(514-09-17) Second Impressions are Better
Summary: Sometimes, a second impression is better than the first as seen when Yorrick and Enfys meet up again.
Date: September 17, 514
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It's evening, and the jousts are over for the day upon the tourney field. Those who have won, and those who have lost in the day's competition are celebrating or drowning their woes in ale within the city. Some haven't managed to leave their tents. A few healers, and even less on the way of camp followers, might be seen going from one place to another, ignored for the most part.

Seated at the edge of the river that lies to one side of the encampment, Enfys is getting some fresh air, away from her family who's been fluttering around her a little too much. At least she's not at the Boar's Beard, right? With lapharp in hand, she strums the strings, seeming to be staring into the water as it burbles along it's way in the river. Morfyd is nearby, along with a house guard - being outside the city walls, one will take extra precaution with a lady roaming around, right?

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"Oh for the.. Biscuit!" Yorrick is breaking across the field of tents, chasing after a rather large Alaunt puppy that has snagged one of his gloves. As the two of them approach the ladies and their guard, the knight makes a diving grab, and tumbles, rolling with the playful pup before he ends up in a sitting position near the group. "Gimmie back my glove, Biscuit." he mutters, fighting the dog with an affectionate ruffle, before he notices the grouping. "Ah.. uh. Hello." the knight offers from his sitting position, pulling the pup into his lap. "He's still teething and training, I fear."

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The shout earns her attention, the song played to come to a fading stop as the sounds of his approach gets closer to where she sits. Enfys tilts her head, listening, Morfyd telling her quietly what's going on. "He's chasing a puppy..oh my!" And then he comes tumbling into their area, the guard with them straightening, and likely prepared to jump in front of Enfys as she continues to sit there, not moving. However, she does move her lapharp away from the sounds of he and the puppy, protecting the instrument rather than herself. "They all go through that stage." The young blonde lady offers with a hint of laughter in her voice. "If they aren't stealing your gloves or your shoes, then they are chewing on your favorite chair or blanket.."

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They may not recognize him in the dim light, which dulls his hair, but Yorrick totally recognizes the two of them. "They do." he offers, and clears his throat. "He'll be a fine hunting dog someday, but for now, we need to work on him more." he says, tugging back his glove and rising to his feet as he cradles the pup. "I will let you two continue on, as I have already made the mistake of imposing once today, and would not wish to make the same mistake a second time." With that, he settles the large pup within his arms to retreat.

If one could even see him, that might be helpful! But it's not till his words are spoken that Enfys ohs, "You.. are the Cholderton, yes?" She turns, seeming to look in his general direction, though her gaze doesn't seek his out like most might. They stare just off to the side of him. "From the Boar's Beard?" Morfyd then takes another look at the man, nodding to herself. The guard remains there, close enough to lend help, but not interrupting their conversation, "You.. need not go. " She finally calls out to him. "What did you call your puppy? What color is he? What kind? What do you hope to train him in?" So full of questions is she.

He was ready to be chased off again, either by the lady herself, of her cousin, or the house guard. The young knight considers as she starts to ask questions. Is this is the same beautiful woman that was so easily dismissing him this morning. "He's an Alaunt, Lady Horton.." he offers as he holds the scrabbling puppy, trying to sniff at the woman, and he continues. "He's a brownish grey, he was named Biscuit." the young man laughs. "Never ask a hungry man to name a pup." he confesses as he considers. "He will be eventually trained in tracking and flushing. And then given over to someone who does such things - I am training to be a Huntmaster, m'lady."

Enfys makes a motion to Morfyd, offering the laptop to her cousin to hold out of the way of the puppy. And then she gives a smile to Yorrick, laughing as he mentions the puppy's name, "Oh, I remember them.. I can imagine what he looks like." A hand is held out, now free of the harp, "Can.. can I pet him?" Once more, it becomes apparent that her sight is off, for she holds her hand in his general direction, but once more, it's off a degree to one side. "You won't keep him yourself?"

"I would love to.. my family home has plenty of dogs. I will only be able to keep them once I have a place of my own, as I am but a cousin to my Lord." Yorrick admits as he watches them warily. He worries for his pup. What if she decides to kick him to prove her point. "I am hoping, if the Earl will have me in his court as Huntmaster, I will have my own place and I will be able to have my own dogs.. and children.. and.. all of it."

