(514-12-31) Welcoming the New Year
Summary: While cousins come to visit their cousin at Newentone, they get to help welcome in the newest members of the family.
Date: December 31, 514
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It's the end of the year, just after Yule and/or Christmas, depending on which flavor of religion you observe. With the weather cooling, and snowflakes falling outside, the people of Newentone are warm and cozy within. The scent of evergreens still linger within, most people in good spirits as they turn themselves to those tasks set aside for winter work.

Today, Gwynaelle might have been said, to wake on the wrong side of the bed. She's been unnaturally grumpy, antsy and not in the best of moods though she is trying her best to not bite anyone's head off. Lysette remains near, keeping a running conversation with her friend while tending to some mending in her lap which Gwyn gave up on after poking her fingers with the needle and having the thread knot up on her a few times. She's gotten big, and for the last month or so, the healers have cautioned her about going too far from the manor itself, even against walking too much outside. Which has led to a certain level of cabin fever, no doubt. Chaffing at the restriction, she current paces a little, from one window to another to peer outside.

The fire in the main firepit downstairs is constantly replenished, naturally, in this weather, spreading warmth throughout the house, though of course it is slightly warmer in the upper story of the old villa. The winter months are always slow, and perhaps having been grumbled at one too many times by his massive wife, Glaw went outside with Cadfan to practice some sword and spear forms, and the pair is now returning from such activities, to warm back up and get some mulled wine. "Oh, stop complaining, that bump on your head won't kill you. Next time, when I tell you to duck, be quicker about it.", Glaw tells the squire, grinning, before he grabs one of the cups and then begins to move back upstairs to where the pair of ladies sit and pretend to do needlecraft.

Of course if the guests have arrives while they were outside would be unknown to Glaw. Or perhaps a servant will just lead them in just now.

Talfryn rides up to Newton Tony manor, two things in his mind- one: To visit his Cousin and two: to make some sense of all this stewarding the manor stuff that's fallen suddenly into his lap. Sure, Bryn will be tasked with a great deal of it- but now she's a newcomer to the Manor and knows about as much as he does. On horseback, he approaches- calling out as he reaches the manor. "Ho!" he begins, as he's found by a servant and led in. "What ho, Sir Glaw!" he says, with a wave. "Any chance Gwyn's about? Got some manor related questions to pose her.." he begins, with an easy smile.

Talfryn doesn't arrive alone, the tallest Idmistons is with him as well, having left his squire behind to 'help' back at the manor, which the lad likes it or not. Hard work will only make him tougher… Right? Bradwyn however follows Talfryn's lead silently, then when he announces the object of his search Bradwyn chuckles and asks, "How did you negotiate the prize you got again?" with a playful wink and a teasing tone, poking a bit of fun at the bluntness.

Once Glaw and Cadfan turn towards the manor, Gwynaelle moves away from the window, thus missing the arrival of her cousins. "They are headed back in. Finally. And from the way that Cadfan was rubbing his head, he's likely going to end up with a headache tonight." Poor squire. Or something. Rubbing her own belly, the young lady begins to pace a little more, though she heads to the stairs, to await the arrival of her husband, though soon surprised by the appearance of the two from Idmiston. "Talfryn? Bradwyn? Come in, come in!" Oh, visitors. Something different to entertain her! This is good!

Glaw was already halfway to the stairs when the doors are opened — briefly! — and the two Idmiston's are led inside. For a moment he tilts his head, but then laughs softly. "Well, welcome to Newentone.", he offers easily enough, before he nods. "She is upstairs, last I checked. Do follow along, Sir Talfryn and Sir Bradwynn. And would you like some mulled wine?". With that he does wait for them to catch up, and to see if they would like such warmth be distributed to them in liquid form so a serving girl can go and fetch that.

Upstairs they go, especially when Gwyn urges them as well. "Stay up there, dear. We're coming up…". He is of relatively good spirits. Even if Talfryn only shows up to see his wife. Hmpf.

"Prize?" Talfryn asks of Bradwyn. "Ah! Lady Bryn. Honestly, they were eager to make a match and offered quite a bit in the way of Dowry, so it worked out. The fact she and I have grown rather fond of each other is something of a bonus. She does have such lovely blue eyes." Talfryn says, with an easy smile- looking up to see Gwyn and Glaw both. "Ah! What ho! So good to see you, Gwyn!" he says as she appears, grinning over to GLaw. "Mulled wine? Well, I'd be rather daft to deny myself with the cold." he says, "Many thanks to you, Sir Glaw." he says with an easy smile. "You know, Sir Glaw, we ought to do some hunting sometime. I've also learned how to fish, though, I'm unsure we have any good fishing about. Good practice with the spear, though." he notes, as he grins and enters more fully. "So, how have things been in Newttone? Well, I hope."

