(514-09-30) Mill Troubles
Summary: Joachim has a small force come help him with the water leaper at the mill - it.. was a bit of overkill.
Date: 09-30-514
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As the tournament was winding down, there came a call from Newton that the Mill was in trouble. A large, legless frog was stealing sheep that got too close to the shore, drowning and devouring them. After gathering a small group of knights that were willing to help, Joachim rode to Newton, and eventually the mill. The large water-wheel churns in the river - but has currently come to a halt, as the mill pond shows a hint of a pair of eyes and a creature that comes and goes at times.

Fuller Rhys comes out to greet the group with a bow to Joachim. "Sir Joachim!" he greets with a frown. "The creature has closed down all production, and there is not a thing we can do about it until it's free. It tried to eat one of my mill workers when the wheel froze and we cannot do repairs until it's gone!"

While her husband has been busy with the tourney, when the call came up for help, Deryn was willing to lend a hand. Leaving word with her husband, the lady knight meets up with Joachim, and heads off for Newton upon her charger with armor and weapons at hand. As they reach the mill, she listens to the conversation, gaze turned towards the pond where the brief glimsp of something there, is spied.

Making his way to Newton to help as well, Martyn looks around as they reach the mill, frowning momentarily. "Probably a good idea to get that thing a bit further onto land, if possible," he mutters.

Having been eliminated from the Joust, finishing the race, and pretty much all other events save the Grand Melee, Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston also accepts the challenge. Dressed in his full armor, shield, on his charger, and carrying lance, sword, and dirk just in case. The six foot knight listens as the report is given by the owner of the mill, the striking blue eyes remains on the green eyes looking at them from the river, not going to let that thing out of his sight as best he can.

Siani was agreeable to help. She was a passable swimmer but she wasn't amazing at it. She could float and dog paddle if all else failed. Hopefully. She's on her horse for the moment, having ridden in accompanied by her squire. Green eyes survey the man in charge and a brow lifts. Production was indeed halted. The larger woman looks between the others before back to her squire where she murmurs some words before nodding to Martyn. "Would be nice."

"Well, if anyone here has an idea how to do that, I'd be interested in hearing it." Joachim says, dressed in lighter armor, spear in hand. He spent his youth fishing in this river and mill pond and knows how to dress for it, "But the water in that pond isn't more than hip deep." he comments. "We just have to worry about it pulling you in and drowning you."

The water leaper swirls around, thrashing the water, the water wheel blocking it's current escape as the large creature dives back beneath the surface before leaping up, slamming into the wheel again before falling back into the water.

"Perhaps we could lure it out somehow. " Deryn speaks up from her saddle, "Like you would a fish. Just need the right worm, perhaps tied off so they couldn't be drug in under the water?" It's one idea, right? Anyone feel like being the worm now?

Watching the breast for a bit Bradwyn says, "Looks almost like it is trying to get away. As the largest of us, perhaps I could go forward, try and get ahold of it to drag it to land, the best could hold a rope tied about my waist to provide aid if needed?" ffering a rough idea.

"I could never be mistaken for being a worm. You look small," Siani grins in a mischievous way to Deryn, tilting her head a little as she regards her for a brief moment before looking back towards the splashing thing. "Please do," she offers to Bradwyn as he offers to be the worm. "I could tie the rope to your horse.."

Looking a bit thoughtful, Martyn nods a little at Deryn's words, before he looks over at Bradwyn as the man offers to be the bait. "Might work," he offers, looking towards the creature again. "Ugly one…"

Joachim laughs. "I left my horse at home so it wouldn't be eaten - and as angry as I may be at my sister at the moment, I am not one to feed her to the creature as a sacrifice either." the knight admits, a frown as he considers. "If we try to step into the water, it will surely try to attack." he responds as the knight glances towards the mill.

"Sir Bradwyn, offering yourself as bait is a very brave thing.. but if you are taken under, it will be a rush to try to get you before you are drowned. Are you sure this is an undertaken you wish to accord yourself to?" Joachim asks with a hint of concern to his tone. "Though your offering is humbling to us all."

"I would do it, but I'm not the best swimmer." Deryn will admit, though as Bradwyn makes the offer, she nods her head, soon to slip from her charger's back to the ground, "Tying you off to a horse who could pull you out, would be the best thing to do." The big chargers could easily keep the man from being drug in under the water, right? "If we're lucky and the thing has him good, then when the horse pulls him out, we could attack it here upon the land." Though, one will have be certain they don't hack off anything useful upon the big knight.

Bradwyn nods and says, Lso if my horse struggles, others can grab the rope and aid in dragging us both onto land. As to careful aim, yes that would be preferred, my betrothed is unliekly to respond well if you remove any of my limbs."He then chuckles and winks playfully, ?ou think I or the beast is scary."implying worse of his betrothed as he moves to get a sturdy rope from anyone or any place he can, to start tying it about his waist.

