(514-09-24) Welcome to Newton, Lydia
Summary: Lady Lydia formally pays a visit to her betrothed's home, and Newton puts it's best foot forward.
Date: 09-24-514
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As late afternoon starts to give way to evening, Joachim is finally calming from his incident with Vesper. He's still slightly fuming, but there's an arrival that the heir has been waiting for - Lady Lydia de Horton was finally coming to visit the manor that will be her home. The knight is a bundle of mixed emotions, still angry at his sister, and he's carrying a letter and a package from Lady Baverstock that he just cannot read. He lets out a breath of furstration as he steps outside the home, straighteing himself to put on the right first step for introducing Lydia, settling and steeling his expression to try to hide the frustrations of the day.

Dalan had… well Dalan had run out of Newton screaming in frustration some weeks ago. Somethings we just need time to process in our own way. He's been back a few days. He's cleaned up. He's eaten. but he's still looking a bit haggard. His eyes a little more sunken than they used to be. Jagged and ugly face scar that has healed since the disasterous excurtion into Dorset marring a face that was already considerably less than handsome further. He has not been in bad spirits, though he's been very very silent. There's also been a Coracle sitting in the Stables next to his horses, that he refuses to answer any questions about why he was dragging it with him when he returned.

Dalan sits quietly in the Courtyard with Laurwyn. Perched on his gloved hand is what looks like a snowy white barn owl and he says to the lovely, slight lady, "Give Nicodemus a pet. I think he likes you." He looks up briefly in the direciton of Joachim, who seems to have a bit of a dark cloud hovering over him.

Laurwyn is dressed in white, that seems to be what is normal for the tiny lady, she sits close to Dalan, a hand gently resting on his leg, nothing unseemly, but almost comforting as she uses her other hand to gently run the back of her fingers down the Snowy owls chest. A little smile blooms on her lips as the Owl doens't run away, and this is distracting her to any other going-ons.

The carriage with its horses and escort makes its way at a crisp trot into the villa's courtyard. Once the grouping has come to a stop, one of the escorts dismounts and heads to the carriage, sticking his hand inside and gently withdrawing the petite Horton maiden. Emerging into the light, she blinks a little bit while taking in the view, murmuring a thank you to the man-at-arms as he helps her take a step onto the ground proper.

Lydia's blonde hair stands out amongst the dark Newton colors, including those of her betrothed. Joachim smiles, something he cannot resist doing around the woman these days as the escort arrives and the lady steps out. "Lady Lydia." he greets formally, offering his hand to hers to capture and place a gentle kiss upon before he glances about. "Welcome to Newton." He stops short of saying 'Welcome home', as they are not married yet.

However, as he's looking, the knight notices a familiar face has retunred to the fold. "One moment, beloved." he says quietly to Lydia, releasing her hand to cross the courtyard. "Dalan!" he greets his cousin, almost tackling his cousin-brother in an embrace. "I had grown worried about you and feared for where you had gone! I had not meant to anger you so, my cousin. I am.. my - where did the owl come from?" he asks, confusion furrowing his features as he turns to gesture towards Lydia, beckoning her forth. "…and I have someone for you both to meet." There's a smile for Laurwyn as well.

Dalan smiles to Laurwyn as she brushes the owl's crest a little. It tilts its head to the left to regard her and offers a tiny little 'whoot.' "See, I knew He'd like you. He's showing some real promise to be a good hawker too. Alsmost every bit as good as my goshawk." Dalan says proud of the strange little raptor, "Though.. There's not really a hood that fits him so I pretty much have to keep him in his cage and covered until just before I'm going to be releasing him…" He looks up then at the incoming Joachim and starts to say, "Good day Sir Joa…." is all he gets out before he's embraced. He pats the top of Joachim's head and says, "It's good to see you too. And you did not anger me it's just… After seeing Sir Gwyndyn and having to tell him…" he shakes his head, "I just had to get away for a while to get my head right…" he says trying to downplay the mental state he was in for a while. "The Owl was a gift from the King at this wedding. He offered for me to take a hawk from his rookery as his wedding present to me, So I choose a funny looking gosling that.. well that turned out to be an owl that somehow ended up in the mews and adopted by a confused mother until it was time for weaning." He blinks then and stands, while still holding the owl at easy petting height for Laurwyn, "I did not realize we had company." he says bowing to Lady Lydia.

