(514-10-02) A Healer Rewarded With a Lecture
Summary: Lady Vesper sees to Steffan's wound again and ensures that it will recover fully, then in turn receives another lecture.
Date: October 10th, 514
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Steffan has been a very good patient, one that dutifully follows a healer's instructions, even if she was one of the more wicked and misbehaving healers he has ever met. Usually they are stern in their words and in their manners, but this one was a different creature entirely. The de Wylye is in the same tent though his squire had ensure that it had been kept neat and orderly, aired out a few times a day, and the knight himself taken care of with his meals and his cleanliness. No use to becoming infected again by another source. This time, the patient would be found resting, dozed off as the infection has faded so it is easier to rest, the wound is apparently in the process of healing as well. The squire would be waiting boredly outside the tent, a proper young lad, dutiful just like his knight.

Vesper's bell-like voice proceeds her, the clear, husky tones ringing out in sing-song greeting as she offers her smile to Steffan's squire. "And my," she adds, "aren't you looking handsome today? Why, I just bet the tavern lasses vie to bring you your ale, hmm?" And she'll sweep past him with her leather satchel, bringing in light and laughter and the subtle scent of roses and myrrh. "And how is my handsome patient? Still alive?"

When the squire announces into the tent that the Lady Vesper has arrived, Steffan blinks himself awake and for a moment, his reaction was what he was has been trained to do, to stand greeting the noble lady properly. Before he moves though, he remembers that he is still abed and not allowed to move so he can only turn his gaze to the tent flap, watching as the Newton Lady enters. Her usual lilt does not cause the de Wylye to groan this time, perhaps having gotten use to the language she uses or just accepting the fact that she won't change, "Lady Vesper, good day. They have not carted my corpse out yet so it appeares I am still alive. It appears whatever you've done to my wound worked well against the sickness that plagued me. Though it was itching something fierce." Her previous two questions were of course ignored, perhaps taken as rhetorical ones to get a rise out of him.

Vesper checked her proud of 7, she rolled 10.
Vesper checked her modest of 13, she rolled 17.

Steffan checked his prudent of 16, he rolled 17.
Critical Fail!
Steffan checked his reckless of 4, he rolled 20.

"Well, of course it worked," Vesper tells him gaily, fetching up just beside the bed. The satchel is dropped and she gives the knight a leisurely once-over. "I do love my job. Won't you please drop trough?" There's the flash of her bright white, wicked grin, and she adds, "To examine the wound and stitch it up, of course. Pity," though she doesn't sound as if she means it, "you had to take the wound so high on your thigh, hm?"

Steffan checked his chaste of 13, he rolled 6.

There is a stern look at Vesper at her command and his mouth opens as if to lecture again, but when she makes a completely logical explanation, his mouth closes. There is still hesitation though as if he is trying to figure out how to obey the healer so she can see to his wound but maintain propriety in a situation like this. Eventually he realizes that not much can be done but he will do nothing to encourage the rather bold lady. Laces undone, he pushes the trousers off slowly, not to tease her but because he is trying to ensure that his thigh wound is not disturbed. Unlucky for the Newton but he also has small clothes underneath that covers him properly but doesn't leave too much to imagination. "The choice of location for the wound was not mine to make, better there than in my stomach or back I suppose."

Vesper checked her chaste of 13, she rolled 12.

For a mercy, Vesper seems to take her professionalism at least a little seriously, either that or she is not impressed by what she sees. While she looks amused at the pains he must take, she does not make comment on the size of his package, nor the state of his undress. Instead, she bends her honey-and-dark head to her satchel, fishing for various ointments, a sterile needle and thread, and more gauze. "Better there than straight through the heart," she agrees amiably, and begins to unconsciously hum a bawdy tune as she sets up the supplies. There's a pause as she asks, out of the blue and conversationally, "Do you think I would make a terrible wife?"

Steffan checked his suspicious of 10, he rolled 6.

Color Steffan surprised when Vesper says nothing after he removes his trousers, or at least pulls them down as far as he can without hurting himself as he is unable to bend his wounded leg without causing pain or discomfort. However, her silence is telling, telling what the de Wylye doesn't know but he narrows his gaze slightly when he looks at her. That professional visage, what comments are she biting back? However, once the bawdy tune begins, he manages to actually relax slightly since this is still the same healer that has been treating him.
Her question though causes Steffan to grow suspicious again, but it is an innocent one, at least compared to the ones that Vesper has been asking. "Why would you think that I would feel that way?" Is his response back, a very cautious and prudent one to ask lest he offender the lady in some way. Then he continues, once more choosing the safer path, "I do not know you well enough, My Lady, to be the judge of that question. Though… you are bolder than most that I have met. Perhaps it is due to the confidence you possess in your talents."

Vesper's upper lip curls at Steffan's answer, even as she pokes the thread through the tiny hole of the surgical needle. "That," she informs the man, bending to her task of cleaning out his wound once more, "is a terrible answer. I was not asking because I think you think that of me, though it would not surprise me," she adds on an amused chortle. "I was asking to get an opinion? I have upset my brother greatly and he has threatened to marry me off. Which," she says pointedly, "I do not want."

Vesper checked her profession of 15, she rolled 11.

When Vesper tells him that his answer is terrible, a scowl appears though most of it is hidden behind his own visage of propriety. Some would just mistaken the expression as his usual serious demeanor, one that does not take a lot of matters lightly. When she clarifies the reason for her question, Steffan can only stare up at the ceiling of his tent, "And what did you do to upset your brother for him to go to such lengths?" He could easily make a guess but it is prudent not to assume as it decreases the chances of further embarrassment or exasperate the situation further. As for why she does not wish to marry, he does not ask, not yet at least.

