(514-09-20) A Sister's Counsel
Summary: After mourning his brother's death and gaining permission to seek Lydia's hand, Joachim turns to the Cathedral for prayer and guidance and finds it with Sister Melana.
Date: 09-20-514
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There are those that come to the Cathedral during the tournament to seek blessings and prayers for a good showing or performance. Usually, Joachim would frown upon those. The devout know that blessings are not just to one for some sporting event. However, the knight is ignoring those thoughts today as he come to the Cathedral to come forth to the altar. The sable and argent he usually wears as part of House Newton is further darkened with the ribbon of mourning of the death of his older brother. Lighting a candle for Gwion, the knight turns to head to one of the pews to kneel in quiet prayer and contemplation.

Amoung the prayers and worshippers in the cathedral this day is Sister Melana. She is not praying though along with the various other people that are doing so, no. She is doing her small tasks that have been assigned to while in Sarum. One of these tasks is candle duty. Replacing them, trimming the wicks, those sorts of things. So this is what she does, quietly and efficiently so as not to disturb those who are seeking counsel with the Lord.

Joachim notices the sister at work, and as she approaches the one he recently lit, he knows that he may trust in the sister, but for him, that flame is what represents his brother currently. "Take care, sister." he manages in a quiet, if deep voice, the knight requestion of the nun as he lifts his head to look towards her with green eyes. "I am hoping for counsel." he confesses quietly. "I have found myself in a situation I was naught prepared for."

Sister Melana is doing her best not to disturb the candles already lit…or catch her sleeves on fire. Both would be bad. So far, so good. The quiet voice has her pulling her attention away from the task at hand to the Knight. Giving a polite courtsy she nods her head "Of course my lord." she replies gripping the box of candle a bit tighter "That is usually the way of it. God does not give us any more than he thinks we can shoulder."

"I find myself in a position of anger, Sister." Joachim says as he rises from his kneel. "Will you please join me to help guide my way.." he gestures to the candles and there's a small smile. "You have brought the illumination, after all." he offers with a thoughtful pause. "My manners forsake me in my grief.. I am Sir Joachim de Newton, Sister. I am a devoutee of the faith."

Melana draws closer so their conversation can remain quiet and undisturbing to others "What troubles you so?" there is curiousty there, but mostly concern for the stranger. At his introduction she gives another respectful bob of head "Sister Melana my lord. It is a pleasure to meet someone who shares the faith.

"Our family has had their faith tested, Sister." Joachim says as he lowers his voice in return for her close distance. "My older brother, the presumptive heir, was captured in battle in Dorset and summarily executed, without offer of ransom or recompunance." the knight explains quietly. "My father is in anguish at the loss, and I find myself advanced as Lord-heir. I am not prepared for this. I had just scarecly begun to understand the workings of the House as I concentrated my studies on the Knighthood." he admits quietly. "And with our House already on suspicion because of our tight ties to the faith… I find myself at the crossroads. Do I continue to advance the old ways and keep our House closed to the world.. or do I allow, as my involved has suggested, allow others to see us as we are." Newton is notorious for being a closed society - while generous to a fault, they are also deeply isolated, even with their position on the road between Sarum and Wilton.

The sister listens quietly, her countenance growing grim with the telling of the hardships of his family. "I am sorry for your loss. For your father to loose his heir and you your brother, there is no ache like it." her words are sincere. "That is no easy decision. Isolation causes stagnation, and to stagnate means to not grow either are a House or in ones faith. What has isolating your House done for you in the past?

"I was not sure of what it had done except to protect us from the world, until I stepped outside Newton's walls myself." Joachim admits as he considers the sister and folds his hands in front of him, fingers twining in thought. "As I have travelled the county and country, I have seen there is .. so much the world and others could offer us. Matches outside of the faith. New directions and understandings." he lets out a breath. "I am afeared that my brother's death may only deepen my father's sense of isolation, and it is not something I am as accepting of as I once was. I hope to find guidance for his heart to listen with open ears and see with open eyes that our House will only end in ruin if we continue on the narrow path. However.. I am not ready to open the doors fully myself. The first step is the hardest.. as I have sought the hand of someone outside the faith to join me as my wife. She is not Pagan.. however.. she is.. liberal in her thoughts of the faith."