"Thank you, Sir Joachim." Lydia's tone is carefully formal, but her gaze is bright and curious as she looks around, takes in the state of the manor, and smiles at the couple she's being presented to. "Oh," she says in delight, "What a beautiful owl. I'm quite fond of them, though I've never actually been so close to one before. Have you named it yet?" A curtsey is offered to Laurwyn, accompanied by a dimpled smile.

Laurwyn looks up as Joa comes rushing over, she blinks once but smiles gently in greeting, she stands as Dalan does and returns the curtsey of Lydia and the smile as well. Her movements are slow and graceful and it seems she dances with each small movement. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Horton.." She says softly, her eyes going to Dalan and then back to Joa and Lydia

Giving Dalan's arms a firm squeeze, Joachim is grateful for the return of his cousin. "I realize that.. it has been a hard time. But it is good to have you home." he starts to say, before the knight draws in a breath. "Yes. Well.. not all hard." he finds himself course-correcting as he chuckles faintly, the stout knight actually appearing to be nervous for a moment. Reaching out to take Lydia's hand, Joachim smiles warmly. "Sir Dalan, may I present Lady Lydia de Horton; my betrothed." he says with a hint of pride to the usually humble young man. "Lydia, this is Sir Dalan de Newton, my beloved cousin who has lived with my family for as far as I can remember, and this is Lady Laurwyn de Woodford - I am not sure they have announced their banns yet, but they should already." he teases them both. "And.. a gift from the King. How wonderful. I feel poorly for having missed his tournament."

"It is my pleasure and Honor to meet you Lady Lydia. As for the Owl, his name is Nicodemus. At lease that is the name he has acted the least sour to being called. You are welcome to pet him if you like." He looks to Laurwyn and says, "We have not… made m uch of a fuss, but it is nothing we are concealling, We have Woodfords blessing and I am hoping we might decide on a day that makes it official soon, but I am glad to see that congradulations are in order. Do you plan to marry before winter or after?"

"Sir Dalan, Lady Laurwyn. It's a pleasure. And please, my mother is Lady Horton; I'm Lydia." This to the latter that she's addressing to, before noting to Joachim, "I hope you don't mind, but I have every intention of binging my merlin. You did give me that lovely glove to see it used, didn't you?" She offers him a sunny smile, before inquiring to Dalan, "He won't try to stab me with that fierce little beak of his?" She's not afraid, she's interested.

Joachim checked his flirting of 3, he rolled 19.

"I would not keep you from doing so, no." Joachim chuckles a little. "It reminds me much of you, Lydia. Small, yet fierce. And refuses to give up." the knight tries to flirt, but he really is terrible at it most of the time as he steps back to slip Lydia's hand onto his arm again and glances towards her. "With her permission, Dalan, I am hoping we are married before the Harvest so that we can spend the winter learning father's duties. And take your time, of course, Dalan. I am not going to press on either of you. Unlike my sister.." he mutters. And for a moment, Lydia may feel that tightening of his arm, the subtle frustration in his brow.

"He better not use that beak of his." Dalan says as he gives Nicodemus a stern look. The owl meanwhile just preens. They are sometimes called 'skycats' with reason. "He seems to enjoy the attention. Also Merlin's are a fine hawk and will always serve you well. I do my best to make certain our mews are stocked and well maintained." He looks then to Laurwyn and says, "Speaking of weddings… I promised Sir Acwel I would escort you back home and… perhaps we can set an actual date with him?"