Bradwyn chuckles softly with a friendly slap on the back to Talfryn's response about Bryn. He then offers a warm smile upon seeing Gwyn and says, "looks like it won't be long before I'll be carrying another on my shoulders cousin." walking up the stairs to wrap his arms around Gwyn, though if allowed he hugs her from the side not the front. Less a matter of her size and more to ensure he doesn't cause any harm.

If permitted he'll even give her a gentle kiss on the temple. Adding, "Nalia sends her regrets for not coming along as well, but she is trying to do a bit less riding so when she has to stop fully she'll be better prepared for the loss. She sends her best." Then to Glaw he nods respectfully and says, "It may not be Idmiston wine, but wine is still welcome, thank you."

Gwynaelle accepts all hugs and even the cousinly kisses with a smile. "Sit, stay a while. Warm yourself before fire and with wine.." As to Brad's excuses given for Nalia, she nods, "I hope she's doing well?" She looks to him for confirmation before turning to Talfryn, "And you.. I heard of the betrothal. You and she are good?" Perhaps she didn't hear his comments of Bryn before they reached the solar proper. As she turns to allow them to take a seat, there is a wince that crosses her face, likely only seen by Lysette who's keeping an eye on her. Whatever bothers her, is soon pushed aside to enjoy her cousin's visit.

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Glaw chuckles softly at Talfryn. "A hunt would be most welcome. Though I am afraid game is rare now, and even rarer is fish, unless you wish to stand in freezing water?", he wonders, laughing at that. "Come spring perhaps?", he offers to Talfryn. Letting them move to the little seating area, Glaw raises an eyebrow at Bradwynn's barb, but merely snorts. "Well, Knight of the Pear, I am certain you will find our wine acceptable nonethelss.". As for Gwyn, he just shakes his head a little at his wife. "I am certain the young couple is doing well.".

Talfryn grins, "Oh, quite." he says. "You met her, I thought. Lovely lady, if I'm allowed my opinion in the matter." Talfryn ofers to Gwyn with an easy smile- though there is a bit of excitement in his tone. "Rather looking forward to all that married life stuff." he admits, before giving Bradwyn a little look. "The wine will be wonderful, Sir Glaw." he says, with a shake of his head. "An equal to any Idmiston, I'm certain." he says before grinning again. "Come spring, then." he says to Glaw, "I'll be right there with spear in hand."

Bradwyn nods and says, "She is yes. Getting a bit bigger, but you know that feeling better than she does I'm sure." with a soft smile. He then starts to pull away but seems to catch the wince. A glance is given to Lysette as though silently asking if everything is okay. He does look to Lysette for any response even as he says, "Here you must be getting sore feet standing around so much. Lean on me a bit if you need to." leaning down to whisper something extra to his cousin.

If his offer is accepted he'll wrap an arm around her to make it easier for her to lean against him for support. Bradwyn chuckles to Glaw and asks, "Is Sir Pear better or worse than Sir Apple?" winking playfully in turn.

The wince comes with a slight rub of her hand over her swollen belly, likely the gesture has come naturally and without thought these days. When Brad leans in to whisper to her, Gwynaelle tilts her head, looking a tad confused, though whatever he says does make her smile and whisper back to him. While she doesn't lean on him, she is urged back towards a comfortable seat where a small stool sits before.

Glaw just shakes his head a little at Bradwyn, "I do not know, Sir Bradwyn. You claimed the surperiority of your manor's fuit and wine. You tell me.", he answers back, smirking, before glancing at Talfryn, laughing softly. "Spear fishing, you pick then? Interesting. Well, with the floods in spring the Bourne will surely be carrying with it plenty of fish.", he predicts, only to gesture to the chairs once more, for teh two to sit. "Come, sit, you both. So you can ask your questions you came here for…", he urges.

"Ah! Yes, I did come for a reason, didn't I." Talfryn notes after a moment, with a smile. "ALthough, do tell me if its a bad time- Gwyn, I was hoping maybe you could bring me up to speed on what I should be doing as far as Stewardship of the Manor is concerned?" he asks, "Unless, of course, its a bad time." he notes. "I'd hate to be a bother, and I'm sure I've got a lot of winter to get things in order."

