(514-11-01) One Final Shopping Trip
Summary: A final shopping trip before everyone sets off to hunker down for the winter.
Date: 514-11-01
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As November starts to march on towards Decemeber, the first few flakes of snow are starting to fall in Sarum. Many of the vendors have started to close for the winter, a few hearty souls left to keep their wares open. At one of the stalls that's still open, Bastien is currently discussing with the old man to buy a few jars of quince preserved in honey for the winter.

Entering the market, Braelynn is bundled quite warmly in a fur lined cloak. The hood is pulled foward so that only the pale flesh of her face peers from the opening. She is carrying a large wicker basket, though it is completely empty at this time. She doesn't seem to be looking for anything in particular, and she stops at the nearest vendor stand that's open. She chirps at the vendor, "Good morning." as she begins to survey his wares for things she may miss over the winter months in Cholderton.

Only seeing fur, and not the person attached to it, Bastien doesn't quite recognize the voice that addresses the vendor. "One moment, I'll step aside, m'am." the knight offers properly as he finishes his purchase and takes the few jars of honey and quince to move aside so that Braelynn may move forward to make her own purchase.

Braelynn checked her recognize of 10, she rolled 13.

Braelynn's peripheral vision is obviously obscured by the fur around her hood, and she is so busy looking at the wares that she doesn't seem to realize that she's standing *right* next to the knight. She asks the vendor politely, "Do you have any more honey, per chance?" The vendor shakes his head and indicates a thumb toward Bastien, muttering, "He got the last jar." It is then that she lifts her eyes to the man. "Oh!" She exclaims as she sees Bastien. "Sir Bastien! First my favorite seat, and now the last of the honey!" Her voice is good-natured though, and it's more likely she's teasing than actually upset about either of those things.

Bastien checked his flirting of 5, he rolled 1.

Bastien blinks, and then chuckles. "Lady Braelynn.. we seem to keep finding things in common, then." he admits with a faint blush touching upon his cheeks, not all of it coming from the coming cold. "And here I was wondering how you managed to be so sweet, but it appears I have found the secret. I could hold this hostage and imagine it's your sweetness for the winter.. but alas." He hands over one of the jars. "I cannot hoarde such things when I know you may want it as well, and I would not want you to maintain your sweetness in the winter."

Braelynn takes the honey in her hand, and tilts her head as she studies Bastien. The pink rises to her cheeks as well, though bundled as well as she is there is little risk of thinking it's from the cold. She smiles warmly at the flirtation and says, "I think it's just further proof, Sir Bastien, of the quality of our tastes." She drops the honey in her basket and says, "As much as I'd like to claim this as my secret for my sweetness, though I suppose others would argue that point, it isn't for me." She also lifts a small bundle of herbs and shows it to the vendor before dropping it in her basket. "You see, at Cholderton our head cook always gets the most dreadful cold every winter. I have three options. I can give her herbal remedies to reduce her cough, I can eat food that she has coughed all over, or I can send her to bed for the majority of the winter and eat the dreadful mess her replacement comes up with." She indicates the honey with her hand, "I would much rather enjoy my suppers this winter."

Somewhere in the middle of the market's street, likely, not so far away from the honey stall, stands a young tiny creature wraped in a coat. Her pale fingers are clenching the basket. It is hard to say what hides in there since it's covered with a cloth. The young lady keeps her head raised and lips parted a bit. Tiny tongue is sticking out and a soft giggling may offer that she is trying to catch the first snowflakes with her tongue. There are few flakes of snow on her brightly red curls, giving a bit of a playful image to Cerys. She seems to be lost in a moment for now.

"Such a practical explanation of a flirt, downright scholarly even." Bastien responds, clicking his tongue a little. And this is why he doesn't flirt often. There's a smile, before he gives a good-natured shrug of his shoulders. "As long as she doesn't claim that her cough is further seasoning, I can understand why you would wish to treat her." he responds thoughtfully. Noticing the other redhead dancing about and trying to catch snowflakes, there's a chuckle and he glances towards Braelynn. "I didn't realize you had relations here in the market with you."

Braelynn checked her flirting of 10, she rolled 15.

Braelynn's eyes follow Bastien's as he notices Cerys and she shrugs with a little chuckle. "Though it certainly appears as though we could be related it certainly is not through any line that I'm aware of." She seems thoughful as she says, "Though I suppose there is always the possibility of…." She raises a brow, but says no more on the matter. She pays the vendor for the herbs, and then turns toward Bastien again. She starts to say something equally flirtatious back, but she can't seem to think of anything particularly witty to say, so she just answers, "Well, I find telling the truth is almost always the best course of action."

