(514-09-21) On Happiness
Summary: Joachim speaks with Garannon - about an impending baptism and a wedding.
Date: September 21st, 514
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While Lydia and Joachim are staying at totally different camps while at the tournament to maintain the properness of their relationship and invite no impure thoughts on their reasonings for betrothal, there is a standing morning ritual at meeting for the Cony for breakfast before heading out on the day. However, Joachim is early for this meeting today because he has set up a second meeting. Lydia asked him for a favor about her choice to baptize her and marry the pair, and it has stirred the stout heir's curiosities. A missive sent by his page and an invitation to Garannon to meet with him at the table to discuss plans and ideals over bread should be polite enough, as Joachim is already seated, enjoying a hearty meal of smoked meats, eggs, and bread.

It seems the page was lucky to encounter Father Garannon at the Cathedral of Blessed Mary, even at the early hour; because indeed, it does not take long and the priest arrives, on foot, clad in the black robe of his profession, the prayer beads with the wooden cross being another accessory which will mark him as a man of the faith. He is shown to the table by the same page who brought him here, and so Garannon approaches, inclining his head respectfully to the knight of Newton Manor, before he addresses the man. "Sir Joachim de Newton. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. You've sent for me…?" Statement as well as half-question, as Garannon straightens, his blue eyes studying the man with unobtrusive curiosity. Garannon is rather young for a priest, probably having entered into priesthood recently. Dark brown hair, cropped moderately short frames a face with a bit of beard growth apparent about the chin and the mouth.

"Father Garannon." As a man of the faith, Joachim rises immediately and offers a polite kneel for the priest's blessings. "It has been a rare time since I have had to summon a man of the Faith for good fortune." It has presently been for a death in the family, and the re-blessing of the mill after the Water Leaper took residence in it's mill pond. "You have come with the highest regards to perform a baptismal and union between myself and Lady Lydia de Horton, and I had hoped to speak on it." he says as he gestures to the table. "Please, will you joining me in breaking fast so we may talk? I know little about you, to be honest - Newton's own priest has been with us for over a decade, so the request rose curiosity."

"May God watch over you, my son," Garannon intones with the required solemnity, placing his hand gently upon Joachim's head. The remark of the Newton earns him a glance. "Ah… yes, I understand. But in this case, the occasion calling for such is definitely a joyous one." The priest smiles, when Joachim confirms this with his next words, his gaze lowering momentarily to his hands that fold before him. "Ly… I mean, Lady Lydia has mentioned as much." The invitation to join him at the table is accepted with a nod and so Garannon lowers himself onto a vacant seat. "Lady Lydia and I know each other from our childhood. And I've been actually in Wilton, till recently." Which might explain why Joachim may not have seen him in Sarum. "When Bishop Gerard de Sarum was so kind as to accept me into his service." All of this information is offered in a calm and courteous tone, the smile he has for the Newton polite, and his gaze emanating that calm serenity of a man of the faith.

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"It makes more sense now. I had wondered how Lydia would be familiar with one of the faith." Joachim says as he retakes his seat at the table, reaching underneath his dark tabard to touch the cross there. "It has been a long time since our home priest performed the ceremony of baptismal for conversion of faith. Newborns are usually his stock and trade." he admits with a small chuckle. "Have you completed a conversion baptismal before? Normally, I would not be as concerned, but as you only marry once in your life and as Heir of the House now, I must make sure that all goes well. My father has approved the union, but he will be watching like a hawk upon anything to pounce upon. Further - once the baptismal is complete, would you be willing to move directly into the ceremony? As it is near Harvest, Lydia will need time to adjust to her new home and duties and I would like her to get on it as soon as possible."

"I was born at Willcott Manor," Garannon explains further. "Willcott and Horton are neighbours, so…" Words trail off, his blue-eyed gaze lingering on the Newton heir. "That was before I was sent away.", he adds then, shifting his attention briefly to the breakfast laid out on the table. He may be a priest, but you cannot live on faith alone! A bit of smoked ham finds its way onto his plate, then bread and an egg. A jug of ale is grabbed to pour himself some of the beverage into a mug. All of this happens with the matter-of-factness of a man who is willing to accept the many gifts of God whenever they are bestowed upon him.

"I have performed one," Garannon replies then to the question of his baptismal experience, his eyes lifting to meet Joachim's gaze. "One baptismal of a Pagan smith. As for conversion of the faith itself… No. None so far." The fact doesn't seem to trouble him however, as his lips curl in a confident smile, his eyes beaming. "For the smith, we went to the river, and both he and I stepped into the waters, where I performed the rite on him. It was an admittedly wet business." Pious amusement there, glinting in his gaze. His expression sombres somewhat, when Joachim discloses his plan of having one ceremony follow the other directly. "Hmm… In that case, we would have to go for a different approach, I think. Perhaps only sprinkling her with the holy water, instead of immersing her in it. It is… possible. But a deviation from the usual rite."

Joachim gives a firm shake of his head. "No, I'd rather not deviate. If they are to be seperate services, then they shall stay that way." it was a thought, and now that Garannon has provided a firm answer, he returns to his patience. "Ah. Childhood friends. I suppose that would make the picture rather clear. I trust in Lydia's confidence in your abilities, Father. My one stipulation is that the ceremony, both, should be done in our church in Newton. The people that she will be over should see that she is willing to accept our ways and culture." the knight says calmly, picking up some more food to eat as he ponders. "You will of course, be put up at the manor house until both ceremonies are complete, and I will make sure the church is paid generously for your services."

