(514-10-05) Fishing for a New Match
Summary: Joachim and Talfryn go fishing, discuss Vesper, and decide on a new way to approach securing house ties.
Date: 10-05-514
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There was a promise made between Joachim and Talfryn, that the heir of the house would at least get Talfryn out for a bit for a sport of fishing before the knight had to return to Idmiston. Having gathered their spears and headed out in the first light hours, the two knights trekked out to a spot between the bridge and mill, where the river curves, and has cut off, making a small oxbow lake - the original naming for the area. Setting up near a small grove, Joachim gestures to the squires to set out their gear and meal. "You can tell autumn's coming - I'm hoping that it will be a pleasant winter, and not far as bitter as the last few have been." he admits as he goes to the edge of the water to look within.

"Aye, though, I admit I rather enjoy the season. There's something about it I can't really explain that I just generally find appealing." Talfryn replies, as he takes a look at the equipment that would be used while the pair fished, quite curious on all of it. "Though, a mild winter would be welcome." he agrees, as he turns to join Joachim at the edge of the water, looking into the lake with a touch of curiosity.

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As he stands near the water, Joachim gestures for his squire. He comes over with a loaf of bread. It's older and started to mold, but in this case, it's perfect for what the knight needs. Breaking it up into his hands, he starts to toss the crumbs into the water. Though at the moment, it seems that the fish are ignoring the offer of free food in the water, as the bread bobs lazily. "The fact that there is little trouble from the outside world could be appetizing, I suppose." he admits. "Have you enjoyed your visit to our home, Sir Talfryn? I hope you have a favorable report for your uncle?"

"Oh, quite enjoyable. The hospitality is famous, and I'll be sure to tell anyone who asks the same." Talfryn replies, with a grin for Joachim. "However, I will not be able to tell my uncle to get a wedding party ready, at least, not with Lady Vesper." he says, with a hint of apology in his tone. "I'm afraid, Sir Joachim, I don't think she'd do well as a wife." he states simply, as he watches the floating bread.

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"I am glad that the house has set a good impression." Joachim starts to say, however, when Talfryn continues, it seems the idea that the fish are not biting has been forgotten about for the time being. There's a tightening of the lines of his face as the heir glances to Talfryn, and then out towards the water. "May I ask what has occured to cause this disfavor?" the knight asks, frustration showing on the young man's face.

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"Well, I don't honestly believe she wants to be married. What she has to say about the subject doesn't exactly fill me with a desire to call her wife, either." Talfryn replies, "As an heir yourself, and knowing your sister as well as you do I'm sure you understand my meaning." he says, trying to skirt the edge of politeness and honesty, while still not outright calling Joachim's sister loose of morals. "I have my family to think about, and my duties to perform. Lady Vesper does not hold those same duties to as high a standard as I do." Talfryn continues to say, "However, do not think I am offended, or that this puts in danger our potential alliance. As I understand it, you also have a cousin who's a potential candidate?"

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"I am apologetic that my sister has said such things to you." Joachim says, a frown crossing his features. "Such words bring shame to her teaching, as her convent with her family and God has been tainted by her own selfish desires. If you wished to return to Idmiston to seek a new match with another house, I would understand. If my own Lydia had spoken such words, I would not have agreed to the match either." the knight finds himself admitting. However, when Talfryn mentions that there may be another, Joachim's expression loosens, a hint of relief touching his brow. He did not wish to fail in front of his father. He is trying to prove he can handle the house, and this was his first challenge. "Aye, Bryn." he says finally. "She has had her own failed betrothal from his ignoring the banns. However, she knows her duty and is quite a beauty on her own, if you would wish to meet her?"

"We have a difficult road ahead of us, Lord Joachim- being heirs, and not expecting the honor." Talfryn replies, reaching up to put a hand on Joachim's shoulder- a brotherly sort of thing. "My Uncle wishes to see this alliance happen- we have few allies among Christian houses, and it would strengthen us greatly." Talfryn offers, with an easy half smile. "Let us try to make this work- its my first task as Heir, and I'd rather not fail it." he states, that honestly inherent in his religion coming to bare.

