(514-10-08) Onward to Idmiston
Summary: Talfryn and Bryn ride to Idmiston and find themselves growing ever more fond of one another.
Date: 514-10-08
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It was early in the morning when Talfryn and Bryn set out to go to Idmiston. Of course, Talfryn helped Bryn onto his horse, before mounting behind her- ensuring that she was in a position of safety as he held the reigns. It was just a bonus (For Tal, at least, to be more or less embracing the lovely woman as they moved towards the lands of Idmiston. Behind them, a Wagon was loaded with Bryn's dowry, and Bryn's things she wished to bring with her- "The wagon will be stopping shortly in Sarum before it comes to Idmiston." he says, "I commissioned a bookcase for you." he explains, with a quiet smile before he urges the horse on and into the dawning light of morning.

There's a small selection of books, some her own personal ones that she's read before, and a few are on loan from Lydia as reading material for the winter months. In addition to that she's got a handful of dresses, sewing material, wool of various weights and colors that belong to her personal stash as well as a second pair of boots fit for the cold of winter. It's not a whole lot that she counts among her personal belongings, and the idea of a bookcase for the books causes her to smile, a murmured, "Thank you." given before they head on into the warming light of the morning.

It doesn't take long before her relative inexperience in the saddle becomes clear, her hands holding onto the horses mane, and her general stuff posture. After mostly being quiet, concentrating on the staying seated thing, she glances over her shoulder at him, "Can I ask you something?"

"It okay. Just lean back into me." Talfryn offers as Bryn grabs at his horse's mane and gets so stiff- "I won't let you fall." he assures her, with an easy smile. He nods when she looks back to him. "Of course." he offers simply, "Ask me anything."

When he instructs her to lean back her cheeks flush darkly at that, but she does as requested, her hold on the poor horses mane loosening a bit. "Your…your families religion, could you tell me about it? I am ashamed to admit that I don't know anything about this religion that I'm to be converting to."


Talfryn checked his religion of 5, he rolled 6.

"Well, it is important to know." Talfryn agrees, as he gently- and surprisingly chastely, holds Bryn on the horse- his arms aren't quite wrapped around her, seeing as he's got a hold on the reins- but it could be considered an embrace of sorts, albeit a protective one. "Our religion is quite different from the one you grew up with, at least, as far as I can tell. We have many gods, where you have one- or is it two? I've never really been able to understand the whole matter there, myself." he begins, "But, that's not so important. What is important is that we live with the land. The land was created by the Gods- beings beyond mortal ken. Honestly, it might be better to get a priest or priestess to come to you and explain the finer details." he admits.

"One." Bryn replies, tilting her head up so that she can look at him once again, watching him for a long moment before she quickly returns her eyes to that spot right between the horses ears. "If you wouldn't mind…I would like to speak with a priest or a…priestess. I think that since we are to be married, and I shall be a representative of your family that it is my duty to perform to the best of my abilities. I wouldn't want to accidentally say the wrong name at the wrong time." She hesitates for a moment, then adds very quietly, "I do not want to disappoint you or your family."

"That's why it be better to speak to a Priest or Priestess." Talfryn agrees, "I can't give you the finer details- just the basics. I can tell you one of the most important aspects of the belief though: The recognition of human limitations, in particular when it comes to 'Truth'. There are many truths, and no man can know them all. And in any particular situation many truths may be evident, all equally true even if they are opposite. Things are more… light and dark than good or evil. Forces of nature, that sort of thing. We worship the Gods and Goddesses, and know of the Fae- those who created the world, before it split into two halves. This side, and The Other Side."

"Many truths?" Bryn glances up at him again, looking as if that concept is perhaps a little bit beyond her understanding. "I thought that there was always simply one truth, not many. I'd be very curious to hear more about this…as well as more about the many gods and goddesses."

