(514-09-21) Sisterly Talks
Summary: Enfys and Lydia have a moment to talk of their forthcoming nuptials.
Date: September 21, 514
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It's evening. The sisters, having received their individual permissions to marry and Lydia, at least, having accepted her beau, are now sitting just outside the tent as dusk is dying, the light of the fire casting their faces in a glow. It's too dark to read now, so Lydia has a little basket in her lap, plucking up the contents and nibbling at them absently, her thoughts a mile away.

Enfys returns from a walk with Morfyd down near the river, the two cousins talking a bit as they arrive back to the family's tents. A quiet mention that her sister sits by the fire has Enfys asking to be guided in that direction, to be left there by Morfyd who heads on inside. "Good eve to you, sister.." The younger offers, unseeing eyes looking to the fire, feeling the warmth upon her face. She seems happy, though still a bit surprised by the recent turn of events.

"Evening, dearest." Lydia replies. "I've got sweet rolls from Joachim, if you'd like one. Come sit, and - you'll never guess who I saw today."

Scooting closer, especially after mention of the rolls comes up, Enfys ohs, "I would love one, thank you!" One of her favorites as well. "I am glad to know you are happy with him, sister." She says quietly, then tilts her head, "Who?" She wonders without trying to guess.

"Do you remember Garannon de Willcott? I used to run about with him all the time when we were little." Lydia reaches out and patpatpats the seat next to her so Enfys will know where it is. "He's a priest now, working for the Bishop of Sarum. I saw him today at the Cathedral. I'm hoping he'll perform the rites for Joachim and I."

Enfys slowly nods her head, "I remember him, yes. He is Eirlys' brother, correct?" Making sure she's got that right in her head. "You wrote him often, didn't you?" When offered a sweet roll, she takes it carefully in hand to pluck pieces from to nibble upon, "He's here?" Surprise shows upon her face then, a smile to appear upon her lips, "That's wonderful!" Speaking of marriages, she hmms, "I am.. uncertain as to what sort of rites we will have. I must ask of Yorrick to see if he would consider having a priest bless our marriage, beyond the priest and priestess." A very odd arrangement, yes. Of course, this leads to her worrying her bottom lip in thought a little.

"Really? What did he say?" Lydia asks as she depots a roll in her sister's lap once she's seated. "It's his right as husband to dictate the manner in which you wed, and what faith you shall follow, but I hope he cares for you enough to consider your preferences."

"He does. He has made no pressure on me at all in that way." Enfys assures her sister, thanking her quietly for the roll. "I have told him I wish to learn more about his religion though, and the beliefs he and his family follow. If I move to Cholderton, then I should at least try to understand such things, right?" She wonders of her sister, though falls quiet for a moment to chew a bite of roll, "He has invited me to Cholderton for the upcoming Autumn Festival. He's been telling me a little about what is done, and the beliefs.. " She seems fairly intrigued by it all.

"We lived next to the Woodboroughs for years, Enfys. Did you learn nothing of their practices in all this time?" Lydia seems surprised, but adds, "Have you not decided then, whether you'll live married at Horton or at Cholderton?"

"I learned a little, but.. not all believe the very same. Look at us, and Joachim's family. The differences that lie between British and Roman Christians." Enfys points out quietly before she answers, "There is a chance we may live here in Sarum, truth be told. He is hoping to become one of the Early's huntsmen, and if so, then remain here.." Which will be quite a difference from quiet Horton!

"You'd be closer to me, if so. So if it distresses Mother, we can tell her that." Lydia says assuringly. "The differences between Christian worship are in the details. Pagans are a whole 'nother cup, aye? But I promise you, I will not allow Joachim or anyone in Newton to make you or your husband unwelcome should you care to visit."

"Would you.. be upset.. if I followed his way of beliefs?" Enfys wonders then, uncertain, however. "I do not know if I would or not.." She's indesicive right now, looking at it." A soft smile is given, "Thank you. I know Mother will worry no matter what is decided in the end. I think if it was up to her, she would keep me back home at Horton, and hope that I would just marry some low knight who would be happy to make his home at Horton." But that's not the way things have fallen. "I have had the chance to meet his sister a few times, and she is most interesting. She's a healer, and has been working with many who were harmed during the fires here in Sarum."

Lydia's expression turns confused, and though Enfys can't see it, she can hear it in Lydia's tone. "Whyever would it bother me? You follow the faith of your husband. Your husband is pagan. It's the way of things, and besides, we pray to Mary, don't we? Don't tell my new Roman Christian family, but I think it's not so far from worshipping the pagan Mother."