It'd be a hard thing for her to kick the puppy when she's seated on the grass! She hasn't risen from her seat, but remains there on the ground where she'd been playing her harp. "Then I hope you get your wish soon enough. Pray for it, and the good Lord will provide." It's a simple thing said, a belief within the young lady who soon blushes a little, "It sounds like a good wish.. a home, a family. One of these days, I hope for my own."

By now, Yorrick has caught on that she can't quite see everything. Kneeling down before the woman, the knight moves, and asks quietly, "Do you trust me?" he asks, as he holds the puppy in his arms. "If so, allow me to guide the puppy to your lap? I promise nothing untowards, Lady Horton. He's a squirmer, and I wouldn't want you to lose your grip."

With cousin and guard there to lend a hand should she need it, Enfys nods her head, "I trust you, sir.. " How her cheeks might warm, "And you understand I cannot see very well.. not much at all. I would be grateful for the help. I would not wish him to get away from you yet again." And without a glove handy to keep him distracted!

Once she's ready, the knight moves to settle the puppy in place of where she had her lapharp earlier. The movement causes their hands just for a moment, and she'll feel that he's got healthy, if well calloused hands. He's a working knight, one that doesn't follow the usual pursuits in court, as if the dog didn't already prove that. "If you were to have a family, would your children have a chance to not be able to see as well?" he doesn't mean it as an insult - he doesn't know if she was born with the inability to see, or if she gained it later.

Careful is she as the puppy is put into her lap, her hands to touch his own. They hold odd calluses as well, those gained from the constant plucking of harp and lute strings. Laughing as the pup tries to squirm and ends up turning about to lick at her chin, Enfys smiles all the more as she pets him, seeking that perfect spot behind an ear to scratch. She dosen't take insult from his question, no doubt, it is the way he phrases it. "No. I lost my sight when I was five years old. Took a tumble out of the loft in the stables and hit my head." One hand quickly goes to draw back her hair at her left temple where a scar might be seen. "Hit my head on a stone hard enough it knocked me into sleep for several days. When I finally woke, I couldn't see anymore." HEr hand drops back to keep the puppy busy with scritches and rubs to the tummy soon presented to her when it rolls over in her lap, "The healers say I was lucky to live. That many who hit their head as I did, do not ever wake up again."

"The Great Mother and Llew must have come together to bless you with life, even at the cost of your sight, and instead gifted you with a melodious voice and musical ability." And that's when Enfys may realize. She's got a pagan with a puppy. The puppy snuffles and snuggles, pressing to the woman, looking for attention as he's all over the place. Studying the scar, he smiles faintly. "…it makes you a little more intriguing, honestly." he admits as he settles back on his own rump so that the two of them may speak quietly.

"You… are pagan?" Enfys asks of him then, curious in some ways. No doubt, Morfyd is watching and listening, and will no doubt report this later to the family. But as long as the conversation remains on light topics, all is well. At least they're not Roman Christians, right? "Perhaps that is the way of it, though I like to think it was the Lord's will.." Can't it be one and the same? As for the last, she blushes, head ducking as she plays with the puppy, not seeming to matter even when Biscuit tries to gnaw on her fingers a little. "Can I ask you a few questions about you?" She finally asks, tilting her head then to better hear his voice.

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"Yes, I am." And Yorrick is not at all bothered by the fact that he's Pagan. "My brother.. Arawan keeps him now, after his fall at Severn Valley, but he converted to Christianity in the hopes of a match." he admits as he offers a smile. "I don't mind the questions if you don't mind me askin' some of my own, Lady Horton. But.. if you want to be more informal, you can call me Yorrick - or Yor. That's what my sister calls me."

"Your borther.. keeps Biscuit here?" Enfys asks, slightly confused. She ponders, then nods, "Yorrick. Please, call me Enfys then?" She asks of him, but then leans in to begin her questions, "Can.. can you tell me what you look like?" Well, it only makes sense, right? Sure, she could have Morfyd describe him, but she'd like to hear what he thinks of himself first!