"Aye. Many truths. Let me try to give an example." Talfryn says, as they continue their ride. "Say that a man travels to Sarum from the west, and another from the east. In the first man's heart, Sarum lies to the east of his home. To the second man, Sarum lies to the west. Both of these men arrived to the same location, and could speak truthfully in saying that 'Sarum is to the East, or Sarum is to the west'. They've come to the same place though- both their paths were true paths that took them opposite directions and ended up in the same final place. The truth is based on where one is standing. My truth may not be your truth- and they may not agree with one another, but still lead us to the same place."

"That seems quite reasonable, as far as relative direction is concerned." Bryn admits after a moment, a hand reaching out to settle against the back of one of his hands, "But what if the situation were different. My hand is touching yours, that is a truth that I think we both could agree on, as is your hand is touching mine. But if someone else gave their truth as we were touching more than just hands, for reasons other than riding together, is that a truth? Or maybe..no." She shakes her head, "That still all makes sense…There has to be a situation in which there is only one truth."

"I'm not saying that there isn't a situation where there is only one truth, that may very well exist. But, some truths are beyond us, Bryn." Talfryn says, "We're mortal, we don't possess the capabilities to divine such a truth very easily. It could take a lifetime of searching and questing to find such a thing. Or, maybe you'll stumble upon it in the garden one day- both are equally possible." He says, with a little smile. "Life is a journey, after all. Who knows where it'll take us- we each walk many paths, sometimes with others and sometimes alone. All we can say on truth is that on walking on our path we found *A* truth, but not *the* truth. The same with the soul, I figure. We're born with it, but we don't find it until we've lived a little."

"I see." Bryn replies, her tone thoughtful as she takes the explanation at face value, not questioning it. She pulls her hand back off the back of his, resting her hand against her leg. "So recognition of the possibility of many truths is important, the gods created the land, they are neither good nor evil so much as forces of nature and we are simply human with human limitations."


Talfryn checked his flirting of 10, he rolled 12.

"As I understand it, yes. Its more.. light and dark, versus good or evil." Talfryn explains, "Even the Idmiston family motto harkens to it: Light follows the Darkness. The opposite is also true- but, we prefer to live in the light. Its much warmer there." he jests as he spurs his horse- picking up a little speed, a fast walk- distancing them between the past, and faster towards the future. "I'd honestly suggest asking everyone their feelings on it- it be quite enlightening." he says, with a smile. "So, is that all you'd like to ask me?" he wonders of her curiously, "Nothing more personal?" he says with a bit of a grin, "And, no need to remove that hand- touch anywhere you want." he teases, a flirty tone that might not come across as he'd hoped.

Bryn's cheeks flush once again, her eyes dropping down to her hand first, then to his before she reaches back out to resettle her hand against his. "Personal questions?" She even sounds embarassed by the idea, like she might just have personal questions she'd like to ask, but ones she's not sure she should ask. "May I call you Talfryn?" Apparently as opposed to adding the Sir every time she says his name.

"Well, we are to be married, so I see no harm in it." Talfryn replies, "And sure, personal or otherwise." he offers simply as he shifts his hand so he gentle holds Bryn's hand as he does the reins. "Get as personal as you want, m'lady. We're basically in private out here on the road." he notes, "Not another soul in sight."

Mention of their privacy causes her to blush even more, her fingers carefully curling around his hand. "I don't really know what to ask. There is a lot that I am curious about, I admit. Your hom…our home. When we arrive, will I have my own room until the marriage has been officiated?"

"Yes, we have a few guest rooms. After the marriage, you'll move into my room. Well.. Our room." Talfryn offers with a smile, "Unless you'd rather start living as man and wife before that, its easily done." he notes with another teasing grin. "You can ask anything. I mean, we're going somewhere you've never been before- and I know I'd be right curious about a number of things." he says, "Wait until you see the orchards. Those, by far, are my favorite."