"I'd like to meet Lady Bryn, then. If its acceptable to all interested parties." Talfryn offers, with a quiet smile.

Calling over his squire, Joachim gives orders. "Mathias, return to the manor and please let Lady Bryn know that Lord Talfryn and I forgot to pack a meal for an extended stay on the river, as it seems the fish are not biting currently." the knight says, before he returns his attention back to Talfryn as his squire goes to mount up for the short ride back to the home. "And this was my first task as well - and to prove to my father that we can have a good relation with a Pagan home. He believes fully that the old ways are quite.. against our religion. It took Lady Lydia and I talking to him to loosen his stance and even allow me to do this. I am sure Lady Bryn would be pleased to speak with you."

"Let us show them both, then, that we are able to look past our differences to ensure a better future for both our houses." Talfryn replies, with a quiet nod of his head. "I look forward to meeting her, Sir Joachim- I'm certain she'll do proud her heritage."

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"Agreed, Sir Talfryn. This is the future of our houses that we are discussing, and after the favor that your Sir Bradwyn pulled for my home, I feel as it should go deeper than just fruit and wool." Joachim agrees as he turns his attention to the water, and doesn't notice that some of the bread has fallen victim to the fish, as the conversation has him distracted. "She is far fairer than my sister, I will admit - she favors her mother in that regard. She is a well-trained in stewardship and is helping my own betrothed learned the house. We had thought we would have her for the winter to help with further training, but it would be a happystance should she find her own match before the time. And my own sister by marriage, Gwion's wife, can assist Lydia with her learning the house."

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"I will be honest- such abilities would be much welcomed by me, personally. My own skills in stewardship are lacking." Talfryn admits, as he looks to the water with a bit of curiosity. Its all very new to Talfryn- he's got no idea exactly what he's looking for. "So then, how long do we stand here waiting for Fish?" he asks, not sounding all that upset- more genuinely curious.

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Joachim laughs a little. "Usually, the fish swim towards shore for us to spear when they go for the bread.. perhaps the water leaper that we killed has caused the water to change to draw them away.." he starts to say, before he sees a nibble of bread. A small school of trout has found the bread finally. "Aha! Get your spear ready, Talfryn! Hopefully we shall have fortune on our side yet!"

Having been fetched by the squire Bryn makes rather quick time of packing a lunch for the pair of them, and heading out to where they are at the river. As usual she seems to have been caught mid-chore, and wears an unbleached cotton apron over her dress, a large basket in her hands and two bottles of mead tucked under one arm.

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"As you say, Joachim." Talfryn offers with a grin, as he's handed his spear by a squire, "Good on yah, Lad." he says to the young man for being ready the moment it was needed. "You'll have to show me the proper form.." Talfryn says over to Joachim, the excitement of the moment catching his attention fully.

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Taking up his spear, Joachim wanders slightly into the water. While his trousers do get wet, Talfryn may notice that they are not wicking up the water as cloth is want to do. As he sees a trout swim by, the knight drives his spear into the water, and the trout gets by. "Gah! So close!" he starts to say, not quite noticing the arrival of his cousin yet as the two knights are on the side of a small Oxbow lake, the two of them stabbing their spears into the fish in the water.

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Talfryn does much the same as Joachim, wading into the water to follow his fellow knight. He watches Joachim carefully- the type of thrust the man takes, before he tries to do the same- "Still, a good try, Joachim." Talfryn says, with a grin- not doing much better himself.

Bryn approaches the pair of them as they try to spear the fish, waiting until they are both done with their attempt before she clears her throat. She then proceeds to politely wait for them to notice her, for now.

"Ah. Hullo, cousin." Joachim greets, keeping his voice lowered slightly as not to scare the fish. "Sir Talfryn, if you would be so kind to assist Lady Bryn, I will continue to attempt to spear a fish proper to show you that this will indeed work." And it's also the idea that the two of them could talk for a few before Joachim pops the news upon Bryn.

