(514-10-07) Deals and Dowries
Summary: The match is made between Newton and Idmiston- some talks on Dowry begin. Talfryn, Bryn, Lydia and Joachim all contribute.
Date: 514-10-07
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After a long day of chores Bryn has retired to the main hall to await dinner, although she seems to not be nearly as worried about eating as one might imagine. Instead she is tucked into one of the chairs, a slim, thin book held in her hand that she seems to be squinting at by the light of the fire.

Still mid-visit, Talfryn steps down from the guest room where he'd been staying. As he notices Bryn, he gives a little grin and approaches. "What ho, Lady Bryn! Enjoying your book?" he wonders as he comes close to look over her shoulder at whatever it is she's reading. "Anything interesting?"

Bryn glances up, blinking as her eyes readjust to looking at something other than the words in her book, "Oh. Um…" She hesitates a moment, glancing back down at the book before she closes it carefully. "No, it really isn't that interesting. Just some silly poetry is all." She carefully holds the book out towards him, letting him see the book if he'd like.

"Poetry, huh?" Talfryn wonders, as he takes the book carefully to look through the pages. "You know I can't read, right?" he asks of her, with a playful grin before the book is offered back to the literate lady. He doesn't seem all that bothered by the fact. "Do you have a favorite poem, then?" he wonders, as he finds a seat not far from Lady Bryn- enjoying the warmth of the fire.

A low, feminine chuckle precedes Lydia's arrival, as she appears with hand extended, because it's tugging Joachim behind her like she's the ox and he's the plow. Her hair is braided back, but distinctly mussed, and she's grinning broadly at him. "Come along," she encourages, "Husband." Very little has been seen of the pair since their wedding, but it's about time they start to face the world.

"I still demand a rematch." Joachim says as he's tugged along, his own chuckle mingling with hers as he has his hand tucked into hers, his shirt hastily being tucked back in with his free hand before giving a firm tug of his tunic. "But if you insist, wife." he comments as he considers for a moment, slowing, like the plow catching on the rock, but he tugs Lydia back to him. Gesturing a little to Bryn and Talfryn, he leans in, a short discussion to explain that there was a change in the arrangement and that Bryn had taken Vesper's place.

"I can teach you to read, if you'd like." Bryn offers, taking the book back from Talfryn when he hands it back to her, tucking it next to her in her chair. She starts to answer the question about what might be her favorite poem, but pauses when she hears the pair that are approaching the main hall.

"Ah! Congrats, you two! Let me say House Idmiston wishes the best on both of you, and on House Newton." Talfryn offers when he realizes the pair have arrived with a grin. He then looks to Lady Bryn. "That might be good- particularly since I imagine House Idmiston will be having so many more books in our halls!"

"And what will I get this time, if I win?" Lydia asks Joachim over her shoulder, keeping her finger entwined in his. Turning to face the couple, her smile alights. "I just heard. I'm so happy for you both, congratulations. And Bryn, have no fear; Joachim's wedding gift to me included quite a few additions to the library here, and I'm sending for more from Horton. We'll no doubt spend a great deal of time together and write often when we're apart, and we can exchange books frequently."

"I'm not sure, Lydia. What left do I have to give to you?" Joachim asks with an amused smirk pulling at the corner of his eyes. His response is leaned into, apparently a hint of chasteness left between the two as he speaks, before turning his attention to the pair. "So you are accompanying Sir Talfryn back to Idmiston?" he asks in a hint of surprise as he glnaces to Bryn. "Not that I do not approve. I am pleased that the two of you are hitting it off so well."

"I can only hope that there are going to be more books." Bryn admits with a smile, but she doesn't sound like she would be overly upset to know that she wasn't going to get new ones, either. She then smiles at Lydia and Joachim, "Thank you…and I am most certain that we shall write to each other very frequently." She agrees, although when Joachim asks her that question she shakes her head, "I do not…I suppose that I am?" She looks like she's not quite sure if she answered right, or if she's leaping ahead of herself.