"No.. my brother has passed." Yorrick admits as he shakes his head. "What do I look like?" There's a little laugh as he considers. "Well.. I'm tall.. a few inches under six feet. I have red hair and green eyes, with a hint of blue at the edges.." There's a thoughtful pause, and he slips his hands into hers. "Here." he offers, scooting closer to her, and lifts her hands so that she may touch his face. "I have a birthmark on my left ear. I was told that's where Gwynn ap Nudd pinched me when I was born." there's a chuckle at that as he quiets to allow her to find out for herself what he looks like and if she approves.

"Oh. I'm sorry for your loss. " Enfys says quietly, with feeling. A nod of her blond head comes, the smile to touch her lips, "Yes, what do you look like? How would you describe yourself." And so she listens as he does so, though as he scoots closer, to touch her hands and offer to let her 'look' with her hands, she ohs softly, blushing a little more. Surely she'd done it with family, but not too many outside of those that might know of her blindness. That he would so easily pick up on a way to allow her to 'see' him, seems to mean a lot to her. And so, her hands start at his forehead, touching lightly as they skim, down along his nose with both her index fingers, the others spread out to gauge where his eyes sit from there. Down further they move till they reach the end of his nose, soon to drop and lightly brush against his lips as she gets an idea of how full his mouth his. Last comes his chin, the her hands split, one to each side as they trace his jawline back towards his ear, the left playfully tugged upon, "This one, hmm?"

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There's a laugh as she tugs on his ear. "Yes, that one, Enfys!" he chuckles. "Sure it's not Impys?" It's asked in a teasing manner as he closes his eyes for her exploration, and as her soft fingers touch against his mouth, he doesn't kiss them, even if he is rather full of lip. "I am also fair of skin and freckled - if I am to be married, I fear that the curse of the ginger will follow in my wake to our children."

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Laughing then, Enfys can't help but smile at his tease, "Perhaps.." She answers, not seeming to mind the tease that she might be some playful imp. Exploring his features, she finally sits back, to slowly withdraw her hands as she maps his face in her mind. "You are handsome." The words slip out without a thought to how they might sound, though she adds quick enough, "Even if you're a ginger." Ah, yes, she can tease him a little, yes? "Are you certain? I know a cousin who married a ginger, and he has dark hair, and all his children were dark as well… "

"Depends on who I marry, I suppose. If I marry someone with dark features, that could be the case, just as if say.. you and I were to marry, we could end up with redheads and strawberry-blondes." Yorrick says thoughtly as he looks down, realizing that Biscuit has fallen asleep in the folds of Enfys' dress and is doing small kicks, as if in pursuit of something. "Just depends, really, on whom my uncle decides brings the best favor to his house."

"Very true." Enfys says, but when it's suggested the two fo them having children, she blushes, laughing a little, her hand dropping to the pup in her lap as she feels him kicking, "He's.. asleep, hmm?" She wonders softly then, the light caress given in hopes of soothing the kicks. "Likewise, I wait to see whom my older brother things iwll make the best match for me." A wrinkle of her nose is given, "This is my first time to Sarum. I'm supposed to be seen.. make connections. The right ones, of course."

"Connections.. I suppose I may not be a right connection.. at least, that would have been my impression this morning. Perhaps more so now that you know I'm a pagan and a ginger. It would be a terrible fate for you, would it not?" he asks, as Yorrick watches Enfys soothe the pup, who rests quietly in her lap. "What happened to your father? Is your mother still alive?"

"I am sorry. I.. I'd been approached by one young lord who.. was very insistant." It's hard to say what the man was insistant about, but no doubt, he was being pushy with his favor of the young musician in some way. "I guess my brother is right in telling me I should stay away from the tavern. I'd been enjoying performing here.." She rambles, but then laughs softly, "I think there are far worse fates than a pagan ginger." A bit of an open mind to such things does she have. When the question comes, her hand stills upon the sleeping pup, "He was killed by Saxons during the liberation of Somerset.." Quiet is her voice, but one can hear the hate in those usually dulcet tones. Sharp as a knife are then then.

"They ransacked our home, as well." Yorrick shares in the young woman's hatred of the Saxons as she squeezes her hand for a moment before starting to move. "I can take Biscuit from your lap if he is bothering you, Enfys." he offers quietly. "They also killed my parents, which is why my siblings and I live with our uncle."