Talfryn also, moves over to sit, as invited by Glaw- never one to put aside such hospitality.

Bradwyn chuckles to Glaw and says, "I fully admit I have a favoritism for my home's wines. I have no doubt there is something in Newentone you would make similar boasts over. Besides it is hard to compare apples and pears." He then moves to take the offered seat adding, "He came with questions, I came to see my cousin and give her husband a hard time." winking good-naturedly.

He does stay close to Gwyn until she is seated as well. Not really hovering over her, but close enough to act if anything might happen. The concerned younger cousin trying to be protective. Where is a wife to note how adorable he's being?

To the chair does Gwynaelle move, allowing her husband and the maid to serve their guests. With swollen feet set upon the stool, she turs to Talfryn, a brow raise upwards, "No, no.. please.. ask away? What are your questions? I know I kept fairly good notes on things until I left…" Even as eager as she is for distraction, there comes another wince to appear upon her face along with a soft inhale of a breath, her hand rubbing at her lower belly. This time, Lysette sets her mending aside, rising from her chair to move closer, her gaze upon Gwynaell as she comes up to Glaw's side and murmurs something aside to him.

Glaw shakes his head again at Bradwyn, "Well, then be welcome and give Lady Nalia my love when you return and my assurance that you have been on your best behaviour during your visit.", Glaw counters, smirking now. Well, two can play that game! As Talfryn sits, Glaw moves closer as well, though less to overhear, but more to perhaps get a seat himself, only to find Lysette stepping up to him to murmur. For a moment his smile fades a little, studiyng the handmaiden, before he reaches out to take her hand, lift it to give it a relatively chase kiss, before murmuring back, nodding to her.

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Talfryn begins, "Well, honestly, I'm not very good at reading- as you know. Bryn is teaching me, but I'm trying to make heads or tails of it. Bryn has helped me, though, I'm reading the notes right side up now." He admits, as he takes the wine which has been brought to him. He takes a sip. "So, I suppose a general overview of the whole thing would be helpful. And, perhaps, how you'd go about setting up the Apiary as I'd spoke of before. I'm honestly unable to tell my arse from my nose with all this." he admits, with that typical half smile of his. He doesn't interrupt the whispers- ignoring them, mostly. If it concerns him, he'll be told. However, he does look over to Gwyn, eyebrows knitting together. He grows quiet, and looks between Gwyn and Glaw and takes a slow sip of the wine. "Are you okay, Gwyn?" he wonders of her, after a moment.

About to take the seat with a chuckle to Glaw's words, Lysette getting up gets Bradwyn's attention, along with the added wince. The seat is abandoned along with the response to Glaw, as the tallest Idmiston moves to Gwyn's side, "Perhaps we should move you to a more comfortable seat than that one Gwyn?" There is concern in his tone, and while not stated he likely doesn't mean a chair or stool of any kind for her to move to. Also there is a determination in his voice as though he is ready to carry her if she can't walk. Stubborn men.

Lysette nods once to Glaw after the light kiss to her knuckles, the cousin soon heading out of the solar, down the stairs towards the main hall. She doesn't exactly run off, but there's a sense of hurry to her movements. No doubt, she's gone to fetch the midwife that's been holed up the day downstairs, bidding her time with her apprentice, keeping things readied, just in case.

Gwynaelle chuckles softly, "True. Then if you'd like, I can also write out a few things for Bryn to read over as well, if you'd like?" The words then come after that moment when her belly is rubbed, whatever discomfort fading away. Distracted by the conversation, she misses Lysette leaving, though with all of their attention suddenly on her, she blinks, blushing as she states, "I'm fine…" Famous last words, for it's then that she gasps and looks down at her lap that's suddenly wet.

Glaw watches Lysette hurry off, then even takes a few steps to the ballustrade of the balcony they are on to peer down, only listening with half an ear to the talks of writing and passing notes, of lessons and whatnot. That is, unless the gasp comes, and he turns and blinks at the ex-Idmiston for a moment. Oh, Glaw is not normally one to freeze, but you got to excuse him there, that is the first time he witnesses that in person. A heartbeat. Two. Three, before he turns again to lift his voice in the louder, outside voice. "Hurry up, Lysette!". Only then does he turn to set down the cup, haphazardly and probably spilling it to boot. Poor mulled wine, to have his hands free and to be able to move closer to Gwyn.

