(514-10-27) Packing up for Winter
Summary: Various people meet in Sarum while preparing for the Winter.
Date: 514-10-27
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Along the North of the city of Sarum is the Visitor's Quarter. There are more dwellings and abodes here, mostly family homes with a small scattering of some permanent tradesmen moved in here. This is also the location of the White Abbey of Sarum. There is some open ground here, north of the Cathedral to the southwest, but otherwise the space is more condensed. A number of building laced ways cover the distance between the Quarter here and the Market Quarter to the southeast. Several Inns and Taverns await here for dignitaries and other visitors to Sarum.

It's autumn! And as such Sarum is busy with merchants and visiting Knights, pilgrims and anyone else who has business to attend to before they're all snowed into their respective homes and lands. One of those who is traveling here is the Lady Catriona Baverstock, who had business to attend to with a particular grain sale far up north. Now, at last, she's made her way South again with a generally empty cart. The Lady herself only just stands out among a few retainers and guards, dressed plainly but in good quality. She wears a slate-blue cloak with the hood pulled back to reveal her thick brown hair in a fishtail braid over one shoulder. The cloak ties with little toggles from the throat down to the feet, and as it is a riding cloak there's plenty of room for her to move. And move she does. No soon is the cart parked in front of the inn, the lady is sliding off her horse and already starting to see to things. "Use the usual stables over by the walls," she tells one of the servants. "Here, give me that bag, I'll take that up with me to the Inn. Get comfortable, we'll likely have a few more merchants to speak with ere we're finally on the way home."

Martyn makes his way along, after having spoken with someone, his steps relatively light for now. When he sees the cart and the lady there, he grins, and starts moving in her general direction, while trying to avoid being seen for now, a wide grin on his face.

Having arrived a few hours earlier, the tallest of the Idmistons departs a shop with a couple packages for his own trip back home. A few last things before winter sets in, passing the items over to his fresh squire who moves to secure the packages with on the sumpter. Then the striking eyes associated with his house catches sight of a familiar face and the six foot tall knight makes his way over and calls, "Lady Catriona, I guess your trip was fortunate?" as his long legs quickly close the gap. If he is aware of a sneaking Martyn, there are no obvious signs of it.

In Sarum to wrap up some remaining loose ends with her court position, as well as to retrieve documents to study during the long winter that she anticipates being cooped up in Cholderton Manor, Braelynn moves throught the visitors quarter with a bundle of parchments tucked neatly under her arm. Her steps are light, and there is a cheerful smile on her face. As she nears Catriona's cart she calls out cheerfully to her, "Hello, Lady Catriona!" She smiles and gives Bradwyn a polite nod of her head, and shuffles the parchments beneath her arms uncomfortably. She is also carrying a large wicker basket that is loaded with herbs and jars of items that aren't readily available near Cholderton manor.

Catriona turns away from her sneaking brother Martyn, whose deviousness as of yet goes unnoticed. It's the Idmiston knight she spies first, and grins to the man. "Sir. Quite fortunate, yes." Despite being friendly with the man by all appearances, not all pretense of appearances are los tand Catriona lowers her eyes and head in a gentle nod of respect to the gentleman. "As you can see, I've survived the harrowing voyage and made it out before I died an old maid. Quite a feat, if you consider how lost we had been previously." She chuckles, turning her head as she hears her name called — the distraction proving fortituious for her brother's games. "Lady Braelynn!" Catriona says, surprised but pleased to see the lady. "Oh here, come this way and set that down — let me take some of that." She's offering her hands to help bear the woman's load.

Bradwyn spots Braelynn and says, "May I?" as he alters course and extends his arms, clearly refering to the parchments. Seems others like to carry parchment. He does chucjkle softly to Catriona and says, "Seems moving you back to the road and giving directions when you left helped then. I am glad to hear of it and your safe journey lady Catriona."

Martyn's grin widens as he makes his way the rest of the way over. Offering a gesture to Braelynn and Bradwyn to ask them to be quiet, he steps behind Catriona, reaching out to place a hand on her shoulder. "Dear sister," he greets her.

Braelynn seems surprised by the sudden offers of help and she moves closer to the gathered parties. She dips her head politely to Bradwyn and tilts her head as she rises. Not having met him, at least that she remembers, she gives him a brief smile. Her eyes then briefly flicker to Martyn as he shushes her, and she busies herself with moving closer to Bradwyn in an effort to allow him to take the parchments that are tucked under her arm, though there is no delicate way to do this, and she flushes at the unexpected intimacy with a stranger. As she steps back her cheeks are pink, along with the tips of her ears. "Thank you for your assistance…. " She struggles here, unsure of his name.