When Lydia gives that opinion, Enfys' own confusion about such things, seems to fade away, "You… are right. Especially not the way that Yorrick has described the Mother to me." Cue a hint of relief, though she says simply, "He allows me to keep my faith, if that is what I wish to do, sister. He makes no demends on me to change my beliefs, merely to understand his, if I would." An understanding husband is the pagan. "I have found it strange at times, how… he shows his affection from time to time." Chaste is she, so his occasional episodes of PDA seem to catch her offguard. "I have not the experience at flirting or the like.. "

"If he respects you, he'll respect the limitations you impose until your nuptials." Lydia tells Enfys firmly. "But I have observed that pagans feel more free to express their affections. Tell him if makes you uncomfortable. He may not realize it."

"Oh, he realizes it. and he's not pushing me!" Enfys is quick to say, to assure Lydia that the young man is not taking advantage of her in any way. "I feel.. bad.. when my first thought is to pull away? When all he wishes to do is hug me, or hold me close?" It's been worrying her to some degree. "I truly like him, and I'm afraid I will hurt his feelings. I know I've done it, confused him. " Another sigh is given, the sweet roll going uneaten for now.

Lydia sniffs. "He's a man." Lydia says dismissively. "He must be considerate of your feelings in this matter, not the other way around. You should not do anything that makes you uncomfortable until he is ready to secure his rights as your husband." Her tone lowers confidentially, "And Mother's spoken about that in as much as she can."

Enfys listens, considering her sister's words, then slowly nods her head, "I guess I really needed to just talk to someone?" Again, the wry smile touches her lips. "He is a good man. And he cares for me… We talk about a lot of things down near the river." They even have a special place! Awww. He's been known to come by the family's tents to take her into Sarum, leaving Morfyd to do whatever she wants in the meantime. The cousin might well get a chacne to find her own husband here at the tourney!

"And of course you might come to me any time." Lydia says immediately. "In fact, come sit here in front of me, and I shall braid your hair." Lydia enjoys having her own hair tended to, and it's something of a comforting and intimate gesture. "Tell me more about him." she urges. "I don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting him yet."

With the offer, Enfys sets her sweet roll aside, and moves till she might sit before her sister. "He is.. humorous. He likes to tell tales. He cannot sing.." Which she finds amusing. "He is quick to offer me help, and yet knows as well that there are things I can do myself. He asks before assuming I can or cannot do something?" Which is quite important to her. "He is trained as a knight, but prefers hunting. He has a cute puppy named Biscuit that he brings out sometimes, to continue his training." Yes, she might say she only likes the young knight, but it might be obvious that she cares a great deal already for the man to be her husband. "His sister is nice, what little I've gotten to talk to her. She is often so busy with her healing. She's betrothed as well."

"Has he let you know the shape of his face?" inquires Lydia curiously, running her fingers carefully through Enfys' hair to untangle it.

"He has, yes. Even before… things got serious. " Enfys answers with a slight nod of her head that is stopped when it pulls her hair against the work that Lydia does. "He was curious how it happened, and asked me politely, not wishing to upset me, how it happened." Unlike some people have in the past. "He describes things to me… he has a way with words." Which is important to her.

"Things got serious as in what, exactly? As in the betrothal?" Lydia's voice is touched with concern. "You said he has not been inappropriate."

"Yes, the betrothal." Enfys quickly answers, turning her head just a little to offer her sister her profile as she states quietly, "He has never been inappropriate with me. He honors my views on such things. He wishes to wait till our wedding night as well.." Happy is she. "Before, he was a friend? That is how it started. Someone easy to talk with. Then, it became more.. and I was extremely glad to hear of the papers that made it all the better for us to get married." She's rambling a little.

"The papers?" And once more Lydia is confused.

Enfys nods once, "The papers that Branoc found outlining the alliance wished between our House and Cholderton?" That the elder brother was about to ask her if she would be willing to agree too. Lucky for her, the man she was interested in, was a Cholderton!

"Ah! Well, yes. But to be fair, I think if you'd find a good husband of any stripe, Mother would surely have advocated for you." Genty, Lydia begins to braid Enfys' hair.

Holding her head still as Lyida begins to braid her hair, Enfys murmurs, "I know she would have. I'm glad that it all worked out in the end. " She is quiet, then wonders, "And you? Are you happy with Joachim? Will you be glad to go to Newton? "

"I am." Lydia's tone is blissful. "Joachim is…kind, and determined, and clever, and so handsome, Enfys. I should beg him to let you see him so you knows. I am fair certain our children are going to be beautiful." Her tone is positively impish.

Listening to her sister's tone, Enfys cannot help but laugh softly, "Someone seems to care a great deal about their betrothed.." A tease offered, though with the promise to be allowed to 'see' Joachim, she ohs, "If he would not think it odd, I would be happy to get an idea of what he looks like." Still, she laughs, "And how many of these chidren do you hope to have?"

"Well, as many as the Lord pleases to give me, I should think." Oh, just wait until the first time she goes into labor. "And you?"

"Likewise. I think Yorrick wouldn't mind alarge family. There was only he, an older brother and his sister." Was, that is. "It's just he and his sister now. They buried their brother just recently. He was killed at.." Input the right skirmish or the like the player can't remember right offhand!

Scene fades

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