The dance known as 'Catch the snowflake if you can' might be quite dangerous, especially if you go back in time in your thoughts, relax and remember the good old days, when you cared little of opinions of other people. You indulge into the dance taking a step aside, a few backwards, then another aside, then a few more backwards. You just giggle and imagine being somewhere in the plains, where nothing can stop you. That's how you get dangerously too close to the strangers of unknown temperament. That's what happens with this lady, just after Braelynn and Bastien turns their attention back on each other!
There is just one more step and Cerys might bump into the flirting pair, ruining a perfect moment of blushing, demonstrating wits and establishing some sort of relationship.

Bastien checked his awareness of 8, he rolled 2.

"There is no fault to being found if your honesty speaks of your heart, Braelynn." Religion, the fallback of this paticular Falt knight, even with his bookish habits. Bastien settles his hands over the jar of honey, just as Cerys comes dancing too close to Braelynn, the knight reaches out, taking the new red-head by the arm and twirls her about quickly to the other side of their pair, a smile offered to the young woman. "You should take care, m'lady. Those snowflakes can make you quite blind if they land in the eye." he teases her as he holds Cerys for a moment before releasing her. "Careful now in your quest."

Bastien checked his dancing of 2, he rolled 4.

Braelynn steps out of Cerys' way as Bastien dances with her, her pale green eyes sparkling with amusement. She smiles warmly to the woman and adds her two cents, "I'm always concerned that what might land on my tongue won't be snow at all, but ash from a fireplace." She wrinkles her nose at that. Braelynn, always the practical one adds, "It wasn't so long ago that I remember the very air in this market filled with ash and smoke." Speaking of that time, finally, doesn't send her into a spiral of darkening expressions, and she simply turns her attention toward the next stand and she lifts her basket from the vendor's table and slides it onto her arm.

Cerys squeals in that girlish high voice, when a stranger's hand touches hers. She drops the basket from the other hand. It falls on the side. The cloth slides to the ground and few chumps of bread roll out into the dirt. She freezes and stares at Bastien until he releases her arm. People will be able to notice how the pinkish freckled cheeks slowly grow crimson.
The logic of Braelynn awakens Cerys from the confusion of what is going on. That is when she starts to speak really fast, nervously, but in a softer voice, more appealing to the ear. "I am so sorry. You both are right. It's so silly of me. I just… I am so sorry," She squats down to gather the bread back into the basket, "Now all this will have to go to animals. Well, at least animals will be full. Silly me," she keeps peeking at Bastien and Braelynn who is walking away, "I am sorry. Really."

"There is no need to apologize so, inattentiveness at the first snow is something I've been known to be lost in myself in my youth." Bastien admits. "Take care not to run into anyone else, though." he starts to say more, but Braelynn is starting to depart, and the knight ohs. "Well.. as this will probably be our last day.. well, my last day in Sarum." the knight looks thoughtful for a moment as he considers Braelynn. "I hope you have a good winter, and that my words touch your heart and help your soul find the peace it rightfully deserves. As it seems to be the season of marriage as well.. if your heart should find itself entangled, may it be to one you know you can give to fully, and happily, even if you may not realize such at first."
Turning his attention to Cerys, he nods. "It is a lesson learned.. I am Sir Bastien de Falt, this is Lady Braelynn de Cholderton."

Braelynn isn't so much walking away, as she is gathering herself to move to the next stall, and making way for anyone else who cares to visit this vendor. She smiles as she looks thoughtfully at Bastien and then she answers him, quite honestly, though she blushes as she says so, "I find myself quite reluctant to return to Cholderton for the winter. I've found the company here in Sarum to be so delightful the past few days." She flushes further and turns her attention to Cerys as she nods her head politely and says, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Bastien's hopes and wishes given to lady Braelynn is not Cerys' business. So, the young woman just uses an opportunity to gather the bread and hide it under the cloth again as if she is not listening at all of what is said. Though, it's just impossible not to hear, riiiight? Well, at least she tries to be polite about it.
When the young lady straightens up, Bastien gives her the introduction and the ginger seems to be mildly surprised, "Oh… Sir Bastien de Falt? Sir?" Her lips curl up, "I have met some Christian priests before. I thought you might be a priest. Because of…" What he just said. Though, Cerys wasn't listening, riiiight? "Anyway, Cholderton!" She beams even brighter, "Arta Cholderton is my best friend. Well, maybe was. Maybe is. I haven't seen her for ages, though, give her the best wishes from me, I am lady Cerys de Tisbury," she introduces herself to both Braelynn and Bastien.

