(514-12-01) Correcting the Harvest
Summary: Lydia learns that the steward of Newton needs to retire.
Date: 12-01-514
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Sitting up in his father's office, Joachim is going over the information from harvest - which is to say his steward is going over the information, and Joachim has no idea that the man's math was completely off and he's being shorted several librum because of it. Instead, the knight is nodding his head as he makes his mark and seal where indicated on the forms.

Lydia meanders by the office, not so much to stick her nose in as taking one of the walks her midwife has counseled her to take throughout her day. As she continues to insist, she's pregnant, not ill. Of course, given the manner of her current shape, her belly appears through the doorway first, and then the rest of her.

Finishing his stamping, Joachim notices the arrival of his wife, and rises to his feet. "Lydia." he greets her warmly, coming around the desk to take her hand and presses a kiss to her cheek. "We were just going over the treasury and the harvest and income for the year, if you want the run down?" he asks her quietly as he leads her to a chair before moving to retake his own.

She leans in, tilting her cheek for the kiss and smiling warmly. "I'd be delighted to hear, aye. And maybe take a look at the paperwork?" She knows Joachim doesn't read as well as she does, though she expects the professional hired might balk at the idea of her looking over the written matters.

"Sure." Joachim offers, gesturing to the pile. "I can't make heads or tails of it, but from the sounds of it, most of what we had made just enough to cover the upkeep of what we had. In fact.." he sighs, a little chuckle. "Were it not for your dowry, we would probably be having to cut back even further this year." There's a slight chagrinned look as the knight glances towards their hired steward, who offers a nod, sure of his work.

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Lydia checked her read of 10, she rolled 10.
Lydia checked her stewardship of 6, she rolled 11.

Lydia leans in, her fingers delicately flicking through the paperwork. "The account on the apiaries; this seems…not quite right?" she asks. "They can't be projected on, it will take at least a year for them to build up wax. And this…restock for the lake is applied for the wrong season." Her smile is faintly apologetic, but the sidelong glance she gives Joachim suggests they will have a more intent talk later.

"Are you doubting my work? And how long have you been a trained steward?" the mousy man asks, as he looks to Lydia. "Just because you are his wife doesn't mean you suddenly know everything on this land. I have handled the family finances for years!" he protests.

Joachim looks between Lydia and the steward, and he frowns. Gwion would know better than him - even his father - who is now unable to answer, would know for sure. The heir frowns a little. "Lydia, are you sure of these numbers?" he asks her, not in accusation, but to make sure she knows what she's talking about.

The steward frowns. "You're going to let your passions overrule my years of service?!" he stammers out.

"I'm certain." Lydia says firmly, and reaches down to tap the page on which the moneys have been tallied. "Please look at the numbers. You'll see they reflect the truth as I've discussed them. The apiary is a new venture, so it would not be out of bounds that the information about the yield would be off."

Joachim makes a check for Hired Steward at 15, he rolled 14.
Joachim checked his stewardship of 2, he rolled 8.

The steward snorts haughtily as he comes to look at what she's pointing out, sure of his numbers. And while Joachim cannot make heads or tails of the infomation on the sheet. But he can read a person's face, and when the poor steward pales completely, the man notices /other/ errors, but he's not about to bring those up. "M'lady is correct.." he manages, "But I have already turned in the numbers to the King." he admits, looking abashed, but frowns. "I am sure it was only a slight oversight."

Joachim glances to Lydia. And then to the steward, which he addresses. "Will you excuse us for a moment so that I may have a word with my wife?" he asks. And with that, the steward excuses himself to leave, causing Joachim to lower his head. "Great. I'm off to a great start, love."

"Stop." Lydia says firmly, raising her hands to press to his temples. "You've only had a short time to learn all of this. There's so much that calls for your attention, and I've got little to do but weave and lay about like a lump all day." She grins at him. "The errors aren't unmanageable. It's no sin to have to work hard, and next year we'll do better. When the apiary starts producing wax, we'll be able to start treating the wool ourselves…imagining how much we'll save when we don't need to trade for it."

Closing his eyes against her touch, Joachim blows out a breath of frustration. "I'm not sure if I was cut out for this - but I'm not giving up." he admits, leaning back his head to rest against her baby belly. "And how is our child today?" he asks, changing the subject for just a moment as he nods. "Aye. And with the possibility of unrest in Shrewton, it may be for the best. But.. do you feel that this was lazy work - or something more ominous?"

"I couldn't say without speaking further to the steward. But he has been with your family for many years, and is getting on with age, I think?" Lydia wants to think the better of the poor man. "He seems truly horrified regarding the error. Perhaps the time will come in this next year while I continue to improve my own management skills to grant him retirement."

"I truly do think I earned the prize of Salisbury." Joachim says as Lydia offers her own skills to fill in for their aging steward. "It will give you time to look over the books and decide what direction we take in the future. On the plus side, however.." he says as he gestures. "We have close to nine librum to place in the treasury in case we may have need for it. And with Vesper no longer part of the family, the only dowry we may need to consider would be Eibhlin's."

"I'm sure we'll manage." Lydia says firmly, though she's unable to resist dimpling at his compliment. Her hand rests atop his on her stomach. "And I imagine we'll be celebrating Eibhlin's wedding soon enough. Though speaking of, we've Bryn's to attend."

"Oh, aye. If you're not going to make me pull over ever ten minutes so that you may empty the contents of your stomach." Joachim says with a small chuckle, amusement showing in his eyes. "Idmiston is farther than Stapleford is." he admits as he laces his fingers with hers. "So he or she's going to have to behave during our travels. Have you found a good bolt of wool for their present?"

"I can't promise that, you know. But there might be a means to make me more comfortable for the journey in the wagon." Lydia taps her chin thoughtfully. "I'll look into it. And we've bolts a-plenty. I'll make sure a good quality one is pulled."

"Everyone's well." Lydia assures. "Though I shall likely pay a visit to Sarum again before I'm too big, and see my sister." Comfortingly, she presses a hand to his arm. "You know I have no problem with any guest you'd like to maintain here." She's quite firm on that, "I'd be happy for the company, with all these ladies marrying out."

"Eibhlin is still here, at least. And aye, I will make sure that you have proper travel to Sarum. And she is welcomed here, of course." Joachim offers to her as he covers her hand with his own to give it a warm touch. "Perhaps you may visit on our way back from the wedding - it will not be that far of a detour from our travels between here and Idmiston."

"We've plenty of sheepskin and stuffing to make a nice recline." Lydia says, "But we'll worry about it when we're closer to the wedding." She sidles a bit to one side, just so she can kiss him without her bump getting in the way. "Don't doubt yourself, or that I love you."

"Make it too nice, and we may be taking more breaks than just for your sour stomach." Joachim teases, returning the kiss as he reaches to brush some of her hair over her ear, admiring her golden locks. "How do you look even more beautiful in the full blossom of being with child, Lydia? It's amazing - you only grow more gorgeous."

Joachim checked his flirting of 3, he rolled 13.

Lydia can't help herself, she titters a little, because he's so earnest. Patting his cheek gently, she advises him cheekily, "Wnen I'm screaming and cursing your name bringing our child into the world my darling, please remember this moment."

"I will possibly remember the several moments of attempted conception first." Joachim teases back as he gives her a gentle squeeze. "And that eventually, you will want to try again." he says hopefully, settling his hands down to his sides with a smile. "But yes, I will remember this moment as well."

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