(514-09-19) Future Brides of Horton
Summary: A talk between siblings about possible marriage plans ends with two sisters getting permission.
Date: September 19th, 514
Related: Any relating to courtship of Enfys and Yorrick and also Lydia and Joachim.
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It's nearing the end of the tournament - and as it is with all tournaments, there are new alliances to be forged, and thoughts of the future to come. Many Houses are preparing for the Harvest and the coming winter - there's also the undertone of the preparation for possible war with Dorset. At the tent that serves as the gathering place for the House Horton, Wilhelm is already present, and is having a talk with their House Lead, the eldest brother, Branoc.

"You did well in the horse race, brother, but I was informed by Lady Steeple Langford that you aggrevated your injuries. I know you wanted to help your house with all that happened with the Dorset action and Niclas, but no more for you, little brother. You are to return with the family to the House for the summer and we'll talk more about your ideas for a match after the spring has come."

"Branoc.." the young knight starts to protest. "I.. what happened, I just wanted to help.." he sighs, feeling a little defeated, before Branoc grasps his brother's good shoulder and squeezes.

"Winning the race was fine, but having a healthy and hale brother would be much perferable." he points out with a frown. "It has been a good tournament for us, Wilhelm, we'll handle those Dorset bastards - you have earned a rest."

"Yes'ir.." the knight offers with a sigh and a slight smile before he pulls away, agreeing to the request made of him. "I will return home with the family, then."

Lydia returns from having been out and about at the tourney. It's so rare that she gets to enjoy the offerings of Sarum, so during this visit and the tourney, she's making the most of her opportunities. There's dyed wool for weaving at a later date in her basket of colors she cannot so readily dye with available resources back home. Stepping inside the tent, she flashes a smile at her brothers before going to the storage area to deposit her basket. "Wil, the race was marvelous! You did so well." She didn't quite catch the conversation prior, and she's half-humming to herself as she paws through the wool, making pleased noises.

A clearing of a throat is perhaps heard outside the tent before Enfys can be heard requesting permission to enter. Always best to be safe than sorry, right? Even if she wouldn't see anything if she did walk in on something. That would be poor Morfyd who'd be scarred for life.

"Brothers? Do you have a moment?" The question is asked before she steps inside, Morfyd to leave her in her brother's care once she's certain that they have her. New surroundings generally means their sister needs Morfyd's help more, of course. Doesn't know where everything is!

Hearing her sister's voice as well, Enfys smiles furthe, "And merry meet to you as well, Lydia… we almost have all of us together." Which is important to her, perhaps. One might note she seems a little nervous. Oddly so. Fingers fidget together as she tries to track where each sibling is.

Branoc chuckles. "I was just saying the same, Lydia.." the oldest brother greets Lydia with an affectionate kiss to the cheek. "It was quite the remarkable recovery that he made - however, in the process, he aggreaved his injuries from Dorset while participating, so he will be accompanying us back to Horton after the tournament for the fall." he explains as his attention goes to the basket of the Lady and he notices the bright colors - but there is a lot of argent and sable in the mix. "Such dark colors, Lydia. Are you in mourning?" he asks, a hint of confusion touching his features.

Wilhelm does not sell out his sister, that's for her to discuss, but the young man may have seen a certain moment of chaste passion between the Lady and the recently advanced heir of Newton.

And when Enfys arrives, Branoc's smile widens for a moment. "I see that Wilhelm has gotten through to you, my songbird." he says with a glance towards Lady and Cousin. "You are no longer in the Boar's Beard as much as you were. I was concerned that the unsavory types would have been paying you too much mind, my dear little sister." And she in turn, is greeted with a kiss to the cheek as well.

Lydia preens at the kiss to her cheek, but notes for Enfys quietly, "Nic still hasn't returned." But Branoc is certainly here, and he's the decision maker of the lot of them. "Hmm?" She looks down at the basket, hesitating a moment. "No, I - well, not precisely. Sir Joachim's struggling with some sad news concerning his family, and I thought I might make a gift for him." Why she'd want to invest so much time and effort remains something she refrains from commenting on. Instead, she turns her attention to Enfys. "Dearest, is something troubling you?" She makes her way over to Enfys' side, briefly pressing her arm to her sister's to make her aware of her nearness, but otherwise leaving any further display of physical affection to Enfys' decision.