"I'd be glad to see it happen, Lady Bryn." TAlfryn offers simply, "If, that is, there are no issues with it." he continues as he smiles- noting Bryn's smile with a bit of a wink. "There you go, making the world disappear again." he teases quietly.

Whatever Joachim murmured to Lydia, it makes her moisten her lips and her cheeks turn rosy pink. "Bryn, make sure to come to the library before you leave and we'll have a few packed to take with you. I don't mind you borrowing." She grins over at Talfryn, "You should enjoy having a scholarly wife. She can manage all your correspondence." Looking back to Joachim, she looks at him appealingly. "Can we journey to Idminston too? To be there for the wedding?"

Joachim grins, amused and pleased at drawing the reaction from his wife, though perhaps he shares just a bit in the blush. "I wouldn't have it any other way, Lydia. With Sir Talfryn's permission, of course. Considering the trials in tribulations of a match, however, we may be rushing them to the altar, unless there is something we're not aware of?" he asks, a glance between the two, "I believe they still have to announce banns first before we put her in a wedding dress."

"I'd be very glad to see it happen as well." Bryn nods, looking a little happier at the idea that she is going to get to stock the Idmiston library. The other comment just elicits a blush from her, her head ducking momentarily. Then she glances up at Lydia, "I will be most honored to borrow a few for a short time, as well as to have you both journey there for the wedding as well."

"You'd be welcome to visit our lands. We are, after all, allies now." Talfryn offers over to Joachim and Lydia, "I'll send for a wagon, so Lady Bryn can pack whatever she needs." he says, as he leans back to look into the fire. "A Pagan wedding is a quiet affair, to tell you the truth. The party after, though, well- that can get a wee wild. Family, of course, is welcome to attend." he continues as he takes a slow and quiet breath.

"We wouldn't want to interfere in the ceremony, of course." Lydia's fingers re-entwine with Joachim's, squeezing gently. "But we'd be delighted to attend the celebration." There's an askance gance at Joachim "We would." she affirms for them both. Newton is, after all, trying to expand its horizons.

As Lydia accepts the invitation for the couple, Joachim nods. "Then I assume you plan to have the marriage sealed before the winter arrives?" he asks curiously as he considers the two. "I suppose our families will have to work out a dowry, though we will probably feeling generous as we just recently had our own boon." Lifting Lydia's hand, he gives her knuckles a gentle kiss. "It will be an interesting affair to attend, and we will look forward to being a part of it."

"A wagon?" Bryn shakes her head just a fraction, laughing almost a little nervously at that, the reality of it. "I really don't think that I would have so much that I would need an entire wagon to transport it." She then glances at Talfryn, thinking for a very long moment before she nods, "I believe that there is certainly no reason to delay things further, is there?"

"Well, you have your clothing, books, and whatever else we'll be bringing back with us." Talfryn notes, "It be easier with a cart to bring all that with us." he says, "A single trip and all that." he nods, "Yes- best to be married before the winter." he states. "It'll make settling in a little easier, I think, with winter between things.

"Don't forget you're also transporting your dowry, cousin." Lydia finally parts from Joachim, but it's to step alongside Bryn, and if allowed, she'll curl her arm around the other woman's. "If you wish, I'll help you with your packing. Make sure you have everything you need. Which is not an encouragement for you to leave!" she amends hastily, "But such activities are more pleasant with company."

"Take your time with it." Talfryn suggests, "This, ,I imagine, must be difficult. Leaving home is never easy." he says, looking over to Joachim- "I know it wasn't when I went off to squire with another house." he says with a slow breath. "This, however, I can't pretend to know what's going through your mind, Lady Bryn." he says, as he stands and gives a stretch. "So. I should hire someone to carry a message to get that wagon on its way."