"He is an adorable little owl, still learning, but he has always been gentle.." Laurwyn offers to Lydia, it seems while she has been there, she has been keeping the Owl company while.. Dalan was off doing other things. So that gentle smile is encouraging before turns to look up at Dalan and blushes softly, a sweet tinting of her cheeks as she nods towards the large man. "My cousin seems very busy with his own plans, I would not be upset if it is something small really, maybe.." She peeks to Joa and Lydia before looking back to Dalan. "Maybe we can make sure we are all settled for the winter?"

Lydia smiles sidelong at Joachim, giving his thick arm a gentle pat, as if to soothe him before she unhesitatingly reaches out to stroke the owl's breast gently. "Nicodemus is quite beautiful, and what's more, I'm sure he knows it." she says with a chuckle. "Thank you for allowing me to meet him." She then adds, "I believe that the intention is to wed toward the end of autumn, that I may be able to present my husband with an heir by the end of summer next."

"They seem kind." Lydia observes, as Dalan and Laurwyn move off. She looks back at Joachim. "But there's something I wish to see before anything else. Your favorite place. Perhaps a spot you spent time in as a boy. Is it too soon?"

"No.. but it is not here on the grounds, it is a bit away in the village, if you do not mind the trip? Though it may be best to show you in the daytime." Joachim admits as he chuckles, but his expression turns a little serious. "There is a water leaper that has been spotted around here, and I am gathering a force to deal with it." he admits as he smiles. "I will take you whereve you wish to go, however, as this is.. will be your home." he offers as he considers. "I recieved a letter today, but I fear I cannot read it. May I show it to you?"

Poor Bryn, she apparently chose a very poor time to come back to the manor, but there she is, hurrying towards the house, one of her precious books clutched to her chest. She doesn't appear to be hurt, just aware that the hour is growing late, and things aren't particularly safe to be wandering around alone.

"It can wait until tomorrow." Lydia reassures. "But I most definitely want to see it. I - " There's a pause, and she's peering into the distance. "Who is that?" Lydia inquires curiously, peering at Bryn.

"I will be happy to show it to you - it's quite unique, at least to me." Joachim starts to say and then smiles. "That, my love, is Lady Bryn de Newton - Dalan's sister and my cousin. She gets a little.. distracted." he admits before he clears his throat and calls out to the woman. "Cousin! Come here, I have someone I wish you to meet."

Bryn doesn't quite skitter at the name, but she does jump in surprise. When she spots Joachim and Lydia she offers them a smile, flushing a bit in embarassment for having gotten caught doing the dangerous absent-minded walking. She starts to head in their direction, "Hello."

"Hello." Lydia replies, "I'm Lydia de Horton, I - oh, what are you reading?" Lydia's tone is earnest and interested. Someone may also be a reader as well.

"Bryn, this is Lydia.. as she introduced herself." Joachim chuckles a little - he's not quite used to her taking the lead in such things. "However, she is also my betrothed and will be wintering with us as we plan to marry before harvest is complete. Unless you are swept away by your betrothed before then, hopefully you will grace us with your company."

Bryn's fingers tighten around the book when Lydia asks about it, an instinctual protectiveness before she holds it out to let Lydia take it from her. She smiles a little more when it becomes clear who it is that Lydia is. She then moves to give the woman a hug, "Welcome to the family. I'm so glad to finally meet you…I was worried I might have to follow Joachim around everyone until I did."

"Ah, I love this poet." Lydia beams at Bryn, but is quick to return the book to her as they hug. She understands this level of protectiveness where books are concerned. "Well. By winter I'll surely be living here. Are you betrothed as well? I hope some of the ladies of the household will remain a bit after I'm wed. And thank you for the welcome. You're very kind."

"She did stalk me about Sarum, Lydia - she was present when I was buying you the sweet rolls I had sent.." Joachim comments with a slight chuckle. "And seeing as she has yet to meet her match; unless that's changed?" he asks Bryn, before continuing, "…she will be here. As will Eibhlin. Vesper.. however.." And there's that tone again. Apparently the sister has done something to find disfavor with the stout knight.

"I…supposedly." Bryn confesses with a bit of a smile, tucking her book back against her chest, "But I've yet to meet him, or hear anything in regards to the marriage and plans. Nor do I think my uncle has either." She glances towards Joachim, double-checking to see if he might know something she doesn't. But when it's clear she doesn't, she nods, "So I should be here this winter, yes."

