(514-09-30) Four Ladies and a Heir
Summary: The newly married Lady Enfys and her cousin come calling on her sister, Lady Lydia and to meet more of her soon to be extended family.
Date: 09-30-514
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"I don't think she's going to learn the manor in one day, Lydia." Joachim is walking along with the woman as the two of them prepare for the visit of Lydia's sister. "She has someone to guide her, you said?" he asks, though he's ready to assign a house guard to the task should the need arise. With that, he opens the doors for Lydia to step out first in the courtyard to prepare to receive her younger sister.

"She'll likely have our cousin Morfyd with her." Lydia offers, her smile anticipatory. "She serves as Enfys' guide. Though I'm not sure how long she'll stay in service with Enfys married now. She may feel like she has her own life to lead. Did Sir Yorick come as well?"

With things rapidly moving forward Bryn has been scurrying to get things ready for her departure with Talfryn soon. A lot has been making sure that the books are in order, and all the family accounting is up to date for Lydia. Today, though, she seems to be working on getting her clothes in order, and it has sent her running around the manor looking for thread of the right color, and lengths of appropriately dyed wool.

By some point, they would have gotten notice that the wagon was sighted down the road to the manor. Two young ladies, and at least one guard, make their way ever closer. Once they rumble into the manor's drive, Enfys can be seen, head tilted listening to what she can hear, and once her cousin says that her sister is there, a wave goes up, and she calls out, "Lydia!" Who cares if she might gain the notice of people, she is excited about seeing… or.. visiting… her sister again! So mcuh news to share!

"Morfyd." Joachim repeats the name in order to commit it to his memory. Lydia will learn that he does that a lot. He tends to repeat details or restate questions, just to make sure he understands. With the arrival of the wagon, the heir turns over greetings to Lydia as he catches sight of a wayward cousin from the corner of his eyes. "Hullo, Bryn!" he greets, raising his hand to beckon her over. "I thought you would like to meet a new cousin to our family."

"I'm here!" Lydia calls out in response to Enfys, visibly delighted at seeing the blind young woman's face. A bright smile is granted to Joachim and Bryn, and then damned if the little blonde doesn't just pick up her skirts and start running toward the wagon, pell-mell.

"Cousin, Lydia." Bryn stops her scurrying when she see's the pair of them, a smile spreading across her face. Then when Lydia starts to run towards the wagon she moves up next to Joachim, waiting until Lydia's out of ear shot before she murmurs, "I have a gift for you two before I depart."

"Your sister just started running to the wagon.." Morfyd says, voice light with laughter as she nudges Enfys at her side. There is no sign of Yorrick, a guard that likely has Horton or Cholderton colors with the two. "She is??" Enfys questions, then grins, leaning forwards with one hand on the wagon, the other outstretched so that Lydia might take it when she reaches them, "I have missed you! You must tell me everything!" There's a glow about the young blind woman, a happiness that knows no bounds.

Joachim gives a reserved nod of his head. "You did not have to do such a thing, Bryn, but I'm sure that Lydia will appreciate it. She.. enjoys gifts, I've learned. And I would.." there's a pause as he considers, turning to Bryn before he heads over to the others - keeping the two out of earshot of the sisters. "Bryn. Would you perhaps.. if you could recommend someone that has the patience and the ability - to teach me how to pen her a simple letter? One with my feelings expressed upon it, so that I may give to Lydia?" he asks. Usually he'd just ask someone else to scribe it - but he wants to give it to her in his own hand.

And indeed, within moments Lydia is embracing Enfys, twirling her around with a cry of joy. "Hello! Look at you, a married lady! And hello, Morfyd, how splendid you look!" Kisses are rained down on both of her sister's cheeks. "Welcome to Newton. I hope you'll enjoy our hospitality."

"I know that I didn't…but I wished to give you both a gift." Bryn replies, reaching out to give her cousin's arm a squeeze before she then nods a little more seriously, "I know someone in town that should be able to help you out with that request."

