(514-09-23) Sweet Rolls Heal All Wounds
Summary: While visiting Bryndon's Bakery, Joachim speaks with some of his family then has a run in with Lady Catriona de Bravestock.
Date: 09-23-514
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Joachim is currently in the bakery, talking to the baker's assistant as Bryndon is preparing breads in the back. "Is there some.. maybe.. something I can get for various breads for her to sample?" the knight is asking, looking at the various breads and sweets and it's confusing. "I'm not sure of which ones she would enjoy, or not like - I suppose I'm still getting to know those little things." he says with a little laugh, nervous as the newly betrothed heir is still dressed in the dark colors of mourning, the vivid purple and blue of Lydia's favor on his arm a stark contrast to his colors.

Ever since being invited to come watch the Tourney Bryn has been here, she's just exceptional about making herself as scarce as possible. But today she's apparently decided that someone just MUST be tracked down. After asking around, finding a few false leads her questioning has led her to where her cousin is talking…bread. She turns up next to Joachim, blinking owlishly at him.

One of the younger sister's makes her way along the paths, she too dressed much like her brother in dark colors. She keeps her eyes down as she walks. Reflective and still sad her eyes lift only subtly, as she hears her brothers voice, and she gives him a solum little nod. Eibhlin tucks her hands together folding them infront of herself quiet and somber.

Joachim checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 16.

So wrapped up in his discussion with the baker's assistant of the sweet rolls and sampling a couple, Joachim hasn't quite yet noticed his cousin's approach to him - the knight frowns. "Alright, so a couple of those.. and yes, perhaps one of those." He's off in his own little world at the moment, not really paying too much attention to his surroundings.

There is a long moment, then Bryn clears her throat. She tries to get her cousin's attention without too much disruption to the conversation, as interuption is probably too impolite for her.

Eibhlin tilts her head as she looks over Bryn then back to her brother, and she moves closer maybe feeling the need to talk to the cousin as Joac is busy. "Hello Bryn." she greets - her own voice quiet.

Well, if it wasn't the throat clearing - it is a voice he has not heard in a while. Snapped to, Joachim blinks his eyes a few times and then chuckles. "Oh dear, how long have the two of you been there?" he asks in confusion. "I was just.. shopping." As weird as that sounds for him to say before he greets his sister with a light kiss to her hand. "Eibhlin.. it is good to see you again, even in the current circumstance." he admits easily before greeting his cousin similar. "Have you had any luck in tracking down your wayward betrothed, cousin? Or did he not show for the tournament?"

Bryn glances at Eiblhin, smiling at her cousin, "Hello Eibhlin." She waits until Joachim is done before she moves to give her a hug as well, then she shakes her head at Joachim, leaving the matter of her own betrothal alone as she comments, "I heard about your own special announcement. Is she the one you were speaking about?"

Eibhlin looks from her cousin, to her brother and as her hand is kissed, she smiles faintly. She shifts her feet quietly and she shakes her dark hair softly pushing it behind her ears. The question was posed to Joac and not herself, she will offer her brother, "do you need a servant to help carry those?"

"It is, yes." Joachim says, a small smile touching his features - despite his grief, Lydia is the one shining spot in his heart at the moment. A little ray of sunlight in the darkness. "Her brother and my father agreed to the marriage - father was reluctant at first - but at least she is a Christian, and he was willing to accept as much." the knight finally points out. "She is in town at the Horton camp, if you wish to call upon her at some point - or if you are willing to show patience, I will be visiting her to dine tonight, should you wish to accompany me?" He shakes his head at his sister, "I will have my squire make the delivery, sister." he comments as he waves to the corner to allow the young man to come forth. After paying for the pastries and bundling them, he hands them to the squire. "Deliver these into the hands of Lady Lydia at the Horton encampment. Now go along." The squire departs, carrying the oh so precious baked cargo.

"I'd love to meet her." Bryn replies, smiling just a bit before she glances after the retreating squire, then back towards her two cousins, "Perhaps we could go somewhere where we might not be in everyone's way?"

Eibhlin looks to her cousin then the baker, she steps forward and places an order for herself. Two pastries and a small drink.. she pays for them but says little more then her order. Joachim gets a little glance and then she turns to get her food.

"For me?" Bryn shakes her head, her cheeks flushing very slightly red as she moves to loop her arm through Eibhlin's, waiting for Joachim to start leading them off somewhere else. "The first day I ran into people, dropped my book…and since then I've been staying out of busy areas." Which means she's missed everything.

Eibhlin eyes her cousin "Missing things is never fun." she says blinking as her arm is taken, but she moves to follow her cousin as she eats her pastry with that detatched air to her sorta following her.