"You say you have seen much therefore you have learned much. Are you willing to shut though out? To prevent your future sons from learning and gaining all that can be?" Melana gives a frown about his idea of potentially joining with families outside the faith, "I can see aligning yourself with other Christian houses, but to marry outside the faith..is that wise?" as a sister practically raised in Catholisism she is naturally a bit more inflexiable about such things.

"She is not Roman Christian, Sister.. but she is a believer of Mary. And I find myself wondering the same, Sister Melana. Our father raised us the way he sought best - and my younger sister still became more.. open.. in her feelings and beliefs, always attempting to enrapture and seduce a soul's feelings and amor to gain what she wants. It is disgraceful behaviour and I fear my own children turning out the same - but should I not allow them to make the decision for themselves?" he asks quietly. "As I was allowed to make."

Melana is thoughtful weighing her words carefully before saying anything that can be thought offensive, "Her beleif in the Holy Virgin is good to hear. That and her being a good and dutiful wife is what is most important." she hmmms at the news of his sister "Has she not been properly wed to stop such improper behaviours?" such behaviour she has seen in commoners, but in the noble blood, she has not. Perhaps because she doesn't associate with them as often as some. "Another hard decision. They should be guided certainly, and put on the right path, but we were given free will for a purpose and we should not judge those for wanting to use it." so yes, ultimately it is any future child's decision.

"If it were not for her, my intended, that is, I would have to rely on my father to find my choice - and the alliance it would gain. Lady Lydia de Horton provides both alliance.. and a heart that may come to learn our home, Sister." Joachim explains. "Her belief in the Blessed Virgin is strong - but she is lenient towards those of that believe in the old ways and false idols." He sighs and shakes his head. "And it seems our world has become more accepting of such things. I wonder at times if I hold too tight to my beliefs when it comes to her, but I hope that He is guiding my soul to the best for me and Newton." Then there's a small laugh, sardonic and sharp, it almost echoes before the knight manages to bite it off. "Lady Vesper is like trying to capture the wind. Our father still seeks a match for her, despite her refusals and there are times I had considered throwing her over my shoulder and leaving her tied up at the door of the Covenant myself. But I believe her to be more of words rather than deed - at least that is my prayer." There may be worry there at the idea of Vesper's behaviours.

There is a head cant, Melana seems to find that curious "You mean that Lady Horton singled you out for marriage? Or did her family approach you?" she may be a commoner and a nun, but she does know to a certain degree how these things work. There is a nod "I will pray that her heart is open and she quickly will learn to love and cherish her new home and those that reside there." another frown comes to face about how accepting society is to paganism but besides crossing herself, refrains from speaking on that "Of course He is, just just have to keep an open heart so He can guide you properly and keep your eyes closed to the temptations of Lucifer." she is a bit confused for a moment "Lady Vesper? This is your sister, is it not?

"Our families have been in negotiation - Horton and Newton, that is." Joachim clarifies. "But it allowed me the chance to speak with Lady Lydia and learn of her heart and feelings on the matter and we have reached a compromise of sorts." the knight explains, and nods his head slowly. "Lucifier's temptations come in all forms. Even the sweet serenade of a Bard to my sister, Vesper, yes." There's a shake of his head as he worries his hands together, glancing towards the floor before he nods. "Your prayers will be gratefully appreciated, Sister Melana." is offered quietly, happily at the idea of the nun's thoughts on the matter. "My sister's behaviors appall me at times - she needs a stronger hand to guide her - and I pray that it may come through a proper match for her with a devout family."

Melana nods "It seems to me that the Lord brought you together for a reason, certainly he blesses a union between your houses." she is convinced of that at least. "Once you are properly wedded to Lady Horton and she is part of your household, perhaps she can be that guiding hand your sister needs to keep her any from the temptations of evil. She may even have a cousin or uncle that could use a wife?

"I do not know of her cousins or uncles - only brothers." Joachim admits. "But for now, as long as my father is alive, such decisions are in his hands." Glancing up, he realizes that his brother's candle is nearly burnt down. "I wonder if my brother sent you to guide me today, Sister." he says as he rises to his feet. "I thank you for your time and counsel, Melana. I appreciate the candor and honesty." he says as he pulls his cloak a little closer to him. With a bow of his head, he offers a psalm of thanks before he turns to head away from the altar and back outside.

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