"Of course, certainly." Telfryn replies as he moves to the shore, steps out of the water and gives a half smile to Lady Bryn as he hands the spear off to a squire. "Let me help you, Lady Bryn." he offers as he comes close. "Just tell me what you need me to do."

"Hello, Joachim." Bryn greets her cousin, then shifts her attention towards Talfryn when he wades out of the river giving him a smile in greeting as well, "Sir Talfryn…if.." She glances down at what she's carrying, quickly deciding which is the best to pass over with the least threat to the other. She decides on the basket, holding it forward a little, "If you don't mind, the basket is a bit heavy. I wasn't sure what was meant by an extended stay, so I brought enough to hopefully keep you all in good spirits."

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"Ah Bryn, just your arrival alone is enough to lift most men's spirits." Joachim teases his cousin as the knight stabs ineffectively at the water again, trying to snag a fish. He sighs with a laugh before glancing over at the water. "Alright, alright, I'm going to try to get this right a couple of more times before I come join you two!" he calls out.

"I have never done any fishing of my own, but from what I have watched most of my life it could take quite a long time…Sometimes all day." Bryn replies as she follows Talfryn over towards the tree, shifting the bottles from beneath her arm to her hands. She glances towards Joachim, shaking her head at him in a bit of amusement, "You do what it is that you need, I'll sort out your meal for when you are finished. Sir Talfryn, if you'd just set that down, I'll get the food out for you."

Talfryn sets the basket down, leaning against the tree now. "I do think we were out to take a break before too long. If it is to be all day, I'll take it one moment at time." he says, as he watches Bryn quietly. Not a leer, or a judging look- just a curious thing. "Plenty of time to stab water with a sharpened stick, trying to get a fish. Honestly, haven't gotten the hang of it, yet."

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"Ha!" Joachim's eyes light up as the spear plunges into the water, and when he pulls it up, there's a large trout impaled upon it, flailing madly on the bladed tip. "Better than I usually do!" he says with a laugh as he starts towards shore, shaking off his legs as he steps from the water, the cloth shrugging off most of the water as the knight starts to make his way to the two. He notices Talfryn's glance towards Bryn and then waits to see if he gets a subtle nod of approval before making the suggestion.

"Then my arrival was certainly well timed." Bryn replies as she sets the bottles down next to the basket, carefully kneeling down next to it to begin tugging the napkins tucked around the top of the food off. She carefully shakes them out, then fold them before setting them down on the ground, starting to pull out bread, small pies. "I'm certain that given enough practice you will get the hang of it." She glances towards Joachim when he finally nails one, smiling, "See, Joachim has caught one. Now it'll be your turn."

"Good show, Joachim!" Talfryn says, as he notes the man catch his fish. "Not a bad idea, Lady Bryn- I think I should do just that." he says, with a little smile as he gives that quiet nod towards Joachim- the go-ahead as he moves towards the edge of the pond again- taking up his spear to give it a try of his own as the Cousins discuss the rest of this.

With Talfryn heading out into the water, it gives Joachim a chance to speak quietly with his cousin. "What do you think of our guest, cousin?" he asks her quietly as the knight removes the fish from the spear, holding it down so he can get some twine to hold the fish for later carrying.

"Good luck, Sir Talfryn." Bryn replies, then glances at her cousin when he comes closer, pulling out two cups to set down next to their meal for the mead. "He seems very polite, a gracious guest. You both seem to be getting along quite well, as well."

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SPLOOSH! Talfryn tries to spear at a fish, missing in turn. "Ah, slippery little buggers." he mumbles to himself as he widens his stance and takes a slow breath and holds the spear carefully, waiting for another fish to come close so he might try to give it a bit of the tip.

There's an amused chuckle as Talfryn flails in the water, but Joachim turns his attention to his cousin, taking her hands. "You know he came down here to make a possible match with Vesper." he starts off, voice gentle. "However, after they talked, Vesper admitted that she would not be.. the most faithful of wives. And as a heir, he is much like I, he needs a wife that would be commited to him. I do not wish to foist this upon you, as you have had your own troubles, however.. he is still willing to make a match with our House.. if you would consider it. Realize you would need to embrace his religion as well."