Braelynn seems surprised by the sudden offers of help and she moves closer to the gathered parties. She dips her head politely to Bradwyn and tilts her head as she rises. Not having met him, at least that she remembers, she gives him a brief smile. Her eyes then briefly flicker to Martyn as he shushes her, and she busies herself with moving closer to Bradwyn in an effort to allow him to take the parchments that are tucked under her arm, though there is no delicate way to do this, and she flushes at the unexpected intimacy with a stranger. As she steps back her cheeks are pink, along with the tips of her ears. "Thank you for your assistance…. " She struggles here, unsure of his name.

"Forgive me, Lady Braelynn, this is… Martyn!!" Catriona exclaims louder than she should. She is turned to face her brother now. She opens her mouth to speak but a loud crash from the direction the cart rambled off to draws her attention. Agape, she looks over that way then turns back to her brother. "You'd best not go anywhere, brother, for I've some things to say to you." And she turns to hurry off after the commotion.

Bradwyn catches sight of the gesture from the corner of his eye and starts to turn on Martyn, then realizes the situation as he tries to surprise his sister and relaxes fully. He knows such games, he has three older siblings after all. He then moves to help Braely with the parchments, remaining fully caste and proper in doing so, though giving positioning who knows it is obvious his offer is genuine and makes not attempts to take advantage of the situation in any untoward way.
Once situated with the parchments in his arms he nods respectfully and says, "Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston Lady Braelynn." Catriona at least mentioned the Lady's name. He then chuckles at Catriona's wordds to her brother and adds, "I know those words well, but then I am the youngest of my siblings. Though I doubt the outcome is all that different Sir Martyn."

Martyn is unable to hold back a chuckle as he sees that reaction. "It's good to see you again," he replies, before Catriona hurries off. "Seems like this is the time to run away, right?" he remarks to the others, rather lightly.

Exiting from the Abbey, Bastien has a book clutched beneath his arm, the leather-bound parchments hung onto as the knight enters the hustle and bustle of the vistor's center and comes upon the little issue with the parchments between Braelynn and Bradwyn. Squatting down to pick up a parchment that had rolled to his feet, the knight gives it a once over, before holding it up between his fingers. "I think this belongs to you, m'lady?" he asks with a polite clearing of his throat.

Bastien checked his read of 10, he rolled 5.

Those pale green eyes of Braelynn follows Catriona as she rushes off, and she returns her attention to Bradwyn. She gives him a warm smile and says, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir Bradwyn. I am Lady Braelynn de Cholderton." She glances to Martyn and waves a hand in her direction, "Sir Martyn is soon to be my cousin-in law!" She pats his arm comfortingly and asks, "How are the wedding plans coming along, Sir Martyn?" But before he can respond Bastien arrives with one of the parchments she must have dropped. She blinks and takes it, holding it close to her, relief flooding her eyes. She begins to look on the ground to assure she has dropped nothing else - even moving to retrace her last few steps. "It certainly wouldn't do to lose those!"

Bradwyn chuckles to Martyn and says, "Run or hide one." with a knowing wink, yep he's played tricks on his older sister at least as well. He then looks to Bastien with a bit of a disapprovig look for one reason or another but says nothing as his striking blue eyes shift back to Braelynn. He then adds, "Surely there are easier ways to transport these. Perhaps a handmaiden or at least a chest." offering a soft smile.

Martyn nods to the others, before he pauses a bit at Braelynn's words. "I'm not entirely sure, my lady. People tend to leave me out of the planning of such events…" He offers a brief grin, before he shrugs, "Not everyone has the same skills, I suppose."

There's an arch of a brow at the look but Bastien gives a shrug. "I think you have successfully herded them all, m'lady." the knight offers, keeping his book near to him. "My apologies for interupting, I had thought maybe the stray page would have been of importance." A smile is given with the comment, before he adjusts the book in his hands.

"But of course it's important! They all are!" She gives Bastien an affirmative nod, and lowers her head in a polite greeting, "I am Lady Braelynn de Cholderton. I owe you my thanks." She steps back to adress all three of them, suddenly finding herself in the company of knights. She glances at Martyn, her future cousin-in-law and seems to consider for a moment before saying, "I'm sure a handmaiden would have been smart, but I only intended to carry one or two scrolls to study over winter. I just kept seeing things that were interesting!"

