(514-09-20) A Rolling Stone Gathers the Glory - Performance Round 1
Summary: Gaius finds himself humbled by an elder Master of the flute.
Date: 09-20-514
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The stage of the Boar's Beard is open for the next set of contestants, two flute players of different ages. The Knight Sir Gaius de Stapleford steps onto one side of the stage, in his hands he holds a small wooden instrument as if he was holding a short blade. He is not very well known for his flute skills, compared to that of his sword or battle-acumen. He plays to the crowd a bit, giving a mock chop and slash with his flute before he holds it and salute and bows to the crowd. There is a murmur from the crowd, not at the young man's display, but his opponent. The old man slowly makes his way to the stage, taking his time with cane and step until he ascends the wooden platform. He puts on no display of theater, instead handing off his cane to an equally older woman and accepting his own instrument in return. He turns to regard Gaius, smacking his lips together a bit to wet them, before he bows his head slightly.

Perhaps if this was a battle with sword, axe, and lance, Gaius would already be planning his victory speech. This is not such a battle. This is a battle of skill, training, knowledge and skill. While the crowd might not know it, Gaius knows he is doomed. This elder has had a lifetime to master his choice of weapon, and Gaius simply has the delight to have some free time to enjoy a hobby between his knightly training and duty. He smiles, he can't help it. Hopefully he will learn something or another. The serving staff of the Boar's beard get a chair onto the stage, so that the old musician doesn't have to go through to much strain. The Knight hardly protests. The old man gives a slight rumble of approval and satisfaction as he strokes his beard and takes his seat. He looks to the Knight as he blows through the flute, giving it a little test flit. "Try to keep up boy." He rumbles with a grin that is missing a few teeth.

Gaius checked his play of 10, he rolled 7.
Elder Richards check his play of 18, he rolled 7.

The competition is off with a blast, the two performers playing a back and forth game of sending out a lick of notes and seeing how their opponent can best response. The flourishes of high and low notes, as best can be produced from a wind instrument flute, go back and forth between the two of them. The elder has started the game off fast, perhaps planning to out sprint his opponent. Gaius eagerly jumps into the fray, the mix of improvisation and appropriating known songs sending his blood pumping in ways he would not expect. Not the same as having a sword chopped at your throat, but there is a thrill of competing with a master. Both display excellent control of breath and lung, and soon their little battle wraps up with the crowd giving an approving cheer, none yet declared the winner. The elder musician gives a laugh and nods his head, stroking his beard once more. "You move fast… I'll give you that. Now lets slow it down." Gaius can only smirk as he takes a breath.

Gaius checked his play of 10, he rolled 18.
Elder Richards checked his play of 18, he rolled 14.
Elder Richards Wins!

The sudden shift of tone and emotion throws off the young Knight. His energy is still up, and his responses to the elder are too quick, too frantic. They do not match the tone or the pace that the elder sets. Slow and winding the elder takes his time, a sad tune flowing from the flute he wields with precision and intent. Towards the end, Gaius knows he has lost the crowd and lost the match and eventually pulls the flute from his lips to allow the Elder the right to end the performance with his sad tune floating out of the Boar's Beard. Its a song born of a life time of experience and knowledge. Only one so old can play so slow and sad. For they have lived long enough to know sadness, and they have lived long enough that they are allowed to take their time. Gaius can only smile in respect, and when the last note floats out to the crowd, he bows in defeat to the elder musician.

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