He taps his fingers on the table for a moment. "If I may pick the father's brain for a moment.. what was she like as a child? Lady Lydia that is. I see the calm and reserved woman that has taken root in my heart today. However, when she was in the falconry contest, I saw a spark within her, she seems rather guarded about. Has she always been such? And do you know what type of things she enjoyed in her youth? We have already conversed many a time over the game board, mind you."

Garannon inclines his head in a nod, both to Joachim's decision about sticking to the regular rite of baptism, and also to the knight's observational remark about Lydia's and his friendship. Some food finds its way to the priest's mouth, where he chews on it diligently whilst listening to the Newton's words. "That sounds acceptable," he smiles then - after swallowing, as he would not show discourtesy by talking with a full mouth.

While Garannon has maintained a rather professional air about him thus far, as would be expected from a priest, the next questions do catch him a little off guard. His gaze is lowered, and the quality of his smile shifts ever-so-slightly, showing more warmth now as he indulges in obviously fond memories. "A quiet girl, into books. And yes." He looks up, brows lifting ominously as he speaks the word. "Tafl." A slight roll of his eyes there. Confirming Joachim's last remark, with an amused glint in his eyes.

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"Yes. Tafl." There's a hint of mischeviousness.. and even a glint of adoration and love for Lydia in Joachim's eyes as he talks about her. There's little doubt that even if it may have been a partially arranged affair, the knight has it hard for the Lady of Horton. "I had thought myself decent at the game until she chased me around the board on more than one occasion and then just smiled at me afterward in victory. I'm surprised she didn't ask for me to defeat her over the board in order to properly claim her hand in marriage." he says in good humor.

"Does she have a favorite book from her childhood you may recall, Father?" he saks, getting to his question. "I would like to give her a token at the wedding - something that will remind her that she may be in Newton, but I will always respect from where she came. And that our children will grow up with her same love and curiosity that she still shows somewhat guardedly now." The heir draws in a breath, glancing down at the table. "I hope, Father, that I make her forever happy, and I will do what I can to prove that to her heart each and every day she is in my life." He may even seemed surprised by his confession. "Her heart makes me soar as the falcon she uses with such pride."

There had been mischief and adoration in the priest's eyes as well, even if in a slightly differing shade. Even so, Garannon will observe Joachim most intently when the knight lets his feelings spill. "I can see you are sincere with her," Garannon remarks then, approval and perhaps relieved concern as well showing in his expression. "The fondness with which you speak about your personal tafl battle," a faint smirk there, "and your concern to gift her with a token of meaning gives you away." The smirk dims as Garannon straightens, whilst keeping his attention on the Newton, even if he takes a good sip from his mug of ale. "For which I thank the Lord, as not every match is blessed with such promising foundation." He pauses, considering, as he sets down the mug of ale, and then leans back in his seat. "Understand that her happiness does matter to me, Sir." A half-glare there, before Garannon's expression softens into a smile. "But I can see now that my concerns were unfounded. If you still wish me to perform the rite of baptism and the ceremony that will make you and Lydia man and wife - I will happily oblige."

"It is my betrothed's will. And I want her to have her every heart's desire on her wedding day." Joachim offers. He considers for a moment. "Though you did not offer an answer to my question - you have answered many others. I would be honored to have your services at mine and Lydia's home, Father." he comments finally. "For now, however, I have some preparations to make. If you wish to speak to Lydia to inform her.. perhaps the baptismal and wedding can be on concurring days." He's eager, excited to marry the young woman. "I would not wish to keep you long from your duties here."

"Oh…" Garannon's brows furrow ever so slightly, when he realizes he did not reply to the question, and he smiles apologetically. "Forgive me…" He exhales, rolling his eyes at himself. "As for books… those are rare. Perhaps, if you could find a tome on the history of Salisbury… Or… you could delight her by visiting the library at the castle." He nods then, the smile shifting into the officious quality of a priest of the Roman Christian faith, when Joachim once again affirms his decision. "It shall be as you wish, Sir." Even so, the next has his brows lift in wonder. "I am to inform her? If that is your wish…? The only thing left is to pick two days then. But this I trust, you will have to discuss with your intended and her family."

"No.. actually, I will make sure she knows over supper tonight.. she asked me to ask you - I will make sure she knows of the decision." Joachim says as he rises to his feet, and sets down payment for the meal. "We will have dates as soon as possible to you, Father." he says as he turns to leave, however, before he does, he looks over his shoulder. "She's a good woman. And I do adore and love her deeply, Father. Surely, as a man of the cloth, that God will bless our union." he says quietly, solemnly. "Just as your happiness is in your faith, Father, my happiness is with her." Perhaps he had picked up on the subtleties of the conversation after all as he moves to depart, probably to go seek out one of those books.

The priest remains seated, for now. After all there is still some food on his plate, and it would show bad manners to let any of it go to waste. Garannon dips his head in thanks and acknowledgement of the Newton heir, still, his blue eyes will flick away from Joachim's gaze when he hears his final assessment, as he lowers his gaze studying his hands that twine above where his elbows are on the table, framing the plate. "Happiness is a fickle thing, Sir. It cannot be forced. To accept that…" He looks up, catching the gaze of Joachim for a moment. "Is to appreciate it even more."

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