Stepping outside into the warming sun, Joachim looks curiously between the two women. "I feel that there is questions unasked here." he says as he pops a piece of sweet roll into his mouth to chew on thoughtfully. "However, I wonder if you are wondering if you are saving such questions for Lady Lydia."

Eibhlin walks along, her lips nibble upon her pastry, she simply looks at her brother, "If you are happy brother, that is all that matters." she says quietly indifferent. If she had any questions she was not eluding to them.

"Questions?" Bryn shakes her head just a fraction, moving off to the side so that they aren't blocking anyone from getting to the baker. "I don't have any, no. I was just curious if she was the same one you were speaking about at home…before coming here."

"And I said she was." Joachim responds as he moves to take a seat and chuckles. "Vesper is fearful now that my betrothal is secured that she may be the next one that father seeks a match for." he says as he settles on the bench, making room for his sister and cousin. "Unless she believes that the monster that has apparently rumored to be in Newton is her intended." There may be a smirk offered at that.

Eibhlin looks to her brother and then she touches her cousin playfully before she looks over to her older brother. "I should go, you will be alright?" she asks him conserned even if she knows she should not be. A smile brushes her features and she moves quietly to hug him. She was still in mourning and everything was alot to take in at once.

A woman on a mission — that fairly well defines Catriona de Baverstock in the market today. One might not have noticed her until recently, as before she was simply tying up her horse to keep it from running away while she sees to her mission. The woman is a noble lady based on the quality of her garb, her cleanliness, and the way she carries herself. Even her scent of woodsmoke and bergamont rather give her away. She is dressed today in a long blue tunic over off-white underpinnings, including long sleeves. The tunic is cinched at the waist with a brown belt where a dagger is also sheathed. She wears a wood-and-pewter cross about her throat, and her thick brown hair is braided over one shoulder. Also she's flustered. Why wouldn't she be? She's reaming into one of the shopkeeps. "…have an arrangement with four of my tenants…" "…quality is unacceptable…" "…downright thievery…" She doesn't shout at him, but the sound of her husky-yet-feminine voice indicates her extreme displeasure.

"I know you did…" Bryn replies, smiling a fraction before that smile vanishes and she looks at Eibhlin, "Oh, do you have to?" She looks a little disappointed, but then she nods, accepting that her cousin has to depart. She then moves to settle on the bench next to Joachim, her hands folding together in her lap.

"…very well. I hope to see you again soon, sister. It has been far too long." Rising easily with Eibhlin, Joachim gives her cheek a gentle kiss, before he hears the noise of the young woman fussing away at the shopkeep. There's a glance to his cousin for a moment, before the knight moves towards where Catriona is going about her complaint, the knight settling on his heels.

He doesn't go sticking his nose into the situation, just chewing on his pastry as he looks to see what items may be for sale while listening in on the debate - surrepotesdly.

Critical Fail!
Catriona checked her awareness of 15, she rolled 20.

When Joachim approaches with an eye toward wares and an ear toward arguments, Catriona remains entirely oblivious so focused is she on the shopkeep. "You tell your uncle that he will stand up to his agreement with our tenants, or else I'll take this lot back with me to-" It's just about then that Catriona, without even a slight look backward, swings her arm around to point backward toward the city gate. Little does she know that Joachim is just there, chewing thoughtfully. Right where her fist and finger are flying toward.

Catriona isn't the only one that is oblivious, Bryn could possibly warn people, but she has started looking somewhere else, leaving them to their own devices.

Joachim checked his dex of 9, he rolled 14.

Thunk. As he was just standing there, Joachim finds himself the victim of an accidental roundhouse. The stout knight has some height over the woman, so it's his shoulder that she smacks so thoughtfully, and the knight swallows his food, a frown coming to his face. "You're rather expressive in your arguing, aren't you?" he says with a snort of complaint. "I believe I have been grievously by your hand, m'lady. And I feel that I may never be able to use his arm again." His voice just drips with dry sarcasm as he sighs. "So what is this agreement you're speaking of?"

At least Joachim had some notion that the hit was coming. Catriona didn't, so when her fist and finger connect with the fellow's shoulder she makes a little gasping sound in surprise. The farmer at the stall forgotten, Catriona rounds to see what it is she's just hit — and finds herself face to face with Joachim and his dryness. An apology is on her lips, but then she makes the decision to swallow it. Her sharp blue eyes, where momentarily they were filled with horror at her own actions, relax some. She does remain silent long enough to look the man over to make sure there isn't any true damage. But no, it seems not. "Is that so, sir?" she finally responds. "I shall pray for your arm then, and perhaps in a miracle you may find it recovered." She can be dry too! As she speaks, she takes one hand to rub the knuckle of the other where she struck him almost absentmindedly. He asked about the agreement. She glances once more at the shopkeep who is conveniently busy with someone else, just now. "An agreement between this man's relative and a few of my tenant farmers for seed and stock." Her head tilts just so as she regards the man. "I dare not speak more of it, sir, lest my temper get the best of me. You only have one good arm left, after all. It must be well-guarded, being so delicate a thing."