By the time that Lydia is there, Enfys has climbed from the stopped wagon, soon to find herself spun around. Laughter comes easily, and she soon gives her sister a hug even while getting kisses. "You.. I.. " Sputtering, she continues to laugh before she smiles, "I am.. you sound quite happy as well." A pause, and even as she tucks her arm through her sister's, she nods, "I do apologize that Yorrick couldn't come, but the Earl requested him on a hunt with a few other men he was hosting…" Morfyd is quick to hand over charge of the wagon to a stablehand, and the guard will hang out with household guards until it's time to leave again. "I brought my harp along with us, and… Ihave so much to tell you!"

"Thank you." Joachim's smile is slight, but his cousin knows it's genuine from the usually stoic knight as he offers his arm for Bryn to hold as he guides her out to meet the sisters. "Now what were you running around looking for?" he asks as he approaches, and clears his throat polietly, a gentle touch to Lydia's upper arm with his free hand to inform her that he's closed the distance between them.

"Oh, that's wonderful. I don't remember if Joachim's heard you play, but Bryn hasn't, and it will surely be a treat for her." Lydia twines her arm in Enfys', and turns toward Joachim. "Lady Bryn, please come meet my sister? Lady Bryn has been a kind face and friend as I become accustomed to my new home. Lady Bryn, my sister Lady Enfys." She beams at Joachim, many of her favorite people, close at hand.

"You are most welcome, dear cousin." Bryn assures him as she tucks her hand into the crook of his offered arm, letting him lead her towards the sisters. "I was looking for another length of fabric, I remember putting it up somewhere." She then moves to give Enfys a hug in greeting, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Enfys."

"He heard me play that evening when he vistied Horton, and faced both you and our cousin over draught board." Enfys reminds her sister as she walks at her side, Morfyd to bring up the rear. Hearing the voice cleared, she turns her head, to smile to Joachim, "Thank you for your hospitality, Sir Joachim. And may I say I am truly happy to hear that even if she beat you at draughts, you decided to not let that turn you away from my sister?" Then, with further introductions given, and finding herself drawn into a hug that surprises her, she returns it quick enough, "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Bryn. " To her sister, she gives another squeeze of her arm, "It would seem that your future home agrees with you well."

"Have you checked in the materials you are planning on packing for the trip to Idmiston?" Joachim asks with a curious lift of his brow as he surrenders his cousin to the meeting of Enfys. "Ladies Enfys and Morfyd, it is a pleasure to see you both again. I remember your pleasant music as the setting for my dear beloved's setting of a string of dominance on the field of board game battle." he offers with a little chuckle. "It is a streak I have not found easy to break as of yet. I had hoped that perhaps your music may be the muse I need to finally break the spell that she has weaved on me when it comes to the games." There's a smile given to Lydia, warm and affectionate, at the suggestion that her future home agrees well with her.

"Keep hoping, dear husband." Lydia says to him playfully, noting, "But consider yourself the most fortunate of men, surrounding by four of the most beautiful women in the kingdom aside from the queen." She's being entirely fascetious of course, except for the part where she does think Joachim should consider himself lucky.

"We have been very blessed to have her." Bryn releases Enfys to step back away from them to a polite distance, her hands falling down in front of her and folding together. She then shakes her head at Joachim's question, "I haven't, but I don't think that I put it there."

"I shall try my best to break the spell she manages to weave about you when you sit opposite her at the board." Enfys answers, laughing softly, "As I gave my apologies to Lydia, I hope you accept the same that my husband could not be here to meet you. The Earl requested he attend him on a hunt.." And as a Masterhuntsman, one cannot turn away the Earl's request!

Morfyd is quick to add, "I thank you for allowing me to visit your home as well, Sir, milady." This to both of the Newtons.

There's a thoughtful pause at Lydia's comment, and Joachim gives a little hint of a frown. He knows that he's been blessed. "That may be true, considering how quickly that matches were secured for them, my wife. And I have made sure to count my blessings that God guided you to my hand nightly and bound our families thusly." he offers diplomatically. "Lady Bryn will be off to Idmiston soon in an arrangement with Sir Talfryn." The heir glances between the women, before he returns his attenton to Bryn. "Perhaps check with those that helped you pack your trunks for the travel? If not, I'm sure the millery would have the color you were searching for? But for now, please come inside. I know the trip for Sarum is not long, but we can have refreshment and I'm sure you would like to catch up with acquaintance old and new."

"I shall." Bryn assures Joachim before she gives him a reassuring smile, not looking too worried about the missing length of cloth. "If you all wish privacy I will finish up looking for the fabric and allow you all the chance to catch up."