"Before?" Bryn actually squeaks a little at that, her cheeks practically on fire at this point, "Is…that something that is normal?" She wonders, perhaps not having paid attention to the sleeping situation with her cousin and Lydia before their marriage was official. "Do…you want me to move into your room?"


Talfryn checked his flirting of 10, he rolled 16.

Talfryn grins at the redness in Bryn's cheeks, giving a chuckle. "My lady Bryn, I'm a man. What can I say- I'd love nothing more than to get right on top of things." he says, a bit teasing. "I don't know if its considered normal, though… I somehow imagine it might be easier for you, though, if we were to wait. I've grown rather fond of you. You're, honestly, adorable."

And alarmed, it seems. At least momentarily. The mention of getting right on top of things causes her to blush more, and look like she might just faint for a moment before she pushes down that response. Instead she coughs lightly, a nervous sound before she answers, "You are very charming as well. Your eyes are such a blue that I've never seen anything quite like them before."

"Its a sign of the Idmistons." Talfryn notes, "We all have eyes like this- you and your lovely eyes will fit in perfectly." he states, as he gives her hand a fond squeeze. "I'm rather excited about all this- and I'm glad you find me charming. IT had been of deep worry to me that you might find me a boor."

Bryn glances up at him at that, "A b..no!" She sits up a little, twisting around to better look at him, forgetting that they are on a moving horse for the moment. "I'm terrified that you are going to think I'm boring. I'm not exciting at all…I sit and read, and sew. I don't do anything exciting like some ladies do. I'm not a healer, or a knight, I don't even ride very well."

Talfryn moves quickly when Bryn begins to turn- his arm wrapping around Bryn's middle as she turns so quickly. "Careful now, my dear, a fall from a horse isn't deadly- but it hurts." he says, as he tugs her back into the saddle and close to his body- smiling. "You have nothing to worry about, Bryn." he assures her. "I have no expectations except one- that you and I be as happy as possible." he states, "Anyways, you are absolutely stunning." he says, "Beautiful. Your blush is like the dawn, and I greet it gladly as I would a beautiful morning."

"I hope that we can be as happy as possible, too." Bryn admits, the tip of her tongue quickly wetting her lips as she looks up at him, "I was not expecting this, especially not so quickly after the previous potential marriage broke apart. I find you to be…wonderful. Which just proves that things are the way they should be."

"I'm not even sure how to respond to something like that." Talfryn admits quietly, "I think it might be the nicest thing a woman has ever said to me." he says, "And from such beauty." he looks into Bryn's blue eyes for a long moment- before he leans down to steal a quick kiss- its a gentle movement, one she could pull away from if she wished- there is nothing but the gentle passion of that kiss to keep her there.

Under normal circumstances she might have pulled away, but the reality is that she'll be sharing a lot more than gentle kisses with him soon. Plus, she might not have realized that was what he was doing until it's too late. Bryn's cheeks are practically on fire, the heat from them easily felt as he steals that quick kiss, her mouth slightly agape in surprise and wonder.

Talfryn just smiles when the kiss is broken- its a quick thing- over in short moments. He says nothing for now- just squeezing her hand again as they ride onward towards Idmiston. His eyes fond as he looks into her eyes- eyebrows raised a bit as his smile becomes a grin- he's pretty happy with himself, it seems.

That smile is somewhat infectious, it leads her to start smiling as well, despite the blushing. She looks forward again, taking the time to sort her thoughts out before she decides on something. "It would probably be less trouble to move my things into your room right away. If you think that wouldn't look inappropriate."

"Oh, I don't see any problem in it." Talfryn says, "Would you be staying with them, or just visiting daily to get what you need?" he wonders, making no assumptions as he lets an arm wrap around Bryn's middle and give her a fond squeeze. He's a strong man, not the strongest- but its clear he keeps fit with his duties as a knight. "I admit, part of me rather wants to get started on married life. I didn't think it be that way, but then I met you."

