(514-10-08) Now in Idmiston
Summary: Talfryn helps Bryn get settled into life in Idmiston. The pair bond further.
Date: 514-10-08
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After their walk back to the manor, the arrival of the wagon eventually, and the settling in of Bryn's things she's requested another walk. This time around the manor instead of out among the orchards. She has her hand tucked into his arm, letting him lead her around to the various rooms in the manor, asking polite questions here and there.

After directing the servants on where to put what (Including Bryn's new bookshelf) in what is to become their shared room, Talfryn is all too happy to begin leading Bryn around the Manor. "This is our private Solar." he says, "This is a place, largely, for family and close friends." he explains, "As you can see, we enjoy to relax here- you are, of course, always welcome to enjoy the comfort of the solar." he says, with a quiet smile. There is a certain amount of luxury here, a desire for comfort.

"It's quite lovely." Bryn replies once they enter the solar, her eyes moving around before she moves towards one of the tapestries, "Do you think that I could use this place for reading, sometimes? I don't want to keep you up every night if I can't sleep."

"Of course, this is your home, Bryn." Talfryn says with a smile, "You're welcome to spend as much time as you want here." He assures Bryn quietly as he gives her a happy squeeze. "The private rooms are above this, all in the tower." he explains. "The servant's quarters are separate." he then continues as he walks with Bryn. "We'll spend much of winter in this room- so, its designed to be comfortable." he says with a smile. "The main hall.." Talfryn continues as he leads Bryn out of the solar and into the Main Hall of the manor.

Bryn glances back towards the solar, "Does your family always spend winter together in the solar?" She wonders, a strangely happy smile appearing at the idea of her new family being that closely knit. She then faces forward again, looking towards the main hall as he leads her towards it.

"Well, mostly." Talfryn says, with a smile. "We do , of course, go out into the Main Hall as well. Sometimes you need to have some space, even from people you love like your family." he grins, "But, for the most part, we rather enjoy each other's company." he offers, as he looks about the Great Hall. "This is our main hall- where we tend to entertain most guests." he explains, "Feasts, and other such celebrations are held between here and the courtyard when we have them." he continues, "The kitchens, and some guest rooms are attached here- so we do tend to take dinner in the main hall." he says with a quiet smile. "The kitchen typically has something in it, if you ever get hungry after the servants have gone to bed. Our cook makes some excellent pigeon pies." he mentions with a grin.

"Does your cook chase you with a spoon when all you're trying to do is sweep the kitchen?" Bryn questions, glancing up at him with a smile, "I don't think my cousin warned you about my tendency to clean…did he?"

"No, we have servants to do most of the cleaning- but I suppose if it makes you happy, you're welcome to help out." Talfryn notes, "I don't believe the cook has ever chased me with anything except a dessert." he says with a laugh, "I mean, I wouldn't suggest getting in the cook's way, but what you do for fun is your business."

"I like to clean…it is…" Bryn thinks about just what it is, shaking her head momentarily, "It is relaxing to clean, or to mend clothes…I'm very adept at making simple things." She leans her head briefly against his arm, fingers giving him a light squeeze, "You'll never have a hole in your clothes again…not for long."

"That's always a nice thing. Who likes having holes in their clothing." he says with a grin as he squeezes back. "If that's what you enjoy doing, I won't stop you." he says, "Though, you shouldn't feel required to do anything you don't want to do when we have servants who do much the same." he notes as they walk through the Main Hall of the manor and into the courtyard. "Here is the courtyard, our stables, Pigeon House and servant's quarters are attached here, he says with a quiet smile. "Bradwyn and I often train here, as well- so does my Uncle. The Knights of the family like to keep fit."

Once they are out in the courtyard she stops, her hand catching his, fingers curling around his, "Thank you." Bryn murmurs softly, her fingers squeezing his hand lightly before she pulls his hand to her cheek, leaning against it, "I want to assure you that I do not feel that I have to do anything…you have made it very clear that you are kind, accepting, and understanding of both myself and my family. I enjoy cleaning, and I enjoy sewing. I would find it satisfying to be able to do those small things for you."

Talfryn stops, smiling quietly as his hand cups her cheek- led to that point by Bryn. He feels that warmth there of Bryn's pale skin- just smiling. "Then I will accept such a gift from you, Lady Bryn. With thanksgiving." he assures her as he comes close to embrace the woman quietly. "You are beautiful, and I feel lucky, Bryn, to have such a dedicated woman."

Bryn smiles at him once more, her arms moving to encircle his waist, giving him a gentle squeeze before she rests her head against his chest, "Then we are two very lucky individuals." She then starts to release him again, returning her hand to his arm instead, "The men of the family come here to train…"

"Aye, when there's time." Talfryn says, with a nod. "And mostly just melee- horse work is elsewhere." he continues, as he squeezes Bryn quietly- just a quiet embrace. "You're welcome to spend time anywhere on the manor grounds, of course. Our lands are fairly safe- the Orchards are lovely, as you know."

