(514-09-23) Autumn Equinox Wedding
Summary: During the Autumn Equinox celebration at Cholderton, Yorrick and Enfys are married in a pagan ceremony.
Date: September 23, 514
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After the fun of the morning, and hopefully a sobered up dog, the day has turned towards afternoon and the festivities of the autumn equinox celebration. Taking a little time to freshen up, Enfys appears in a new dress that she had made recently, one that sports /his/ house colors instead of Horton's as she might normally wear. The blue and white seems to highlight her sunny blonde hair and blue eyes, along with the flowers that Morfyd used to craft into a garland to wear in her hair. Escorted out of the house by her cousin, Enfys listens to the people of the manor, and the kids that might run about excitedly, chuckling at what she hears.

While there are preparations for the Autumn festival going on, a large bonfire having been built, several children laughing and playing, there has been a small area that has been set aside for a second event that has recieved a blessing to happen at the ceremony. Yorrick finds his way over to Morfyd and Enfys, and smiles warmly at the cousin. "May I?" he asks, looking from cousin to the lovely woman that is on her arm. "You are prettier than the flowers in bloom in the spring, Enfys.." he admits, trying to be a little flirtatious with his wife to be, very very soon. "..if you want.. we can be married before the festival begins."

Yorrick checked his flirting of 8, he rolled 4.

Braelynn is moving about the gathering, checking to see that there is ale, and that the food doesn't run out. She smiles politely and bows to the right people. She wrings her hands nervously, wanting everything to go perfectly for this gathering. As she sees Yorrick and Enfys she smiles brightly and makes her way toward them. She is dressed simply today, but Cholderton Manor has been scrubbed until it shines.

Morfyd dips her head to Yorrick, "You may, yes.." Placing Enfys' hand upon his arm, the cousin steps back and chuckles, "I shall see if there's anything I can help with if you don't need me." Which they don't, of course. Giving her cousin a kiss to the cheek, Morfyd heads off a short distance away leaving the two of them mostly alone. Except for all those gathered and running about, of course!

Enfys blushes at the flirting, though she smiles, "I will wish to be married today, yes. If your cousin said we might?" Prepared either way, for marriage and/or the festival, she is excited by what the afternoon and evening may bring.

"Cousin says it's all good, she's prolly worried that we're gonna end up making out after the festival, anyway." Yorrick starts to say before he smiles, squeezing her hands. "We won't be living in Cholderton." he says quietly, a clearing of his throat. "Earl Robert was impressed with the beast I brought back last hunt.. I'll be serving him as huntsman, and we're gonna be living at the Court."

As Braelynn approaches her brother and future sister-in-law she smiles happily. She says to Yorrick. "Things seem to be going well so far!" A glance is given over her shoulder at the milling crowd. She leans in to kiss Enfy's cheek as she says, "You look lovely in Cholderton colors." Braelynn, for what it's worth, rarely wears the Cholderton colors. Blue and white on a pale redhead is not particularly becoming.

"Oh?" Enfys begins to ask, only to smile and moves in close to offer him a hug, "Congratulations to you.. well done. I know this is what you have been wanting." The fact it means that they will now live at court is not missed, "We will be given a room then there?" It was a question as to where exactly they might expected to live, be it at the castle, or a house within the city.

When joined by Braelynn, she smiles further, accepting the kiss given, "Thank you. I had it made…" She would be a HORRIBLE seamstress! "I wished something in Cholderton colors." And then she smiles, "Did you hear Yorrick's news? " Excited for her husband-to-be is she!

"We'll have a room there until we can earn a place of our own.." Yorrick says, and then greets his sister with a hug. "Well, look at you. Slap some powder on a pig and she cleans right up." he teases Braelynn, an affectionate squeeze given before releasing her. "Looks like we got a nice turnout today. I think they're more here for the dancing and the mead than for our little marriage, though." he points out as he continues to loosely hold onto Enfys' hand to remind her that she's near. "We should get on with it before the sun starts to set, cause that's when the festival begins."

