(514-09-17) Newton Reunion Fail
Summary: Joachim comes to Newton to ask Dalan about the fate of Gwion, it doesn't end well.
Date: 09-17-514
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It was not long after retreating for Dorset that Dalan's stamina gave out due to blood loss and he spent a few days recovering in a chapel just over the county line in Salisbury. He's been stitched up, and while he is on the mend, he is still recovering and moving around very gingerly. His squire Perry basically lead his horse with him on it until he arrived home yesterday. He asked for a rider to go and and let Earl Robert know he'd like an audience to give his report of the mission, and since then he hasn't talked to any of the servants or peasants that work at the manor.

Today he sits quietly in the court yard. The peasants nervously given the man that was normally always kind and friendly to them a wide bearth. He's clearly not in a mood to talk to them yet.

Joachim was in the north lands assisting with repairing some earthworks damaged in a recent storm when the news came of Gwion's capture and subsequent execution. The young man had rode hard to try to make it to his brother's aid, and having failed to do that caused his heart anger and grief. After stabling his charger, he was on his way to meet with his father to hear a report of what has occurred, but his attention falls to the younger cousin that was much more a brother to him growing up.

While the peasants and servants may avoid Dalan, Joachim ventures forth, coming to stand before Dalan before squatting down slightly to be closer to the level of the knight. "Cousin." he asks levelly, with a cool and calm head, but his green eyes reflect the storm of emotions of grief and anger that swirl within. "Have you had a chance to speak with father?"

Dalan looks up at Jaochim. He speaks clearly, as if he is trying to force away his self-pity, but it's clear he's loosing that fight, "I told Fa…" he pauses, "Sir Gwyndyn of Sir Gwion's fate, and of my failure to be able to rescue him." Dalan says. His voice is that of a man defeated despite his attempts to force that away. "I have sent word to Earl Robert so that I can give him a report as to w hat happened."

As he listens to Dalan, Joachim considers the words coming forth - he doesn't correct Dalan on the slip for nearly calling Gwydyn father, for the man has lived long enough with them that he is considered a son, and a brother. As he continues with the report, the knight nods his head slowly, taking in the information. He knows he will have to have his own talk with his father soon, as he doubts that he will be allowed to travel for a bit as things are settled down in the House of Newton.

For a moment, Dalan's sadness is reflected in Joachim's own, and then the smaller knight clasps his hands on the larger man's upper arms and stares directly into Dalan's eyes. "Did Gwion die with honor, brother-cousin?" he asks, green eyes studying the man's face for any hint of falsehood, only wanting honesty as to how his brother perished. "I had heard he was taken captive - did he resist? Did he spend his last breath in defiance?"

"He managed to grab the sword of one of the swords of his captors, and killed at least one that I could see before he was overwhelmed.." Dalan says calmly as he is able, "He met his end with Honor. It grieves me that it had to come at the hands of those that have none."

"Thank you Cousin." Dalan says calmly, "I am not moping.." he protests, "I just…. There is not much I can say other than that I failed him." He sighs and shakes his head, "I will report to Earl Robert. I will heal. and I will make it right." He is silent for a moment then but is happy for the topic change, "Lady Laurwyn of Woodford. She actually seems to be pleased with the match, which… I was not expecting." he smiles for the briefest, waning moment. "She is is /way/ out of my league." He says in his more typical self-effacing way.

Critical Success!
Joachim checked his energetic of 10, he rolled 10.

"That's nonsense, cousin. I should box you around those huge glorious ears of yours!" Joachim gives Dalan an affectionate jab to the shoulder before stepping back so Dalan actually has to get to his feet if he wants to fight back. "She probably saw you and thought.. in the right wind, we could take flight together. As you seem to have already swept her off her feet! And what we do need right now most is a celebration. Woodford is a good manor, we have cousins there, and tightening the binds between us would be beneficial. Has Sir Acwel approved of the match? When will the marriage banns be posted? Come now, man, you have your fish, pull her to your shores before she has a chance to escape!"

Dalan nods to Joachim and says, "He has. I approached him at the King's wedding tourney and he agreed to the betrothal. The hope was to arrange for the marriage before the the winter comes, perhaps in that short time between the harvest and the winter court. So I need to speak with Lady Laurwyn and arrange an official date soon." Dalan says His funk is not broken, and that Melancholy is still there, but he seems to be able to leave it momentarily behind, talking about something else, especially Lady Laurwyn.

"That's better, cousin." Joachim says as he watches Dalan warily for a moment. As he doesn't rise to the baiting of a jab and making fun of his ears, the slightly smaller knight takes a moment to study the man who was always such a bear. Yes, large, and fearsome when poked, but good-natured and affectionate when he needs to be. "Gwion would not want you sitting down here, a bump on the log, scaring away the locals. You need to pull it together. There will be time for blood. There will be time for vengance, I swear on my word we will get those that slain our brother." He uses the brother tag, as he frowns. "Now, pull your britches tight, Dalan. Gwion is gone. We can not reverse that. But his wife and children will need tending to, and father would not us just sitting around like this - and if you're going to report to Earl Robert like this? He's going to throw you out of the tower to see if you really can float on those ears of yours."

Joachim checked his love for Newton of 15, he rolled 6.
Critical Fail!
Dalan checked his Love for Family of 15, he rolled 20.

(OOC: At This Point, realizing that Dalan was touched with madness and fled, we ended the log so that he could determine what happens next.)

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