(514-10-06) Archery Lesson
Summary: An Archery Lesson Between Cousins
Date: (514-10-06)
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Though it is mid-morning, the dark clouds overhead make it seem more like dusk. The animals stir, lulled into false security by the darkness. The smell of rain is in the air, though it has not yet come to these woods. The air is heavy and damp, and far in the distance the distant rumble of thunder can be heard.

Moving through these woods is the sound of hooves. The horse's gait is not steady, and the rider, hidden by a dark green cloak does not sit easily on the saddle. In fact, she seems to have the bare minimum of skill required to actually remain seated on the beast. Hanging from the saddle is a knapsack, and it would appear that it contains at least a few days' worth of provisions. Pale green eyes peer from underneath the edge of that dark green cloak, and as she approaches the hunting cabin she glances up at the sky with worry. She gives a brief glance around, and she slides from the saddle, landing unsteadily on her feet. It isn't until she reaches the door to the cabin that she pushes the hood back, revealing the flame red hair of Braelynn.

"I was wondering if the threat of rain was going to put you off your training" teases a familiar voice from the side of the cabin. Emerging is Myfanwy, dressed in simple boots, leather pants and a tunic of white. She carries firewood in her arms that she then drops next to the front door. "Though rain is bad for archery. You do not want your cord wet" she notes before pushing open the door and indicating for Braelynn to go inside.
Myfanwy offers a curious look to her cousin. "Are you trying to disguise yourself? I might think you were embarrassed to be here" she laughs before picking up a few logs and following the redhead inside. A fire smolders, casting a dim light on the interior, but it flares up at the addition of the new fuel and casts an orange glow over them both. "I have already strung your bow. We can leave that lesson for another time."

Braelynn ducks inside and moves her attention to Myfanwy. "I have no reason to disguise the fact that I'm here. I sent Yorrick a messenger before I left Cholderton letting him know I was going to be away." She shoots Myfanwy a glance and smiles, shrugging, "For a few days." She reaches for the bow and lifts it, studying it carefully. "I even brought food, just in case I scare all the game away." She smiles wider, and pulls the cloak off to reveal that she has had clothing made more appropriate for hunting. She is wearing soft leather boots, and cream colored linen pants, with a white linen blouse. "I thought this might be better than dresses. I'll have it for healing as well if I happen to be on a battlefield. Replacing dresses is getting rather expensive."

Myfanwy nods in appreciation of the clothing. "Good. I was worried you would show up in a dress. Though if we are going hunting, for game or Saxons, then you will find that something more green or brown would be better." She glances at the vibrant red hair. "And a hood."

Myfanwy quirks a brow at her cousin. "You destroy a lot of dresses? Never mind, let's get to your training. The cord is made of string, twine and intestines. Do not get it wet if you can help it. When not using it, it should be coiled up and placed in a dry, secure place. It is what creates the tension in the bow…that arc shape. We will use hunting arrows today - pointed and hooked to kill prey. So please don't shoot me with one."

Braelynn smiles sweetly at her cousin and says, "Well, think positively. At least if I do I can heal you." The smile turns to a grin and she moves closer, entwining her arm with Myfanwy's. "I shall remember that the next time I go to order clothing." She heads toward the door and says, "Shall we? Hopefully we'll beat the rain, and return with something for dinner?"
Myfanwy picks up her own bow and a quiver of arrows for both of them before escorting her cousin back outside. "So you actually want to hunt something rather than just trying to hit a tree? My, cousin, you do want to speed this up" she grins before indicating a large trunk on the edge of the clearing. "Why don't you see if you can hit that first? Now, take up your bow, hook two fingers around the cord below where you place the arrow and then try and draw it back to your ear. Sight down the arrow but know that the flight path will be more an arc unless you are close to your target." She hands Braelynn a bow and an arrow.

Following Myfanwy to the tree she indicates, Braelynn lifts the bow, and pulls as hard as she can to pull the string back to her ear. She attempts to line the arrow up with the tree. Her arms wobble slightly as she holds the cord tight. She glances at Myfanwy, "Like this?" Then she turns her attention back to the tree and lets her fingers go, sending the arrow around the tree, where it lands on the ground a few feet away. She screws her mouth up as she looks mystified. "Did the tree move?"

"Don't look at me" Myfanwy smirks at Braelynn's inquiry, moving behind her to slightly adjust stance and hands. "Is that as far back as you can go?" she manages to just get out before the arrow is loosed and kills some nasty looking grass nearby. "Of course it moved" Myfanwy nods, "Would you just stand there and get pierced by an arrow? You'll get it. Try again. More side on. Pull the string back as you lift the bow."

Braelynn nods, and she glances at the tree. Her head tilts and she seems to concentrate, finally. Her eyes close and then when they open she moves confidently to pull the string back while she lifts the bow. She gives a self satisfied smile as she releases the string, positive that this time she will pierce the tree! She doesn't however pierce the tree. The arrow hits it, barely, and bounces off the trunk. She looks at Myfanwy and asks, "That was better, right?"

"It was better. You did hit it after all" Myfanwy nods. "The power of the arrow is only as strong as the power you bring to it. You may have muscly arms by the time this is done. But, hey, no one confuses me for a man." She peers at her cousin. "Do they? You can tell me. The looks I get when I'm in a dress make me think there is some confusion. Do you think you can try it again?" Myfanwy massages her cousin's shoulder for a moment. "Things will get sore at first.”

Braelynn, repeats the movement, slower this time, but again, the arrow just bounces off the tree. She murmurs, "Trust me, cousin. You're definitely not a man." She smiles at her and does it again. Her pulls are getting weakers as her muscles get tired, but she keeps trying. She says, "Perhaps when I go home I shall take a bow with me and simply practice pulling the string back. My strength may improve that way." She lowers the bow and glances up at the sky as another bolt of thunder strikes much nearer to them.

"That's enough" Myfanwy smiles warmly, taking the bow from her cousin. "Better stop before you hurt yourself. Yes, practice the drawing of the bow. IN fact, practice against anything that has resistance and you will get better at it. Use both arms too. There are many bowmen out there who have one arm bigger than the other and we do not want that with you." She glances up at the lightning slashing across the grey sky. "C'mon, let's get inside and see what food you brought."

Braelynn nods, and rolls her shoulders, murmuring. "Owwwww…" She does, however, stop at her horse on the way to the cabin to retrieve the satchel she has brought. She glances over at Myfanwy and says, "You're so serious today. Is everything alright?" Then she moves toward the cabin, slinging the satchel over her shoulder.

"The arts of war are a serious business" Myfanwy deadpans in reply as she waits for Braelynn to get her bag. Then a sudden laugh. "I am fine, cousin. Let me just get some more firewood and then you can tell me all about what has been happening with the Choldertons." She follows her cousin inside as the rain suddenly starts to pour down.

Braelynn ducks inside just in time to avoid the rain, and she grabs Myfanwy's shirt to pull her in too, with a little laugh. She says as she drops the satchel near the door, "Arta gave Yorrick a physical today. It was… amusing. I do rather like his wife. She's sweet. Too sweet for him." This elicits a grin and she crouches down to rifle through the satchel, pulling out a loaf of bread, a clay pot full of butter, and a skin of wine. "And the Falts? Are they making you feel at home?"

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