Braelynn tilts her head and moves to follow them as she says, "What good news, Yorrick? Did you finally get rid of the fleas? That's marvelous, and just in time for your wedding!" She gives him a playful wink, and returns his hug. She does seem to be in a pleasant mood today, and some of the weight she lost in Ebble and after her return is being replaced. Her cheeks are a little fuller, and her collarbones are not quite so pronounced.

"I… look forwards to finding a place of our own, when such can be arranged." Enfys answers Yorrick, though will admittingly confess to being excited about living in the castle itself for however long that might be. Tucking her arm through his as they start to walk together, she chuckles at Braelynn's tease to her brother, and while she miht be tempted to tell of Yorrick's good news, she keeps quiet, allowing him to speak upon it.

"I sent them all to you for yer wedding day, sis." Yorrick responds, reaching to give his sister an affectionate ruffle of her curls. Then he pauses. "We.. Enfys and I.. we're going to be moving to Sarum, sis. Earl Robert chose me to one of the Huntsman." he explains quietly. "I'll be needed at the castle to start preparing the harvest as soon as possible - so we're marrying here, and then in the morning, we're gonna be off for Sarum." They're not going to waste a marriage night on the road, after all.

As they walk, there's a small circle set up for the couple, as a priestess waits for the pair. "Sir Yorrick, Lady Enfys." she greets them both. "Please step forth so that we may join and fast your hands before the Gods and Goddesses in wedded bliss."

Braelynn settles into the circle of people gathered, to watch the wedding of her brother. She clasps her hands in front of her and behaves exactly as a proper pagan lady should. She gives her brother a smile, and glances at Enfys to give her one as well, but then seems to remember she can't be seen, so she turns her eyes to the priestess to watch the ceremony.

Surely there's been a runner back to Sarum to allow her family to know that they will go ahead and seal the betrothal with marriage while she's here, so they aren't /too/ surprised when she returns married. "I will need to make a trip back home to Horton to pack my things to bring to Sarum.. I could travel back with my family once the tourney is done.." Already thinking ahead is she.

As they approach the area marked off by the priestess who speaks up, she takes a deep breath and then nods once, her hand clasping his tightly for a moment, allowing him to guide her forwards into place. Also to note, the broach he'd given to her earlier is worn upon her left shoulder of her dress!

"Trips and sidetrips and all.." Yorrick laughs, though he quiets down as he steps into the circle with Enfys. As he does so, the woman steps forward, reaching to take both of their hands. As she does so, she takes out a blue and white ribbon of the house colors to start to bind their hands together, and as she does so, she starts to speak.

"In times past it was believed that the human soul shared characteristics with all things divine. It is this belief which assigned virtues to the cardinal directions; East, South, West and North. It is in this tradition that a blessing is offered in support of this ceremony."

She folds the ribbon from left to right on the pair's hands, "Blessed be this union with the gifts of the East. Communication of the heart, mind, and body. Fresh beginnings with the rising of each Sun. The knowledge of the growth found in the sharing of silences."

Then she moves to place the ribbon between and benath their hands, as she continues, "Blessed be this union with the gifts of the South. Warmth of hearth and home. The heat of the heart's passion. The light created by both to illuminate the darkest of times."

She then wraps from right to left, "Blessed be this union with the gifts of the West. The deep commitments of the lake. The swift excitement of the river. The refreshing cleansing of the rain. The all encompassing passion of the sea."

Finally she wraps above and between their hands to bind them together. "Blessed be this union with the gifts of the North. Firm foundation on which to build. Fertility of the fields and womb to enrich your lives. A stable home to which you may always return."

She settles her hands over both of theirs, looking upon the young couple with affection. And she concludes with, "Each of these blessings emphasizes those things which will help you build a happy and successful union. Yet they are only tools. Tools which you must use together in order to create what you seek in this union."

With that, she releases their hands. "Sir Yorrick de Cholderton, please face your bride and speak your vow."

The redhead Huntsman nods his head and turns so that he may join his other hand to hers. And while she may not be able to see, he meets her eyes with his own.

"I pledge my love to you, and everything that I own.
I promise you the first bite of my meat and the first sip from by cup.
I pledge that your name will aways be the name I cry aloud in the dead of night.
I promise to honor you above all others.
Our love is never-ending, and we will remain, forevermore, equals in our marriage.
This is my wedding vow to you."