"The orchards are very lovely, and I can only imagine that they must smell divine during harvest season." Bryn rests her head against him once again, "If you wouldn't mind, and it wouldn't be a bother, I'd like to watch you train some time."

"Of course, you're welcome to watch." Talfryn says with a smile, "Just have a servant bring a chair out for you, or stand off out of the way. I'm sure Lady Nalia would love to join you, as well." he offers with a quiet smile. "And, I'd hope to see you at every Tourney." he grins, "I do love going to the tourneys. Did alright for myself the last time, in the joust." he offers as his hand comes up to quietly stroke through Bryn's hair as she rest her head.

"Lady Nalia…that is who you mentioned married Sir Bradwyn, correct?" Bryn lets her eyes close has his hand strokes through her hair, her cheeks turning a little pink. "I will attend every single Tourney with you. Is the joust your favorite event at the tourneys?"

"It is, but I think next tourney I'll try at the melee." Talfryn says, with a nod of his head. "I've got to work on my horsemanship, as well." he says, "And yeah, Lady Nalia is Sir Bradwyn's wife. She's new to the house as well, though, they were only just married." he explains, "I'm sure you'll be fast friends with Lady Nalia- she's a very nice woman." he says, "And, I imagine, quite patient if she's Bradwyn's wife." he says with a little laugh as he takes a slow breath- just enjoying the closeness with Lady Bryn. "I'm alright at the Joust." In fact, Talfryn did very well, considering that each of his opponents were far more skilled than he is.

"I will be most happy to meet Lady Nalia, and I'm certain that we will be very good friends." Bryn replies, glancing up at him with another smile, "When the next tourney occurs I'll be there, cheering you on towards a win. You'll most likely have to explain things to me though…I've never watched the tourneys. I've always kept myself busy in town with other things during them."

"Oh, I love them." Talfryn says, "Its exciting, and although there's a chance for injury, its small. Blunted weapons and all. You'll know well when the next tourney is." he assures Bryn, smiling in return when he sees that smile- "So- what do you think of the place? Pretty easy to live here, yeah?"

"It's wonderful here." Bryn replies, glancing upwards at him once more, smiling very faintly, "I believe that it will be quite easy to live here, made more so by your presence here."

Talfryn grins, "Funny, I was going to say the same thing regarding you." he says, leaning in to press a peck to Bryn's cheek- a gentle thing. "So- shall we retire to the solar?" he wonders of her quietly, "Relax by the fire? Perhaps have something to eat?" he asks quietly. "Just enjoy each other's company?"

"Would it be horrible if I said yes to all of those things?" Bryn wonders, her cheeks blushing once more before she reaches up, her hands finding his cheeks before she leans up to give him a kiss in return. "I am very pleased to be marrying you. I never thought that I would be this lucky, for I am very lucky."

"Honestly, Bryn, I had come to Newton unsure if I'd leave with a bride- but hoping. My heart fell when I got to know your cousin, and now- I see there was perhaps some hand that led me to you. I left Newton with her prize, I'm certain of that." Talfryn says, as he holds her tight. He gives a wave to a passing servant, "Lady Bryn and I will take a meal in the Solar, please." he says- adding that polite word out of habit. "Please, also bring some of the good cider." he then looks to Bryn, curious, "Or would you prefer some wine, Lady Bryn?" he asks of her as he gives another fond squeeze.

"When you came to Newton I didn't know who you even were, and I was certain that I would become a spinster, living the rest of my life without any prospects outside my duties to my uncle." Bryn pauses when he addresses the servant, glancing towards them with a very faint smile, waiting until they leave before she continues, "I would not have been unhappy if that had been the case. But I feel that I was rewarded for my patience and acceptance of the situation…lucky for my cousin not pleasing you. Everything seems to have happened for a very important reason." She leans up to give him another kiss before curling her hand around his, "We should go to the solar before the food arrives."

Talfryn smiles, and nods- moving with Bryn now back through the house and into the Solar. A fire has been lit, as the evening has begun to come along with the chill of Autumn starting in the air. Talfryn takes a quiet look through the room, he chooses a smaller sofa- one where two could sit quite comfortably. A small table sits on either side of the sofa, ensuring there was a place to put drinks or plates. He nods, "How's this?" he asks, as he begins to sit.

"Perfect." Bryn replies as she follows him to the sofa, waiting until he has sat down to sit down next to him, one foot moving to tuck beneath her as she sits. "When was it agreed upon that we would make the marriage official?" She wonders, reaching for his hand again, carefully curling both her hands around his. "What will it be like?"