Bryn glances towards Talfryn when he tries to spear another fish, looking amused for a split second before Joachim takes her hands, her attention quickly returning to her cousin. She listens carefully to what he's saying, first looking unhappy about what her cousin did, then understanding before she blinks at him, "You mean…convert?" She looks very uncertain for a moment before she nods slowly, "I will do what the family needs me to do…I realize how important this is."

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Another thrust with his spear- and, of course, it comes up empty. "Ah! You scaly little devil…" Talfryn says, presumably to the fish. "I'm going to get one of you- just you wait." he says, as he looks over his shoulder towards Bryn and Joachim before he looks back to the task at hand- the fish in front of him.

"Yes, convert." Joachim says with a sigh, and squeezes her hands before releasing them. "You will always be a member of this family and we will love you regardless. However.. this alliance is our first step to finally opening our home to growth. My step, a heir marrying outside the faith, was a small one. I realize I am asking you to make a leap of faith. That is why I am not forcing this upon you. I wanted you to be aware of the possibility before I introduce you as a possible match."

Bryn pulls her hands back once they are released, a frown flickering over her lips for a moment before she squares her shoulders, forcing her expression to something a little more neutral. She nods faintly, her hands settling on her knees before she glances back towards Talfryn, watching him for a moment, "I am aware, then. When were you envisioning this taking place?"

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A thrust and then Talfryn seems to have gotten the hang of it. He gives a shout, "Ah!" he then lifts the spear with a fat trout on the end, grinning wide as he turns to lift the fish- and exit the pond. "Aha! Joachim, I think I've got the hang of it!" he says, as he approaches the pair and gives a little a grin. "So then," he says, looking between the two now.

"As winter is coming and I assume Talfryn would want to spend those months getting to know his new wife, I'd assume soon.." Joachim starts to explain. "But I'd assume that would be up to him.." And that's when he stabs the fish. "Good showing!" he offers with a laugh as the man comes back towards shore. "I need to take care of a couple of things, I will be over there…" he gestures to a stump, "Cleaning this fish." And chaperoning the two of them. As he should have done with him and Vesper.

Talfryn's fish is flopping wildly on the spear- it draws his attention. "Er.. Right." Talfryn begins, the fish still flopping a bit until he knocks it against the tree. It goes still. "Right." he continues, "So, yes, learning about you- and you learning about me." he offers in a moment of nervousness. "Oh, its nothing- no need for either of you to be sorry." he states simply, "Such is the way of things, sometimes." he continues. "The first thing I must know is that you are, in fact, okay with it. You're not chattel, after all."

"I thank you for your understanding." Bryn nods faintly, eyes flicking towards her cousin for a brief moment before she frowns, "I realize that I am not chattel, and I appreciate your concern in making sure that this is something that I am agreeable to. I assure you that it is. You have been a very personable guest at our house, a gracious one, in fact. My cousin has mentioned that I shall need to convert?"

"That is the way of things." Talfryn replies, "House Idmiston is pagan, and her members are pagan. Were the situation reversed, I'd have to convert as well." he remarks. "I won't pretend that won't be difficult, however." he offers with a quiet, easy smile. "I appreciate the compliment, Lady Bryn." he says, "Between you and I, your personal beliefs are exactly that- as long as openly, you follow our path. We must save face with the commoners of our lands- they, too, follow the old ways."

Bryn looks startled at that, her brows furrowing faintly, "You would allow me to maintain my faith…in private?" The realization seems to be enlightening, and she nods faintly, "I would…appreciate that. I believe that I can provide the required behavior for the good of your house and those that look to your house. I admit, though, that I know very little about your beliefs in practicality."

"I would be more than happy to teach you about my faith, as long as it would not risk your reputation among your people." Bryn then gestures towards the food that has been set out, and the drink, "Would you care for something to drink?" She wonders, settling back on her knees since it appears that she's not going to be retreating to let them have their boys day out any time soon. "What is it that you wish to know exactly?"

Joachim continues to sit over of the stump, absently cleaning the blade of his spear from fish guts as he watches the two of them chat.