"I see. Well. It seems I have caused you harm as well." Joachim says, as he reaches, taking the young woman's delicate hand and places a gentle kiss on the knuckle that had struck him. "My apologies for your mortal wound, as my incidental bulk seems to be in the way. "I am Sir Joachim de Newton." he offers quietly. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance…?" he prompts the lady that struck him first to at least get her name.

Catriona's mouth opens in a moment of intended protest when he takes her hand. But then he kisses it, and introduces himself, and that takes some of the wind out of her sails. So while she has her mouth hanging slightly open for a few moments, she eventually is composed again. "Lady Catriona de Baverstock," she responds, more quietly and conversationally. And then? She smirks just a touch. "Though I doubt very much if it's a pleasure to make my aquaitence, if the aquaitence has left you a cripple and me mortally injured."

"I suppose that I can only hope to help to recover your wounds by offering you a sweet roll?" Joachim holds up the small bundle, offering it to her as the knight gives a faint smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Braverstock." he offers in greetings. "May you accept my offering of repair for the damage done to your delicate hand by my oafish shoulder?"

Her smirk turns into a full, natural grin as she accepts his offer, lowering her head and eyes and nodding ones in a gesture of respect and appreciation. "I shall, sir, and consider myself fully repaired. Perhaps that shall be my new evening prayer — that all wounds, mortal and crippling, may be healed by His grace through sweet rolls and breads." And indeed, she's particularly gentle with the roll he's given her, cradling it between her hands as they speak. She's not looking at it, though — with his height, she has to look rather up at him. Her smile fades to become more natural and comfortable … and apologetic. "I am sorry, sir, if I did truly cause you any pain with my particularly unladylike display."

"It sounds as though you had legitament complaint, m'lady. I seem to have interrupted you in the process of a most needed negotiation. I should leave you to it. As I would not want you to lose your fire on behalf of my causing you further injury." Joachim offers with a slight chuckle. "Yes, if only all injuries and harms were repaired so easily, m'lady."

At that, Catriona turns to look over at the stall, where the man is still conveniently busy elsewhere. She sighs a little, but looks rather pleased. Amused, even. "I'll have to speak to his Uncle…." A look comes across her features then, both pensive and curious. She turns her sharp blue eyes back to the man. Her eyebrows are slightly drawn in thought. "Newton is your home, you said." It's not a question, more likely she's reminding herself of the fact. "Tell me sir, do you have a particular blacksmith in the employ of your home, or perhaps around the nearby manors, known for cogs? I've heard north of Sarum there's a few who are known for their skill in that particular craft, and that is my next destination."

"Ah, I fear we are more known for our sheep and fabirc than our blacksmiths, Catriona." Joachim admits with a small chuckle as the knight lowers his head a little. Despite the dark colors of his home made darker with mourning, there's the colorful ribbons at his upper left arm of the House Horton. "When we have need of metalwork, cogs, or otherwise, I usually contact the Lord de Shrewton." he admits.

Catriona's eyes cast off to the side a moment in thought, nodding. "That's very helpful, sir," she says, once more looking back at him. Her smile returns, more genuine. "Perhaps I'll find a member of the household in town here, that they might be of assistance in my search." She nods her head once more to him, respectfully. "I hope I may find someone to speak to, at any rate. I did not anticipate going quite so far as all that in this excursion…" She shakes her head, looking back to the man at last. "Thank you for your assistance, Sir. And for the gift of healing," she says, lifting the roll just a little to indicate what she's thanking him for.

"Aye. And if you do not, I believe that they have a new head of house that has advanced recently, perhaps send word to him of your needs?" Joachim suggests as he gathers his small bundle and bows his head politely. "I should be on my way. It was a pleasure to have been so wounded by you, Lady Catriona." he says with a chuckle as he moves to head off towards the camp to make sure that his betrothed gets her snacks.

Catriona nods her head. "It is good advice, sir, and much appreciated." She glances once more over at the stall and the keeper of it, her mind already wandering in that direction. But Joachim's comment and chuckle draw her attention back to the man and she can't help but grin. "Do take care of that delicate arm, Sir de Newton." She turns her attention then back to the shopkeep who — poor man! — has nowhere to run. "Have your Uncle come and see me at the inn before he leaves, yes?" She says with a touch of authority in her voice, and the shopkeep agrees. At least that's one less difficulty!

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