"Staying with them…it seems like quite a bit of trouble to visit them daily to get what I need." Bryn replies, a hand lifting up to lightly fan herself, trying to cool down the flush that seems to have taken up residency on her cheeks. Her other hand moves to cover his hand at her waist, her fingers carefully tucking around his hand, "I admit to being nervous about what…happens once the door closes."

"Well…" Talfryn says, "That depends on you, Bryn." he admits, "I have some ideas, but I leave it to you to tell me when you're ready for all of that." he says with a little laugh as he gives Bryn a gentle squeezes- his hand and her hand squeezing as well. "Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be absolutely amazing."

Bryn's not a particularly brave individual, nor does she have a world of experience in these things in general. She does, however, know that there are certain things that are going to be expected of her once they are married. "Would you think less of me if I said I wanted to wait until after the wedding or….would you think less of me if I said that I would be ready when you wished?"

"I wouldn't think less of you in either case, Bryn." Talfryn answers simply. "Once we're married, of course, we have duties. What we do before that, though, is wholly up to you." he says again, with quiet assurance. "I won't force you to do anything of that sort, my dear." he continues, "Men who do that sort of thing are vile. Now, don't think I don't enjoy the physical- but all parties should be enjoying such things." he says, "You have nothing to worry about in that regard, dearest Bryn."

"You do?" Bryn glances upwards at him at that, perhaps taking his comment for a confession of his previous experience in the physical. She then turns forward again, thinking hard on the topic before she speaks up again, "I'm not worried about that…if that was what you wished, things would be very different already. But you have been nothing but kind, caring, and gentle. You truly make me feel safe and comfortable, even in the face of the unknown."

"I'm glad to hear it, Lady Bryn. I want you to know that I will endeavor to keep you safe and comfortable all our lives. " Talfryn says, with a nod to her. "Most Pagan men and women both are familiar with the physical parts of life- there's a holiday called Beltane where physical expressions of love are not uncommon. Normally its between married couples, but sometimes it isn't. Unmarried people, commoners and the like." he notes, "However, you should rest assured, its considered rather uncouth to be with anyone but one's marriage partner, if you're married." he offers to her simply, another way Pagans differ from Christians religiously and culturally, perhaps. "

"You mean…" Bryn's tone is somewhat strangled, like she doesn't know if she should be shocked, embarassed, or fake being unsurprised. Mostly, she just seems to be shocked and embarassed. "Even young women, before they are married?" She shakes her head a little, looking up at him, then back down before she presses her lips together in thought, "I suppose that it is a benefit then, your knowing what is done in such situations. Hopefully I do not disappoint."

"Sometimes. Its not something that happens all the time, particular among the nobility. But, it is a celebration of life and " Talfryn says, as he still smiles. "Don't think its an orgy, though." he mentions, "Its not- but these things do happen, and are considered just as sacred as the rest of life." he says, "As for your abilities, Bryn, when it comes to such things…" he smiles softly, leaning close to whisper into her ear, "I have a feeling you'll be a natural."

"An..o…oh…" Bryn's eyes flicker towards him, looking embarassed about the entire subject once more, but she nods, trying her best to understand and accept what he tells her. "I do not know that I'll ever be comfortable with your Beltane traditions, but I will do my best to not blush every time."

"Don't worry. Even in celebration, Bryn, I'll be there to make sure you're safe and comfortable." Talfryn assures her, though there is a bit of a playful teasing to his tone as he gives her another squeeze. "Maybe you'll find you actually like it." he notes, "Or maybe you won't. Neither is bad. Neither is good. They just *are*." he says, as he gives her another little squeeze. "And I rather like your blush, so, blush away."

"Like your Beltane? Or…like.." Bryn makes a limp, hapless sort of gesture to indicate what she means without actually saying it. She then glances up at him once more, a hand lifting up, hesitating just a moment before she touches his cheek with the tips of her fingers. "I'm sure that with you I'll like it."

