.

Braelynn touches Enfy's belly lightly at first, feeling it. Her hands move slightly more forcefully as her head turns and she looks at Yorrick. "She's much too large for only 6 months along." There is worry on her face and she shakes her head. She glances at Enfys and leans in closer, resting her ear against the woman's belly, listening through the fabric. She listens for a long time, but it doesn't lesson the look of worry on her face. As she pulls away she says, "I'm bringing my things. I'll be staying here with you until the birth." The line of her lips is tight, and worry colors her features.

Enfys reaches for Yorrick's arm, slipping her hand down to his to lace her fingers together. The tension in his body is felt, and she turns to face him, "You are my one and only, Yorrick. This you know this. From the first kiss that made my heart race, to the moment our bodies were first joined as man and wife, it has only been ever you." Quietly does she speak, and yet her honesty shines within each one spoken. An open book is she, speaking from her heart.

With the touch to her stomach, Enfys turns back as if to look at Braelynn, standing there quietly to accept the caress of hands, the press of an ear to her stomach. When those last words are spoken, she ohs, "But surely.. it is well? You need not.." She begins, now worried herself.

Enfys' words do much to calm the turmoil in the knight as Yorrick squeezes his wife's fingers in return. As he listens to Braelynn and sees her expression, the tension of anger turns to worry. "Brae?" he asks quietly, as he catches Enfys' hand between both of his own as he watches Braelynn start to make her intentions more clear. "What do you mean? Is something wrong?"

She stands, and shakes her head. "I can't be sure, but I suspect there's more than one heartbeat. Other than yours, Enfys" She steps back and sighs, "We all know how dangerous childbirth can be. The births of twins is doubly so." She glances at Yorrick. "She should rest as much as possible. Off of her feet. I'll be here to see to the cottage. The risk with twin births is that she go into labor too early. If that happens we could lose the babies." Her voice gets even quieter, "Possibly even their mother, if an infection or bleeding sets in."

Enfys stands quietly by, that is, until Brae makes her diagnosis. "Tt..twwins?" Her hand not currently clutching at Yorrick's touches her belly then, and her worry doubles with what is said. "Oh.. ohmy.." From blushing bride to a little pale does she go, the news leaving her smile to fade away as well. "Then surely with you here, we will have the best of care. I will do whatever you say for me to do, Braelynn. " Such worry given, for both the unborn child.. children.. and that of Yorrick should something happen to her.

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"..twins? How? Neither one of us is a twin." As if that's the qualifier in Yorrick's mind, as the poor knight finds himself suddenly in a whirlwind of confusion. While he feels the color drain from his face, his freckles standing out further, at least he doesn't pass out as the huntmaster finds his gaze falling to his pregnant wife's stomach - filled with their children and he looks back up to his wife's eyes, the worry clear in his voice. "Su-sure, whatever you say, sis.. I.. I mean, you're trained in this, right?"

Braelynn looks at her brother and sighs, "You don't have to be a twin to have a twin, Yorrick." A gentle hand rests on Enfys arm and she says comfortingly. "We'll just do everything we can to make sure you have the best possible chance of health for yourself and the babies. You'll need to eat right and rest. Let me handle everything. We'll get you through this, and with any luck you'll carry the babies until they are ready to enter the world screaming like their father did when we were children and I put a dead snake in the bath with him." This is her attempt at levity, and she gives him a half-hearted smile. "It will be ok. We'll get you through this." She then swats Yorrick on the shoulder. "I asked for neices and nephews, but not all at once!"

Before Enfys can speak up the same questions, Yorrick has beat her two it! Worried as well is she, and she leans in against her husband, nodding to everything that's soon said by Braelynn, "Of course.. whatever you say. I wish them healthy and hale.." And alive, goes unspoken. She does begin to laugh a little when the teasing comes around, "You screamed? About a snake?" This asked of Yorrick, though the last has her finally busting out with a giggle, "Leave it to Yorrick to make sure you.. we.. have our hands full?"

"..she's reversing the story to make me look bad." Yorrick mutters, but accepts the good-natured teasing as it calms Enfys' nerves, and in turn his own as he gives his wife's rump a swat. "You heard her, no more housework for you, you need to lay down." he says as he moves to guide his wife to bed.

Braelynn glances around and says, "I'll travel to Cholderton tomorrow and gather what I will need for the next few months. She'll be weak after the birth. I'll stay as long as I'm needed." She doesn't seem particularly troubled by this, in fact, she seems relieved for an excuse to escape the monotony of the winter at Cholderton.

"I don't need to go to bed right this moment!" Enfys begins to argue just a little as she turns towards Braelynn, "Do I? As long as I am good, and do not push myself, I can be here, seated at a chair?" She's questioning, making sure of that fact. "No walking to the market, or to the castle, right?" Being stuck in the house, and that's it!

Yorrick nods his head, waiting for instruction as the knight frowns a little. "If you need to stay here, I could make the trip to Cholderton, Braelynn?" he offers, the concern showing on the knights' face as he waits to figure out what he's supposed to do. This is a first for him, after all! ^r

She seems to consider this for a long time and she says, "Enfys, I think it's ok to sit with your feet elevated, but if we see even one drop of blood, you're on your back until the birth." She gives her a stern look with that, and she turns her attention back to Yorrick. "I can go Yorrick. You have your duties, and one more day will not make so much of a difference."

Enfys waits till Braelynn answers, and then nods her head several times, "So be it. Again, I'll do whatever is needed." She allows them to decide who's coming and going, and then says quietly aside, "Yorrick, I will be fine till she returns. And she would know best what she needs anyway." Again, the gentle squeeze to his hand, "I'll even stay in the bed till she returns, if that will make you feel better?"

Yorrick frowns, he's the faster rider of the two, and the one capable of making the trip most expeditously, but he relents. "I'm going to ask the Earl to lower me to every other week for a hunt, love." he says quietly, worry showing. "I don't want to be away from you in case something goes awry."

Braelynn moves toward the door and says, "There's something I need to do, before I am here to stay. I'll be back as soon as I can." She looks to Yorrick. There's a peculiar expression of determination on her face. "I'll see you two tomorrow evening." She looks toward Enfys, "I mean it. One spot of pink and you're in bed until the birth."

"I will have Morfyd come from the castle till your return." Enfys says quietly, knowing it will take her cousin to lend a hand to keep a watch on that. The downside to being blind, unable to notice minor details like that! "We'll be fine. You be careful on the road to Cholderton and back, Braelynn. " A nod is given to Yorrick, "IF anything, let him be aware and see what he says." He only just got the position, after all!

"I'll do that once Braelynn has returned and I'm sure of what's going on." Yorrick says, still holding onto his wife's hand. She just came into his life and now there's a chance he may lose her - and he's not ready to give her up to the gods and goddesses just yet. His head bows in his silent prayer and worry before he looks to Braelynn. "Safe journey, sister."

In a rare moment of tenderness she leans in and kisses her brother on the cheek. For once, she isn't teasing him. She says quietly, "She'll be alright, brother. I'll do my very best." With that, she slips out of the door, though she hesitates for a moment to say over her shoulder, "If you see Myfanwy, will you let her know I'll be staying for the next few months?" Her cheeks flush, but she swiftly turns and heads out.

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