(514-10-10) Three Little Words
Summary: Talfryn and Bryn grow ever further attached to one another.
Date: 514-10-10
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Drinking was the name of the game today, at least as far as Talfryn was considered. A small keg of pear and honey mead was in place as the fire burned bright. It had been a long day of actual work, and with the work done Talfryn was up for some enjoyment. He sits on one of the large, plush chairs- barely large enough for two, a large glass of mead in his hand as he drinks and holds that book of poetry that Bryn had been teaching him to read from- just staring at it. He was learning, but it was slow going.

Bryn is hardly a drinker, something that he might have noticed by now, but she is willing to sip at it sometimes. She has nursed the same cup for the majority of the evening, curled up against his side so that she can help him when he runs into a word that is giving him trouble. As the days have gone on since their arrival, she seems more comfortable the the level of intimacy that has developed.

"This word?" Talfryn asks, as he resettles Bryn to be more fully on his lap- am arm wrapped around her middle as he drinks. He's perhaps two glasses in to the evening drinking. "What's this one?" he wonders curiously, as he gives Bryn a quiet squeeze as he smiles. "You rather like poetry, yes?" he wonders, with a quiet smile.

"I do rather like poetry." Bryn answers the last question first before she looks down at the word he's indicating, smiling just a little before she slowly sounds out the word for him. Then she explains what the word means by using it in a sentence. She lifts a hand to his cheek, her fingers stroking over it very softly before she leans in to press a kiss against his mouth.

Talfryn smiles quietly as her hand raises to cup his cheek- he leans forward to return that kiss. A gentle, soft thing as his hand on Bryn's hip squeezes tightly- a kind of possessiveness and passion to the touch as he deepens that kiss. He sets the book to the side on the table, along with his glass. His other hand slides up Bryn's side, a gentle touch- up and down.

She leans into that kiss, having grown a little more self-assured with it, a little less hesitant. She's still learning, still not as accomplished as some people might be. But she makes up for that in enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Her hands remain against his cheek, her eyes closing as her cheeks flush darkly with both

Talfryn smiles into that kiss, pulling Bryn all the closer as he holds her tight and close. The kiss breaks, and he smiles quietly- reaching up to stroke his thumb just below Bryn's lip. "Getting frisky?" he asks of her, with a little grin- that hand on Bryn's hip to squeeze as he holds her so close. "I wouldn't be surprised if you were." he teases, "Slowly seducing me as you have been." he says with a playful smile, resting his forehead against Bryn's.

Bryn's cheeks turn a bright crimson at that, "I…no…I wouldn't…" She stammers for a moment, her eyes dropping towards her lap before she looks back up to his face, "It is just that…it feels very right to share this with you."

"I'm teasing, darling." Talfryn says, with a little grin as he pecks those lips- another little kiss. "You can seduce me anytime you wish." he says, as he squeezes that hip again. "We are to be wed, after all, no? Won't be long now." he says, "And then, we belong only to eachother."

"And to your duties as heir." Bryn adds, her fingers stroking over his cheeks before she gives him a soft, brief kiss once more. She tucks her head against his chest, "Your cousin was very nice last night. Very welcoming."

"I'm glad to hear you got along." Talfryn says, as he holds his Lady close, his heart beating gently in his chest. "Yes, but among those duties is ensuring my family is healthy and happy." he notes quietly, "And with you, I look forward to it. Every bit of it." he says, as he lifts her chin just slightly for another kiss. "Gwyn's been like a sister to me since we were young. I'm very happy to hear she's welcomed you." he says, as he takes a breath. "I'd like to give you something, Bryn." he says, "A gift, of something that's extremely important to me." he states as he leans back and pulls something out from in his shirt. Bryn's seen it before- a gold chain holding a ring in gold. The face of the ring seems to by some kind of complicated knot in typical style. "This ring once belonged to my grandmother." he says, "It was given to my little sister, and she gave it to me on her deathbed." he explains, "I've held it close to my heart for years now, along with her chain." he states, as he quietly unlocks the chain to take the ring off. Its clearly made for a woman's hand. He takes Bryn's hand and quietly slides the ring onto the ring-finger of her left hand. "It would mean a lot to me if you'd accept it."

Bryn's brows pull inwards momentarily, but then she looks down at the ring, then back up towards him. She curls her fingers, pulling her hand to her chest, athumb brushing against the ring, "I've never own anything like this before…and I'm honored that you have felt the desire to give it to me."

Talfryn smiles quietly. "Its important for you to have it." he says softly, "It should be kept to the women of our family. So, perhaps, one day you'll give it to one of our daughters or grand-daughters." he says, with a little grin as he gives her another squeeze. The chain he puts again around his neck- locking it back in place. He picks up his drink, quietly finishing the cup before putting it again to the side. "Anyways, it suits you. It compliments your loveliness." he says, with an easy smile as he leans up to steal another kiss.

Bryn returns that kiss, her cheeks flushing once more, but she glances down at the ring once more, her finger rubbing over it, "I will cherish it, and pass it down to our first born daughter…or grand-daughter, if I like that long." She then leans in against him again, tucking her head beneath his chin.

Talfryn nods quietly, resting his head slightly on her's as he snuggles close. "I'm looking forward to winter." he admits, "Long, cold nights keeping each other warm." he says with a little grin, "It'll be lovely." he says, as he squeezes Bryn again- one hand sliding up and down her side again, fingertips tracing the gentle curves of her body. "You're beautiful, you know." he says again, as he leans close to whisper into Bryn's ear softly, "I love you, Bryn." A quiet admittance, the first time he's said those three lovely words.