And with that, the priestess turns to Enfys. "You may speak your vow to Yorrick." she prompts gently.

Enfys' hand is held by he, and as the priestess begins to wrap their held hands by the handfasting chords, the look upon her face is one of quiet thoughtfulness. She listens, likely taking the words to heart, to remember them so she might later describe the ceremony to her sister. And then it's time to turn a little, to better face Yorrick, and a smile touches her lips as he repeats his vows to her. Nevermind the slight shine to her eyes that come at them. When urged to repeat her vows, she nods and takes a deep breath, soon to speak up, voice trembling with emotions.

"I, Enfys de Horton, in the name of the spirit of God that resides within us all, by the life that courses within my blood, and the love that resides within my heart, take thee, Yorrick de Cholderton, to my hand, my heart, and my spirit to be my chosen one. To desire and be desired by thee, to possess thee, and be possessed by thee, without sin or shame, for naught can exist in the purity of my love for thee. I promise to love thee wholly and completely without restraint, in sickness and in health, in plenty and in poverty, in life and beyond, where we shall meet, remember, and love again. I shall not seek to change thee in any way. I shall respect thee, thy beliefs, thy people, and thy ways as I respect myself. "

When she ends, she offers him a smile and a squeeze of her hand to his beneath the binding of the chords wrapped about them.

Braelynn is standing unobtrustively in the circle of people watching the small wedding that has been added to the evening's festivities. Braelynn watches her brother and Enfys with a smile, and her eyes shine with tears that she does not shed. She reaches her right hand up to swipe gently at her eyes, wiping away the wetness, though it is obvious that they are happy tears.

"With their hands fasted in these knots, let them never be broken and unbound. May your cup never be as full as your heart, may your hearth never be warmer than your love. May you know the voice of your children's children." Knowing Enfys' condition, the priestess adjusts from saying 'see' in that paticular line. "May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, and may you both know nothing by happiness from this day forth. Welcome to the famile, Lady Enfys de Cholderton. Yorrick, you may take your bride."

And with that, Yorrick grins, untangling his unbound hand. "With pleasure!" he says, - yeah, he's that excited and energetic as he lays a lingering kiss on his newly annointed wife.

It would seem that part of the autumn festivities this even on Cholderton lands is the marriage of Yorrick and Enfys. The priestess finishes with the ceremony, their hands currently bound in blue and white chords as they face one another after speaking their personal vows to one another. As the priestess announces them man and wife, and with Yorrick's enthusiastic agreement, Enfys finds herself kissed rather soundly by her new husband before those gathered to give witness to their marriage. Leaning in close to him, she returns his kiss with obvious desire for he, something that surely bodes well for their marriage!

With a sigh and quiet sniffle, Morfyd watches the wedding, the cousin quite happy to see Enfys married.

Standing in an awkward silence is poor Padrig, flanked on one side by his future wife-to-be and on the other by his quiet and demure cousin by marriage. He watches the ceremony with a sort of flat, bland expression, doing his utmost to avoid looking at Braelynn lest she be crying; tears would make it even more difficult for the young Laverstock to stay in place. He glances, instead, to Eirian and raises an eyebrow in silent inquiry before looking back to the wedded couple just in time to see them kiss. Oh, damn it! He scuffs the ground sheepishly and tilts his gaze up toward the sky - likely the safest place for him to look at the moment.

"Alright, alright, you all gawping at me and Enfys. Come on, there's a whole equinox to celebrate." Yorrick says, using his free hand to start to shoo away the circle even as there is cheers of celebration and congratulation. "As for you, my captured Imp.." he teases Enfys and tugs on their bound hands. "I'm not letting you out of my sight for the rest of the evening." With that, he goes to grab his sister up and gives Braelynn an affectionate squeeze before he lays eyes on Padrig, and one red brow shoots up. "Yer next!" he hollars at him, pointing to Brae. "She gonna shrivel up and become an old maid you don't settle and start plowing her fields proper soon!"