Lydia beams at Joachim and steps close to press a kiss to his cheek. "Lady Bryn, I won't have you going off all by yourself while we're enjoying ourselves. And you simply must hear Enfys play. There's refreshments for my sister's arrival, and you should join us! Then all we ladies can help you with your final packing this evening. You won't rob me of bringing my beloved sister and most treasured new cousin - and that's you, if it were not clear - together fo a time before you must leave us, would you?" Sadface Lydia is sadface.

Enfys is shaking her head as well, even as Lydia is speaking up, telilng Bryn she cannot slip away, "Please, do not go unless you /truly/ must, for I would like the chance to get to know you as well?" While her gaze is in Bryn's general direction, or whomever she speaks towards, it's obviously a little 'off' as well, eyes not quite looking straight at them. She's good, but still, she's blind.

"Yes, please stay, cousin. I did not simply invite you over to introduce you and then dismiss you out of hand." Joachim smiles, which only grows when Lydia returns to his side and soothes him so easily. "Because the other option is the entertainment of watching my wife chase me about the Tafl and draughts with ease. My first night in her company, cousin, was spent in conversation, drying cloth, and learning of her fondness of the game. Perhaps she can help you learn.. it is a way to learn to bond with someone without having to stretch to find common ground." he admits, "And Lady Enfys and her cousin are excellent musicians, the two of them are very pleasing on the ear…" there's a glance to Lydia, a thought of a recent conversation. "…and this is the time to extend our hospitalities.. and not walk away." he says, taking to heart his wife's ideas of opening the doors to the manor to any that wish to visit and are good of intent.

"If you wish, I just did not wish to impose." Bryn replies, her smile growing a little more before she then looks even brighter, more pleased, "I would dearly love to hear you play…I quite enjoy music, myself. Also, perhaps Lady Lydia can teach me to play."

Lydia says firmly, "Even if you are going to a new home, this is your home, too. And as it is your home, you are never an imposition." Though she does chuckle. "You'll not want me to teach you, I break the strings! But surely Enfys can show you a few things before you depart. Would you, sister? I would be thankful for it, and we are all kin, now."

Enfys is quiet as Lydia addresses Bryn, but seem to nod her head in agreement as to this being the lady's home as much as Idmiston may become her new home. And yet she playfully nudges her sister, "I think she meant for you to teach her tafl and draughts." As for the man in their midst, she smiles to Joachim, offering no other words, and allowing Lydia to escort her within the walls, "Describe it for me?" She asks of Lydia, to want to 'see' the place she will call home, and then ohs, "We have a home. A small place within Sarum!" A home, not a room in the castle!

As Lydia leads Enfys, Joachim offers to escort both Morfyd and Bryn back within. "I'm afraid that her home is not the grandest or most beautiful in the land, Lady Enfys.." the knight says humbly as they walk. "It was built after my grandfather retook the lands after the original Lord was killed during the Saxon raid on the original home, which is slightly upstream of here." he explains. "Oxbow Hill is where the original home is, and the ruins are still there. From here, there's a view of the river Wylye, it's wide and two storied, with a long roof. There's a keep tower on one end. And the courtyard doubles as a small garden." he explains, though he's sure that Lydia can give it a better spin as he steps through the doors back into the manor to the reception hall for the small group, which is also where the library is located.

"Oh, yes, the game. I can play the harp a little, but I'm certainly no expert." Bryn replies with a quick smile for Lydia, then she moves to take her cousin's offered arm, easily talking over him to add her own thoughts about the manor, "I think the manor is wonderful, personally."

Listening as to what's said of the manor, Enfys' face might well be thoughtful as she tries to picture it in her head, "It's a home, well loved by the family, and that is what's most important." She finally says quietly, soon thankful for the seat offered. A servant might approach with the things taken from the wagon, one of which is her lapharp which she gladly takes, the other small packs to be set aside for later. "It sounds lovely, and from what Morfyd described to me as we drove up, it's also well defended, or could be, as needed."