"Oh.." Talfryn states, looking down as wetness begins to spread and drip onto the floor. "OH!" he says, standing suddenly. He looks over to Glaw, then to Bradwyn: a more steady look- putting a hand out to steady Bradwyn as he gives a nod towards Glaw. A quiet thing to be shared between the Cousins. "We'll need more of this wine, I think." he says over to a passing servant. "Quite a bit of wine, I imagine."

Bradwyn might not be the most knowledgable but he knows wetness that isn't blood in a pregnant woman is normally a sign of new heirs as it were. Yep just fine. He says nothing however, and if not stopped he moves to try and scoop Gwyn up ion his arms, more than ready to carry her wherever is indicated. Most likely the room she and Glaw shares, but he'll await orders from Glaw or gwyn on this one… Or you know the midwife if she is quick enough. He hears Talfryn, but his mind is elsewhere currently.

Gwynaelle stares for a moment at the wetness in her lap, confusion marking her face now before another contraction hits. Seems the heirs are now rather eager to make their appearance one way or another. With a gasp, she bites her bottom lip even as Glaw calls down to Lysette to hurry with the midwife who is hurrying up the stairs, her apprenticing heading for the kitchen, and the pot of boiling water that was kept on the fire for just such a reason. Blushing then as Bradwyn tries to pick her up, she turns from her cousin towards her husband for help. Hopefully Brad can understand! With some help, she's helped to the room nearby wit Lysette and midwife, the latter shooing Glaw back out, "Women's work here.. go.. have a drink.. "

Yep, it took a moment probably for Glaw to process that it isn't blood. Knights, right? When cloth tends to darken around them that has usually thicker, darker, redder reasons. Reaching out for Gwyn, he does gesture for Brad towards the nearest door from the seating area along the balcony. "In there.". It is not his room, but the master bedroom. The one with the extra fireplace. Surely his mother and father will make room for two not-quite-so-unexpected guests, when they return. And then, yes, Gwyn will get scooped up, if she does not protest. Knowing the stubborn woman she will probably insist she walks! Talfryn's words? Well. He will laugh at them. A bit later.

Talfryn just stands in quiet, "Yes. Wine." he says, to another servant as the house awakens with the coming pair of heirs- sitting again, as he shakes his head. "Well!" he looks over to Glaw, "You're about to be a father!" he says with a grin,

Bradwyn doesn't push the matter as Gwyn reaches for her husband. Bradwyn ensures his cousin doesn't fall or anything until Glaw and the others can move over to take Gwynaelle to the room. Once Glaw is shooed out of the room Bradwyn smiles and says, "Come on, you both look like you could use an entire cask of wine." chuckling softly. How he can stay so calm is anyone's guess. But then his cousin is a tough one and she has a midwife now. The true worry for him is past, at least for now. He does give a bit of a grin when Talfryn mentions Glaw about to become a father, perhaps due to the fact Nalia herself is known to be pregnant and might even be starting to show, hence her staying behind.

Shuffled off into the room where the fun will truly begin for poor Gwynaelle. As time passes, there will come cries and hisses, even a few curses heaped upon her husband in the other room. And yes, she likely yells them loud enough to be /sure/ that Glaw hears them while he drinks himself stupid, right? There's no doubt that Gwyn is redheaded, and not given to hold her tongue tonight!

Lysette will come out at times, to keep them abreast of what's going on, but cautions the midwife has already said it could be a long night yet. As darkness gathers, the cures grow louder and come more often for a while.

Oh, surely the knight might look like he is about to argue with the midwife when she shoos him out. He does not, but the glowering he gives her might hint at a true danger for live and limb for the woman, that is only mitigated by her being the only one around who knows what to do properly. Come morning, however, that old hag is toast! Or so the look might say. Huffing, he comes back to the duo, only to be offered wine, and he finally has to laugh at them, if a bit subdued. "That…seems to be the case!", he tells Talfryn. Yes, he is looking ready to yell one moment, then pale the next, before he finally moves to sit down. Then stand back up to pace, while taking a sip of his wine. As for the hisses, the curses? Oh, it makes Glaw frown one moment, then worry the next, before there is enough wine in him that he has to chuckle. "…she will regret yelling that when I tell her she said that…". Oh, yep, the redhead will end up getting teased eventually about this night.

Gwynaelle checked her orate of 5, she rolled 18.

