(514-11-23) Introductions Around
Summary: Vesper visits Maerwynn's shop for herbs for a patient when Ottis stops by to introduce himself.
Date: November 23, 514
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Soft white flakes fall outside the apothecary, coating the ground in a winter wonderland of mud and muck churned up from horses and boots alike. The sun might have been setting, turning into early evening gloom, but it was obscured behind the heavy clouds sprinkling chilly white. Inside of the Apothecary Vesper steps, cloak clasped close, boots looking a little worse for wear, and a thin basket draped over one cloaked arm. "Are you still open?" she calls out in her mellifluous voice, a note of urgency to her cry, to whomever the proprietor might be.

When the bell rings, and the call comes, Maerwynn steps in through an open door that leads into the back private area, the glimpse gotten before the door might close, is that of a living area for the proprietoress. "I am, yes.. may I help you?" Curious is the young woman who wipes her hands on her apron, a note of seriousness about her presence as she takes in Vespre, likely studying her to make sure it's not one of /those/ emergencies that she might need her bag for.

Since taking over the shop, Ottis has been going from shop, to shop letting people know he's taken over from his father. Ottis also lets them know that unlike his father Ottis specializes in crafting weapons, of all shapes and sizes. Today he's managed to make it to the local apothacary shop, stepping into the shop as Quickly as he can with the snow fall and removes a weathered cloak from his shoulders.
Pauses when he see's that there is someone ahead of him as he smiles warmly. "Greetings ladies.. I do hope Im not interupting anything. I am making my rounds to Introduce myself as I've taken over my fathers smithy, and have made some changes to what we produce from it. " as his glances from Vesper, to that of Maerwynn.

Vesper seems exceptionally whole and hale herself, and her next words confirm it. "Wonderful, yes. Yes, please," the lady says, eyes lighting when they fall on Maerwynn. "There is a young woman in town, not far from here, and she is near her time, only the pain is great for her, and the baby taking its sweet bloody time. Do you have anything that might numb the pain or speed up the birthing?" And as she explains the dire situation, Ottis comes in behind her and Vesper slants him an icy blue look of interest, nodding her dark, lovely head to the smith.

"Ah, another healer.. yes.. yes.." Maerwynn turns away from Vesper, heading for the shelves nearby to take down several jars and bags. When the bell rings again, she gives a look to Ottis, "I'll be with you in just a moment." She does listen, but goes about placing various herbs and such in a couple of neat little linen bags, one blue, and one red. Once they're full, she turns, "This one here.." She shows the blue, "… is good for helping with the pain. Steep it for ten minutes in hot water and have her drink a few swallows ever half hour or so. More often if it isn't helping. While this one.." She shows the red, "Should help if the child continues to wait. It may make the pains come quicker.. and harder. Like the other, steep in water. I would not give it to her until her labors have passed for more than half a day? If it's her first, they can take a while to come."

Ottis smiles as he steps to the side, "Im in no rush dear lady. " as he returns the nod to the lady before him. His green eyes scanning the shop and how neat and tidy it is as it reminds him of his own shop and how every thing is in it's proper place. Ottis does his best to not overhear what is being said but some times that is impossible, as he takes a moment to clean the grime from under his nails while biding his time.

Vesper's cobalt eyes swing from the blue to the red and back again, dipping the sharp line of her chin to each as Maerwynn presents it. "It has been almost a full day and she is weary beyond belief. Her young son… he is frightened." The softness in Vesper's heart bleeds through with that statement. "They are not well off and if she does not make it…" She fumbles in her old basket for a coin purse, casting a glance to Ottis. "My thanks for your patience, Sir. It is commendable. Rare."

"Thank you, good sir." Maerwynn offers to Ottis before turning back to Vesper again. Listening, she shakes her head as the woman goes to pay her for the herbs, press the two into her hand, "Let me know if she makes it, then perhaps she might offer something in return for the herbs? " A barter of sorts, "I have enough to not miss these. I hope they help her, and you." A pause, and she titls her head, trying to ponder who she is, "Maerwynn is the name." The name is offered ot them both.

Ottis smiles to the both of you, "It is quite alright, What your dealing with dear lady is more important that a simple smith makeing his introductions. " as he smiles warmly to both.
When Maerwynn mentions her name he Grins, "I am known as Ottis, Ottis Penderghast, proveyer of weapons. I do hope that in time my skill produces such quality weapons that many will seek me out for them. "

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Vesper checked her proud of 7, she rolled 7.

"Please, Maerwynn," Vesper says, pulling forth a small bag from her basket. "Accept a coin or two?" Her chin is tipped at a proud angle, so at odds with her pleading eyes. "I have nothing else to trade upon at the moment, and the woman has less than nothing, save her children. I but do what I can." There's a pause. "I am Vesper, late of Newton, but I can no longer claim that name in good conscience."