Enfys sighs softly when it is said that Nic has yet to return. Lips press in a slight frown of worry, but one that is soon shifted away as she listens to the other comments made, "Oh? How is he, sister? I heard his sister's first performance against a rather well known lady musician, and she won. I heard tell her next performance was against the Bard of Sarum, Marek." A note of excitement then to show in her face, "I am sorry I missed his performance…"

And then comes her brother's comment, her head to duck slighly as Enfys colors a little. "I.. yes.. I have been… trying to pay attentoin to some of the competitions that I can.." Rambling a little, she looks up as Lydia steps in close to her, a hand to lay upon her sister's arm that trembles just a little. "I have something I wish to ask?"

"Sir Joachim?" Branoc asks. "I have heard of his recent news, make sure he knows that House Horton will offer support in his time of sadness." he comments as he considers Lydia. "I would like to meet with him sometime as well, to discuss futures." After all, a heir to the house - it could be a good tie to the Horton legacy, to the older knight's tactical mind.

Wilhelm, when Niclas' missing status is brought up, ducks his head lower. Both sisters and Branoc know the youngest of them is responsible for Niclas' current state and when he looks between the others, he can only offer a faint frown, disheartened by the recent event on the front of his family.

"Don't give your heart away so easily, songbird.. there may be hope for you yet to find a match that pleases you." he comments, though Lydia it seems, is in for a setup. "You have a question? Ask. It is a good day for Horton, I would like to hear my siblings' thoughts, even if the youngest amongst us is now the most quiet."

Lydia checked her prudent of 16, she rolled 3.

Lydia doesn't seem for her part to hold Wilhelm responsible for any bit of it. As far as she's concerned, it's Dorset that should be blamed. But the best way to address it is to simply not address it at all, only gives Branoc a chiding look for forcing Wil into the spotlight. She gently pats Enfys' hand, "And how rare it is, to have the sole directive of your attention." she teases Branoc gently. "With wife and children to look to." But with regard to meeting with Newton, all she has to offer is a serene, "I would like that."

Enfys checked her honest of 10, she rolled 15.
Enfys checked her deceitful of 10, she rolled 3.

Listening quietly for a moment, Enfys frowns a little more at hearing that the Newton's have had some troubling news. Never is a good thing to learn. Caught up in trying to think of what it might be, she blinks as she is asked, only to oh quietly, "It is nothing big… " Yeah, right!! Worrying her bottom lip with her teeth, she finally asks, "Do you already have plans for a betrothal for me, brother of mine?" She comes right out and asks that.

Wilhelm makes a check for Branoc Honesty at 10, he rolled 2.

Branoc gives a slight frown towards his sister, the knight considering Lydia for a moment. "I may love my wife and children, but I will always have time for my sisters. I do hope that you will feel the same when you are so far away from us." he points out gently as Branoc gives a thin smile as he seems to have grasped Lydia's thoughts on a certain Newton heir and plans to understand the man's intentions soon to his oldest sister.

It's to the next sister his attention drifts as he considers for a moment. "Yes. As I was looking through our father's files.. there was an arrangement for one of us to be married to one of theirs. I was going to allow those of the family to decide who would want to join the family, as they are Pagan in nature." he considers for a moment. "It is with the House Cholderton. As Lydia is otherwise distracted, I was going to ask you, songbird, if you may wish to find a match within the house."

"Pagan will matter little to Enfys," Lydia observes. "She greets people as one of them already, and truly, how far from their Goddess is Jesus' Mother Mary?" There's a low chuckle. "Who is it you have in mind?" This more to Enfys than Branoc. The unspoken presumption of course, is that she does indeed have someone in mind.

Cue a moment of surprise on so many levels for Enfys. First she's being asked to fulfill an agreement with a House just about the time she's ready to ask permission for herself. And then to find out that House is Cholderton?? The blond is left momentarily mute, standing there with a hint of disbelief upon her face. "Cholderton.. you say?" She asks, daring to hope that she heard right, "Anyone.. not the heir?"

Then she blushes, quite brightly, at her sister's words, and soon stammers out, "I met a cousin.. and.. he is very nice. He dosen't care that I am blind either.. but he's not heir, or even from the main line.."