"There's no harm in learning." Talfryn replies with a nod of his head, "Ah! Yes, some mead would be lovely- will you be joining us for a drink?" he wonder next, as he hands the spear off to a near-by squire. "Take care of that fish, won't you, lad?" he asks of the young man, who nods as Talfryn gets comfortable- sitting and leaning against the tree. "I'd like to know everything. IF things go forward, Lady Bryn, I assume we'd be spending quite some time together." he says, with a quiet smile. "Lets start with the easy stuff, hrm? What sort of things do you enjoy?"

"I had not brought many cups, as I had not expected to linger." Bryn replies, reaching for the bottle that remains, but then she notices that Joachim didn't take his cup. She then situations them next to each other to fill them each halfway, offering one to him. "I enjoy reading, and I am a fair hand at sewing." She picks up her own cup, cradling it in her hands, "I also enjoying dancing given the chance."

"Ah, I do enjoy a good dance- I'm not good at it, by any means, but I do love a good dance." Talfryn says with an agreeable grin as he accepts the cup and takes a sip. "Never done any reading, though." he admits next, "What do you do for fun, then? Any hobbies?"

"Reading." Bryn replies, smiling just a bit, "Sewing." She shakes her head just a little, "I'm afraid that my idea of hobbies are quite different than mosts. I don't hunt, or fish…nor am I very good at riding. I tend to spend far more time indoors that I do outdoors, I'm afraid."

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Talfryn nods, his attention fully on Bryn. "You'll have to show me." he says, with a smile. "Though, you'll have to join me for rides some time. Or, at least walks around the orchards." he continues. "I can only imagine those moonlit walks, Lady Bryn. I'll have to be careful- the moon might get jealous."

"Of…course…" Bryn replies, her cheeks flushing very faintly at that, "I could try to join you for rides, but I really am not very good at it. I am quite a good walker, however. I don't think that I've ever um…done that, though."

"Well, you can ride with me." Talfryn offers, "If you prefer not to be on your own horse." he suggests, with that quiet smile. "Ah! Look at that- like roses." he teases, as he gives Bryn's blush a brighter smile. "You *are* a beautiful woman, Lady Bryn." he says remarks quietly, "So then- ask me anything."

Bryn's flush deepens at that, her head ducking just a bit to look down at her drink, considering it for a moment before she takes a quick sip off it. Then she sets the cup down once more, "Thank you, Sir Talfryn…" She glances back up looking momentarily uncertain about what to ask him, but then she just takes a page from his book, "What do you enjoy doing?"

"Tourneys, hunting. A good ride on my horse. I enjoy spending time with my family, and walking around the orchards. I've started to pick up falconry." Tal begins, with a quiet smile- taking another slow sip of the mead. "I like to dance, even though I'm terrible at it. I rather enjoy being a knight- I find battle to be somewhat thrilling, and find solace in service to my Lord." he speaks at length, still smiling.

"Ah, if you enjoy falconry.. you should see the dowry that Lady Horton brought with her." Joachim offers from where he sits. Yes, he might be able to pick up on bits and pieces of the conversation. "A couple of breeding pairs of hawks, and several hatchlings so that we may start our own falconry here."

"You have me at a disadvantage…you have been able to meet my family." Bryn begins, noting his mention of his own family, "Please, tell me what your family is like?" She then pauses when Joachim comments about the birds, glancing towards her cousin, "Perhaps everyone can take the birds out before it gets too cold?"

"I've taken over what my brother left behind. He loved his birds, deeply, and I feel it the best way to honor him is to ensure they live happy lives." Talfryn says with a quiet nod of his head, "I'm not so good at it, yet, but my Cousin is helping me learn." he states. "I'm honestly just a student when it comes to falcons." he admits. "My family? I love them. My cousin Eilia still lives among us, and Bradwyn is a good man. We're tight knit, attached to our religion and each other."

As the two continue to talk, and Joachim feels more secure that things won't go sideways, the knight rises to his feet. Gathering his gear, he assigns the house guard to watch the two as he moves to head back to the house.

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