Bryn's cheeks flush darkly at that, but it doesn't seem to both her so much as just surprise her. She lifts her hand up to his cheek, moving to look him direction in the eyes for a long moment before she murmurs back, "I love you as well, Talfryn."

Those striking blue eyes shine, the smile on his face broad as he leans in to seal the words with another kiss- pressing to Bryn's soft lips as they share those meaningful words. There need to be no more words for the moment, one hand sliding to cup her cheek, slide just so behind her head to hold that kiss tight. That other hand, still on Bryn's hip giving another squeeze as he gently pulls her close.

Bryn scoots herself closer at that encouragement, her arms wrapping around his neck before she sighs happily, breaking that kiss, "I never thought that I would find love like this."

"Neither did I." Talfryn admits, as that hand squeezes again, before his fingertips trace gently in circles on Bryn's hip. "I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I was sent to your house. It seemed a rather far-fetched thing for Christians to let go a member of their family to join a Pagan household." he begins, speaking quietly. "I figured I might find a wife, but love… love was a dream. Now, life is a dream I hope to never awaken from." he says with a smile. "You, my dream."

Bryn blushes against, "I don't think you need to worry about waking from this dream, for it is also a reality, afterall." She lifts a hand stroking his cheek again before she leans in to press her forehead against his dream, "I..admit that day in the main hall, when you and my cousin went for a walk, I was angry."

"Oh?" Talfryn asks, curious. His forehead against her's, lips barely brushing as he speaks in hushed tones. "Why were you angry, dearheart?" he wonders, "Surely, you know that Lady Vesper is nothing compared to you." he says, with a quiet smile. "You are, without a doubt in my heart, the true prize of Newton."

"Oh…no…I…didn't mean to imply that I was jealous. I was upset by her actions, and her words. She seemed to be…not taking things seriously, and saying things that seemed designed to be hurtful. Even then I knew that you deserved more respect."

"Ah." Talfryn says, with a grin. "Ah, I'm a grown man. Lady Vesper is still a child- perhaps not in body, but certainly in soul and mind." he says, with a little shrug. "I was more than soothed by your cousin, Joachim, Lady Lydia and yourself. The hospitality was lovely." he says, with a chuckle. He's a good-natured man, at heart. "And, in the end, it all worked out- for both of us." he says, "Still, I'm glad you cared, even then." he notes, "But.." he smiles, pressing a kiss to the corner of Bryn's mouth. "I am overjoyed with how things turned out."

Bryn returns the kiss, her own managing to find his cheek, "I did care…and I am overjoyed by how things turned out. It was very clear that this is how things were meant to be."

"I quite agree. The Gods have seen fit to gift me with some joy to follow all the sorrows as of late." Talfryn says quietly, as he rests again- forehead pressed to Bryn's forehead as he looks into her eyes. That closeness growing familiar and comfortable. "Things will only get better for us. We will make it so."

"It will get better, we'll start a family, get established here, comfortable in our positions. You'll get your bees come next spring." Bryn slides her hands against his tunic, "I want to give you a gift…but I don't know what would be best."

"You are a gift, Bryn." Talfryn says simply, without a moment's hesitation. "You don't have to give me anything, my darling. You are my gift, and I never need want for anything the rest of my days."

Bryn smiles softly, "I still wish to give you something, just for you." She gives him a kiss, then starts to slide herself to her feet, "I'll be right back." She then begins to head for the stairs, hurrying up towards the bedroom.

Talfryn sits up quietly, smiling as Bryn moves up the stairs- hurrying off. His eyes, of course, trail over his wife to be- just grinning quietly as she hurries off. He waits in quiet for his love to return.

It doesn't take long for her to return, and when she does she has a square of linen in her hand that has been embroidered with leaves and vines. She moves over to offer it to him.

Talfryn takes a moment to look as the embroidered square of linen and smiles softly as he takes it into his hands- he runs a finger over the embroidery, careful not to cause any damage to it. "Its lovely, Bryn." he says as he smiles to her. "A perfect favor to keep me safe." he tucks it into his belt where it is not likely to get lost. "Beautiful." he says, standing slowly to place his hands on Bryn's hips as he looks down into those lovely blue eyes. "Thank you, my moon and stars."

"You are welcome." Bryn replies, looking upwards at him with a bit of a smile, "I certainly do hope that it keeps you safe." She lifts her hands up to cup his cheeks, pulling him down towards her, "I don't want to lose you."

"I don't want to be lost." Talfryn says with his typical good humor, smiling quietly as he leans low at her urging to press another soft kiss to her lips- a gentle embrace to follow. "Particularly after finding you."

Bryn returns the embrace, smiling at him, "I'm glad that you don't want to be lost, either." She strokes her fingers against his cheek, watching his face with a bit of awe in her eyes.

Talfryn looks quietly down, reaching up to stroke quietly along Bryn's hairline. His finger then gently glides down the outline of her jaw as he looks at that lovely face in quiet. He stands so many moments in comfortable silence, just studying and memorizing that lovely face that looks up to him now. A smile breaks that silent wonder, and he pulls Bryn close- holding her tight, to his chest. "My heart now, my beloved Bryn." he says softly, "Beats with thoughts of you."

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