"Yes." Talfryn answers simply, "And I certainly hope so, seeing as from here on out its you and me or nothing." he teases, with a wink- leaning into the tip of her fingers just slightly as they ride onward. "Don't worry, Bryn. If you find yourself overwhelmed by our holidays, at first, we'll just make an appearance as required, before sliding off to celebrate in private." he says, with a quiet conspiratorial wink.

"Then I suppose that we have to make you and me…" Bryn trails off, then laughs a little bit as she fails to actually come up with anything clever to finish that off with. She leans up to give him a quick, chaste kiss before turning back around to face the direction they are riding, "Is there anything that you wish to ask me?"

"Hrm." Talfryn says, as he smiles to the kiss. "Do you want me to teach you how to ride?" he wonders of her quietly, "I have a lot of questions, I think. So many I'm not sure what to ask. I really want to know everything about you, Bryn." he says, "I want you to tell me everything. I.. want us to be partners, you know? Two equal parts of a whole."

"If you want to teach me to ride, I'll do my best to learn to ride." Bryn replies, turning back around to face the front, leaning back against him once again. "I don't know where to start to tell you everything. I have an older brother, Dalan, he's a knight like you. We were raised by our uncle, Joachim's father, after our parents died."

"That's not what I asked, Bryn." Talfryn notes, "I asked if you wanted to learn. No point in teaching a grown woman something she doesn't want to learn." he remarks, with a little laugh. "Well, I hope to meet your brother some day. Hopefully, your family will come to join us at the wedding reception." he says, with a nod. "I was my Uncle's page for the longest time- he's like a second father to me. My parents, however, are alive. They're here and there- not in the manor too often."

"I'm just not a very good student, I've tried to learn before, but I've never been very good at it." Bryn glances upwards at him, giving him a quick smile before she nods, "I hope that my family does as well…I think that Joachim and Lydia will be, at the very least. You and he have put too much time into making this marriage happen for him to miss it."

"I certainly hope so. I rather like Joachim. He's good people." Talfryn says, with a nod of his head. "As for if you're a good student or not- that doesn't matter to me. If you don't want to learn, we can ride like this." he offers, "Even if you do learn to ride- we can ride like this." he assures her, giving another squeeze, before he grins. "Should I take him into a gallop?" he asks, as he spies a long lane of flat earth. In the distance, orchard trees can be seen. "We can stop in the orchards for a light lunch before we announce our arrival."

"A gallop?" Bryn sits up a little straighter at that, sounding nervous once more. However, she nods, "A light lunch at the orchard sounds wonderful…I hadn't realized how hungry I was until you mentioned it."

"Aye. A gallop." Talfryn says, "YipYip! Tan, Yip!" Tan, (Fire, in Welsh) the horse snorts and begins into a mighty charge- Talfryn's arm is tight around Bryn's middle as he sits in the stirrups- ensuring her body is sealed tight to his own as the Knight's charger snorts and rushes forward at speed, barreling towards the Idmiston Orchards.

A gallop. Bryn makes a surprised sound when the horse starts charging off towards the orchards, her hands gripping the arm wrapped around her waist. She manages to stay in place, likely only due to his arm around her, however.

The last eight of a mile or so to the Idmiston orchards go by in a flash before Talfryn brings his horse to a slow trot once they get into the Orchards. "Aha!" he says, as he holds his wife-to-be to his chest, "How was that?" he asks of Bryn, "Everything still where it belongs?" he wonders of his recently surprised betrothed.

"I think I might have left my stomach back there." Bryn admits, breathless from the surprise of the sudden gallop to the orchards. She then releases her death grip on his arm, "But otherwise, yes. I think that everything is still where it belongs."

Talfryn chuckles, as he dismounts, reaching up to take Bryn around the middle and lift her up and off the horse to put her on solid ground. "These are the orchards- not the private orchards, but they are ours." he says as he stretches slowly to reach up and grab an apple that's hanging on the tree, polishing it on his tunic before he offers ot over to Bryn. "Hopefully still hungry, though." he offers with a smile.