Hugging Yorrick once the first kiss of a married couple is given between them, Enfys laughs softly at his words, "Neither will I…" Yes, she made a joke there, seeing as the girl is blind! She's still laughing as he draws her over to where her cousin and his sister stands, their hands still bound by the handfasting chords. Morfyd gives her a hug while Yorrick offers his sister one, and then when he speaks up to Padrig, she turns to perhaps listen, a clue given to whom he may be talking to when he mentions the upcoming marriage of his sister. "Thank you for coming.."

Flanked by two silent women and with his attention directed away from the ceremony, Padrig is taken by surprise by the sudden movement to his left as Yorrick sweeps his sister up into a hug. It causes the Laverstock to jump a bit, and he stares wide-eyed as the man turns to him and—well. Clearing his throat politely, Padrig rubs his hands together briefly before offering Yorrick and Enfys a polite bob of his head. "Ah..congratulations on your marriage, good sir. My lady." Paddy doesn't blush, but he does cast the Cholderton man a queer look before tilting his head toward Braelynn to address her. "You have quite the courteous and welcoming family, Lady Braelynn."

Myfanwy breaks her silence by lightly applauding the finalisation of the union. She has maintained a polite quiet presence throughout the ceremony but now steps forward to congratulate the happy couple. "I always said that the only way cousin Yorrick would find a beautiful bride was if she was blind" she teases the couple, "He is definitely the lucky one. My best wishes to you both and I hope that you marriage is as happy, fruitful and long as the King's own." She playfully narrows her eyes at Yorrick. "Treat her well, cousin, or you shall have to answer to me." A warm smile and a bow before she steps back to allow others to give their congratulations.

Braelynn gives her brother a warm hug, and shakes her head. She glances at Padrig. She is blushing, and mightily so, at that. "Forgive him. He's had so many flea bites that it's caused damage to his head. We just nod politely and pat him on the head when he starts to talk crazy." She stands on her tiptoes to pat him on the head, just to demonstrate. She grins at Enfys, even if she can't be seen and says to her, "My condolences, Enfys, but welcome to the family!" She rests a hand on Myfanwy's arm and gives her a warm smile, "I'm glad you could make it for the celebration, Myfanwy!"

The quiet presence of the Laverstock accompaniment to Padrig witnesses the events calmly, her fingers laced lightly together against the curve of her waist. As a blithe representative of all that's summery and hopeful, she leans in with a smile coloured in mirth. "A good omen for the coming of autumn, do you not think?" Eirian asks, the shiver of laughter present in her words. She opens her hands in a greeting to Myfanwy across the way, the gesture causing her bliaut to ripple and pull. "Fortune and fertility to the couple, and joy on those already wed."

"Where do you think we got all the freckles from, after all." Yorrick drags his sister right back into it before he sticks his tongue out at Myfanwy. "You tore yourself away from Falt to come give yer blessings. I feel all warm inside." he says, as he makes with introductions. "That's another of my cousins, Myfanwy - the man is Brae's husband to be. Poor fool don't know that he gonna go blind when he sees her pale skin." he says with a sighm, and grins at Eirian. "Lady Eirian. Thank you for the blessings, but when you and Elrick gonna be announcing yer own little bump?" There's a smirk with the question as he holds his wife's hand in his own as he shakes his head. "We'll make our leave soon enough to handle the wedding night, but for now, let's have some celebration. We have fresh mead, good ale and plenty of blessings to celebrate."

So many for Enfys to acknowledge, the congratulations and well-wishes received with happiness and smiles from the blond who's musicial vocal tones rise and fall in enchanting ways. "Thank you.. I'm glad to be part of the family." Still tucked close to Yorrick's side by their bound hands, and yet it's obvious she is happy to be right there. Her cheeks bloom with a delicate rose color at certain comments, though laughter is given easily in time. To each person who speaks to her, she makes note of their voice so she might know it later, connecting it with a name that's given. "Oh, do not worry… my brothers have already told him if he does not do well by me, they will have a talk with him." That little bit of information is given to Myfanwy with a teasting smile that curls at her lips.

Braelynn approaches Eirian and gives her a warm smile. "It's lovely to see you here, Lady Eirian. It's been quite some time." Her voice does turn a little somber and the smile falters for just a moment as she is reminded of something past. "I've wondered how you were. Congratulations on your marriage. Sir Elrick was so devoted to you the one time I met him, I have to admit I wasn't the least bit surprised to hear of it."