The blond head is given a short shake as she smiles, seeming to glance in his direction, "He is fine. I… I like animals. I have a cat at home that sleeps in my bed with me. Her name is Snowflake. I'dnamed her before I lost my sight." There's a note of sadness to be seen, "She's getting ever so old these days." Likely all she does is sleep in Enfys' room. Not much of a mouser these days. HEaring of his own loss, she naturally reaches out for his hand, and should he accept the hold of hers, offers his a squeeze, "I am truly sorry for your loss. I still have my mother, and while I wasn't as close to my father as my sister was, I still feel his death keenly."

Accepting her hand, his fingers settle against hers, as the two young people hold hands and share stories. "There is a spot at the table for my family.. they will not be in the wild hunt." Yorrick offers with pride, as the young man offers her a smile, he squeeze causing a warming to his cheeks. "I understand the feeling.. I was not as close to my brother or sister - and I still felt Llwyd's death keenly. How many brothers and sisters do you have?"

Enfys doesn't immediately release his hand, keeping hold of it as they share their stories. There's a soft laugh that comes when the pup gives a slight snoring snort from her lap as it squirms, finally falling still once it gets comfortable after rolling over. "The wild hunt?" That isn't understood by the Christian next to him, and she questions with an air of curiosity. Still, she nods her understanding, only then to smile, "There is my older brothers, Branoc and Niclas. Then my sister, Lydia. Then me, and then I have a younger brother, Wilhelm. All my brothers are knights…" She would add in other names if there were any siblings after Wilhelm, of course. Big family. And those were all that lived! "And you?" She questions him in return.

"The ghosts of the damned hunting for lost souls, or those that have yet to be accepted by Gwynn dp Hudd." Yorrick explains, and as he listens to the size of her family, he looks impressed. "It was just Llwyd, myself, and my younger sister, Braelynn. Now it's just me and her." he says with a sigh. "Would you want a family as large as the one you have now were you to marry?" he asks curiously, as he considers.

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"I've.. never heard of this wild hunt before." Indeed, her curiosity is peaked! But that will have to wait for as he speaks the name of his sister, she ohs, and laughs, "Wait.. Braelynn of Cholderton.. she was inthe market the other evening. Getting berries?" IT would seem she might have run into his sister! Small world! Excitement brings a certain flush to her face, a sparkle in unseeing eyes, though the last question has her falling quiet, "I would wish for a family as big or as small as what the good lord wishes me to have? And you?"

"As many as my lady would wish to carry.. I realize a little as I am now down to one sibling, that once she is gone, I am alone - or were I to die, I would leave her alone.." And Yorrick laughs. "Was she a little clumsy and unsure of herself? In that case, yes, you have indeed met my beloved sister. She is betrothed, which means it is down to me in my family."

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All this talk about having babies has left Enfys a little flushed. Ducking her head, she busies herself with petting the puppy, though her hand remains in his, unless he lets it go, the occasional squeeze given when discussing those family members lost and gone. And so the topic of his sister is jumped upon and she nods, "She did almost bump into us, though it was another who actually knocked her over.." She tries to remember the name, "Bryn.. I think.. was her name. She had a book. " That much she does remember, "And she was ever soworried she'd hurt both of us, even though it was Braelynn who was knocked to the ground." Hearing of his sister's betrothal, she ohs, "Then may blessings be offered to your family."

Their hands are still very much intertwined, their fingers playing and squeezing as they talk, though with her cousin and guard nearby, he doesn't dare try to venture further with her. "She's betrothed to Sir Padrig de Laverstock - it will be a pagan ceremony.. and no, we will not be sacificing a virgin for a blessing." he says with a small smirk. "Though I suppose a lamb is a virgin if a Saxon ain't come across it yet." Yes, it was a crude joke.. let's see how she accepts it.

If still held, then yes, there is the occasional squeeze of his hand offered, the light brush of fingers against his that come at times. "I know of the Laverstocks, but I do not think I have met any of them. Horton is so far north that we only really see those that lie around us, around Up Avon." As she said before, this is her first trip down to Sarum! As he continues, she blinks a little, only to blush further, "I.. why would you say that? About the sacrificing?" As for the joke, it seems to go over her head, "They do take our sheep to eat.. unless they decide to just slaughter them to keep anyone from eating them.."