"The private ones are the ones that are next to the manor, correct?" Bryn quickly smooths out her dress, making sure that everything is, in fact, in the proper place. When he holds the apple out to her she takes it, giving him a smile before she nods, "I'm still hungry." She assures him, moving to curl her arm around his, looking around the orchard, "I know that it isn't a moonlit night, but we are in an orchard, and you mentioned a walk once in them."

"Of course." Talfryn says, as he looks to his horse. These are Idmiston lands, so its already walking towards the stables it knows as home- Tal just gives it a little swat on the rump, "Go on home, Tan." he says to the creature, who snorts and heads on his way.

"This is the apple orchard, the pear orchard is on the opposite side of the house- the private orchard has both trees mixed up together." he explains as he takes that arm and holds it close as he starts to walk with Bryn through the lovely trees. "Most of the harvesting is done by now, though a few late fruit always hang around for a second harvest." he explains, "Its best to pick them just before they ripen if we're going to sell them fresh. The ones that have gotten a little over-ripe typically go into the mash for ciders and meads." he says as the pair walk through the sundappled paths, winding lazily as they go.

"It sounds like harvest season is a very busy time here." Bryn observes, glancing down at the apple in her hand before she lifts it up to take a bite off it, holding it out to him to share as he leads her down one of the paths. She waits until the bite of apple is swallowed before continuing, "I helped to manage the house for my uncle, the book keeping…Will you require my help as well?"

"Well, I'll have to ask my uncle who does that- but, I do think that'll be something I will need once I take over his position." Talfryn says, "I do have a lot to learn from the man before the torch is officially passed." he admits, "Still, one day you'll be wife to the head of the household, and I'd much rather have you tell me when something is right or wrong than hear it from someone else. Harvest time is very busy here- a lot of workers in the orchards from the local peasants." And, quite often, Talfryn. He's famous for going out to help the commoners with their work- in particular the elderly who have trouble with plowing a field for lack of sons. Its his natural generosity. He takes the apple, taking a bite before he passes it back. "Of course, when I learn to Read from you, that'll make things even easier. PAgans, traditionally, do not put much stock in the written word."

"Do you not?" Bryn accepts the apple from him, glancing upwards at him before she smiles, "We can start with the reading lessons tonight if you would like. I have a very nice book of poems that should be a very good place to start." She takes another bite off the apple, holding it back out to him for another bite, "Is there a way that I could help next harvest season?"

"Of course you can help." Talfryn says, "I typically do, if my Knightly duties won't take me away from it- this will be the first year that is a possibility." he notes, "However, you'll basically have run on the manor, along with the other women. Brad and I may be off doing whatever thing our Lord requires of us." he says, with a smile. "I'd like that, Bryn." he says, with a nod, "It should be a nice way to spend an evening, I'm sure." He takes the apple and another bite before its offered back.

"I think that it will be a very nice way to spend the evening." Bryn agrees as she takes the apple back from him, looking down at the piece of fruit before she leans briefly against his side. "Will your family be there when we arrive? I'd very much like to meet them."

"Should be, some of them, anyways. Bradwyn was recently married to Lady.. Nalia, I think her name is- terrible I don't remember my Cousin's bride's name." Talfryn says, "I've been distracted, however." he says, as he gives another squeeze to Bryn when she leans into his side, smiling quietly to her. "My cousin Gwyn might visit, along with her husband, I'm sure they want to see how things went. My first task as Heir, and all."

"How do you think your first task as heir went?" Bryn wonders, looking upwards at him before she raises the apple up to take another bite off it. She then passes it back to him before she gives his arm a light squeeze. "I know that you need children, heirs of your own…but do you want children?"