Bradwyn nods to Braelynn and asks, "Shall we get you a sumpter or a cart then, as you have such a lust for scrolls?" chucklign softly in good-natured teasing.

There's a frown as Bradwyn teases Braelynn so. "There's nothing wrong with having a healthy appetite for the written word. I was just in the abbey to borrow a book for the winter myself." he offers with barely a hint of a chide for teasing the young woman. "It is a fine way to pass the cold months between training and tending to things of the manorhome. Well met, Lady Braelynn. I am Sir Beastien de Falt, a distant cousin of Custennin's. And.. the courtly laws is a noble pursuit, m'lady. While not my usual fare. Are you hoping to eventually be a member of His Majesty's court?" So, that tips his hand - he can read.

Martyn seems to go a bit quiet at the mention of scrolls and reading, looking around for a few moments. "I fear I will have to leave now, can you let my sister know that I will meet her at the Inn?" he asks to the others.

Braelynn's eyes go wide as Martyn announces his departure and she blinks before saying politely, "We will send her that way when she returns, Sir Martyn." She says to Bradwyn, "My brother has lodgings here in Sarum. I will stop there and retrieve a satchel or something to carry them in. I intend on heading back to Cholderton quite soon." She gives him a grateful smile and then turns her consider Bastien carefully. "My cousin, Sir Myfanwy, is married to Sir Custennin!" She holds the scroll up and says to him, "Earl Robert wished me to learn about the laws as part of my duties with the court." Her nose wrinkles, "It's not really my area of interest, but if that's the need then I'm happy to oblige."

Bradwyn nods to Bastien and says, "I know your cousin, a good man and knight. Give him my regards when next you see him Sir Bastien. I may yet challenge him to a rematch one day given how close our duel was." chuckling softly. Bradwyn might be six feet and has an athletic build, but any who have seen Custennin would know that man is both taller and bulkier than the Idmiston even at a casual glance. He then nods to Martyn and says, "Safe travels Sir Martyn." He then looks back to Braelyn and says, "I have heard mention of your cousin. Pagan born and converted to the Christ, though I have only heard positive things about her from Sir Custennin."

"A good woman indeed - and it seems that all the women of Cholderton have such noble pursuits. It is an endearing quality to have. And a pleasure to meet distant cousins, even if so seperate that we may never be truly called family." Bastien offers with a small smile. He's smaller than most of the cuts of the Falt family, the knight spent many of his formative years bedridden with illness before finally blossoming in his teenage years to squire and knight. "I should allow you both to carry on your conversation. I will make sure to carry your warm regards to my cousin should I see him next, Sir Bradwyn. A pleasure to have met you, Lady Braelynn." he responds, returning his attention to his book to hold close and starts to carry it off with him to head out of the city.

Braelynn calls after Bastien as he begins to depart, her curiosity getting the better of her, "What are you reading, if you will, Sir Bastien?" If nothing else, Braelynn is the curious sort, and when books or learning is involved, it attracts her attention like a bee to honey. She places the basket on the ground next to her, as the weight begins to get to her, and turns in his direction.

Bastien grins over his shoulder as he holds up the leatherbound tome for a moment. "The Vigil of Venus." he offers back to Braelynn, a book of poetry held by the knight. He's a sucker for any kind of book, really, and finding this paticular one makes him giddy as Bastien tucks it back into position. "Perhaps when I return it you can read it sometime."

Bradwyn nods respectfully to Bastien and says, "Thank you. Personally I consider family to be family regardless of form, but then I also consider some family I have no blood or marriage ties to." He then chuckles softly at the curiosity and excitement building in Braelynn as he continues to hold her scrolls. Stamina rules!

Braelynn gives a smile and a nod to Bastrien and calls after him, "Enjoy it, then!" She then turns her attention back to Bradwyn as she suddenly realizes he's got an armfull of her things. She reaches down for the basket, carrying it in one hand, and the one errant scroll in the other. "My brother's cottage is nearby. If you can walk with me that far, I would greatly appreciate it, Sir Bradwyn." She begins to move in toward Sarum proper.

Bradwyn nods and moves to follow, mindful of keeping the scrolls as in place as possible so none are lost, stoppign if any do slip past to inform the Lady instead of trying to pick it up and risk dropping more.