"One does not like to miss miracles" Myfanwy smiles to Braelynn. "And if Yorrick getting married to a lovely lady does not count as a miracle then I do not know what does." A smile for Enfys. "Your brothers can talk to him all they like. I will just hit him repeatedly until he comes to his senses…and, from experience, that may take a while." A nod goodby to Padrig before Myfanwy offers Eirian and Myfanwy a curious, though pleasant, smirk. "Ah…the Matchmaker Extraordinaire, are you involved in this?" She takes Eirian's offered hands before placing a greeting kiss on each of the other woman's cheeks. "Do you ever stop?" she teases before releasing her and nodding to Yorrick's words. "Revels. I enjoy revels. Let's revel."

Introductions offered, Enfys nods and speaks quietly with each, laughing still at the banter that comes from her husband. While her blue-eyed gaze does travel to 'look' at each one as they talk, her gaze is off a little, speaking further of her blindness. "So far, he's been good to me, so no hitting is needed thus far, I promise." Assurances given to Myfanwy, though curiously might she look in Eirian's general direction upon hearing the various comments, especially those given by her husband. "It would seem congratulations are to be offered to you as well, Lady Eirian." For her own marriage, and the child to come.

"You know, you all keep treating her like she's some wounded pup that can't take care of her own affairs, I'm gonna start to think that you don't have any respect for my bride." Yorrick says with a fond smirk. "Trust me, she done gave my ear a good yank once - almost as hard as the one Gwynn gave me when I came into the world. Don't worry, she can keep me in line, even with my terrible singing."

Braelynn smiles and says simply, "Good job, Enfys. I suggest you do that least once daily. Just to keep him in line." With that, Braelynn is off to check on the ale, and food, and entertainment, and anything else that needs checking on. This party must go off without a hitch, after all.

"I have great respect for your bride, Yorrick. She has taken on a challenge beyond the ken of mortals…how could I not respect her?" Myfanwy takes Enfys's hands in hers. "Welcome to the family. You are more than welcome. If you need anything from any of us then you need only ask. But for now I shall go help Braelynn with the food and you two deserve some time to yourselves. To let it all sink in." THen she heads off to check on Braelynn.

As Myfanwy approaches she can hear Braelynn calling after a servant, "Make sure the fruits remain filled! We don't want to run out!" Then she turns, nearly bowling over her cousin in the process. She laughs and slides her arms around Myfanwy's waist and gives her a hug. "Myfanwy… I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have you back at Cholderton." She teases as she pulls from the hug, "Though I'm afraid now that Yorrick and Enfys are going to be staying in Sarum and myself and Arta are both to be married the halls of Cholderton manor will be awfully quiet for a time."

Enfys chuckles softly, and once Myfanwy takes her hand, she turns to the woman, listening to her words, "I thank you. And I count myself lucky, truly.. I look forwards to the future, more now than ever before." Happy is the bride! "And I look forwards to the celebration to come…" Raised British Christian, this autumn equinox celebration will be observed with some curiosity by she!

"Cholderton will survive" Myfanwy assures her cousin. "We will visit it regularly and there is always some cousin that comes out of the woodwork that we have all forgotten about. And once Enfys and Yorrick have their brood, what better place than to raise them than Cholderton? Though why anyone would want to live in Sarum…" A shrug at such a decision before she glances around. "Have you finished yelling at the servants?"

"Because I've taken on the position of Earl's huntsman, Myfanwy." Yorrick responds. "Yeah, it's the city.. and ugh.." he makes a face at the idea of the cramped conditions. "..but I get to run in the woods as often as I want." he comments as he shrugs his shoulders. "It's good work, good pay.. and I'll be able to provide for the family we're gonna make."

In the meantime, as the bonfire is made, ignited, and there comes gentle prayers as offerings are made to the feast, the autumnal festival going into full swing as the day gives it's way to darkness.

"I have, for the moment." She gives Myfanwy a lopsided grin. "Cholderton will always survive, and flourish at that." She lets one arm rest around her cousin's waist as she tells Yorrick, "I don't know if I've told you, but I have a position at court as well. Though mine doesn't require such daily attentions."

