(514-09-20) A Modest Proposal
Summary: Joachim asks Lydia a question.
Date: 20 September 514
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Joachim's house colors are already rather somber - argent and sable - at least when Lydia wears them she'll never not stand out with her fair hair and skin. However, the colors are even darker as the mourning period for his older brother has begun in earnest. He missed his standing meeting with Lydia for breakfast, and he wasn't at his encampment if she checked. Eventually, the knight returns from the city proper to the campsites, going to seek the Horton tent. The only spalsh of color that he has outside of his dark clothing is the colorful ribbons of her favor, still at his upper left arm."

Lydia checked her awareness of 11, she rolled 3.

There's very little in the way of chores to do around the Horton tent, but Lydia seems to somehow have found herself some occupation. She's seated on a squat little camp chair, a book in her lap as she reads aloud to a little boy of about ten years sitting at her feet. He's restless, but not quite enough to dash off in search of other adventure just yet.

Joachim is a large man, and it's hard to miss his dark clad form approaching. Lydia looks up and spots him promptly, a blossoming on her face at the sight of him, though it dies down by a good few notches out of respect for his very solemn circumstances. Still, it's obvious she's pleased to see him.

Joachim checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 19.

While Lydia may notice him first, Joachim gets a little misdirected as he ends up finally asking one of the House Guards where he may be able to find her. Arriving near the tent where she reads to the boy, the knight pauses, not quite able to hear her voice as he goes to remove a small item from a pounch at his side. Studying it for a moment, he lets out a breath, seemingly to steel his resolve before he continues on his search for the young woman - his thoughts distracted at the moment.

"Garel, go inside the tent and see if your mother has need of you." Lydia instructs the child, promising to the sound of his protests, "We'll finish tonight before you go to bed. Go on, go." Rising to her feet, she tucks the book against the inside of her wrist, peering at the knight curiously. "Joachim?" she calls out tentatively to try and gain his attention.

"Lydia.." Joachim offers a thin smile - even in his grief, her presence warms him still as he moves to greet her properly, a bow of his head, and the offer of a chaste kiss to her cheek, if she allows. "I apologize that I was not present for breakfast - I went to the cathedral to seek council."

Lydia accepts the kiss, unable to refuse it even though the propriety is questionable. He is in mourning, and some small measure of affection cannot hurt. "It's alright." she assures him gently. "You've many troubles, and seeking the Lord's comfort and counsel is entirely reasonable."

Joachim is quick with the kiss to her cheek. He knows she's quite sensitive to her standing, and he does not wish to upset it. "We spoke of my brother's death.. and the direction I should consider leading the house in the future as heir." he admits. He looks up at her. "And.. I believe that we should perhaps talk, if you wish, Lydia." the knight confesses quietly. He may have already talked to her brother.

Lydia would be quite surprised if he didn't, and well, Branoc already suggested that Joachim had already approached him. She'd forgotten momentaily that she was a bit cross over that, but now she remembers. Summarily, she decides that he deserves just a bit of difficulty. Men only want love when it's torture, after all. "What is it you think we should talk about?" she inquires. "Shall we sit? I can get another stool. Or would you prefer a walk?"

The difficulty is deserved, as the knight frowns. Now is not the time to go poking happy fun Joachim. "I can sit." he says as he waits for the stool to arrive as he paces slightly, the man's shoulder's slumped slightly as she goes about giving him a hard time. "Since I first spoke with you that day in your lands.. I have come to enjoy our time together." he ventures with a start. "However.. I find myself in the role of heir." It's a quiet admission, one that has to be made from the start, as he's not even sure if he ever told Lydia his birth order.

"I am uncertain of whether I should congratulate or offe you another condolence at such news." Lydia admits quietly. "But you have my attention, and concern for your well being."

"I find myself unsure of the direction of my home, Lydia." Joachim comments as he moves to take a seat finally, across from her, lifting his green eyes to meet hers. "We have long practiced isolationism and distrust - yet it was my own travels not as the heir, but as an ambassador that opened my eyes to what we could have in the way of support." he admits. "My father has become further withdrawn. And as such.. I must step forward and decide.. the direction of our House for the future." The slip was accidental. Maybe he meant him and his father, maybe he meant something else.

"And that is why you went to pray." Lydia concludes, studying him attentively. "Did the Lord provide you with guidance? You shouldn't feel distressed if you're still trying to sort it out. It's a very large step you are taking. But if you decide to open your arms to the world…if I may be forward, I think that's a step in the right direction."

"It is. Among other things, Lydia." Joachim considers for a moment and then reaches to take her hands in his. "And He did - through one of his humble servants. Which is why I am here now." Releasing her hands, he considers, and laughs a little. "I'm not sure if I should offer you the congratulation or condolence." he echoes her earlier words as he studies her eyes. "I want to take that step - and I cannot take it alone. But I believe I have found someone - the best someone that can take that step with me, and correct it should it falter. Lady Lydia de Horton.." he asks, voice barely hiding the worry that undertones it. "…I spoke with your brother and my father.. and they agree that our hands together, would be favorable to our houses. So I have come to ask. Will you be the hand that helps to guide Newton's step towards the future." he slips a small brooch out of a pouch, his grandmother's. "..may I have your hand in marriage, Lydia?"

Lydia looks with gentle scrutiny at the proferred brooch. Diamond shaped, noting the engraved foliate pattern and its vague suggestion of the oxhead of the Newton Clan. Her lips part, and she does not take the jewelry, but rathe places her hands over his on top of it. "I will." she says softly. "I will marry you. I feel I am ill prepared for the obligations that will come in aiding you in your venture, but I will pomise you that I shall work very hard to be ready."

"You are not alone with the thoughts of being ill-prepared, Lydia." Joachim admits as his hands turn, twining with hers with the brooch held between them. "My thoughts were of the field, not of home, and now I must prepare for this instead. And I would rather do it with you, as someone that I feel will be by my side." Finally, there's a slight smile - the first since the news of his brother's death. "I am glad you are joining me." he says quietly.

She lifts a hand to press against his cheek. "We will both do our best." she promises gently, "For God, King, and Country."

His hand lifts, covering hers and nods his ascent, as Joachim meets the gaze of his wife to be. "For God, King, and Country."

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