"I know that you said your brother and new sister were here, Braelynn, I'm sure they are delightful company." Bastien responds, a chuckle coming from him. "And.. if you are part of the Earl's court, you could possibly stay here?" he suggests to her, as he starts to say more, but Cerys' speaks and it sort of causes him to keep himself very much in check as he offers her a small smile. "In my youth I was supposed to have been a priest, my parents had other ideas." he offers quietly. "I have heard of your recent tribulations, Lady Cerys. I hope things in Tisbury settle favorably for you and your family." However, he does quiet as it seems that the two redheads have mutual acquaintance.

Bastien checked his intrigue of 12, he rolled 9.

The smile Braelynn gives the mutual redhead increases and she says, "I'll certainly tell Arta you said hello, Lady Cerys. She's been quite busy as of late, planning her own wedding." She glances back to Bastien and says to him, "I could, perhaps, but then you wouldn't be here so I may as well go home." This is said teasingly, but she does meet him in the eye as she says it, and her smile widens. She turns her attention back to Cerys and offers, "You should come visit. I'm sure Arta would be delighted for the distraction from her duties." She darts a glance toward Bastien and adds, "You would certainly be welcomed as well."

Cerys smiles to Bastien, "Ah, family always turns our lifes upside down according to their needs. So, sometimes I wonder, why to dream? Everything will be how the head of the family will tell. But then… Dreams keep us smiling, right? I am sorry that you were not able to become a priest. However, there are other advantages, right?" That is when her look goes to Braelynn. Cerys' smile changes to the mischievious one and her look runs from the other redhead to Bastien. She winks at the man and she points at Braelynn with a nod of her head, making a quiet giggle. She is suggesting that Braelynn might be one of those advantages which can't be enjoyed by the priests.
The smile in Cerys' faces trembles, when tribulations are mentioned, "Thank you, Sir Bastien. My family is getting better and my lady in waiting duties keep me busy here. So, I have no time to be sad even if…" She sighs and bites her bottom lip.
Braelynn turns the conversation to the brighter one and Cerys looks delighted again, "Wedding. She is lucky! So many weddings…" She kind of drawls, "I may visit her after winter. These days I have to take care of the Countess and if I will ever get a chance to break free, I will visit my family. I miss them so much. Though, I will send a gift to Arta, definitely!"

Critical Success!
Braelynn checked her intrigue of 5, she rolled 5.
Bastien checked his chaste of 13, he rolled 4.

As Cerys so bluntly points out the ideals that Braelynn had been suggesting coyly, Bastien's cheeks fluster and bloom, and he ducks his head as he finds himself coughing polietly. Ah, the pagan affect on drawing out the embarassment of a true Christian so easily. "I.. ah.. should tend to this cough before it spreads.. and allow you two to talk more. I apologize for the interruption." he manages, his voice may have touched a different octave of confusion as he looks between the two redheads and clutches his jar tightly. "I will hope to see you if I visit during the winter.." he manages quickly as he starts to hurry off, cheeks bright enough that it could warm the whole of the Isles.

Braelynn giggles as he goes scurrying off, and she shakes her head at Cerys. She moves closer to Cerys and lays a hand on her arm. "I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your brother. If there's anything Arta or I can do please do not hesitate to ask. I'm sure she would want to assist you in your time of need." She moves toward the next vendor, waving for Cerys to follow if she wishes to do so. "I'm just getting the last of some supplies for winter. Just the things we can't find in Cholderton."

Cerys just smiles in an amusemet of Bastien's reaction, "Good luck, young Sir. It was a pleasure to meet you!" And then she looks at Braelynn, who makes the redhead's smile fade, "Thank you, you are very kind. Though, it's best to endure the pain together with other family members. I do not wish to burden others with our troubles. Though, I will remember your kind gesture. I…" She shakes her head at Braelynn's offer, "I should go give the bread to animals and then come back to get new one. It was a pleasur eto meet you, though. I… I heard that you have some duties here. So, if you will spend more time around… Well, it would be fun to meet you more often. I could use a friend."

Braelynn leans in to say to Cerys quietly, "He's cute when he blushes." Then she pulls her hand from Cerys' arm and says, "I've had several people tell me I should take quarters here in Sarum. I still see patients from the fire during the seige regularly, so it makes sense…." She sighs as though this is not an ideal solution, even though she admits it is the most logical. "I suspect I will be around more often than not. Friends are always welcome." She moves away slightly further and says, "I wish you well, Lady Cerys. Please do look me up come spring. I'll undoubtedly be here in Sarum."

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