"It's a good position. I know you will be happy with it." Enfys says aside to Yorrick as he explains why the two will be in Sarum. "I will see about providing occasional entertainment for the court there as well.." This excites her to a degree, though the nearby prayers and merriment does draw her attention, a quiet question given to Yorrick to explain perhaps what is going on.

"The Earl's Huntsman? Congratulations, Yorrick. We Choldertons do like to hunt" Myfanwy smiles, "You should see how many hunting lodges I have had built on the Falt estate recently." She turns to look at Braelynn, a curious expression on her face. "What position? You probably told me but…no harm in telling me again. And when you do marry at least you will not be too far away. We will be neighbours."

"What position is that?" Yorrick asks curiously. "I'm sure Enfys will enjoy visits from her sister by marriage." he says as he leans in to explain things to Enfys, a little smile playing on his lips on occassion as he explains a little further about her cousin currently dancing around in the arms of some knight from the house guard, and chuckles softly as he looks to Myfanwy. "If we ever visit Falt, I will make sure to see how a hunt goes there, my dear cousin."

Braelynn checked her honest of 16, she rolled 3.
Braelynn checked her deceitful of 4, she rolled 9.

Braelynn answers her brother, "I'm sort of a.. scribe in training. Earl Robert wants me to study the laws of King Arthur's court." She glances at Myfanwy and grins as she says, "I'd love to go on a hunt with you some time, Myfanwy." She shoots her cousin a glance, and tries to smile innocently, but it instead comes across as a little sheepish. She stammers as she says, "Maybe you could teach me to use a bow. I so want to learn."

"Of course I can teach you, Braelynn. A lady should be able to protect herself" Myfanwy smiles to her sheepish cousin. "I think you would be an excellent archer. You have very steady hands." She looks to the newly married couple. "Braelynn healed me after that skirmish against the Dorsetmen. I was soundly trounced I am embarrassed to say."

Listening to the group discuss the joy of hunting, one might actually catch a note of longing on Enfys' face. It does sound like fun, but something she wouldn't be able to do herself. Turning to listen to the nearby celebrations, she thanks Yorrick for the explanations given, smiling further when mention of her cousin dancing with the knight is made, "I am glad to hear that Morfyd is having a good time. She… she has not had a chance to do so before, not taking on responsibility of me." Truthful are her words given.

Yorrick gives Enfys' hand a tight squeeze. "You shoot a bow? Probably shoot an arrow in your foot!" the knight says in a laugh to Braelynn wanting to use a bow as he notices Myfanwy leaving. "Merry met, cousin, don't be a stranger!" With things starting to wind down from the festival, Yorrick wanders one more time to his sister. "I do love you, Brae.. and I hope you the best.. you are welcome to stay with us anytime you're in Sarum." he says as he looks to Enfys. "Should we take our leave, wife?" The first time he's used that word with her.

Braelynn smiles and leans up to kiss her brother on the cheek, and then Enfys. She says quietly to them. "As much as I tease my brother. I love him very much. I'm grateful that at least one of us was able to marry for love. You are the lucky ones. Never forget that." She then steps back and says, "Now go enjoy your wedding night! I'll wrap things up here."

Ah, yes, the blush returns when mention of escaping comes up! Enfys wishes Myfanwy a good even, then tilts her head to accept the kiss to her cheek from Braelynn. The clasp of her hand to Yorrick tightens as she nods her head once, "I know we're lucky, but… perhaps you will as well? In time?" She's aware that not everyone is so lucky, especially in arranged marriages. "Thank you again, Braelynn. I look forwards to speaking with you further again, and as Yorrick said, you'd always be welcome to stay with us in Sarum, if you wish." And then, she nods to her husband, the smile turning tender and just a touch shy, "Yes, husband.. lead the way?"

"I love you too, Braelynn. You just make sure we don't miss it when you finally hogtie Pigrig and make him proper." Yorrick says, returning his sister's affection, before lacing his fingers with Enfys'. "Always." he promises her quietly before leading her away from the celebration so that they make merry in the way only wedded couples (and most pagan commoners) may.

Braelynn calls after Yorrick as he walks away, "I'm in no hurry you know! Let's not rush him!" Then she turns and begins dealing with servants again.

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