As they approach the huntsman's cottage, Braelynn stops to pick up yet another dropped scroll. She gives the door a quick rap, and then opens it. She sticks her head in and sings out a loud, "I'm coming in!" Before she opens the door fully and moves to drop the basket and scrolls on the table in the center of the room. She then turns back toward Brawyn in the doorway and reaches for the remainder of the scrolls. Her cheeks flush as she explains, "They're newlyweds… " That's all she says, to explain her loud announcement to the entire house.

Bradwyn chuckles softly and allows her to take the scrolls, suggestion she take a few at a time instead of all of them to better manage the load she has collected. Once done he says, "I know the feeling well, as Nalia and I married after the summer tourney." Yep still a bit of a newlywed himself, excluding time away for duties as a knight.

Braelynn, certainly not trusting enough to allow a man she's just met into a home without anyone else home, retrieves the parchments as they are given to her, and transfers them to the table. As they are all transferred she bows her head politely and says "Thank you, Sir Bradwyn. Your assistance today was invaluable. If there is ever anything I can do to repay your kindness please let me know." She studies him for a moment longer and says thoughfully, "I believe you were at Sir Glaw's wedding, weren't you? I remember seeing you there, though we were never properly introduced."

Bradwyn chuckles and nods saying "Gwyn is my cousin, the last of the main line of Idmiston, well formerly now. Her father is the head of our house. My cousin Talfryn from the second branch is the new heir, my three siblings and myself are the third branch."

"I've only met Lady Gwynelle once, other than the wedding, and it was not under very favorable circumstances. She seemed quiet lovely though…what I saw of her." She leans against the doorframe to continue the conversation as she asks curiously, "And you've recently married Lady Nalia? I think I saw her at the wedding too, though she was quiet."

Bradwyn nods and says, "I see, hopefully my cousin didn't leave too bad of an impression then. As to Nalia she can be quiet at times yes. The efforts I went through to get her to speak more openly with me." chuckling softly.

Braelynn leans her head against the doorframe as her countenance darkens slightly, "Your cousin didn't leave a bad impression, in fact, I'm afraid I am the one who might have done so. She was present, and we had just met when news of my brother's death arrived in Ebble. I was already exhausted from caring for… those wounded in battle, and I'm afraid I didn't maintain my composure very well when I received the news." She lets out a quiet and says, "Sometimes one just reaches their limit of what they can smile through…" With that, however, the smile and cheerful disposition returns, though it is with some effort, and quite possibly forced, at the moment. "Things are better now though. My brother Yorrick has returned, at least."

Bradwyn nods and says, "I would say she likely understands, that might have even been related to her reaction. We lost our cousin Sir Tomas to the Dorset, Talfryn's older brother. He had been missing for some time and during a patrol which Talfryn was present for, they witnessed two being hung from a tree, Tomas was one of them, unfortunately despite a brave fight those patrolling were forced to retreat, unable to recover the bodies or even give them a proper funeral. It was some weeks before the wedding we learned this from Talfryn." He mostly keeps his composure, but there is an underlying anger in his tone, no doubt for the Dorset.

A nod of her head is given, sending one red curl flopping over her forehead, "We had some very dark times. I'm hoping things lighten up in the future." The smile now takes on more of a genuine tone as she says hopefully, "Things are already turning around, it seems!" She glances over her shoulder into the depths of her brother's cottage. "Family… that makes all the difference, doesn't it? Being surrounded by those we love and who love us?" She smooths her skirts and gives Bradwyn a warm smile, "Congratulations on your recent marriage, Sir Bradwyn. I wish you many years of happiness and joy, and of course lots of children."

Bradwyn smiles and says, "Thank you Lady Braelynn. May you find happiness in your own life as well." as he stands to the side of the door, on the outside of the cottage of course as he was never invited in and doesn't impose.

The redhead tilts her head, considering for a moment as she says, "I'm happy enough, I suppose." She lifts her head from the doorframe and says, "I have my health. My loved ones have their health. I have my friends and my studies." Her smile widens and she adds, "And family of course. Or did I already say that?" She is downright chipper now, and she stands. "Again, thank you for your assistance today, Lord Bradwyn. I do need to to arrange the trip home." She takes a step back and gives him a polite nod of the head, "Good day, Sir Bradwyn."

Bradwyn nods and says, "Sir Bradwyn, I'm not the Lord of my house but thank you Lady Braelynn." Offering a respectful nod he turns to make his way as well, likely back to his squire who was left to load packages.

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