"Well, I certainly walked out of Newton with the prize." Talfryn replies, with a wide smile. He takes another bite of the apple- not much apple left. Luckily, there is more on the trees- and he's quick to snatch another. He takes a bite as he thinks about that final question. "I think so." he says, "I mean, its expected, of course- but think its something I might enjoy. What about you?"

"I do…I've always wanted children." Bryn replies, reaching for the new apple when he tugs it off the tree, "I never thought of it as a responsibility…I just always wanted children. I wanted to be a mother."

"Well, my dearheart, then children we will have." Talfryn assures her, "And I will be happy knowing my sons and daughters will have a mother who loves them." he says with a quiet smile, "We can get started on that as soon as you wish." he teases, as he gives Bryn another squeeze. "Do you want sons? Daughters? Both?"

Bryn's cheeks flush at that, but she smiles still, "I really have no preference. I just hope they have your eyes." As soon as the words have passed her lips that flush deepens, "Which do you want?"

"I want healthy children." Talfryn says, "Otherwise, it doesn't really matter." He pauses quietly in the orchard- under an old apple tree that sways in the breeze, turning to face Bryn fully. He smiles quietly to her, his hands falling to rest on her hips. "You're so beautiful, Bryn." he says to her softly, bowing his head so it might rest against her's. "I feel like a very lucky man to have found you."

"I feel like I'm a very lucky woman to have found you, as well." Bryn replies, a hand lifting up to brush against his cheek before she loosely twines her arms around him. "Your orchards are very beautiful…and I'm honored to have you share them with me."

Talfryn smiles quietly, leaning down to brush a stray hair from out of the way of Bryn's face. He looks deep into those blue eyes, a quiet moment as he smiles. "I think, Bryn, I'm falling out of the tree for you rather hard. Hitting every branch on the way down- I'll be dumb with love if you keep this up." he says, with a teasing- but happy tone. "I hope you're happy with yourself." Still, that tone teasing- as if falling in love was all her fault.

"I hope that hitting every branch on the way down is not nearly as painful as it sounds." Bryn murmurs, her cheeks once more turning a bright crimson color as she stares upwards at him. "But…yes. I'm quite happy with myself. I hope that doesn't lessen your opinion of me."

"Why would it?" Talfryn asks softly. "And love can be painful, I'm told. That doesn't mean you shy away from it." he says, quietly. "The best things in life are painful, sometimes." he says. "But, they can be the best things, too." he grins, reaching up to cup Bryn's cheek. "We'll face it together, though. The pain and pleasure, the hard and the easy. It'll be you and me, Bryn. Through all of it, together."

"I don't know why it would be painful." Bryn replies with a slight shake of her head, leaning her cheek into his hand when he cups her cheek. She raises one hand up to press her hand against the back of his for a moment before she nods, smiling shyly at him, "Everything you say…it makes my stomach flutter and my heart squeeze."

Talfryn smiles quietly, looking into those eyes before he leans slowly to press another kiss to Bryn's lips- a longer kiss this time- gentle, still, but passionate as he presses close to her. The kiss is deeper than that first he surprised her with- a lover's kiss.

Bryn's eyes flutter closed when he leans down to press a kiss against her lips, her hand remaining against the back of his, her weight very slowly shifting towards him. It's clear fairly quickly that she is inexperienced, although she makes up for that lack of experience with desire and eagerness.

That kiss continues under the apple tree, Talfryn's hand on Bryn's hip sliding around to the small of her back as he pulls her close, his kiss deepening as he enjoys this first, tender embrace in the orchard. To Talfryn, it seems like an eternity in a moment as he kisses his bride to be before he 'comes up for air' as it were, grinning and holding her nice and close. "Lovely."

Bryn flushes once more, her head ducking just a little before she nods her agreement, "Yes…it is. But as lovely as it is I think we should try to make it all the way to home."

"Its right this way." Talfryn says, his arm sliding around Bryn's back to hold her close as he continues that walk- now, to house Idmiston.

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