"I'd probably have a harder time with you there, that much is true, Lydia." Branoc says as he considers Enfys for a moment, the knight gets a frown of a thought as he considers the songbird of the family. "Is this something your heart wants, Enfys? Do you believe that he will cherish and hold you as your family does and keep you protected?" He's honestly worried, perhaps because of the news that the young woman did lose her heart so easily - and had to send Wilhelm after her. He wants to make sure this isn't another flight of fancy she may regret later.

Lydia turns a puzzled look at Branoc, clearly not understanding his meaning, but at his later words, she lets out a delicate sniff. "Mother would think you're being sentimental." She tells him. "If you have a match for Enfys, and the match potentially pleases her - which we all know at the end of the day is truly neither here nor there if you really felt so, Branoc - proceed with negotiation." Lydia looks between them. "The vague way in which you're both talking is creating an unecessary tension."

Wilhelm makes a check for Branoc Honesty at 10, he rolled 4.

Enfys is nodding her head even before she speaks, "His name is Sir Yorrick de Cholderton. He is a cousin to the main line. His sister is Lady Braelynn de Choldertong who is currently betrothed to Sir Padrig de Laverstock, brother to the head of the House…" She rambles a little more, "He is a knight, and is training to become Huntsman, and hopes to be taken as one of the Earl's own huntsmen. " No wonder she asked if it mattered if the groom was a cousin or had to be from the main line!

Still blushing, she smiles, "I know he would cherish and hold me, and keep me as protected as he can. But he wouldn't lock me in a tower either, or pity me…. or be disgusted by the blind woman he has to take as wife as some might be." Oh, yes, there's a curious smile upon her lips ten. "I know he hopes to talk to his cousin, and to seek you out as well, if our match would please the Houses. To see if we might wed come fall." Fidgeting a little, she adds, "You know it matters not to me that he is not the heir… orthat he cannot sing.." Amusement does appear then as she smiles at all, "He likes me for me, and I like him, and I can see us being quite happy."

And then she glances to where Lydia is, soon to speak up, "I did not wish to push for anything, until you have made your own match. You are eldest.." But she's obviously found whom she wishes to spend her life with.

"Perhaps, Lydia.. and you're right. I will open negotiation with House Cholderton - and if it is your want, sister-mine, House Newton. We could celebrate a double wedding of our houses…" Branoc seems thoughtful at that. "One Pagan, one British Christian, one Roman Christian." he chuckles, a rumbling noise from within him. "If you have both found a match; you have my blessing, my dear sisters."

"And Jesu help them if either one of them hurt you." he says with a small smirk. "Now if there is nothing else.. I should make sure that we still have a treasury after my wife has finished spoiling our children. The best of fortunes and God's blessings on you both." And with that, he turns to head out of the tent.

From where Wilhelm sits, the knight smirks at the two women. "Congratulations." And once Mari and Niclas figure it out, he'll be the forever alone one.

Lydia is thoughtful. "If he already knew of Newton, than it may be that Sir Joachim made an overture and didn't tell me." Her nose twitches. "That heartless cad." she declares, though her smile slowly grows. She then turns and gives Enfys a squeeze. "Congratulations, little sister. I'm so glad you'll have a husband that will make you happy." And given a woman's lot in this life, it could have been so much worse. Over Enfys' shoulder, she gazes at Wilhelm. "I see that look on your face. You'll be wed, Wilhelm. I guarantee it."

Enfys' joy is complete with her brother's approval, and she moves to offer him a quick hug, and a kiss to his cheek before he should leave them to find his wife and child, "Thank you! Oh.. thank you!" Happy is she, and she soon returns to her sister, to offer Lydia a hug as well for her own bit of happiness, "Sir Joachim is very nice.. I like him." Hearing the comment offered to their younger brother, she turns to face him, "You will be happy as well.. you need to simply speak to her cousin already." If she can be happy with a cousin, surely he can as well!

Wilhelm gives a little wave from his place. "You won't even have to deal with me moping this winter if you two are quick to finalize your plans!" he taunts after them, the knight giving a partially forced laugh at the idea of the two of them moping around because their weddings were pushed back to the spring.

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