(514-09-24) Dalliances and Consequences
Summary: After walking in on Vesper's improper behaviour with a stable boy, all hell breaks loose amongst the Newton siblings.
Date: 09-24-514
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Someone is flirting with the stable lads again. It's not hard to find Vesper. Just look for the nearest cute boy or man and like a lightning rod, there she is with a gamine smile upon her lips while the late fall sun shines upon her mahogany tresses. "Now, Gavyn, what sort of Lady would I be if I accepted such an offer," Vesper sing-songs, belying her words with the wink of one cobalt eye. "Do you not have horses to tend to?" she teases, stepping back as if to depart the area outside the stables.

Eibhlin moves through the stables, as well, she was not very good at riding - but there was one horse foal she had taken a shining to, a dappled one looking like someone splattered him in poka-dots. She had named the little one as well, "Alright, today Dillweed?" she asks the horse with a grin. Her fingers dig into her pockets to feed it the apple she brought.

Critical Fail!
Vesper checked her awareness of 10, she rolled 20.

Voices? There are other voices? Not to Vesper there isn't. She steals a glance around as the stableboy beckons her closer. No brothers watching? Nope! Good. She follows, a sly grin on the sharp bow of her lips.

Critical Success!
Joachim checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 10.

Carrying a letter and a small parcel that the knight recently recieved, Joachim had asked where one of his sisters may be that can read a letter addressed to him from Lady Baverstock. Things were going well, until he sees exactly what it is his sister's about to do. Then the knight stops in his tracks, and his face darkens as if a sudden summer storm has come to the stables. "This is how you spend your afternoons when you claim to be riding, Vesper?" he asks, the scandal and anger written clearly on the young heir's face. There's no lying or fibbing or saying it wasn't going to happen. He knows. And.. he's not happy.

That voice. Vesper knows that voice because it's impossible to miss. She stops dead in her tracks and slowly, oh-so slowly, turns to face her older brother, silvery excuses rising to her lips. "What? 'Chim! Gavyn," who has since run for his life into the stables, "was only going to saddle Spike for me!"

Noticing Eibhlin with her horse may be the only reason that Joachim doesn't break Gavyn's neck. "He was looking to saddle something, indeed. And you were just going to let him lead you to stable." the knight says, his green eyes locked on the woman as his hands tighten into fists. "Give me one reason one why I shouldn't take this up to father and drag you off to the conveant." he says, a fierceness in his voice, before he stammers, anger and flush hitting his face. "Are you even pure still?"

Eibhlin heard her brothers voice booming through the stables, and at first she thought it was her that might get into trouble, she was feeding the small horse dinner apples. She looks up and she moves over to her sister her eyes wide "Joachim…forgive her, do not be so angry." she says kindly "please?" It was attempted wide eyed pleading.

Vesper checked her pious of 10, she rolled 6.

Vesper, about to break out the crocodile tears over her brother's tirade, stops short when she hears her dear sister. She turns sidelong to grasp for Eibhlin's hands. "Did… did you hear what he just asked me?" she commiserates with the younger Eibhlin. "As if my love of God was in question? Oh, Eibhlin, am I a terrible person that my brother should question my purity? I have never," she turns her cool cobalt eyes back to Joachim, "lain with a man, and you insult me greatly to ask such a thing. Do you not know your sister better than that, 'Chim?" The last question is soft, mournful.

Joachim checked his trusting of 10, he rolled 4.
Joachim checked his merciful of 13, he rolled 16.
Joachim checked his cruel of 7, he rolled 15.

"I want to believe you, Vesper, but I have seen the way you act. You tempt and taunt. You tease and flirt. You offer prizes to men and then take them away. You may be pure of body, but I wonder if your spirit is the same." Joachim's Roman roots are on full display now, the knight has always been strong in the faith. The knight paces angrilly, because at the moment, he wants to punch something, and neither of his sisters are an option. "I have prayed for you every evening - that you would follow the path of the just and true and stay pure in your heart for God. Instead, you shame the Newton name and Gwion's name as your loins have not even cooled in mourning."

However, he relents, the knight backing down slightly. "I will not discuss this with father." he finally says - perhaps taking pity on the woman in their time of grief - and his sister's quest for forgiveness of Vesper. "But - I suggest you find your affairs in order, once I am married, I will be petitioning father to find you a husband to cool your flames."