Released from Lydia, Joachim nods his head slowly. "I'm still trying to imagine how Lydia travelled down with those falcons." he says with a smile as he considers Talfryn. "Do you have any idea of what the dowry requested may be?" he asks, "We are not a rich manor." he finds himself confessing, "However, we more than take care of our own. Which includes family and allies. But a fair price should be negotiated." Especially in light of the troubles Talfryn had when he first arrived in Newton.

"I really don't have many of either…but I can't attest for the rest." Bryn admits, reaching over to give Lydia's hand a squeeze when she takes her arm, smiling at her in thanks. She leans over to admit to Lydia, very quietly, "I have no idea how to pack for something like this." She then glances up when Talfryn starts to get to his feet, thinking to finally ask, "How long will the journey take?"

"Well, honestly, I'm a bit unsure on that point." Talfryn notes first to Joachim, "I'm sure an equitable arrangement can be made that leaves all parties proud." he says, before looking over to Bryn. "At wagon speeds, most of the day." he says, "Though, you and I could always ride ahead." he says, "Shortens the trip considerably." he continues with an easy smile. "Its not that far, really."

"Fortunately, I do." Lydia murmurs back warmly, "Having just done so myself. My lords?" She addresses the men, "If I may…Sir Talfryn, what are the products of your House's industry? What do you produce?"

Joachim quiets slightly as Lydia speaks up. She has taken the time to learn his house, and he places a generous amount of trust to her. However, he remains quiet for now, as he awaits Talfryn's response.

"We could." Bryn agrees, "Although most of the day doesn't seem very long, either." She glances then at Lydia when she poses the question to Talfryn.

"Pears, Apples, Mead, Cider. They're dried, made into wines." Talfryn offers to Lydia with a smile. "Primarily, that's our main industry. A lot that can be done with fruit." he notes. "And, when preserved, it lasts a long time." he offers, "There are woods nearby, as well so some amount of wood can be taken- although, the woods themselves are somewhat of a sacred spot. We try to keep them in proper condition."

Lydia taps her chin thoughtfully - it's a habit she has, that Joachim may have come to notice. "Then in addition to the textiles which I'm sure will be sent, may I suggest, Sir Talfryn, that a shipment of sheep dung be sent with you as well? Try it as fertilizer for your groves, and if it further improves the production of your fruit, why, I'm sure a beneficial trade arrangement on a regular basis could be arranged."


Joachim checked his honest of 10, he rolled 1.

"The sheep around here have made the land rather fertile." Joachim agrees with his wife, picking up on her idea. "And there are a few families that have expressed an interest in relocating, as they have outgrown their lands, and have grown children that they wish to expand their reach with." the heir admits as he gives Lydia a reassuring smile. "A small flock would not slow down the wagon much, and if they have a few days to prepare, will arrive before the first snows if there is a place that could be prepared for them - perhaps a small farmstead?"

"Sheep…" Bryn trails off at that, but doesn't seem quite as mortified as one should under the circumstances. Instead she just looks thoughtful, thinking about the benefits of the manure for the orchard.

"Could do." Talfryn notes, taking a moment to think. "Can't be fresh, though." he mentions. "Fresh manure isn't good for fruit trees. And it has to be applied before the trees go dormant for the winter. NEar the end of Autumn." he continues, "However, it is a bit.. unusual.. isn't it? For a Dowry?"

Talfryn Adds, "And, as far as I know, we don't use sheep dung. Horse dung, is more often used."

"The nature of how unusual it is matters little if it's successful. We can send it fresh with the marriage cart; you can use the portion by autumn's end and see if it merits success. But then" Lydia frowns, "It may not yield, and you'd lack for dowry. Well. We do have more time to think on it. Perhaps we ought to leave you two alone, though. Put your heads together." Lydia's tone is sly, she might have an ulterior motive. "Let's all speak again at the next meal, shall we?"

"Probably for the best." Talfryn says, "To speak on it later-" he says with a nod of his head before he turns again to look at the fire- smiling softly. "I'm sure we can figure something out that works well for everyone."

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