Talfryn ensures there is drink to be had- grabbing and pouring some wine once its come- Its immediately put in Glaw's hands as Talfryn deftly attempts to remove the slightly more empty cup. "Aha! Well, lets celebrate, then, yes? My silly questions can wait until a much better time." he continues, giving Glaw a hearty pat to the shoulder. "You're going to be a father, Glaw! Momentous!" Just trying to distract the clearly worrying father. Best to let the midwife do her business.

Bradwyn sees to ensuring wine keeps flowing to the group, however he continues to more just sip his wine. For such a big guy, and with a constitution that would likely make it hard for him to get drunk even if he tried, oddly he typically just sips his drinks, enjoying the flavor. Even during the reception of both Gwyn and Glaw's wedding and even his own wedding, even though he drank more than he typically does, he still never drank overly much. He does chuckle to Gwyn's cursing, with an almost whimsy, perhaps expecting to have to hear something similar in a few months. He does look to Glaw and says, "Don't give the midwife too much of a hrd time, that room is now a domain men do not enter. The other World has its dangers that few knights could survive. That domain…" gesturing to the door the screams originate from, "Is one no man ever lives through no matter how strong or tough." chuckling a bit more.

Oh, he can tease her on the morrow, but for now, Gwynaelle's calling to question many facts surrounding her husband, from the size of his feet, to his ability to hold his sword. Or something. She isn't making much sense as the hours drag on towards midnight. As the witching hour approaches, the firm words of the midwife can be heard urging Gwynaelle to push, echoed by Lysette. The apprentice comes and goes, slipping in and out of the door, fetching things that are needed, or more water, whatever is called for. She doesn't turn to the men, her attention upon her own job as she helps the midwife.

One particular loud yell is heard from Gwynaelle before it fades and is taken up by the squall of a baby. Given time, Lysette exits with the child swaddled, red-faced and still screaming it's displeasure to finding itself thrust into the cold world, "A healthy son!" Sweaty is Lysette, and yet smiling as she holds up the babe for the men to see before retreating back into the room, taking the child with her to be set at Gwyn's side.

"Nonesense…", lets Glaw the other knight know. At least after a cup or seven. "Ashhk away.". Wait, what? Well, he came here to learn about the manor and the steward-buisness? Apparently Glaw is now thinking he can answer all his questions. Ahem. Okay, so he is not that drunk, but just teasing the man, before he shakes his head. Father. Yep, that is very slowly filtering in. Odd, that having his wife double in size did not quite have the same effect. The other side indeed, that belly thought to be merely glamour that will fade in time.

Bradwynn, however gains another look from Glaw. "Bah. The last time I heard that, I dragged the girl from the wolves maw and survived. Still am.". Oh, that does not sound very pious, and the knight does lift his chin a little. Pride, both a virtue and yet it seems Glaw might be willing to test the wills of the Gods on some issues.

When after hours finally Lysette turns up, he does stand, to take a look at the kid, even if he may be swaying by that point, and when she dissapears, he flops back into his seat, grinning. "A son.". He does lift his cup to his two compatriots in waiting.

Talfryn grin wide, lifting hi own cup- drinking deep and nodding. "Oh, I wash wondering what your favorite game to hunt wash." Talfryn notes, talking quietly- but standing once Glaw returns from Lysette's little talk. "Aha! A son!" he calls out, "Congrashulashin!" he slurs- raising his glass. "A toast, to the new fatsher!"

Looking up at the presentation of the child with a broad grin Bradwyn looks to Glaw and says, "Seems a new heir is ready. Congratulations cousin." He doesn't call Glaw cousin often, but he has once or twice when he is in a good enough mood and not teasing Gwyn's husband in some way. Yet it is genuine and shows he does indeed consider Glaw family, which might be partly why he teases him as he does. He also returns the offered toast and sips his wine once more, likely only on his second cup, at most maybe just starting his third with how he drinks. Bradwyn seems to be enjoying being the sober one as he adds to Talfryn, "Seems your time will be coming up as the next to wed. Going to be congratulating you on a son or daughter when you and Lady Bryn marry and get matters going so there are more heirs for House Idmiston?" winking teasingly to Talfryn. Seems Glaw isn't the only one to suffer the playful jabs by the tallest of the Idmistons.

While the manor may normally be quiet at this time, with birthing going on, there are many that are still downstairs awake, waiting the news. When a young boy seated on the stairs hears the call of Lysette, he relays the news down to the main hall where there's a cheer that goes up from those there. Toasts are given to the child's health, echoing up through the balcony.