Talfryn smiles still, squeezing Bryn's hand. "Well, the wedding itself will be quiet, and mostly private. Family, and close friends." he explains, "The celebration after will be large, a feast." he offers, as he gives Bryn a slight tug so they were snuggled right up together. "As for the timing, it will be before the Autumn equinox celebrations. There are a great number of weddings in the Pagan houses that take place around that time." he admits, "Most try for the equinox itself, I never saw the point of battling with figuring out who's wedding you'd attend." he says with a grin. The servants come into the solar, carrying a pair of plates with food- baked apples and pears, pigeons for meat, and bowls of pottage as is typical of the diet. Fresh baked bread, of course, is brought as well. A pitcher is brought out filled with cider along with a pair of cups. Napkins, along with knives are brought out along with spoons. No forks, because they're not really a thing just yet.

"Will I need to do anything prior to the wedding?" Bryn wonders, leaning her head against his shoulder when he pulls her against his side, "Some way to…officially convert, or do people simply accept that I've done so?" She starts to reach for the plates when the servants arrive with them, taking them from them to hand him one of the plates. "Anything that needs to be done for the feast?"

Talfryn pours two cups of cider, trading a cup for a plate once its handed to him. "Thank you." he says, with a quiet nod. "We should get you speaking to a priestess, I think, to begin the task of converting." he says, with a slow breath. "To teach you the things you need to know." he agrees, "As long as you know the way of the walk, as it were, you should be fine being accepted by most, I think." he says, as he thinks a moment, taking a long sip of the cider. "The feast itself will mostly be planned by my Uncle, but we will need to invite people. Other houses, of course, but Newton and Idmiston should be made aware. Most of the feast will be taken care of- but, if you'd like a larger part in it, just say the word."

Bryn accepts the cup of cider from him when he holds it out to her, reaching over to set it down on the table on her side of the sofa. "I would like to contribute in some way to it, yes. I don't feel right to not help out where I can." She doesn't begin to eat immediately, but does settle her plate on her knee, organizing everything carefully. "Do you think that a priestess will be able to speak with me tomorrow?"

"I'll send word out to see if any can come to attend to you." Talfryn says, "I'm sure one would come without much fuss." he says with a smile, as he looks to his own food- taking some of the bread to dip it in the pottage an with a touch of the pigeon meat torn free in the bread he takes a bite. "I imagine your help would be welcome- perhaps you'd like to plan the menu?" he ask of Bryn, "That, I imagine, would be of great help. We may need to get someone out hunting to get venison, or boar. Whatever you want at the party."

"I can plan the menu." Bryn replies with a smile, reaching for a piece of the bread as well, just nibbling quietly at it at first. "I will come up with a few things that I think would be nice to have for the feast. I'd love to feature the fruit from the families trees…"

"Plenty of good ways to do that. Pies, cakes, dried fruit- baked. The drink we make, always a good idea to have plenty of drink at something like this." Talfryn says as he takes another bite of bread, pulling more of the pigeon meat off to eat the two together. "Of course, fresh is there, as well. As stuffing- there's a lot you can do with apples and pears."

"I think…" Bryn pauses for a moment, thinking about that for a moment, "Perhaps we could use them in a cake? Something sweet, as well as putting it with some of the venison." She reaches behind her for the cup, taking a sip off it before setting it back down, "Your Uncle, and the cook, would they be the ones to talk to about the details?"

"Yes, I'll make sure he knows to expect you." Talfryn says, "So, its not a total surprise with you coming up with a menu." That could be a funny situation with the 'new wife' of the family showing up with an unexpected menu. "That way, its just a little something off his plate- one less thing he has to expect to do." he says with a quiet smile, "How do you see the whole spread, then?"

"Something….warm. Comforting. Filling." Bryn replies, thinking about both the time of the year and the reason for the festivities. "Perhaps pies, stews…fall vegetables if there are enough to spare."

"I'm sure we can make do." Talfryn says, with a nod of his head. "Certainly we can spend a little money to ensure its what you want, in terms of vegetables." he says with a grin. "But, pies, stews, all very good. Some roast animal- chickens, maybe some beef, or venison. We should show your family that they've made allies with a family worth having an alliance with."

"I am certain that there are do doubts of that." Bryn assures him, picking her plate up to set it onto the table with her cup before she turns more fully to face him. She reaches for his hand again, wrapping her hands around his hand once more, "What is your favorite meal?"

Talfryn smiles, putting his plate to the side- taking another quick sip of cider. "Favorite meal.." Talfryn says, with a little grin. "I'm rather fond of meat. Roast pork is always nice, bacon, eggs. Cheeses with bread." he shrugs, "Honestly, I'm a fan of foods. The cook makes a meat and kidney pie that's really quite good." he says with a grin. "What about you?"

