(514-09-17) Something About A Manswood
Summary: Niclas and Siani have quick, successful round 4's in the joust
Date: 09-17-514
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Well, round 4, this was a turn of events wasn't it. Niclas was glad to get past round one without elimination, but now he might have to train more with the lance to actually justify him being this far. It didn't matter, he would take dances when he could with Mari, otherwise, he was making good sport of it. Hopefully this fellow was just as lively as the last one. Here he is, at his end of the tilt, waiting to see who he might draw. Grin on his face, eyes to the lists, hoping Mari is there of course, otherwise atop his horse and ready to go. He simply waits for the competitor to come, ready to charge.

Sir Garym de Manswood has to have a sense of humor with a name like that and he's old enough to have heard every joke there was to hear about his name. He takes the titters at his introduction in stride though and gives a lazy smile to his non-fans. A salute is given to his opponent with his blunted spear serving as his lance for the event. At the go, he does just that, he rides hard, his lance as stiff as his… Posture. (You thought I was going to say Manswood didn't you?)

Niclas checked his lance of 10, he rolled 6.

Failed. (OOC Success but typed in +check)
Siani checked her Lance for Manswood=18 of , she rolled 3.

Niclas rolls 6d6 and gets (2 4 6 2 1 4) for a total of: (19)

Siani makes a check for Horsemanship for Manswood at 18, she rolled 19.

Hearing who he is against, Niclas may have found amusement in the name. Then again, he is careful, sometimes the people with those names overachieve in their aggressiveness and Niclas doesn't need to end up injured in this either. At least he feels a solid hit against his foe, only a little push against him. Still mounted, all is good, no matter what has happened to his opponent, he turns to face him again.

Sir Garym is pretty old so maybe his Manswood.. er… His lance wasn't held as stiffly as it could have been. He does glance off his opponent but his opponents lance hits him firmly and successfully knocks him from his horse landing him in a heap on the ground. When he does get to his feet, he bows his head to Nic, a merry look in his eye for his younger, more handsome opponent. "Well done Sir, well done."

When he turns to realize the other is down, the grin grows on Niclas' features. Not certain if he should be cordial, the other man is, after all, a knight of Dorset. Though he says well done, humanitarian indeed, Niclas returns, "Thank you sir, it is all luck, I only hope it holds out until the end of the tourney. Well done indeed." He accepts it was his luck, he'll live with that. He turns to salute all, especially this Sir Garym. Then he turns to ride off.

Siani is up next and she is in her horse and ready for her own turn. Watching the Horton knight and the Dorset, she is also amused by the name. There is not a big deal made of it though,but as soon as she is given the go ahead, she salutes then rides.

Surprisingly a few knights of Dorset continue in the tourney. The one coming to face Siani is Sir Mabon de Woodyates. His golden wavy hair seems to keep well under the chain coif. A moment to remove the hood and let it hang freely, for it is long locks. Then a careful hand to hold it at the back of his neck as he pulls his hood back up. Thenhe is ready and salutes as well, ready to ride against Sir Siani.

Niclas makes a check for Sir Mabon's Lance at 16, he rolled 10.

Siani checked her lance of 15, she rolled 12.

Siani rolls 6d6 and gets (2 5 5 4 5 5) for a total of: (26)

Niclas makes a check for Sir Mabon's Horsemanship at 16, he rolled 18.

Siani is a tough girl and she knows it. Sometimes that is good and sometimes that is bad. At this point in the tournament it has proven to be rather productive for her and she hits her opponent with her Lance mid-field about the same time she takes a hit from him though she was able to remain in her saddle. At the opposite end she turns to see if it was hard enough.

Niclas rolls 1d6 and gets (5) for a total of: (5)

Rolling from his horse, Sir Mabon is thrown and tumbles in the dirt. Soft now with the many jousts that have gone on in this tournament so far. Still, his first concern is to undo his hood, lifting a hand to his hair while he is on his knees, to assure all is in place. Then he swallows his pride, visibly his throat moving to accept the loss with some dignity. His eyes squint a little, he turns to nod at Siani, "Perhaps I shall prevail when we meet again." Maybe a laced threat, hoping more happens between Dorset and Salisbury. Then he turns and salutes the officials and those gathered to spectate.

Siani checked her prudent of 10, she rolled 17.

Siani checked her reckless of 10, she rolled 18.

Siani may recognize the barbed threat for what it is but again she doesn't say anything about it, not addressing it at all. She simply reports to the marshal before riding off to the tents and her squire.

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