Vesper checked her honest of 10, she rolled 13.
Vesper checked her deceitful of 10, she rolled 1.

Vesper doesn't even bat an eye as she lies to Steffan. "I did nothing terrible. I have lived my life in accordance with God." Good thing he's so forgiving, right? "I do good deeds every single day," she seasons the lie with some truth. "And this is how I am rewarded, by being married off like so much unworthy chattel." The needle is perhaps applied a bit more vigorously than it should be as she stitches his ragged flesh.

Steffan checked his suspicious of 10, he rolled 5.

Her answer was too quick, too smooth, and lastly, unless Vesper's brother was some insane sibling, no older brother would be wroth enough to sell a sister away in haste. Steffan does level a look at her, one that shows a lecture may be forthcoming. However, any words of admonishment is held back as he suddenly has to grit his teeth when she begins to butcher his leg with the needle. A sharp exhale is made but no complaints spill out of his mouth, "If you did nothing terrible, Lady Vesper, then I have a feeling your brother would not be as upset as you say he is. I am unable to help you if you do not tell me what truly happened."

Vesper checked her honest of 10, she rolled 19.
Critical Fail!
Vesper checked her deceitful of 10, she rolled 20.

Deft physician's fingers make quick work of the stitching after that, and they're small, precise, tidy stitches. Silence takes over the tent for a long time after she finishes the stitching and he finishes admonishing her. She cleanses, and binds, and then finally looks up at him. "I was flirtatious with a man, and he caught me out at it."

If she chooses not to answer and puts focus to the task at hand, Steffan would not begrudge her moment of silence, not wishing to foul up the healing process any further than it already had been. He would not be the one to break the silence which means the first words would be Vesper's. When she admits as much, there is no look of surprise from the de Wylye, "Was it the first time he that he had caught you flirting with another man?" The question is more direct, instead of asking her if she had flirted with another man before. He knows the answer to that as that was how they first met, and how he ended up stuck in this tent to begin with.

Vesper gives her shiny auburn head a rough shake, sending curls sliding wildly everywhere. "No, it was not the first time. He is very… devout… in his faith. I love him dearly, but he disapproves of my idea of truly living life. I fear this was just the last straw, for him."

"Those who are the most devout are usually the most stern, as some believe that if you are not chaste in life, then your respect and belief of God is not focused either." Steffan says rather plainly, believing that is one reason that Vesper's brother is that angry, and as she says, it was the last straw. "You must also realize your brother is this way because he cares about you, and your future. To truly live your life is a freedom many have yearned for, My Lady, but not many can obtain. We, who are not common born have a duty to our liege and our family. That mantle of responsibility forces us to act with propriety, and your actions may damage that reputation to which you must hold dear to. Not only you, but your family as well." Oh, the lectures, how the de Wylye is unable to help himself.

Vesper's eyes, those cobalt wells, glaze over about half way through the lecture. It's a moment before she even realizes he's finished speaking. When she fades back in, it's with a blink of her eyes and a sweep of her lashes. "Oh, I'm sorry. I think I dozed off for a moment. Look! You're all better, Sir Steffan. Your wound is healing beautifully, and you may now rise from your death bed and continue living!"

Steffan checked his prudent of 16, he rolled 3.

The glazed over look is not a surprise, it is something Steffan has seen with his older brother when he had good advice for Rowan as well. His eyes would glaze over and he would begin to stare into space, once he even dared to yawn! Instead of looking displeased, the de Wylye actually looks understanding, "Apologies, My Lady. It was not my place to… speak that way to you. Thank you for your care, so that I do not lose my leg and will be able to return to the front." There is a pause, before he adds, perhaps unable to help himself, "In the end, Lady Vesper, the question is what do /you/ wish to do. What is important to /you/."

"I wish to enjoy life," Vesper tells Steffan, without even a moment's hesitation, and all the passion of a young women repressed. "It is that simple. A little flirtation, a kiss here or there with whomever I choose, and the freedom to continue helping those in need and healing those who are hurt. To dance for joy when I feel joyful, and to worship God in my own way. I do not understand how everyone does not want that!"

To see such enthusiasm and passion in an answer is something that Steffa is not use to, at least not from a lady of a noble House. But he does listen to her words, perhaps in a way understanding them even if he does not agree, "Because, Lady Vesper, even though we may wish to feel that way, what some of us truly wants does not allow such… liberties. But what you want is important, and it will be up to you to make your brother understand it, accept it."

Vesper releases a long held breath, perhaps having expected another lecture only to be confronted by something more understanding, more empathetic. For a moment, the young woman is lost for words, unsure of how to respond. Then, "God grant it be so. Goodness, listen to us. Another solemn word and we may as well jump headlong into our dotage." She rises, brushing out her colorful skirts with an easy grace. "Rise, handsome Knight, and live again!" It's almost blasphemous, to offset the niceness he has shown her.

An amused smirk actually appears from Steffan as Vesper speaks of their conversation and how it may bring forth advanced aging. As for her flirtatious teasing, the de Wylye can only shake his head, "I shall, once I give your stitchings time to rest. It would be a waste of your talents to tear them so soon." He can be prudent even without healer orders, "Again, thank you Lady Vesper, for your care. I do wish you luck with your brother, familial loyalty is important, in both directions."

Vesper checked her suspicious of 10, she rolled 6.

Vesper eyes Steffan and his sudden surge of niceness and understanding with suspicion. Her satchel is held protectively in front of her, firmly between them. "Humph. Yes. The stitches are tight and sound. Go slow and you should be fine. I shall give your squire instructions on removing them in a week." She dips a short curtsey to Steffan, glancing at him sidelong. "Humph." And then she slips out, leaving the knight to his recovery.

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