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For a moment.. Yorrick almost leans in to explain exactly what he meant by no virgin sheep in the Saxon ranks, but he decides against at the last moment, the knight laughs at the Lady's naievtiy and gives her fingers a fond squeeze. Then he shakes his head. "I know there are some christians that believe we hold onto the oldest ideas of our beliefs.. that is not such the case anymore, you see." he explains. "I.. I guess I was just trying to set you at ease and after this morning, I may have gone too far."

It's likely a good thing he doesn't whisper those things in her ear, for they would have shocked the heck out of poor Enfys. She's been somewhat protected, no doubt, by her family in some ways. Naive is the blond, though she's likely heard more than her family might realize! "Oh, that.." She finally says with a shake of her head, "And there are some Christians who think even my family are not Christian enough. " She pauses, considering for a moment, "You have your beliefs in your gods and goddesses. I have mine to my Lord. You believe in doing good, right?" Her head turns as if to peer at him, head tilted to better hear him, "If you would seek to do no evil, to do only good.. isn't that what should matter the most in the end?"

"It is my place as a knight to only do good, Enfys." The knight actually may sound slightly hurt of the idea otherwise as Yorrick meets her eyes, even if she cannot see him do so. "There are those in my own family that think me too strong in the old beliefs. However, if you are interested.. the Autumn Euinox is not too far off, perhaps you.. would like to accompany me and find out for yourself what it is liked?" Little does he know, it would be as her betrothed.

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"And if you were not a knight? If you were but a lord? You would still seek to do right, to do no evil, yes?" Enfys may not be able to see the hurt on his face that her words bring, but she picks up on it in his voice, "I am not suggesting that you would do otherwise in any way. Only.. in general.. in your faith.. is all." How she wishes she could explain this better! Seems she's rambling. "Why do they think that?" So full of questions is the blond before him. With the offer, she considers, then asks quietly, "What does it curtail exactly?"

"It is a celebration of the harvest, Enfys." Yorrick admits as the young man considers. "The last balancing of the light to the dark, before the warmth leaves and the cold embraces us for the winter. A time to celebrate the bounty with bonfires, family gathering, and celebration. It is often a time of banns for our families, to allow the winter for couples to know each other to marry in the spring so the following winter, we celebrate their births."

How she listens to the way he describes this celebration, lips curling into a quiet smile, "It sounds like a lovely time. Being together with family and friends." What danger could that be?? Enfys then asks, "When is it? I am only here for the tourney, and then we'll be heading back up north home to Horton. It's further north than Up Avon. I am not certain… well.. traveling is not the easiest for me to do. " Which makes sense. She doesn't ride a horse, needing a wagon, which slows things down. Makes it a little more difficult for her to travel. And yet little does she know the future just yet.

"A couple of weeks. It is usually at the end of September. Perhaps, if you are still here for the Equinox, we can celebrate it here?" Yorrick suggests. He doesn't delve too far with the ideas that it's also the idea of pressing towards the spring - when well.. fertility is far more celebrated, as well. There's a faint sigh as the knight realizes the time. "I should.. probably let you get back to what you were doing and take Biscuit home. Thank you for your company." He lifts their joined hands and kisses her fingers. "I enjoyed your company.. and perhaps we will see each other again soon."

"I'll speak to my family, and see what they say.." Enfys answers, smiling at the thought of going with him to this celebration. It's always good to learn about other things, right? With his sigh, she ohs, "How late has it gotten?" She has missed the sun lowering in the sky, though it isn't quite dark yet, it will soon be. No doubt, Morfyd was near to signaling their need to head back to the family pavillion. With the kiss to her fingers, she ducks her head, blushing anew, "I enjoyed your company as well, Yorrick. My family is staying here, so if you're around the encampment…" They would likely run into one another again soon. Giving Biscuit one last petting, she lifts the sleepy puppy from her skirts, offering the near limp form over to him to take, "Hopefully he won't get your glove, or run off, too soon."

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