"So let's give this a go." Siani tells him before dismounting, landing heavily on the ground. Her size isn't small. She's not fat, but there's not a thing diminutive about her. She's definitely not so much to look at either, but she's clean! Sauntering over, she nods to Bradwyn, "Let's go fishing." A nod offered to Deryn at her reasoning for not volunteering herself to jump inside.

Critical Fail!
Joachim makes a check for Leaper Bite at 10, he rolled 20.
Bradwyn checked his strength of 12, he rolled 7.
Joachim makes a check for Leaper STR at 15, he rolled 8.

Siani accepts the rope and begins tying it to the horse, knotting it up tight even as the leaper decides to try and take a bite of the knight. She prods the horse to move backwards a little to make the rope taut even as she steps in indecision towards Bradwyn, holding the rope at the same time.

Bradwyn moves closer, and the leaper attempts to get hold of him, but it's position against the mill's wheel gets in the way, and it gets caught up mid-leap. Bradwyn uses this chance to rush in and attempts to grab hold of the creature to carry it to shore, and nearly does so, however it is a bit too slippery and gets free.

Deryn takes out her sword, holding it in hand as all is set up. She keeps an eye on both the water and Bradwyn when he finally starts to wade into the water, tension sliding through the knight as she prepares to attack. As Brad attempts to grapple the thing, she raises her sword, more than ready to attempt to attack it, though will be careful of doing so she doesn't hit the knight himself.

Deryn checked her sword of 14, she rolled 12.
Deryn rolls 4d6 and gets (3 6 6 4) for a total of: (19)

Martyn remains back a bit, waiting for when he can join in the attack. Letting out a bit of a breath as he sees how things are going so far.

Siani continues to hold on to the rope even as Deryn heads for the thing with her sword. She doesn't want the knight to fall in.. she agreed to help. Giving it a tug, she attempts to drag Bradwyn physically away from the river if she can, at least a short distance.

Siani checked her str of 17, she rolled 9.
Joachim checked his spear of 6, he rolled 7.

Bradwyn umphs as he is pulled back a bit by the horse under Siani's guidance, as Deryn and others move in to attack as he gives an exasperated, thought the plan was to have me drag it to land?!" Muttering something about making plans as well. As there are now several in the water for the leaper to target instead of just one. With the old plan thrown out the door Bradwyn draws his sword, moves to cut the rope so he can move and attack, then moves to engage the leaper along with the others, attempting to corner it to minimize it's ability to escape, also with so many targets whoever it targets the others are now all armed and able to attack.

With the leaper taking the bait, it launches at Bradwyn, but it misjudges the fact that this particular morsel came in a tin can and it bites onto the metal, it's teeth shattering and lets out a painful croak as it flails about. Bradwyn's grip on it is tenous at best, and neither leaper or knight can gain the upper hand. Deryn's blade digs into the dreatures side as it flails about, blood showing in the water from the damage caused, while Joachim's spear deflects off of it's side.

<OOC> Joachim says, "1-2 Brad, 3-4 Deryn, 5-6 Joa for next attack by leaper."
Joachim rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: (1)
Joachim makes a check for Leaper Bite at 10, he rolled 14.
Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 9.
Bradwyn rolls 5d6 and gets (5 6 5 3 6) for a total of: (25)
Deryn checked her sword of 14, she rolled 7.
Deryn rolls 4d6 and gets (2 4 6 2) for a total of: (14)
Joachim checked his spear of 6, he rolled 5.
Joachim rolls 5d6 and gets (2 1 5 3 1) for a total of: (12)

Free of the rope, sword in hand the leaper tries to bite Bradwyn again and the tall knight proves remarkably agile for his size, following through with the movement to thrust his sword down and pin the animal in place as it croaks out a death rattle, only to be further stabbed by Deryn adn Joachim to further confirm it stays dead and isn't just 'mostly dead'.

Letting out a bit of a grin as he sees the creature go down, Martyn looks to the others. "Good job," he offers, putting his own weapons away now.

Not realizing that the thing is dead, Deryn thrusts her sword towards the thing, making sure it stays down. The poor leaper should have picked another pond to get stuck in, right? When it seems it is good and dead, she moves back, offering a hand to Bradwyn should he need it, but is grinning as she exits the edge of the pond. "Well… I think it's safe to say your men can come in and tke care of your mill now, Sir Joachim."

The water leaper tries to leap at Bradwyn to grab him again, the knight well.. skewers the beast. It doesn't take much before it's dragged on land, and the poor beast is destroyed. Joachim frowns. "For a creature with such a fearsome reputation.. this did not seem so hard." he admits with a frown. "But.. it is a job well done, and the Lord has smiled upon us to be ride of this foul beast.. perhaps we can get the mill to work again." he says, as he smiles. "All of you are welcome to dine in my home tonight, thank you so much for your help, Sers." the knight offers with a bow of his head in appreciation.

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