From within the room, there is quiet for a little while, but then the tired sounds of curses begin anew, as it would seem that Glaw's mother and those healers that agreed with her, would be proven right in the thought that Gwynaelle indeed, carried twins and not just one really big baby. Just after midnight will the second be born, and again, after some time, Lysette steps outside the room with another bundle in her arms, "A second healthy son, milord." The last is a tease offered to Glaw as the child is shown off to the trio of men holding court with wine in the solar. "Your lady wife will be ready to have visitors in a little while." In other words, Glaw might wanna get sober soon! Disappearing back into the room, she goes about fussing oveer babes and Gwynaelle while the midwife sees to making sure the delivery does indeed, go without hitch.

Well, Glaw has been listening to his mother. After all, he is a twin himself, and so does consider the old lady of the manor quite the expert, and so when Lysette disappears, and the cheers and toasts go around, he does not relax, waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. Ahem. As for Talfryn, he grins at the man. "With spear on foot…", he finally lets the man know about his favorite hunting techniques, only to smirk at Bradwyn. "Oh? It will be soon enough, if she is already staying at the manor.".

When Lysette finally arrives with the second bundle, he gives her a longer look. Yes, he is somewhat sloshed, but that she smiles seems to relax the Newentone knight somewhat. IT seems the mother is doing fine as well. Leaning back in his chair, he closes his eyes for a moment. Yes, to make the spinning stop is one reason, but there is a short quiet whisper of a prayer as well.

Talfryn, ever the bad influence, cheers loudly. "Twins!" he says with a laugh. "Ahah! Wonder of wonders! What blessings!" he laughs out, toasting again. However, knowing his cousin, he grins. "She might get a bit peeved we were drinkingsh and she was doing all that birth whatshits. So, best to blame me. She'll believe that. Never think Bradwyn would push you to it- me, alwaysh drinking too much." he offers, with a knowing wink as he cheers out again. "To the mother!" he shouts, sure Gwyn can hear him. "Ahaha! Beautiful baby boys. See, the gods still smile." he say, "But seriously, blame Talfryn." he says, with a nod and a knowing wink.

Bradwyn lifts his cup once more as the second son is revealed and takes another sip as he places the cup aside and asks, "Shall we go down then so I can dunk both of your heads in a trough to sober you up, or do you two dare to face Gwyn drunk?" chuckling softly in his own amusement, after all he is far from drunk. He then chuckles to Talfryn and says, "You'd think you had the brewess for a sister instead of me." as he stands up waiting to be called into the room, or to go dunk the heads of the other two into a barrel somewhere. Whichever.

This time the cheer from below is louder yet when the news is relayed by the young boy on the stairs. Twins is a blessing, and both boys? Even better! No doubt, the partying will last all night as toasts are drunk round for mother, children, and father!

There will be time yet to sober up before the midwife finally opens the door, coming out to find the father, "Your lady wife is good to introduce you to your sons, though I caution keeping her awake too long. Both she and the little ones need their rest yet. I'll be downstairs cleaning up, and will remain the next day or so to be certain all remains well for them." And with that, she and her apprentice head downstairs with bundles of sheets and cloth to be deal with.

Within the room, now washed and redressed in a clean chemise, Gwynaelle is sitting up with a babe to each side of her, swaddled and now quiet, nearly asleep both.

Glaw snorts at Bradwyn at the question. "Dare. You think I am afraid of my own wife?", he wonders, grinning. Oh, he is teasing the man back now, that most of the tension is flowing off him. So what if he takes two tries to get up to his feet? "She'll have to ex… ex. Eksuse me if I had to entertain our guests while she was…busy.". Yep, that is his story and he will stick to it. Probably. As Talfryn offers to take the fall, however, he grins, offering the man his arm to clasp. "A favor I shall not forget, good Sir Talfryn.", he offers. Well, the man is to be married soon too, so he might get to repay it sooner than both of them think. Standing, he then gestures for the two to come along. Perhaps not quite the proper thing to do, but Glaw cares not at the moment. It won't harm for a little while, right? Nodding o the midwife, he soon leads the trio into the room, grinning, and only swaying slightly!

Bradwyn nods to the midwife and apprentice, thanking them both, at least they'll get one sober thanks. He then waits for Gaw to lead the way, following int the room when it is clear for him to do so.

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