"You've not met him?" Lydia's expression is mildly alarmed. "Do you know his name?" She looks to Joachim in surprise. "Surely you know something." As to the mention of his sisters, and the one in particular, she gently laughs. "You are not subtle, darling. Are you having some difficulty with the more gregarious of your sisters?"

Joachim shakes his head. "I wish I had information to give you on the matter, Bryn, but I have yet to see him either." he admits as he moves from his arm supporting to Lydia's hand to their hands resting within each other, should she allow. "I will send a missive to his head of house though, to see if Winterbourne Stoke plans to hold the arrangement, Bryn." he promises his cousin before he draws in a breath. "I have a matter to deal with Vesper." he says quietly, and looks to Lydia. As much as he may love his cousin, this is not something to deal with in public. "We can discuss it later in private, later. But I do not wish to further damage her honor."

Bryn shakes her head at Lydia, "I haven't…not in person, or even via a representative in case he is somehow indisposed." She then reaches out to give her cousin's arm a quick squeeze in silent thanks for his offer. As for the matter with her cousin, Bryn doesn't even react beyond the faintest of twitches in her eyes, curiosity flaring for a split second before she pushes it down with a nod, "I can leave you to the discussion if you wish."

"Does this mystery man have a name?" And then at Joachim's insistence, she simply nods her head. "Of course." She's content to leave it at that. She looks back to Bryn. "Tell me, does Newton," she indicates the manor, "Have a fine collection of books? I shall need to occupy my thoughts during the cold months, and if there's one who appreciates the written word, I have hope."

He's not going to dismiss Bryn out of hand to gripe about his sister, instead, Joachim chuckles. "We have a small library? I do not read.." he admits. "Speaking of.. I recieved a letter and a sweet roll today. I was hoping you would be able to read the letter to me so I would know how to respond. The only thing I do know is that it is from Lady Catorina de Baverstock.. who has had some rather.. crude reactions to my presence." he admits, though he has no idea why. "And I believe his name is Harken you said it was, cousin?"

"Yes, Sir Harken de Winterbourne Stoke." Bryn agrees with a nod, glancing down at the book before she nods faintly, considering the question of books with a bit more seriousness than she gives to the matter of her missing betrothed. "We have a passable amount of books, yes. But it is hardly a large collection…you are very welcome to read any of them we have, though." She glances to her cousin, looking only mildly perplexed about the crude reactions comment. "If you'd like, I can."

"I would be happy to." Lydia says, "Though if your cousin prefers…?" She doesn't want to create an awkward situation. "What could you possibly have done to offend the Lady Baverstock?" Lydia arches a brow at Joachim. She's teasing him of course, but for the moment she puts a serious face on it.

When given the choice, it is Lydia the letter is given to, just in case it's a letter of further insults and beratings. Joachim frowns. "I was too close to her during an argument the other day and she hit my shoulder.. I do not think she appreciated my humor to try to soothe the situation. And then earlier, when I asked Sister Melana to bless the flock that my father was sending to Horton as part of our arrangement, she again seemed bitter towards me." he says with a sigh. "This arrived with a pastry. But I have yet to eat it."

"Oh, no." Bryn shakes her head, a hand lifting to let Lydia know that she has absolutely no interest in stepping into things without being asked. She then drops her hand back to her book, fingers moving against it in a bit of thoughtful way, "You didn't meet her before then, did you? You're not possibly forgetting something, are you?"

Lydia looks between the cousins, but then opens the letter to peruse it as the pair speak. So she's silent for a moment as the two talk.

"No.. not that I recall." Joachim is honest about that as he draws in a breath, but glances to Lydia. "Perhaps you can tell me what it says later, Lydia. I have a few things to tend to with a water leaper - and hopefully start making things presentable around here for a wedding." he teases lightly as he lifts Lydia's hand to give her knuckles a gentle kiss. "Bryn can show you to the guest room."

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