Bryn thinks about that, her head tilting a little in thought, "I'm rather partial to fish.." She admits, smiling just a little, "But I think perhaps that might just be because fish has always been very readily available in Newton. I also enjoy spiced apple and pheasant pie…"

"I'll see if we can't find some fish for you. We don't quite have the access to water that Newton does- but there are crayfish in the river near here." he admits. "Smaller fish, maybe. Its not quite as wet as the river you're used to." He admits, with a quiet smile. "Apples we have, and I'll see if I can't take a pheasant or two for you in a hunt. I think Bradwyn and I should go hunting before the celebration anyways, to see what we might be able to take."

Bryn shakes her head, "Oh, you don't have to try and find me any fish. I can learn to love other things…and I should get familiar with what will be more readily available here."

"Probably for the best, but no reason we can't try and do something special once and a while." Talfryn notes, with a smile. "We'll see what we can find. I've always enjoyed when the fresh fruit is available. Venison, wild boar, rabbit. Pheasant, of course, other birds worth eating. Goose and duck. All available. We're going into winter, though, so this feast should certainly be a last hurrah."

"Perhaps…but I also don't wish to endanger the stores of food for the winter, either." Bryn gives his hand a light squeeze, "I would feel terrible to think that my desire to have a large feast was what caused people to have to eat less over the winter."

"Oh, that won't be a problem, don't you worry." Talfryn assures Bryn. "We've never gone hungry before- and there's plenty of time before winter sets in after our celebration to ensure stocks are good." he says, with a quiet nod of his head. "We won't go hungry, I assure you of that." Talfryn says with obvious certainty as he squeezes her hand again, smiling and snuggling up as the fire burns near by, casting a pleasing wamrth through the room.

"You certain?" Bryn looks momentarily worried, but then she smiles, clearly accepting what he says after she takes her own worry into hand and gives it a shake. She leans her head against his shoulder, tucking herself in closer to his side, forgetting about the food, and instead just enjoying the overall situation. "Tell me more about your favorite things.."

"Well, I rather like being a knight." Talfryn starts, "I've wanted to be one since I was a lad- so, this is rather good for me. I wasn't expecting to be the Heir of Idmiston, but such is life." Talfryn admits, "I enjoy riding, hunting, jousting. The tourneys. I enjoy spending time out in the orchards, and in the wild places, although I wouldn't call myself much of a hunter. There's still a peace in places sacred to the fae." he says quietly, leaning his own head to gently rest against Bryn's with her on his shoulder. "Spending time with you is quickly being added to that list."

"So you enjoy all those things most often attributed to being a knight." Bryn replies, smiling easily at that, her hand giving his arm a gentle squeeze, "I'm also beginning to thing that spending time with you should be on my list of things I might enjoy doing. Which…is a short list. I'm frightfully boring."

"You say that- but I disagree. I enjoy your company." Talfryn says, "And I'd like to know more about what you enjoy." he says, with a quiet smile as he gives another squeeze to Bryn. Holding her close. "So, you enjoy reading, cleaning, sewing." he begins, "What else is there?"

"I enjoy watching the sunrises." Bryn answers after a moment, shaking her head just a little, "I don't really have much else…It's..sad." She blushes just a little, "I really do think I've been quite boring overall."

"I'd bet there's more to you than you give yourself credit for." Talfryn says, as he gives her another squeeze. "We can watch the sunrises together, and the sunsets. Lay out in the orchard during summer. There's plenty of life ahead of both of us." Talfryn takes a slow breath- grabbing the cider for another long, slow sip. "So, stop all that talk about it being sad. You're wonderful, I won't hear anything different." he says, with a smile.

Bryn's smile widens just a bit at that, then she nods, "Very well, I wont ever say anything about being boring again." She raises a hand up, stroking her finger against his cheek, "I'd love to watch the sunrises and sunsets with you."

"Well then, every chance we get." Talfryn says. "We can go up on the walls, or to the top of the tower and just watch a the sun rises, or sets- it'll be quite nice." he says with an easy smile, as he leans slightly into that finger. He's not as clean shaven as some knights- he seems to always have a five-o'clock shadow. An odd quirk, perhaps.

"What does it look like from the tower?" Bryn questions, her eyes flicking upwards for a moment before looking to his face, leaning in to give him another kiss. This time she doesn't aim for the cheek.

Talfryn begins to answer- "Well, you can se…" his answer soon cut off by that leaning into another kiss- smiling as he returns in kind, a soft kiss between them that deepens ever so slightly. The kiss is broken, followed by another kiss to Bryn's cheek- his hand sliding around her body to tug her onto his lap- to hold her so close. "You can see far, its really nice." he says softly, squeezing her tight.

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