The understanding that Ottis shows towards her, likely means a lot to Maerwynn, the dip of her head given to the other merchant one of respect, though she offers a tease, "One might say that in some ways, you keep me in business ot a degree." With war going on, there's always people who need healing! Turning to Vesper, she takes in the proud tilt of the other woman's head, then nods, "One coin. And let me know if you need more? Send someone to my door if you need help as well?"

Ottis Grins softly at Maerwynns statement "We all must make a living and healers, apothacaries, woodsmen and more all need good quality weapons for all mannor of things, even local taverns and Inn's need wares for cooking and other such things. Tis a good profession to be in when one can serve many. " as he looks to the Lady Vesper "and should you need a strong pair of arms for anything, please let me know. "

Vesper lays a coin out with a deep nod of gratitude to Maerwynn for her understanding. "Thank you, my lady. I am grateful beyond words. I might need another pair of strong arms before the night is out, I fear, if the child refuses to budge. Would that we all had a warm womb to shelter in." Her dimples peek out for a moment, and she nods to Ottis. "And if you're offering those strong arms, I gladly accept. This town contains more good than ever I have seen."

"Most welcome, milady Vesper. I hope the child comes on it's own. Always better that way, but sometimes, they can be stubborn and need a helpful nudging push." Maerwynn speaks from experience. Looking to Ottis at his own offer, she chuckles, "Could have used you the other day whe I had to move a man who'd stepped into a hole on his way back home drunk. Didn't think I'd ever get him to stand again.."

Ottis gives a rueful grin. "Tis all well and good Lady Maerywnn, I've been slowly making my way around town introducing myself, tis a shame I had not gotten to this part of town sooner. " Ottis then looks to Lady Vesper, "Aye I may not be much good at bring'n in a youn'un, but strong arms and back I got aplenty. " he grins. "tis a useful thing when working with hot steel and moldig it into useful Items."

"It would be quite useful, I imagine," Vesper answers, finally cracking a little smile up at the smith. "I could use a good set of scalpels… do you do smaller commissions such as those, sir?" she asks of him, tipping her head in birdlike motion of curiosity.

"Hmm.. merely Maerwynn.. or Maer, if you like." The apothecarist does say, noting that she is not a noble by any means. "I may seek you out at some point.." It is Vesper's comment of smaller items that is needed, that gains a nod from her as well, "Such are handy to have. Beyond also needing to get some knives and scissors sharpened."

Ottis grins softly to both women, "aye.. it matters not the size of the commision as long as its needed. " he then looks to Maerwynn and nods. "and I've the finest hones and sharpening stones any smith can get their hands on. " as his grin widens. "So if you need things made, or sharpened I be your smith for the job."

Vesper nods her agreement to Maerwynn, offering the woman a friendly smile. "Can never get sharp enough knives, right?" She turns back to Ottis, dipping her mahogany head to the man. "I will seek you out, as soon as I have the coin to pay for such a commission. Going it on your own… not as easy as I imagined." There's a rueful grin of her pretty mouth. "But challenges are meant to be overcome, no? Thank you, both, for your kindness."

"They can make the difference between a wound healing well, and leaving a scar, I've learned." Maerwynn answers with another nod of her head, gaze sliding from one to the other as they stand talking. "I would like to talk further with you, good sir, about what you would charge." She doesn't comment on Vesper's plight, leaving such alone.

Ottis nods to Maerywnn and then to lady Vesper, "Well I do try to be reasonable and work with those who need it, as I'd rather deal honestly and fairly with someone than see them do without in a crisis. I am not opposed to a good meal or something along those lines as payment and when it comes to sharpening tools, well unless its a large amount at once I typicaly don't charge as its something I can do in my spare time unless they are immediately needed then I might charge a very nominal fee. With those tools I make personaly I typicaly don't charge on my keeping them honed and sharp as I concider it part of the service for keeping a customer happy."

Vesper smiles, directing it to Maerwynn, the fellow healer, and Ottis, the possible future dealer of her wares. "I shall seek you both out, soon, I feel certain of it. Again, my thanks. I ought to hurry back." She dips a curtsey full of grace and breeding, then sleeps back out into the snow.

"Good luck, and may the goddess be with you and the mother tonight." Maerwynn calls to Vesper as she preparese to hurry back to her patient.

Ottis nods and smiles to Lady vesper and adds. "well I'll be around should you require my aid. " he steps out of the way so that Lady Vesper can exit freely and turns to face Maerwynn, " do you require me for something Mistress Maerwynn.?"

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