Once they are inside, Lydia excuses herself, and Joachim looks after her, concern on his features before he turns to his guests and his cousin. "We have been quite a closed House, Lady Enfys." he explains once she's settled as a servant brings her a small tray with some of the remaining Idmiston drinks and fruits on it. "As such, we had been very defensive of ourselves and the other Roman Christian houses in the area. With my father's failing health, I have decided to start to open our doors a little - your sister has been instrumental in helping me understand that there is good that can be done in this and helping guide my hand in how best to approach it."

"Your sister has been quite a wonderful addition to the family." Bryn adds, finding herself a place to sit only after everyone else has been sorted out where they are sitting or what they are doing. She tucks herself into one of the chairs, her hands folding together and settling on her lap, "And the house is very well loved."

Enfys may frown just a little as well when Lydia makes such excuses, her head tilted to listen to her head off. Concerned, yes. But, she picks up conversation easily enough, turning back to those seated nearby, "I understand how it can be difficult to open your home when so long you remained closed to usch things, but… I would agree with my sister in that regards. Now is the time to seek beyond your closest friends and neighbors to alliances to broaden your House in the world. " Still smiling as wine is placed before her in a cup, Morfyd whispering just a little as to where the servant placed it, she chuckles, "I can tell she is happy, and that is what matters most to me. Happiness is something that can be fleeting, and we must savor it while it is within our grasp."

"And she has made me happy in turn. While I might have sought our her hand, I am glad that she so readily accepted." Joachim admits, idly rubbing his fingers over a book Lydia had been reading the night before, wishing he understood what the words said. "And how is your own marriage? As a Christian that has married into a Pagan home, perhaps you can assist my cousin with questions she may have? Lydia and I plan to travel to Idmiston for the wedding, as well."

"Oh, you married a pagan?" Bryn does perk up just a fraction at that, not so much eager as suddenly very intersted. Her cheeks flush very faintly, "I'm a little nervous about it, not just because marriage itself will be a new experience…But to a pagan."

"Then, it would seem the two of you, are as lucky in marriage as I am in mind." Enfys answers quietly, her expression saying a lot about how she feels about her husband. With a nod of her blonde head given once she sips from the wine, she turns to both, "I could not be happier, in truth. Yorrick is… my heart's desire even when I did not know it. " A poet is she sometimes. "His family accepted me, as did he, and while Pagan.. " She ponders how to put it well for them, "There are many differences between our beliefs, but at the same time.. do no harm, seems as central to them, as it is to Christians. You would find the same core beliefs within many.. they are as fiercely protective of their families.. as strong in their beliefs.. " She trubs a finger along the side of her cup, "There are bad ones, yes.. just as you find some Christians so narrow minded that the cannot accept anything beyond their own beliefs, not willing to look at anything else.."

Enfys may not be able to see it, but Morfyd and Bryn will notice the duck of Joachim's head. Both he and his cousin know that his father would be one of those, and has only agreed to these changes because Joachim was pulled into a role he didn't expect. Even his older brother married in the faith. "Bryn recently was betrothed to Sir Talfryn Idmistion. It is a match that will hopefully strengthen ties to the East of Sarum." he admits quietly, as he draws in a slight breath. "Lydia has been explaining the differences of faith. She mentioned that the Virgin Mother is a close… comparison in the pagan beliefs?"

"I'm very happy for your marriage, Lady Enfys…it's warming to the heart to hear that your marriage is a one of love and pleasure." Bryn smiles just a bit, her eyes flicking in her cousin's direction for a moment, then she frowns, "How is the Virgin Mother a close comparison?"

Caught up in the conversation, Enfys does miss the way Joachim's tone might change, not to mention the way he ducks his head. "Ah, I have heard of them. They are a few manors south of Cholderton, my husband's family home." Likely rode past the pace a few times! "She is, yes. A close comparison to their Mother Goddess whom many pray to, much the same we might pray to our Virgin Mary. In many ways, they are the same - the Virgin Mary being the mother of God, of Jesus. And the Mother Goddess, being the one whom birthed the rest from what I understand."

"Good, then Bryn will know she has family nearby." Joachim says, as he listens to the same explanation that Lydia offered to him and he needs slowly. As they talk a servant comes down to speak quietly to the heir. He gives a nod, and then moves to his feet. "I apologize, but it seems that I am needed elsewhere. Hopefully, Lydia is feeling well in the morning and we can reconviene over breakfast." he offers as the knight bows his head as he turns to leave.

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