Eibhlin shakes her hair, dark and soft around her features. THe normally quiet, chaste woman looks to her sister and there is a twinkle of something in her green orbs. Her fingers grasp Vespers own and her wide eyes turn to her sister, it could be the loss of her older brother has gotten deep into her bones for she murmers "It is ok sister, God forgives sinners, if you pray hard enough.." she tells her sister.

Each and every word spoken by Joachim is a nail driven into Vesper's coffin. The color that usually subsumes her beautiful flesh slowly drains from it. Even the way he spares her doesn't reassure the woman, judging by the pursing of her lips, and the way she turns to find solace in her sister's words. "I do pray," she says, softly. "I pray every day. But I also know how to have fun! Is that not something we should be seeking, in this time of loss? Do we not, more than ever, understand that every single day counts and if we do not make the most of it, we are as good as dead already?" Her words are her passion and she lets them run recklessly free. "I do nothing unforgiveable, and I seize every joy that there can be in this terrible time! You grieve in your way, and I in mine!"

Joachim checked his vengeful of 7, he rolled 3.

"You're right. It is how you are, Vesper. And perhaps it is time you realize such action has consequence." Reaching up to grab a set of reins, Joachim balls the leather up tightly in his hand. Except it is not her or Eibhlin that he goes after, instead, he storms into the stables to hunt down Gavyn. The poor man is in for a beating for sullying Vesper's honor with his actions - after all, he's the one that did not resist her - he deserves punishment. And will probably be fired from the stables as well.

Eibhlin watches her brother grab the leathers and go after the stable boy, she tugs on her sisters hands, looking dismayed. Her eyes focus on her sister then her brother, she dare not say a word.. partly hiding her own diminutive form behind vesper's own. Her fingers in her sisters clamp tightly onto the latters with an iron grip.

Vesper checked her valorous of 10, she rolled 7.

Vesper's vast eyes open even wider when her brother's strong hands go for the reins. A sense of fear rips through her, streaking across her normally delicate expression, but with that fear comes a steel-willed courage. Vesper takes off after Joachim, dragging her younger sister after her. "Joachim! Do not you dare such a thing! The blame is mine, the flirtation was mine, and if there are consequences to be doled out, then they should be taken by /me/ and not some hapless stableboy!" She will even go so far as to throw herself in Joachim's way if she manages to catch up.

It doesn't take Joachim long to come acorss Gavyn. The young man cowers in the back of a stable. "Come take your whipping as the man you dared to be with my sister!" he roars - that is until both of his sisters are protecting the man. The knight's eyes flash. "You are a stupid, stupid girl, Vesper." he says, a growl unheard before in his throat. He's angry and disappointed in her. His eyes fall on Gavyn. "I will spare you - if you leave now. Leave Newton, and do not return, or before God, I will see you punished for dishonoring my sister and forcing her to blasphmere herself to protect you." he states coldly as he tosses down the leathers. "And you." he says to Vesper. "Get right with God, for your hand will be placed in one to give you guidance." he promises.

Eibhlin nearly wets her pants! she gasps as she is drug into the middle of it all! "V..v….v..esper" she murmers quietly, her voice looses its'self.. She looks to her brother then to her sister and she tries to right things between them. "We are going to confess right now." she says as she tries to drag her sister back out of the way "come along, let us find the Abbey." she encourages.

Eibhlin's the calm after the storm, and it is to her younger sister that the reckless Newton clings. As Vesper leans her small form upon her sister, she stares up at Joachim, "You do not mean it," she tells him softly, real tears welling up in her eyes. Gavyn has long since fled, no brave knight is he. "You always said that you would let me choose, were it up to you." But she lets herself be pulled along by Eibhlin, storm-tossed eyes remaining on her brother as she stumbles away.

"I had warned you that your action has consequence, Vesper. Do not try to place the blame on me for what you have sewn. I will have a House Knight assigned to you as escort by morning. And if you slip him, his first duty will to be to tell me." Joachim says flatly. "You wish to act as a child, I will treat you like one. If you cannot control your behvaiours.." he lets that hang in the air as the knight turns to storm off, other things in Newton to deal with besides his sister at the moment.

Eibhlin continues to lead her sister away, her eyes flicker slightly to her brother and then to her crying sister as the younger one of the bunch bravely leads onward. No words to her brother, no words to the other stable help, she has one place in mind for her sister and she wont let go of Vespers hand until the pair of them are out of Joac's vision.

Vesper shoots Joachim one last crestfallen, heartbroken stare before she turns away to be led by Eibhlin. The tears that stand in her eyes don't fall, and with a vicious will she blinks them away until the only thing that remains shining within them is a burning, hurt anger.

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